Holidays in Turkey with children 2019 – where the best hotels and resorts, reviews

Planning a vacation with children – thinking about Turkey. And no wonder. In addition to the pleasant climate and warm seas for half a year, the Turks tightened the family service nuts of the service already 14 resorts (with taking into account settlements)!


  1. Season
  2. Resorts
  3. Belek | Side | Marmaris | Kemer | Alanya | Fethiye
  4. Top 5 hotels
  5. Beaches
  6. Prices in stores
  7. Tips and reviews

Season for a holiday in Turkey – the weather

Turkey washed the whole four seas, but we are interested in the climate “massively tourist” – Mediterranean and Aegean.

The Mediterranean coast is a dry hot summer and slushy mild winter Maximum frosts occur in the period from December to February and temperature is close to + 15 ° C.

Heat “in Turkish” since the end of May, and the season of high degrees It stretches to mid-September. Air temperature at this time kept within + 35 ° C! And the water at the very peak in August reaches + 30 ° C. For a family holiday in Turkey, it is better to choose June, when baking is not so critical.

The heat at the resorts of the Aegean coast comes closer to July (before + 32 ° C) and costs until September. But: it is less humid here, and therefore the heat tolerated easier. The sea warms up later (in July) and cools earlier (in September); on average, the temperature is + 26 ° C.

Spring in Turkey is still chilly and rainy. First beach “visitors” appear only from mid-April, and the swimming season opens after the May holidays and then, mostly on Mediterranean coast.

Autumn – September-mid October – you can say velvet season. The sun calmed down a bit, tourists a little less, and excursions are not so tiring. Closer to November, the weather deteriorates, which means curtain for sunbathers.

Children play volleyball on the beach Children play volleyball on the beach

Features of rest: when is it better to go to Turkey?

So why is it better to rest in Turkey on your vacation? Yes, and with a child …

  • Reason number 1 – do not need to do a visa!
  • Ubiquitous all inclusive. Holidays with children in Turkey for all included removes the lion’s share of the organizational events. Yes, and what else is needed exhausted for the year parents are not cooked by someone, but not their food?
  • Well-established entertainment for kids + animators, able to captivate while mom-dad enjoy the long-awaited ti-shi-noi
  • Savings compared to other countries. So, if you ask Question – Turkey or Greece? – the first is still cheaper.

In topic: Holidays with children in Greece – when, where and what for? >>

  • Clear sea and sandy beaches with a smooth sunset

When is it better to go to Turkey with a child? There is a choice. On The Mediterranean is either May-June or September-October. On the Aegean the sea can be saved from the aggressive sun in July and August. The advantage of these periods: not hot, sand and pebbles do not boil, the sea warm and tourists still / already a little. In the high season, families go too, but the stove and prices under the ceiling – a dubious pleasure for child’s body and parent pocket.

And if the budget is limited? You can save (so much) … in the winter, right after the New Year holidays. During this period, quite cheap air travel, and a check for rest.

Children play on the beach Children play on the beach

Prices for tours to Turkey – 2019

What to focus on when choosing a place to rest and where go with the kids? About this – below. For now let’s say where is profitable book tours:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

These aggregators analyze offers from all reliable tour operators and display the lowest possible prices you need dates.

✓ Family tours – mom, dad, baby – to Turkey stand for 7 days from 60 000 rubles for all. For 10 days – from 75,000 rubles.

✓ BUT: tours to good, high-rated hotels, on the first line and all inclusive, start at 85,000 rubles per week and 105,000 rubles for 10 days.

Yes, the children’s holiday, so that the parents can rest, is not cheap. Therefore, we have agreed on a special promotional code with Travela service:

  • AFT2000howtrip – 2000 rubles discount on tours to Turkey from 100,000 rubles

The best resorts in Turkey for family holidays

Turkey is a big country, one cannot embrace it in one or two. Most popular resorts for the average vacationer are located near the Mediterranean (Kemer, Belek, Side, Alanya) and the Aegean Sea (Fethiye, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Marmaris). But where better to relax in Turkey with children?


Waterpark in Belek Waterpark in Belek The LAND OF LEGENDS The LAND OF LEGENDS

We went to The Land of Legends water park excursion from Side, it cost us $ 55 per person (ticket + transfer)

Definitely, Belek, if we are talking about holidays with children. Hotels located in a pine forest (what a fragrance it is!), a view of the sea, and distant outlines of mountains. And mostly 5 *. Here is a pale green colors of the golf course, fountains, playgrounds and the coolest aqua and amusement park The Land of Legends. But! Immediately make a reservation for such treasure will have to pay. And “inexpensive” is not the right word. for Belek.

For approval: Our review of the best water parks Турции >>

+ the resort is located half an hour from Antalya Airport + sandy beaches with a smooth entry into the water + focus on children’s rest – in windy weather the water becomes slightly cloudy (to blame sand) – everything is expensive

In 2019, prices for family holidays “Mom, Dad, I” and the beach weekly rest starts from 65,000 rubles (but this is not “five”).

Найти тур в Белек —>


Side, Turkey Side, Turkey

Our family vacation in Side, Turkey

About Side: cozy, compact (about hotels); wide and sandy (about beaches). Tour is limited to the city-namesake – especially interesting trade area Agora and the Archaeological Museum. But hand to Antalya, which is just rich in attractions.

To the resorts of Turkey for a holiday with children in Side, we would carry Colakly (for fans of hotel holidays), an exotic village Evrenseki, Kyzylagach (eco corner) and green Sorgun.

+ proximity to the airport (an hour and a half, depends on the subcourt) + ideal for children coast + IMHO or not, but the price is adequate – lack of entertainment – the lack of water park (only priotelnye, as 5 * Ali Bey Park and 5 * Dream World Aqua) – freshly for youth

The cost of the tour for a week is 2 adults and a child – from 55 000 rubles.

Найти тур в Сиде —>


On the resort of Turkey on the Aegean coast – Marmaris – come to mid june. Crazy beach, city hotels, noisy night festivities will not fit families with small children. But just right youth from 14 to 22 years.

Happy Marmaris is like a sleepy kingdom, but in the late afternoon bars open their doors and life boils over. And from the port Marmaris can be sailed to the Greek islands by issuing a one-time visa (35 euros) on the spot!

+ clean Aegean Sea + comfortable climate even in July-August + picturesque bay and unlike Mediterranean landscapes – narrow Beach – night din and disco – less focused on the Russians

As for the price tag for 7 days at a resort-tusu: from 45 000 rubles for three.

Найти тур в Мармарис —>


Beach in Kemer Beach in Kemer Quay in the city of Kemer Quay in the city of Kemer

We went to Kemer for 1 day, walked around the city, ate in a cafe Pita Pita

Where better to go to Turkey with a child? Recommended on Mediterranean Sea to Kemer. The swimming season is available here until half year: from May to October. It is also worth noting that Kemer is the most green, coniferous and humid location in the Mediterranean.

The best resorts for babies according to the criteria of a quiet / gentle sunset:

  • Goynuk
  • Kirish
  • Camyuva
  • Tekirova

Older children and youth in villages (see above выше) are unlikely they will be delighted (wilderness, whoever says anything), but the center of the same name with bars and parties should be to their liking. The city is full of offers gulnut excursion to Istanbul and Pamukkale (the first definitely worth it!)

+ An hour from Antalya Air Harbor + The sea is clean (blue and transparent) + Views from the picture – mountains, pine groves – on the beaches, mostly pebbles – many mediocre hotels level 5 stars

In 2019, prices for a tour to Kemer start at 55,000 rubles. for 2 adults and a child.

Найти тур в Кемер —>

We traveled in 2019 in both Side and Kemer. And now we can say which resort is better! Interesting?


Turkey, Antalya Turkey, Antalya

If the above sounds tempting, but hits the wallet … Where inexpensive, so it is in Alanya. The sea will take from the end of May, and to October itself will be splashing in it. Beach – sand or small pebbles, but smoothly leaving in water.

The only and significant minus, if Turkey is certainly with children at this resort: Antalya Airport is two hours away (note for those who can not stand the road). But it is compensated by the developed infrastructure, abyss of attractions (Fortress, Kyzyl Kule etc.) and, of course, the passion of many children – water park (Water Planet).

Cheap vacation (2 adults + child) in Alanya for 7 days starts from 40,000 rubles. Like?

Найти тур в Аланию —>


Welcome to quiet Fethiye from the middle of spring. Proximity mountains and pine groves promise clean fresh air. Picturesque, remote from the bustle of the city corner chosen by the Europeans.

+ many hotels + proximity to the Oludeniz Natural Park + wide sandy and pebble beaches + entertainment program for children – the lack of private beaches (owned by hotels) – modest infrastructure

True, the rest in Turkey with children in 2019 is a bit biting (especially in comparison with Alanya ↑). Prices for the tour for 7 days all included – two with a child – from 60 000 rubles.

Найти тур в Фетхие —>

TOP 5 – Turkey hotels for families with children

Queens Park Resort 5 stars Queens Park Resort 5 stars

Hotel Queens Park Resort 5 * in Kemer

Turkey hotels for recreation is practically a priori “all inclusive”. But the Turks are a peculiar people, and sometimes the “stardom” does not match categories (5-ka is 3-ka and vice versa). Therefore, before you make top hotels, we shoveled the ocean otzovikov, added here a personal experience, and here it is! ?

By the way, note: many self-respecting hotels in Turkey, intended for family holidays, take one child to 12 years free (including meals). Costs only for flight and insurance

By the way, about the insurance. The only thing we We strongly recommend for any trip with children abroad. Yes, The cost of the tour includes insurance, but it is very basic, for ticks. Little tourists should take extra and reliable companies, even just for peace of mind. Now the best on the market – This is insurance from ERV. With a coverage of $ 50,000 for Turkey will cost 1000-1500 rubles. Search and compare on:

  • Compare
  • Cherehapa

Beach in Side - a game of volleyball Beach in Side - a game of volleyball

The beaches in Side are quite wide and sandy with a gentle entrance. about 10-15 meters, great for kids?

5 * Ali Bey Resort (Side) – if you are looking for hotels Turkey for a holiday with children, this is, in the first place, Ali Bey Resort. Located on the first line, and the lira for an umbrella or a chaise will not be asked. While the kid is interested in mini-clubs by age, parents can still relax in a spa, sauna or hammam. Reviews say about nice bonuses: a powerful water park (slides, whole 6!) и годная анимация.Узнать цены на тур >>

4 * Mirador Resort (Alanya) – advise the hotel for holidays with children in Turkey? Mirador Resort is small but to the sea hand set. In the annex – a swimming pool with water slides; for a child – Club (from 4 to 12) and a playground. Among the minuses: tugovato with русскоязычным персоналом.Узнать цены на тур >>

4 * Lonicera World (Alanya) – included in the list “cheap hotels by the sea at the right price.” Large well-groomed territory, lots of greenery. In addition to children’s entertaining – вкусное мороженое и минизоопарк.Узнать цены на тур >>

5 * Amelia Beach Resort (Side) – Target The hotel’s audience is families with small children (standard: mini clubs, swimming pool). Entertainment for every taste and color: from volleyball to mini-golf, a check mark in front of the “amusement park”. Get to know цены на тур >>

4 * Akka Claros (Kemer) – a cozy hotel with compact area with views of the mountain Tahtali. Diverse menu (мясо, фрукты, сладости).Узнать цены на тур >>

We ourselves rested in Turkey in Side. Therefore we can confidently recommend a few more “kids” hotels at this resort:

  • 5 * Ali Bey Park
  • 5 * Sueno Hotels Beach Side
  • 5 * Barut Hemera

Turkey beaches for families with children

The beaches of Turkey - Antalya The beaches of Turkey - Antalya

Turkey with sandy beaches is the most popular option for relaxed holiday. But not every region will appeal to parents and their child. Highlight those special for children.

Belek beaches awarded the Blue Flag is not for the beautiful eyes. Belek is gentle slopes and warm (even luxury) Mediterranean sea. Bonus – equipped beach: dotted with umbrellas and sun beds. If we were rated “where is better”, in the first place would be this resort, even though sometimes muddy water (due to sand).

Let Side and “bald” on greens, sands of Cholakly make competition locations higher. But the coast of Alanya, though economy class, but with small sand (kidkay recommend Keykubat).

But! If the main criterion when choosing a resort are sandy beaches, we do not recommend Kemer – here are pebbly.

Rest with a child in Turkey: prices are in place

Anything you might need? But forewarned is forearmed ? Prices for baby “anything you like” we looked in a big supermarket Migros (Turkish Lira) and in the stalls that stand near any hotel (euro / dollars).

  • Air mattress – € 5-10 (360-720 rubles)
  • Armlets – € 2-3 (145-215 rubles)
  • Set-shovel-pot – € 2.5 (180 rubles)
  • Pampers, 28 pieces – 30-40 lire (330-440 rubles)
  • Meals in jars – 3-5 lire (35-55 rubles)
  • Mix, 300 gr – 50-65 lire (550-710 rubles)
  • Bucket with a shovel – 18-20 lire (200-220 rubles)
  • Sunscreen 50 spf, 200 ml – 70-100 lire (770-1100 rubles)

Euros, dollars, Turkish liras … What is the most profitable currency to take with yourself? About this – our separate material: how much money to take on holiday in Turkey?

Tips and feedback from tourists with children

Beach holiday with a child in Turkey Beach holiday with a child in Turkey

The choice still fell on a family vacation in Turkey? Then study A brief summary from the “seasoned” below.

Having studied the reviews and advice of tourists from the category of “what to see in Turkey with children “, we recommend a trip to antique Ephesus (district Kusadasi) or the most ancient Lycian ruins in Tlos (Fethiye).

But the excursions are for older children, the kids are tiring business. If in preferences a fun program, then note:

  • in Antalya – the Dolphinarium and the Museum of Marine Biology,
  • in Side – an interactive Discovery Park,
  • and in Fethiye (near the village of Oludeniz) – the motley Valley butterflies.

Having been in Turkey personally and talking to tourists who came to For children, we advise the following:

✓ It may be hot in the street, but in shopping centers and buses air conditioners are blowing at +16. Very cold!

✓ On the territory of hotels, along the roads there is a lot that grows and blooms – and lemons and oranges, and unknown berries. Just at the level of growth baby be careful.

✓ Ideal set of excursions with a child (conditionally, up to 10 years) – water park in Belek, once a hamam and an aquarium in Antalya.

✓ Always additionally insure a child, especially a small one. (for this there is Cherehapa and Compare.Ru).

What should I look for when choosing a hotel?

Agree that you can choose a hotel for yourself and have a hell of a Kulichkah (ideally not, of course, but by the way). And even jerk alone without a tour operator is quite real. But the children’s holiday more capricious, and without 4 or 5 stars can not do.

So, what to focus on when choosing a hotel?

– Transfer. Important: long road (and even after the flight) hard for families, especially with a small child. In advance ask about the distance to the airport. You can think about Individual and more comfortable transfer (on KiwiTaxi)

– Distance to the sea. First Shoreline Preferred

– Interesting for children. It’s about water parks, CHILDREN’S pools, playgrounds and mini clubs. And, pay attention to age orientation. Watch video ads for accuracy. the hotel

– Staff: animators, nannies. You can rest from each other and … even needed. Otherwise, the holidays for your child will turn full fiasco for your nerves and, actually, vacation

– Nutrition. No, it is clear that Turkey with children is an oll. But, for example, a one-year-old baby will not slip a melon and sit chew. In the hotel Is there a children’s table? Great. And a children’s table? Even better

– Number of youth parties per square meter

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