Holidays in Spain to the sea – all about Barcelona 2019

First of all, why Barcelona?


  1. Where is the best holiday in Spain?
  2. How to get to Barcelona cheaply?
  3. Tourist visa
  4. What to see in Barcelona in 1 day? In 3 days?
  5. Weather
  6. How to get from the airport?
  7. Housing | Best beaches | Prices | Guest reviews
  8. Shopping | Holiday with children | How much to take the money? | Mobile connection
  9. What do tourists bring from Spain?

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Where is the best holiday in Spain?

Traditionally, cultural and educational adherents pastimes go to the very heart of the country – the city of Madrid; admire the architectural heritage of Barcelona; choose in As an object of deep study and inspiration, calm Cordoba and the amazing Granada, still remembering the era of the Reconquista.

Lovers lie on the beach and swing on the waves face with a dilemma, where is the best vacation in Spain to the sea. “Passive” part flies to the islands – Baleor (Mallorca) or Canary (Tenerife) – and the “active” comes to the northeast coast – Costa Brava, Alicante, Costa Dorada.

You must be guessing where those who want to go combine the first with the second (cultural and beach holidays). At the very Spain’s most visited city – Barcelona, where a thousand-year history connects to a seaside resort drive!

Barcelona for 1 day Barcelona for 1 day Barcelona for 1 day Barcelona for 1 day

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

How to get to Barcelona by yourself cheap?

Of course, by plane. Well, only if you do not visit the next Andorra, from where you can make a trip to the capital of Catalonia on the car. ?

Cheap plane tickets to Barcelona from Moscow, as well as from any other major city, can be found using services comparing airline offers:


A variety of additional features make the search for air tickets even more convenient and fast. For example, using the low calendar prices, you will find out how much a ticket to Barcelona costs for months, and you will see that the most profitable is the price of a ticket to Spain, if you take the season will be in August or September.

And also, consider flights to Spain by low-cost airlines. That’s how Once a variant from the company Ryanair – direct flight from the Estonian capital to the Spanish possessions at the height of the season for ≈ 2800 rubles. Ideal option for St. Petersburg, because in the end a ticket from St. Petersburg to Barcelona will cost 5100 rubles. (considering the train ticket to Tallinn) instead of 10,000 rubles.

Tip: think in advance transfer from the airport, because quite often attempts to get to the center of Barcelona with taxi prices for unprepared tourists fly into a pretty penny.

For those with the company: you can consider individual Transfer KiwiTax i – it is profitable for 4-5 people and saves time.

How to fly to Barcelona

Direct flight from Moscow – 4.5 hours. Traveling by plane to Barcelona from St. Petersburg takes about 4 hours. We also have a detailed article about the flight time to Barcelona. from other cities of Russia.

However, if you want to get to Spain more budget way, you have to take a flight with a transfer, because they like usually cheaper. On average, waiting at the docking airport (Riga, Istanbul, Chisinau, Warsaw) takes from 2 hours. So that, answering the question how much fly to Barcelona with a transfer, we We advise you to prepare for a long wait of at least 6 hours. Major airlines flying to the capital of Catalonia – Aeroflot, AirBaltic, Turkish Airlines, LOT, FlyOne.

As for the time difference with Moscow, Barcelona is only the hour is behind ours.

Ryanair - airline Ryanair - airline

Ryanair – airline number 1 for budget traveler

Tourist visa to Spain 2019

Having purchased the treasured tickets, we decide the next question – is it necessary? visa to Spain for the Russians in 2019? Of course yes. Country is included in the Schengen zone, respectively, it is necessary to get the Schengen visa

Documents for a Spanish visa can be collected by everyone:

  • credit card statement
  • reservation of residence
  • certificate of employment
  • Flights to Spain
  • medical insurance
  • 1 photo, a copy of the passport of the Russian Federation and the abroad.

Will be useful: Our 10 low-cost search rules туров >>

Examine the pre-sample questionnaire for a Schengen visa at Spain and, capturing the package with all help-tickets, go to an accredited visa center. Will prompt addresses:

  • Moscow: 11, Letnikovskaya St., p.1
  • St. Petersburg: Liteiny Prospect 26, office 106A
  • Ekaterinburg: st. Karl Liebknecht 22, office 305
  • Novosibirsk: st. Lenin 52, office 406
  • Kazan: st. Galaktionov, 6

For Russians, a visa to Spain with fees at a price will be about 3500 rubles, and registration will take about 5-10 days.

Funicular in Barcelona Funicular in Barcelona

Rise on the funicular (€ 11) to the mountain of Montserrat

What to see in Barcelona in 1 day? And what to see in 3 days? ?

So, if you only have one day to explore the capital Catalan, then it will be … meganasched! Hardly you prefer spend it on the beach. In the end, the sea is a sea, but the city is no match for anything else. Therefore, to see at least part of what is famous Barcelona, armed with advance card cities with landmarks, and along with the Barcelona metro scheme in Russian (without this you can’t figure it out on the spot) and note the following points.

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Park Guell. Impressed with colossal inspired by the architect Gaudi, inspired by the concept garden city, and admire the view of the whole of Barcelona.

Important point: tickets are purchased on the official website of the park, cost – € 7.5.

Park Guell Park Guell

Photo from our trip to Barcelona (Park Guell – July 2016)

The Sagrada Familia, or the more famous version – Sagrada Familia. Another creation of Gaudi, outside it It looks like a fairytale sand castle, but not at all because built already from 1882 to this day. From the inside is acting temple in which worship is held. Ticket price from 15 Euro.

La Rambla Boulevard. Forever crowded tourists by day, by night the famous pedestrian street of the city turns into the center of insane nightlife (which makes a significant part of what Barcelona is famous for). Why not see the buildings of the 18th century framing it. ?

Boqueria market. Fruit, jamon, spice, word, all that is brought from Barcelona as a gift, you will find in two steps from La Rambla, together with the atmosphere of a truly Spanish bazaar, and century so XIX.

Boqueria Market Boqueria Market

However, prices for Boqueria are nowhere higher because of the constant tourist flow

Located near the Gothic Quarter – The island of the Middle Ages in the modern city.

The perfect end to a mission called “what to see in Barcelona for 1 day ”will be the show of the Singing Fountains on Montjuic hill and funicular ride stunning scenery of the evening city.

Magic Fountain in Montjuic Magic Fountain in Montjuic

The Magic Fountain at Montjuic – in the summer the show begins at 21.30

Well, if you decide to explore Barcelona in 3 days, then the map attractions complement the morning promenades on the beach, unhurried walks in gastronomic institutions and afternoon and evening thematic routes, conventionally called:

Gaudi Day. In detail, we are surprised by the flight of the imagination. Catalan architecture genius, adding to the Parc Guell and Sagrada The names of the house Mila and Batlló – a kind of fairy kingdom – and the park Montjuic, where you should also appreciate the National Museum of Art Catalonia and the castle itself.

Gothic Day. Indulge in the impressions of the narrow medieval The streets of the Gothic Quarter, incidentally looking into the Picasso Museum, on King’s Square with the Royal Palace and the cafe “Four cats” that It was beloved by Gaudi and Pablo. Breathing filled with fun the air of the central street of La Rambla heading to the Spanish the village (again on Montjuic) and see the whole of Spain in miniature.

Tibidabo Day. Rushing from the Barcelona lowlands up to the mountain Tibidabo first on the Blue Tram, and then on the cable car through the oldest amusement park of Europe, the temple of the Sacred Heart and to the highest point Barcelona – TV tower Torre de Collserola, where from the 10th floor You can see the city in full view.

With such a route, Barcelona will appear before you in 3 days all the glory. ? Also, if you fly for 3 days, be sure not to Forget to spend time on the Mediterranean beach.

Where to go from Barcelona for 1 day?

If you plan on a large scale, then in neighboring Andorra (Schengen visa just in passport), more compact – in Montserrat or Port Aventura.

In principle, a lot of where you can get out of Barcelona for the day. Read more in our separate article at the link above!

View of the mountain of Montserrat View of the mountain of Montserrat

View of the Montserrat mountain: some rocks are said to be similar on animals – an elephant, a lion and a monkey

Weather in Barcelona

The climate in Catalonia is typically Mediterranean with a mild winter and wet hot summer. If you are not a fan of too active sun, but at the same time you like to sunbathe, then it’s better to go to Barcelona the beginning or end of the beach season, which lasts from June to September.


In May and June, the weather in Barcelona already favors travelers: the air warms up to + 23 … + 25 ° С, and the sea temperature does not drop below … + 20 ° С.

The weather in Barcelona in September is most comfortable and sunny. baths, and to explore the city without fear for a burnt nose. Heat in the air is at least + 25 ° C, and the temperature of the water in the sea pleases + 22 ° С … + 24 ° С.

By the way, the temperature at the peak of the beach season in Barcelona and the weather for months we have devoted a more detailed article. Still, weather conditions affect the price of the ticket, because it is cheaper to go to Spain all from mid-October to early March.

How to get to Barcelona from the airport

The question, of course, is more relevant for those who organize travel to Barcelona alone.

Cheap airport transfers Cheap airport transfers

Generally, it depends on which of the three existing airports you land.

Getting from Barcelona El Main Airport Prat to the city center, and back, the most convenient way for shuttles Aerobus plying between Plaça de Catalunya (central square) and terminals 1 and 2. At night to the city from El Prat airport NitBus buses will take you under the numbers N16 and N17.

Life hacking: How to get for € 1 from the airport? >>

Transfers from Barcelona Airport are carried out and by metro line L9, but it does not run through the station, located in the central square. There is a possibility get to the city center from Barcelona airport by RENFE train, next to Passeig de Gràcia station, followed by transfer to underground. Faster ways to get to Barcelona – rent car at the airport or order a taxi.

To get from Girona Airport to Barcelona, take the Barcelona Bus. It stops right at the airport and goes to the main bus station of the city, from where there is a subway in 5 minutes. The following Girona airport transfer options to the center of Barcelona – rent cars immediately after leaving the plane or the RENFE train, but for this First you need to get to Girona by bus. Expensive just a taxi ride will cost, however, this option is always is available.

How to get from Reus airport to Barcelona? Bus company Hispano Igualadina. You will find it at the exit of arrival terminal. A flight takes you to the bus station. Barcelona Sants, located next to the metro. Well, if you get there first to the city center of Reus, then you can go to Barcelona by train.

Accommodation in Barcelona

An independent trip to Barcelona will require a separate consider and the issue of residence.

Hotels, hostels, hostels, apartments, apartments – places to stay in Barcelona are not considered. All available You will find offers on the website:

RoomGuru – here is collected all the hotel industry of the city.

Young people who arrived in Barcelona with the aim of “hanging out” for 3 days, will easily pick up a cheap hostel in the city center near from La Rambla and large shopping centers.

Book here.

Accommodation in Barcelona Accommodation in Barcelona

Parents intending to rest with the child for weeks or two, real reviews will help determine the hotel photos on the site. Sort the results by main requirements – location near the sea, family room and quiet area – and explore the options in detail. But remember that the numbers are selling quickly, and prices are rising sharply, especially in peak beach season.

Book here.

Accommodation in Barcelona Accommodation in Barcelona

If you are flying a company, or a large family, and also on long term, it makes sense to rent an apartment. In this case, your faithful assistant is Airbnb, where you can cheaply rent an apartment in Barcelona without intermediaries, because the hosts themselves offer to your A selection of whole houses, villas, rooms and apartments. Average apartment in Barcelona in the velvet season in September will cost 3500 per day rubles. In July and August, prices are slightly higher.

Tip: worry about how to navigate a completely unfamiliar Barcelona? Specify the host language filter and Airbnb will prompt you. accommodation options for Russian citizens. Sure, compatriots are not will refuse a small introductory excursion. ?

But still, the answer to the question of where it is better to live in Barcelona depends also from the area. We will briefly tell you about the most popular neighborhoods of the city.

Обзор: Жилье в Барселоне >>

Any guidebook, however, like us, will begin to describe areas Barcelona from the famous Barceloneta (Barceloneta). Located next to the sea, more precisely, right by the sea, along with the beach of the same name, it is the object of attention not only tourists who prefer to spend hours in the sun supine position, but also perky club lovers. For families with children better look for another option where to stay in Barcelona if they interested in a good night’s sleep.

Barceloneta (Barceloneta) Barceloneta (Barceloneta)

Barceloneta Beach is the busiest and not particularly clean. Much better on neighboring San Sebastia or Rich of

Close to the coast, but far from its noisy hum El Born district. Combination of pacifying silence and historical sights, fashion boutiques and affordable restaurants are ideal where better live in Barcelona, shopping and cultural enthusiasts.

Gothic quarter – the “heart” of the districts Barcelona Remove cheap accommodation or book a hotel here is unlikely does it happen, after all, the very center of the city, however, narrow Barri Gotic streets will appeal to any category of tourists.

Barcelona’s best beaches

Traditionally, mass visiting places in Barcelona in the summer are the beaches. In the daytime they are crowded with both tourists and local residents suffering to cool in the sea in the summer heat. In the evening – turn into a 4-kilometer sandy strip illuminated the lights of nightclubs. No wonder many travelers more often tend to find hotels in Barcelona near the beach.

Here we describe the best beaches of Barcelona, each of which can characterize the word “most …”. About the rest (in a word, not at all worse) places for sunbathing – and all of them in the city 10 – we will tell in a separate article. All beaches are marked there. Barcelona on the map.

By the way, a pleasant moment: the capital of Catalonia does not know what paid beaches – access to the coast is absolutely free.

  • The longest (and therefore a lot of space) – Sant Beach Sebastia (Sant Sebastià). In addition, he and the cleanest although all beach holidays are cleaned of rubbish every day. Guest reviews say that the sand here is not so fine there is also a pebble in the sea. Sant Sebastia is dearly loved by the youth for an atmosphere of constant fun, and can even compete with another “Mecca” parties – Barceloneta beach.
  • The most organized is Bogatell Beach (Bogatell). Separated on both sides by breakwaters, it represents is a fairly compact, 700 meters, line of golden sand. However, safes for storing things are located here, and a rescue station, and showers with toilets and cabins for disguise, and terrestrial and water activities.
  • The most popular is Barceloneta Beach (Barceloneta). In the high season there is literally no place for the apple to fall, and in the afternoon and in the evening. Our recommendations: want to feel the pulse Spanish city? Go swimming and sunbathing on Barceloneta!
  • The most “frank” – the beach of Mar Bella (Mar Bella). The photo looks like a place to relax by the sea, however, be vigilant if you do not want to, so let’s say, see too much. Nudist beaches in Barcelona are not uncommon. ?

Mention is worth and the beaches near Barcelona. North of Catalan capital worth visiting the Costa del Maresme in the cities of Calella and Pineda de Mar, and of course, the sandy lines of the Costa Brava in the town of Lloret de Mar (Lloret de Mar).

Beautiful beaches can be found in the south, especially they abound Costa Dorada. Nearest on the way is Castelldefels Beach (Castelldefels), connected to the city by a direct train. About Barcelona is located and the beaches of the province of Tarragona with especially the popular city of Salou, where in addition to the picturesque sand mounds Tourists waiting for an amusement park Port Aventura.

The best beaches of Barcelona The best beaches of Barcelona

Almost all the beaches of Barcelona are wide, sandy and with activities: sports grounds, volleyball nets and children’s corners

Barcelona prices 2019

How much will a holiday in Barcelona cost at prices of 2019?

How to get to Barcelona cheaply and where we rent cheap accommodation already studied (see previous sections). It remains to deal with other costly points of any journey – food prices and transport.

Barcelona food prices 2019

Let’s start with food in stores and supermarkets, on If the prices in the restaurants of Barcelona seem too high, and in the apartment there was just a small kitchen. ? Well or you just wanted to cook on your own or have a snack road to the beach.

I must say that the price of food Barcelona offers quite acceptable in comparison with other large cities of neighbors Schengen.

  • Fruit in a glass ≈ 2 €
  • Milk (1 l) ≈ 1 €
  • Cheese (1 kg) ≈ from 10 €
  • A bottle of water (1.5 l) ≈ 0.5 €
  • Fresh fish (1 kg) ≈ from 10 €
  • Wine (bottle) ≈ 2,5 €

P.S. All food prices are relevant for 2019.

Another place to eat cheaply in Barcelona is, of course, market. Visit one of the oldest in the country – the Boqueria market – and Taste those products of Spain that you should bring with you. sure! Hamon, various types of dried and smoked sausages, blue cheese – everything can be bought cheaply near La Boulevard Rambla

Sangria in Barcelona Sangria in Barcelona

A glass of sangria in a café on the Rambla – € 5

Prices in restaurants and cafes of Barcelona

On average, lunch at a cafe costs about € 11 per person, per while dinner will have to pay around 20 €.

Eating, of course, is less competitive; especially in places crowded with tourists. By modest standards, evening meal starts at € 30 per person.

But in general, what to try from food in Barcelona? Attention definitely deserve:

  • on the first – cooling gazpacho
  • on the second – paella with seafood
  • for dessert – churros
  • Well, to drink – sangria, and tapas for a snack! ?

All these dishes and drinks you will find in restaurants and cafes of Barcelona at completely different prices. As a rule, in the menu of gastronomic tourist-oriented establishments, they strive upwards with the high season is coming.

Advice on where to eat cheaply in Barcelona: Look for the keen view restaurants and cafes where the local population eats. More often all, they are located in branches from the main streets. Cost on food there is much lower!

Macchina - Barcelona Macchina - Barcelona

One of these institutions – Macchina, where you can “collect” a plate of pasta for € 5-9

How much is a taxi in Barcelona

Metro, buses, including tourist, offering special prices for excursions, trams and even funiculars – public transport in Barcelona is widely represented. Fare on it fluctuates around 2.5 €, with which, however, the trip to Taxi.

However, have an idea of how much a taxi costs in Barcelona, you need not to run into unnecessarily eager for profit drivers. By the way, you hardly have to call a taxi phone, because in each area there are so-called taxi stations, where cars are waiting. You can just vote on the road. Taxi in Barcelona you will learn from the black and yellow coloring of the car and a light bulb upstairs that lights up green if the car is free.

For example, the price of a taxi to Barcelona from the airport is about 50 €, and in the city – 9,5 €.

But there is the option of a cheap taxi. What we have there with Uber in Barcelona? ? Payment goes per km in motion and per minute if the car standing (at traffic lights, in traffic, waiting for a client). But in the end through this application a taxi will be cheaper than traveling with official carriers.

Car rental in Barcelona – prices

In most cases, tourists rent a car at the airport. Barcelona, where the points of the main rental companies Cars – Hertz, Europcar, Avis.

Their offices are located in the city itself, so there is always opportunity to hire a transport, presenting international rights and passport. Rent a car in Barcelona costs in the area from 20 to 150 € per day. Do not be scared by so much scatter, the top the boundary is in case you decide to rent a convertible, in Barcelona and it happens.

Our experience: Rent a car in Barcelona – is it profitable? >>

Barcelona Holidays 2019 – tourists reviews

Who will doubt that numerous rave reviews of tourists about Barcelona, reflect the actual picture of the rest on the coast?

However, fascinated by the rhythm of the city and its entertainment, the traveler can easily fall into euphoria and embark on everything heavy, but in the end stay with an empty wallet. Even if you don’t first time in Barcelona, useful tips and livehacks to no one interfere!

So, what you need to know if you are in the capital of Catalonia for the first time, based on reviews of Barcelona in 2019?

  • Tips of seasoned tourists say that if the traveler intends to actively use public transport, travel card T-10 significantly save his travel expenses. It costs 10.20 Euro.
  • The question was what to visit and what to leave for the next time because of the biting prices for entry to cultural sites? Barcelona card Card offers a discount on both moving and visiting means. attractions of the city.
  • In order not to pay a fee for currency conversion in ATMs Barcelona, tourist reviews suggest coming with cash, although for the first time.
  • Information for your safety – always be alert to crowded places, and especially on La Rambla. it favorite place thieves and bred!
  • Despite the millions of visitors, English is among locals know not all, more – young people.
  • Spain is a country legally interrupted for a midday siesta, it really is.

If you take into account the above instructions from experienced tourists, and your reviews about holidays in Barcelona will be exclusively positive. ?

What language is spoken in Barcelona

In case there are any misunderstandings with the local population, and Attempts to explain in English or in local dialect remain. unsuccessful, remember that, unlike all of Spain, the official The language in Barcelona is not only Spanish, but also Catalan. Can learn a couple of basic phrases. ?

Shopping in Barcelona

Be sure to put in the budget of rest in Barcelona for 2019 the column “cost of shopping.” Believe me, you will not be able to resist and look into the local departments of Paradise for shopaholics, because this city is one of the fashion capitals of Europe.

And where is one store, there is another – shopping in Barcelona delays!

Shopping centers of Barcelona

Giants enticing a huge neon sign outside and hundreds luxury brands and mass-market from the inside, dispersed throughout the Catalan capital, but strategically a handful in the center, not giving the aisle, even the sophisticated man in the street.

Reviews of shopping in Barcelona are not without mention the largest and most famous shopping center El Corte Ingles, who has taken in their 12 floors shoe stores, women’s spans, men’s and children’s clothing, accessories boutiques, sporting goods and huge areas of supermarkets. Note: in Barcelona in El Corte Ingles there is everything from a jar of chopped tomatoes to an exclusive handkerchief. So, for souvenirs from Barcelona – here!

The definition of a shopping center in Barcelona also falls as at least a dozen fellow like him (Maremagnum, Diagonal Mar, El Triangle). By the way, if you want to buy as diverse as possible “memorable things” to the maximum, for you have come up with the best bus route Barcelona Shopping Line. The ticket costs about 10 €, and from 7 to 10 am you will be carried from one shopping mecca to another, saving time and money on travel.

Shopping centers of Barcelona Shopping centers of Barcelona

Barcelona shopping streets

You are not satisfied with the boutique Armani, located next to Zara? You want the mini-kingdoms of Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Prada, and in the end you were waiting for the showrooms not yet so famous, but promising Spanish designers? Then you straight on La Diagonal – a kind of expensive quarter (or street) shopping in the heart of the city.

Shopping streets in Barcelona are most often found in the central area. Passeig de Gracia – the place of “cohabitation” of elite boutiques and mass market. If you are interested in buying a vintage hat, welcome to Riera Baixa. A good and inexpensive brand for youth will be found on Carrer de Palai.

Outlet in Barcelona

Perhaps if you went to the thematic forum and slipped look at the reviews about shopping in Barcelona, you would pay attention to some trading village that is mentioned one time. Simply put, Outlet.

Outlets Barcelona discovered not so long ago. They are suburban areas where all brands available in Spain. What is the difference from shopping centers besides location?

Prices of clothes and shoes of famous brands in such places significantly lower. And in general, goods are sold at a discount round. year. The fact is that in the outletlet flocks of past collections flock, unprocessed items and items from fashion shows.

An example of a real Spanish country fashion village – La Roca Village. How to get questions will not arise, despite 40 km from the city, the train from Sants station will take you to Outlet for half an hour.

Barcelona Sales 2019

We think there is no need for extra words, the largest European sales are known to everyone. Most of what is brought from Spain tourists, accounted for rebajas (in Spanish. Sale), which are held twice a year and boldly declare discounts right up to 70%.

Sales in Barcelona 2019 begin in July in the summer and last until end of august. In winter, they start in January and end at the beginning. Martha.

How many tax free in Spain – TAX FREE in Barcelona and how is it return?

Keep a cool head until the very departure from the city. The joy of solid shopping can be multiplied a little more!

You’ve probably heard about the system, which allows you to get back percentage of the amount of purchases abroad, and not only in Spain. TaxFree is a value added tax refund (VAT) service. Interestingly, the tax itself is 21%, but the tax free equals about 10-15%. But such rates are also nothing, right? Especially if you come off in the malls in full. ?

In Spain, the two free companies Global Blue and Premier Tax Free. Shops with which they cooperate, you are easy identify by the blue sticker indicating the name of the company on shop windows.

How much tax can be returned? Only purchases over 90,16 €, committed in one place, subject to return of free fries in Spain and Barcelona. And with Global Blue, they don’t have to be one-time. For example, you can look into a boutique and buy shoes for 60 €, and later in the evening, realizing that without that bag they will be sad to come back and buy another 50 €. In this case, tax free also remains in force, most importantly, do not lose the check.

The store staff will give you a form of Tax Refund Check, which it is necessary to fill in (passport passport data will be required), attach a check and certify with the signature of the seller. Remember that without checks payment of purchases to return the tax will not work!

As in all of Spain, return of tax free in Barcelona carried out in several ways – in special centers in the city, when departing from the country and upon return home.

In the capital of Catalonia there are three offices where you can contact within 10 days after shopping. Keep yourself in shape a passport and a credit card, not a debit card. Here you will be paid percentage cash and returned to the hands of a tax refund check together with the envelope. Do not forget to put on the form at the airport a customs stamp certifying that you are leaving the European Union, put it in an envelope and throw it in the mailbox. Otherwise, by After 21 days, the money will be written off from your card.

The tax free refund at the airport in Barcelona is carried out cash or transfer to any bank card. When affixing stamp on customs control please note that employees may ask for purchases, so keep all the packaging and shortcuts. At the airport taxi free pick-up point, you will receive your preferred a way to get money and take away the form here.

Upon arrival from Barcelona, a tax free refund is also possible. Be sure to stamp the check at the airport upon departure, and then send by mail from Russia to the specified address. Money will come on your card for a month and a half.

Holidays with children in Barcelona

Solving the dilemma, where is the best vacation in Spain with children in a populous tourist town or on the calm sea coast we would chose the first option, in particular, Barcelona. Why?

Firstly, the adjective “tourist” itself already hints that the city is rich not only in cultural and educational activities for adults, but also on entertainment for children. Tibidabo Park, the largest in Europe, the aquarium, zoo, where you can move to the children’s the train, singing fountain show on Montjuic – a young traveler definitely have something to do.

Secondly, a holiday in Barcelona with children will not cause you any inconvenience. in terms of movement with the stroller. With a child of 2 years in the arms not so easy to explore the sights of the city. but Barcelona has completely adjusted to the needs of tourists with kids, Providing ramps, descents from pedestrian crossings, elevators in the subway and platforms in buses.

Thirdly, unlike the beaches near Barcelona, the beaches of the city often more suitable for sunbathing with children. Entrance to the water gently sloping, under feet – the finest sand without garbage. Specially organized playgrounds do not give bored.

And yet, where is better with children on holiday in Spain? We will say that for a comfortable stay with a small tourist fit equipped large cities on the coast. Go to the islands of Spain better not worth it.

Holidays with children in Barcelona Holidays with children in Barcelona

How much money to take to Spain

First, you need to decide what the currency in Spain is now. Not be surprised, the country only in the 2000s moved to a single Schengen monetary standard. Before the euro, Spain’s money was expressed in pesetah. ?

So, the currency of the kingdom (this is how the official name of the state) – euro. The course of the ruble in January 2019:

1 € = 78 rubles.

Counting how much money to take to Spain, proceed from the calculation about 50 € for two per day. We also need about 40 €. This figure is for a very budget holiday, and provided that the accommodation is already paid (or part of the money is postponed). Enough for about lunch cafe, visiting paid attractions, travel by subway, shopping at the grocery store. Three meals a day in restaurants, together with global shopping, will require additional investments above the specified minimum.

Currency exchange in Spain

Whatever currency in Spain you had with you besides the euro (rubles or dollars), there may be problems with its exchange, and quite weighty.

The bank, in most cases, does not have a cash exchange window. for tourists from the street, as in Russia, and the exchange office is unlikely will offer a profitable course. Rather, bewilderment, as in overnight the Spanish currency against the ruble may soar for a dozen percent!

Ideally, it is better to first change rubles to euros for homeland. Another good option is to have some cash in local currency (i.e. euro), and part of it is to be stored on the card in rubles, and if necessary, shoot at ATMs. Will happen automatically conversion with less losses than using services exchange points.

If suddenly there is a large amount of euro currency exchange in Spain Of course, it is done in the opposite direction – from the euro to the ruble – but, again, with extortionate claims from the exchanger.

Mobile communications in Spain

The question of communication when organizing a trip to Barcelona meets often. As in all of Spain, mobile operators in Barcelona is represented by three large companies and a dozen small ones. What is better to choose?

In general, based on the advice of tourists about mobile communications in Spain, Preference is given to the main players in the communications market. services. First, their salons are more often on the way, and secondly, among the sim cards there are exactly the so-called prepago (prepaid) cards.

Such is the peculiarity of the country that tourists are content with a separate category of “prepaid” SIMs that offer less favorable rates. “Contract” SIM card is available only when availability of Spanish residence permit.

For Russian travelers who want to send news daily about your home, the company will suit Vodafone. Acting almost on the whole area of the land of the kingdom, she offers to communicate with relatives for 50 euro cents per minute. But if you try and connect the tariff “My country”, the cost can be reduced to 10 eurocents.

Movistar, despite being the most popular operator, offers a limited amount of prepaid tariffs. But those are good either for calls or for going to the Internet. Successful combination of both services for a reasonable fee, alas, not.

The most profitable mobile operator in Spain, according to the advice tourists, Orange. Cheap communication is provided by the Mundo tariff. oriented just to intercountry negotiations and messages. An international call from Spain to Russia will cost about 10 eurocents per minute.

Mobile Internet in Spain

The above cellular operators also provide services mobile internet in spain. When connected, all prepaid tariffs come with a basic number of megabytes, but for correspondence in whatsapp for a vacation is enough.

Do not rely on the strength of the Spanish wifi. Even the same Barcelona and is decorated everywhere with blue signs wifi “, most likely, you will have two meals before Google page loads. Still for reliable internet in Spain, a sim card from a local operator is a necessary thing.

Also, recently we are actively using the universal sim card. DrimSim, which changes the operator depending on the country. In In many countries, for example, in the same Spain, 1 MB costs 0.01 euros. By ссылке можно получить 7 евро на счет >>

What tourists bring from Spain

This section is so large that to begin with it is necessary to designate that take with you to Spain so that there is a place in the suitcase for gifts. ?

  • Documents (passports, insurance, tickets, housing reservation) and money
  • Clothing: take a minimum if you go in the summer! The more, you can buy in outlets and on sales
  • Shoes: it is enough to have sandals, slates and, perhaps, sneakers. Many streets are lined with old stone blocks, which presents some difficulties for walking on heels?
  • Beach accessories: swimsuits, creams, Panamas – yes, bulky towels – no. They are provided in hotels or bought for penny in the markets.
  • Think carefully about what to bring to Spain from drugs. Collect the best first aid kit.
  • From personal care products – a toothbrush, moisturizer, deodorant. Soaps, gels, pastes, shampoos, again, there is in hotels Or purchase on the spot.
  • The rest – at your request. And better to do the above, keeping space for souvenirs?

So, what to bring from Spain from products?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: because Spain climatically perfectly adapted for growing the best olives.

Spices: cinnamon, paprika, nutmeg and, of course, saffron. But for the latter, you will have to pay more than that, because he is considered king of spice and seasoning.

Hamon: beloved pork ham, loved by gourmands around the world hung over the country’s meat shops, luring tourists with their black (Iberico variety) or white (Serrano variety) hoof. How much jamon Can I bring from Spain? How many will fit in a suitcase or bag. ?Gastronomic cargo is desirable to take in the luggage, if only because that the average pork knuckle will be 6-7 pounds. And take care of vacuum packaging so as not to inadvertently seduce with the smell of movers in the airport.

Manchego and Cabrales cheeses: the first is seasoned sheep cheese Milk is the national pride of the country. The second – with blue mold – National treasure.

Fuet: in the continuation of the mold, once tasted thin pork sausages under a layer of white edible mold, you will understand that they There are definitely places in your baggage.

Spanish wines: fortified sherry, fruit sangria and sparkling Catalan kava.

Spanish wines Spanish wines

Photo from our trip to Barcelona – July 2016

What can be brought from Spain for a longer memory?

Magnets – to replenish the slim army of these on the fridge or give to friends and comrades.

Wine wineskin – it will be very handy at picnics and trips for city.

Leather goods (wallets, gloves, bags, belts) – for their unrivaled quality.

The lace fan filled with local color – that fanning himself with a bright souvenir here in Russia, in memories transferred to hot Spain; and bull figure – replicated on all the shops is an unofficial symbol of the country.

What bring cosmetics from Spain?

Professional facial care is represented by the brand Natura Bisse. (Natura Bisse), which, oddly enough, enjoys more popular beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Spain.

The laurels of the leader in the pharmacy segment of cosmetics given to the brand Sesderma (Sesderma) that successfully competes in the global market skin care.

Hair products are good brand Lakme. Basically, they are sold and in our homeland, but still the manufacturing country offers wider range at reasonable prices.

As for the budget Spanish brands, pay attention to Babaria natural care products and makeup products from Ninelle (Ninel).

What to bring a child from Spain?

A universal option would be sweets. The most unusual treat in the country are candied violets that can be bought in Madrid, or near the city.

Girls will like dolls in colorful dresses for flamenco, wooden fans, castanets. Boys will be delighted from the ball autographed by Ronaldo, or other football symbols (but also autographed? ). Buy, as you know, you can Madrid

Throw ideas that bring from Barcelona as a gift?

In addition to what we have already described, Barcelona is famous for … official the shop (and at the same time the museum) of the football club Barcelona. ?All kinds of attributes for fans – scarves, T-shirts, sportswear, etc. – here is in great demand!

Museum and official store of the Barcelona team Museum and official store of the Barcelona team

Barcelona Museum and Team Shop

Wander through the shops and workshops in the back streets of the city, handicraft fairs and exhibitions in the central squares. Here you can also find many interesting souvenirs from Barcelona.

In a word, dare, plan and implement! Holidays in Barcelona worth it. ?

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