Holidays in Thailand in winter 2019-2020: in December January and February

Rest in Thailand in winter (December, January and February) Rest in Thailand in winter (December, January and February)

In late autumn, the rainy season ends, and the Thai resorts set great weather for beach holidays and photo shoots. Where it is better to rest in Thailand in the winter depends on what is for you in vacation is the most attractive. For example, Thailand in December 2019 hospitably meet lovers of warm sea and sandy beaches, diving, surfing, a variety of excursions and entertainment. To order tours can be in advance and in January – February 2020: trips to the winter the season in Thailand is in demand every year, so the vacation is better plan well in advance.


  1. When is the holiday season in Thailand?
  2. December | January | February
  3. Where to go to rest in the winter?
  4. Tours to Thailand in winter. Where to looking for?
  5. What is the weather like in winter?
  6. New Year 2020
  7. Prices
  8. Guest reviews

Below is a list of the largest sites where you can pick up and book tours yourself. We recommend the following, not just checked by us:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

When is the holiday season in Thailand?

The best season for holidays in Thailand begins at the end of autumn. Although in some regions good weather makes itself felt already in early October, and in others – by the end of November.

Going to Thailand in winter is, in principle, a great idea, but worth it consider that from mid-December the price of vouchers begins to rise. At this time, the time of active flowering exotic plants, moreover, quite a lot in this season fruits. More precisely, they are almost always there, but the cheapest is winter time. So, a kilo of mango can be bought for only 30-40 baht (50-70 rubles).

Thailand in December

Where to rest, if you plan to fly to Thailand in December 2019?

On December 5, in Bangkok, the birthday of Rama IX is celebrated: on this day the Thai capital shimmers with magical illumination and attracts numerous concerts. From 25 to 31 December in Pattaya is held famous christmas fair.

If you are organizing a family holiday in Thailand with children, then in December is better to go to the islands – Phuket, Koh Chang, Phangan. AT December air temperature is about + 30 ° C, which is ideal for a beach holiday.

Тур на декабрь >>

Thailand in January 2020

Prices for holidays in Thailand in January reach the highest marks, because tourists come here from all over the world, and Thais learned to use it. Thinking about going to Thailand in January 2020 – take care of trips in the fall. If you do not have time to do book, you can hope for your luck: there is always a chance to buy hot tour a couple of weeks before the trip. Search for them on search engines above!

Expect to enjoy the sea and the sun in Thailand – you Phuket Island is suitable because January is considered the peak of the season luring all beach seals. ? So prepare in advance for a large influx of tourists.

Тур на январь >>

Thailand in February 2020

Prices for tours to Thailand in February are still high (although slightly lower than January), but for the opportunity to transfer from frosty winters in a comfortable summer always have to pay. Islands Andaman Sea at this time take a rest from all the northern countries. Phuket for tourists is a warm bright blue sea with exotic animals, white sand and emerald palm trees.

If you have decided on vacation dates and stayed on holiday in Thailand in February, you can visit Samui. In the first 2 winter months on the coast of the Gulf of Siam there are showers and storms, and in the second half of February the humidity drops and clear ones replace days

How to save: 10 ways to buy a tour cheaper >>

Remember that when planning a trip to Thailand for February 2020, it is worth thinking about early booking of the voucher due to its popularity route, at least for 1-2 months.

Тур на февраль >>

Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand

Even in Phuket, you can try surfing for beginners, on Kata beach

Where to go to relax in the winter in Thailand?

Where better to go in Thailand? Everything is quite simple here.

  • Pattaya is a place for lovers of drive and entertainment. Abundance night clubs, bars, shows for adults will make the rest clearly not dull. In the afternoon – diving and surfing, excursions to the village of Nong Nooch at the elephant show and in the Orchid Park.
  • Bangkok – unique palaces and more than 300 ancient temples, tropical gardens and parks.
  • Koh Samui – white beaches, clear sea, lush greenery plus exotic fruits and fresh seafood. This is the best place for relaxing family holiday with children in winter.
  • North of Thailand is ideal for those who do not like the heat and does not tolerate high humidity. In winter, daytime temperatures are here. + 27 ° С, at night it can fall even lower than + 15 ° С.

Phuket in winter

Where better to go in Thailand to combine a beach holiday with active night? To the islands of the Andaman Sea! Phuket in December gathers diving enthusiasts from around the world: the weather sets solar. Wind and rain – an extremely rare phenomenon, the water warms up to + 29 ° С. At 40 km from Phuket is Phi Phi Monkey Island, a day trip to it will give the opportunity to enjoy the wild nature to the fullest. There are also many other excursions that You can book here in advance.

Tours to Thailand in winter. Where to looking for?

Tours to Thailand in winter really pick up within any budget. There are several tourist areas in the country that differ conditions, service, excursion programs.

Prices for tours in Thailand in December are already starting to rise, but at the beginning of the month, up to 15-20 numbers, there is still an opportunity to rest sparingly.

Tours to Thailand in January 2020 Book for 2-3 months: on the beginning of the year and accounts for the most massive influx of tourists, and trips are bought up long before the season of high prices.

Finding the right tour for two is easy, using reservation services:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

The site contains information on offers from more than 120 tour operators. Remember, a tour to Thailand for two in December will cost much cheaper than in other winter months.

Tours to Thailand in December 2019

Choose the perfect place according to your preferences. Pattaya receives tourists all year round, December is different from the rest of the months only additional Christmas entertainment. And you want to swim in the clear water and soak up the snow-white sand – a few kilometers from the city is the island of Koh Lan. True with the children here is better not to go. ?

Did not find anything suitable – try to keep track of hot tours in Thailand in December. This can be done also on the sites above.

Tours to Thailand in January 2020

If you do not have time to find tours to Thailand in January 2020, burning Vouchers must begin to track from mid-December.

Where to rest in Thailand in January is best? Fit almost all regions: Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, in the province Krabi in addition to a beach holiday you can expect an interesting excursion program. Here you can visit the ancient temples, see how pearls are grown, lovers of exotic will be impressed crocodile, snake farm and butterfly breeding. Monkey Phi Phi Island is located just 30 km from Krabi – do not miss opportunity to visit him. Be sure to remove your personal belongings. away. ?

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Weather in thailand in winter

Weather in Thailand in winter contributes to the most comfortable beach and sightseeing rest. January and February account for the most prestigious tourist season in Thailand, but also in the first winter month the number of tourists increases significantly. After all, the season in the country already arrived, and the prices of tours are quite low.

In Thailand, winter is the mildest climate in the northern regions: Chiang Mai is dry, with an average daytime air temperature of + 27 ° C … + 28 ° C. On Samui is much hotter: air – + 30 ° C … + 31 ° C, and at the end of winter + 32 ° С… + 33 ° С; water – about + 28 ° С.

December weather

Weather in Thailand in December begins to improve: ends rainy season, reduced humidity. Only on Samui overcast weather, and there are rainy days. On the other resorts it is clear in the afternoon + 26 ° С … + 30 ° С, water temperature in the sea + 26 ° С … + 28 ° С. December – the most “cool” month of the year, by the end of winter the thermometer is everywhere rises by 3-5 divisions. If you do not like the heat, you should go to early December. ?

5 stars - Kata Rocks Hotel 5 stars - Kata Rocks Hotel

We decided to call for a cocktail at 5 * hotel Kata Rocks

January weather

The weather in Thailand in January is great for get a gorgeous tan, plenty to swim in the sea, take a walk national parks and local attractions. Andaman Sea pleases calm, water + 28 ° C. Air on the coast is not below + 30 ° C. The same weather holds in Pattaya, a little cooler. In the north of the country.

February Weather

Favorable weather remains in Thailand and in February. Air it warms up more – up to + 32 ° … + 33 ° С, it rains extremely rarely and always short-lived. Phuket Island and Pattaya Weather practically does not differ from January, but on Krabi and in Thai capital temperature rises slightly. Hottest at the end of winter on resorts of Samui (sometimes up to + 35 ° C), and the coolest climatic conditions – in Chiang Mai.

Thailand Thailand Thailand Thailand

On the southern cape of Phuket – Prom Thep

New Year 2020 in Thailand

If you go on holiday with children, then on New Year’s holidays Choose large cities.

These days huge bright dragons roam the streets, and palm trees decorated with Christmas garlands. Houses are shimmering, and in New Year’s Eve at the moment when the big and small arrow unite on the number “12”, grandiose explode in the sky fireworks.

Thais used to celebrate January 1 and a few weeks Chinese New Year in a big way: on the streets of Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin are noisy festivities. The most ambitious act takes place on the embankment in Bangkok, in the center of Samui – Nathon, on the five-kilometer Maenam beach located on the same island and, of course, in the center of entertainment – Pattaya. In thai tourist Mecca on Beach Road since December 25, the fair takes place, and in New Year’s Eve is a music festival.

New Year in Tae: How much is it and how is it celebrated? >>

Christmas tree in Pattaya Christmas tree in Pattaya The main beach of Pattaya The main beach of Pattaya

We got to Pattaya before the New Year (view of the coast from Hotel Hilton)

Prices for winter holidays in Thailand

To have an idea how much a ticket to Thailand in December, we compared the prices of tours in the last days of 2019 years at different resorts in hotels of the same level.

In Pattaya and Patong (Phuket Island), they practically do not differ: for a tour with accommodation in a double room in a 3 * hotel not far from the beach you will need to pay from 89 000 rubles for two, 4 * will cost about 20% more expensive, and 5 * – one and a half times. If a decide to go until December 24th, then the tour for two can be purchased from 60 000 rubles.

Winter can also be divided into high and low season in Thailand. Prices peaked at the end of December and the beginning of January, after the New years they decrease and approximately at one level keep all winter. If you visit Thailand in February, prices for the same hotels will be from 72 000 rubles right here.

In Thailand, the all-inclusive system is not very developed, therefore have to eat yourself. Delight low prices, tasty dishes, an abundance of seafood and fruits. Dine full two can be for 150 baht (260 rubles), and a snack with kebabs for 10-20 baht There is fruit all year round, and in winter it will be provided the opportunity to try the real exotic ones: rambutan, tamarind, sprat, guava, carom, Thai apple cost only 25-35 baht / kg ($ 1 = 32.10 baht).

For tours also have to pay. To save on this the cost item can rent a scooter (an average of 200 baht per day) and in many interesting places to visit on their own.

If you book trips:

  • elephant show and walk in Nong Nooch Park from $ 15;
  • Phi Phi Island – from $ 50;
  • Bangkok – from $ 60.

Hotel prices in winter 2019-2020

Rest on Tae in winter is not only the most comfortable weather, but also season, so to speak, transcendental prices. For those who are sent Thailand in December, we compared prices for 2019 hotels in different regions.

Double room in Thai hotels for one night will cost:

  • Bangkok: number in the center of the capital from $ 25, the most cheap – $ 8;
  • Pattaya: hotel 4 * on the first line $ 35-69, distance from the sea – from 16 to $ 25;
  • Koh Lan (distance from Pattaya -10 km): a decent room costs in winter from $ 16;
  • Phuket: hostel – from $ 18 (2-bed room), 3 * hotel – from $ 21 to $ 38, 4 * – $ 41-78, 5 * – from $ 75.

Guest reviews about winter holidays

What is the weather in Thailand in winter? What is the weather in Thailand in winter?

Kata Rocks is worth visiting in the evening to see. sunset – populated for this is not necessary?

Tourists vacationing in Tae in the winter agree in unanimous opinion – This is the best time to travel to the country. Beach season in Thailand from December to February is in full swing, and nature in the period active flowering. Excellent time in terms of budget – the beginning and the end of the season. ? The only downsides are the large influx of tourists and high price tag on everything: from souvenirs to air tickets. Book a tour in advance and you can fly for a rest 65,000 – 80,000 rubles for two! ?

It is worth taking advantage of the experience and advice of tourists who have tried this route, and you can significantly save on the trip:

  • Embark on a journey when the season has not yet come: in the beginning of December, the cost of tours is kept at the level of November – rest can be quite budget.
  • Eat in small Thai eateries: in tourist cafes and European restaurants prices are several times higher. Average price per tom-yam – 150 baht
  • Fruits and seafood are best bought on the market or in supermarket – at street vendors prices are too high. The same applies souvenirs, go after them to the malls.
  • Follow the burning tours on the sites and book at the first Opportunities, since they are dismantled very quickly. If you are lucky – in five star hotel you can relax for the price of three stars. By our experience, relax for 7-14 days in Thailand is the cheapest exactly tour. If you are traveling for a longer time, then it is more profitable to buy and book hotels yourself. Below you will find useful links. and bonuses from us.

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