Holidays in Rhodes 2019 – our review. Prices, hotels, all inclusive

Our holiday in Rhodes fell on two weeks (almost) in June last of the year. Many days, lying on the beach is somehow not to your liking, but the island small – and it so happened that we climbed it far and wide.

Therefore, this introduction will be followed by a detailed and reliable text about Rhodes – what prices, where to go, can we do without cars and a dozen closed questions. If you have that add, please come in comments! :)


  1. When to go?
  2. Prices for tours
  3. For independent: flights and hotels
  4. Prices for food and not only
  5. What to see?
  6. Rhodes beaches
  7. Vacation with children
  8. Transport and car rental

Season on Rhodes – when is it better to rest?

Regions in Greece with the approach of the summer warmed differently. But first of all it gets warmer and cools longer – Rhodes. He’s a degree or two wins against Crete.

The season in Rhodes opens in May and lasts until October. Than us I liked the weather because it was even in the hottest afternoon it was not stuffy, and the thicket “diluted” the wind. Island blown from all sides – it saves the day in the “hot” July and August, but in the evenings in May and June makes you throw something more substantial t-shirts.

We decided that if we go again, then also in June or September And the prices are lower, and the weather is more tolerant. By the way, in early June in The Mediterranean is already swimming. To water, of course, need get used to, but then do not want to go out.

Monthly air and water temperature in Rhodes:

Outside, ° C In the sea, ° С
At the beginning of the month In the end of the month
May +24 .5 +19 +23
June +27 +24 +25
July +30 +26 +27
August +30 +28 +28
September +27 +27 +25
October +23 +25 +23
Beach in the city of Rhodes Beach in the city of Rhodes Castle in the old town Castle in the old town

This is me, I try some water on the beach opposite the hotel Mitsis La Vita Beach / Scenting Flowers in the Old Town of Rhodes

Prices for tours to Rhodes in 2019

Rhodes is less popular than Crete because departures from Russia’s regions are much worse off (well, and with Moscow everything is always ok). For comparison: in that year we took a tour with a direct flight from Kazan, and already for this summer of 2019, the charters to Rhodes were removed, they left only Crete.

Quickly find out if there are tours with departures from your city, can be on the online aggregator. They collect all available offers, indicate prices directly from the tour operator and suggest Favorable vacation dates:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

By the way, prices for tours to Greece are very reasonable. Our ticket to Rhodes cost in … 26,800 rubles FOR TWO for 11 nights in June. It is to question whether there are burning? Although as burning – we caught this sale 10-12 days before departure.

How much does a holiday on Rhodes cost in 2019? (July-August at 7 nights for two)

1-2 stars from 45 000 rubles
3 stars from 50 000 rubles
4 stars from 70 000 rubles
5 stars from 100,000 rubles
Hotel all inclusive from 65 000 rubles
With a child in a good hotel from 80 000 rubles

Flights to Rhodes

Take and fly to Rhodes will not work – need a visa. Will fit any Schengen cartoon (acting, of course). In his absence, will have to visit the consulate or the nearest visa center for registration of the Greek Schengen.

If we consider the prices of independent rest on Rhodes, then in season 2019 deal on air tickets like this:

  • Moscow-Rhodes – from 16,000 rubles per person round-trip
  • Peter-Rhodes – from 18 000 rubles

Direct flights fly S7, Aegean and Royal Flight charter. Of regions of the tickets go to 22 thousand and above, plus, there are no direct flights.

Where to find tickets? >>

Pebbled beach in Rhodes Pebbled beach in Rhodes Greece Rhodes-Simi Greece Rhodes-Simi

Pebble beach near the Old Town / Our excursion to Symi Island (more details below)

Schengen visa to Greece

One of the most loyal in the Schengen family. Simple set documents (yes-yes) and a high percentage of issuing visas for long term even beginners in traveling matters. My mom before the moment of traveling only to Turkey and Georgia and never to Europe, Schengen visa to Greece was approved for six months.

Cost of visa: € 35 + service fee of 1470 rubles, if served at the visa application center.

Hotels in Rhodes – where to stay?

But first about the resorts. I will not paint every detail like “50 km to the capital, 3 shops, many Russians”, because A separate thematic text is planned. Therefore, the most fatty criteria. Rhodes, by the way, is not a Russian island at all – it’s Polish, German and British.

✓ City of Rhodes – here is the entire infrastructure. AND Simka to buy, and in Sefora pokopitsya, and coffee in Starbucks drink. Plus, decent hotels from the Mitsis network and close to the airport. But right there – the Old Town, where many tourists are swarming; port where liners with one-day tourists arrive; pebble beach – not the best equipped, and the Aegean Sea is not the most peaceful. I’d concluded that the capital is good for rest “savage.” Booked apartments, rented a car and go, look-explore.

✓ Faliraki – here is the whole movement and entertainment. Nightlife, clubs, youth on one side of the scales – and wide sandy beach and the beautiful bay of Anthony Queen to the other. In Faliraki a bunch of “starless” hotels or 1-2 stars, where tour operators offer cheap tours. For lack of the best, the resort is shelter for family tourists (more details in the section “Rest on Rhodes with kids”).

✓ Kolymbia is a small village where remarkable – the central street with tall eucalyptus trees and pebble beach. We lived just in Kolimbia, and we liked: quietly calm, taverns with delicious food, views of olive groves (like savannah!). Such a pensioner leave.

✓ Lindos – Instagram town with snow white houses at the foot of the hill and the ancient acropolis on the top. Here too many people, because 1) historically, 2) beautiful pictures, 3) excellent sandy beach with a gentle entrance. Near which, however, not a single sane for “price-quality” hotel.

✓ Archangelos – as the nearest (4 km) settlement to idyllic sandy beach of Tsambika. The beach is great there is no infrastructure around – except for a couple of taverns, no hotels altogether.

A small sign on what prices for hotels to navigate in 2019th: (in season)

Apartments from 3000 rubles
1-2 stars from 3500 rubles
3 stars from 4800 rubles
4 stars from 6100 rubles
5 stars from 15 000 rubles

Лучший поисковик отелей >>

Old Town of Rhodes Old Town of Rhodes trip to simi trip to simi

View from the fortress on Rhodes / Symi Island

A selection of hotels in Rhodes

Important to remember! From 2018 in Greece introduced tourist tax. Paid by any tourist on arrival at hotel. Depends on star and stay (multiply by the number of your nights):

  • 5 stars – € 4 per room
  • 4 stars – € 3
  • 2-3 stars are € 0.5 and € 1.5, respectively.

What to be ready for? In 1-2 * hotels in Rhodes may not be … remote control from the air conditioner. Issued, again, for an extra charge – 2-7 euros per night! Perfect newcomers to the Greek holidays will be surprised that some “fours” and “fives”, even on all inclusive, may refuse free sunbeds and umbrellas, because the beaches – public. With animation, both adult and child, is also not thick. In short, do not expect Turkey from Greece.

So, a selection of hotels in Rhodes (prices are for a tour for two 7 nights; per night in the room when you self-armor):

  • 2 * Mon Repos Hotel (Faliraki) – reliable “deuce”, not so scary as it sounds :) Decent option for outdoor activities.
  • Tour price: from 58,000 rubles Price per night: from 4800 rubles

  • 3 * Evi Hotel (Faliraki) – a very popular hotel, at least because here came more than half of our bus! Works for “all inclusive”.
  • Tour price: from 60 000 rubles

  • 2 * Achilion Hotel (Rhodes) – apartments with kitchenette, frequent choice of tourists. Almost 1 line – 3-5 minutes to the beach.
  • Price per night: from 4800 rubles

  • 4 * Calypso Palace (Faliraki) – the hotel is conveniently located, near the center of Faliraki, near the water park. Its own beach (and therefore sun beds are free).
  • Tour price: from 155 000 rubles

  • 5 * Mitsis Grand (Rhodes) – one of the rare hotels at all with more or less territory, 1 line, but even he – oh, horror! – through road from the beach. It is quickly sold out.
  • Price per night: from 16 000 rubles

  • 4 * Princess Sun (Kiotari) – the hotel is all inclusive. Far away from the sea, but the kilometer is compensated by a private beach with free sun beds.
  • Tour price: from 95,000 rublesPrice per night: from 19,000 rubles

  • 12 Islands Villas (Kolymbia) – cute multi-colored villas in Greek style opposite our hotel. We would have lived :) True, even not the 3rd line, but the 23rd line – go to the beach for 10 minutes. It makes sense to go here company from 4 people.
  • Tour price (for four): from 290 000 rubles Price per night (for four): from 50 000 rubles

Any of the hotels can be booked independently on Booking. or RoomGuru.

“Fortune” on Rhodes

Our hotel with all inclusive Our hotel with all inclusive

Our hotel Loutanis and the pool where we spent the evening ?

“Fortune” is a type of tour when you do not know the name. hotel right up to arrival. Pre-select only the number of stars and the resort, and upon arrival settle in any free hotel, suitable under the conditions. Reward – the price of the voucher is nowhere lower, but then how lucky: there may be a nice hotel near the sea, and maybe a provincial hotel.

We were lucky! We went to Rhodes on Fortune (2-star), and we fell normal Loutanis (he, by the way, 3 *). I recommend it not I will, because of the value that tour aggregators give out, it’s not complies. But 30-40 thousand for two – completely. Of our friends identified in 2 * Tivoli – also nothing: clean hotel with large pool, the only thing to go 15-20 minutes to the beach roadway.

Rhodes prices in 2019

Rhodes is a cross between Spain and Turkey. Price tag Acceptable, while at the same time you need to try to rest quite cheaply. Before you make out the main cost items – food, transportation, excursions – I shove a few positions that are not going anywhere approached:

  • Local sim card for 2 GB – 10 euros. We bought in Rhodes, about Zara store in electrical engineering.
  • Sun lounger umbrella set on the beach – 10 euros.

Food prices

Greek salad and Gyros on Rhodes Greek salad and Gyros on Rhodes Gyros Rhodes Gyros Rhodes

Food on the island is tasty and inexpensive – gyros, Greek salad and coffee

Rest in Greece on Rhodes is remarkable tasty and inexpensive, according to compared with the rest of Europe, food.

I will give the order of prices “in the cafe / restaurant”:

  • Chicken souvlaki – 8/12 euro
  • Meat mix for two – 20/40 euro
  • Tsatsiki – 2.5 / 4 Euro
  • Eggplant Salad (appetizer) – 2.5 / 5 Euro
  • Greek salad – 4/8 euro
  • Pizza – 7/13 Euro
  • Small cappuccino – 2 / 3.5 Euro
  • Cocktail – 5/8 Euro
  • Local beer, 0.5 – 3.2 / 4.5 Euro
  • Glass of ouzo – 2.5 / 4.2 Euro
  • And only the gyros in the pitch equalizes all – 2.5 / 3 euro

Bottom line: in a cafe you can eat at ≈ 15 euros for two without drinks (portions are huge). The restaurant is the same count on 25 euros.

From fast food – except for pit – there is McDonald’s. Combo set worth 6.8-7.5 euros, Big Mac – 3.8 euros, large fries – 2.3 euros, latte Maccafe – 2.1 euros. Or bakeries, where you can take a loaf or pie for ≈ 1 euro. Coffee in Starbucks (cappuccino venti) – 4 euros.

Nikos restaurant Nikos restaurant

The restaurant is located in the district of Kolymbia – here we have repeatedly ate tuna salad, pizza and gyros

Favorite places in Rhodes (write-save):

  • Hermes Greek Grill House (Rhodes) – I advise! Greek salad (€ 4) – a huge, meat mix (€ 9.9) – too, a pita (€ 2.3) – tasty (sorry, served only with pork).
  • Pitafan (Rhodes) – takeaway pitas, recommended tourists, but we have not reached.
  • Nikos Pizzeria (Kolymbia) – hot recommendation! Order Fisherman salad (with seafood, € 6.8) and Margarita pizza (€ 6.9) – all strictly one position for two, Otherwise, you can overeat :)
  • Gelati di Bello (Kolymbia) – great homemade ice cream (€ 2-5), pancakes and coffee (€ 2). Institution holds hospitable family coming for the season from Rome.
  • Tsambikos Original Rodian Cuisine (Tsambika) – Loved our friends.
  • Musikorama (Faliraki) – delicious, but small portions, at one time you can.
  • Food Box (Kolymbia) – Pit van (€ 3), when it is necessary here and now; have a pita with chicken that on the island rarity.
Our purchase in the shop on rhodes Our purchase in the shop on rhodes Cheese Cheese

Our usual store purchases and delicious cheeses for over 200 rubles we brought home

About products. Small shops for everyday purchases – well, there is half a watermelon to buy, or yogurt – There is in every village. In Kolymbia it was Fleis, on the turn. Near Rhodes there is a giant Lidl: it is for solid races / races by car, because located not very comfortable.

Prices in supermarkets Rhodes:

  • Tomatoes, kg – 1.25-1.5 euros
  • Sweet cherry, kg – 3 euro
  • Bananas, kg – 1-1.5 euros
  • A bottle of wine – from 3 to 10 euros
  • Beer in a bottle – 1.3-1.8 euros
  • A bottle of water, 1.5 l – 0.3-0.8 euros
  • Milk, l – 1.5 Euro
  • Greek yogurt, 200 gr – 0.8-1 euro
  • Grana Padano cheese, 200 gr – 3-3.5 Euro
  • Brie and Camembert, 125 gr – 3 Euro
  • Eggs, 10 pcs – 1.5 Euro
  • A jar of dried tomatoes – 2 euro
  • Chicken kg – 2 Euro
  • Olive oil, l – 4-8 euros

Market in Rhodes Market in Rhodes

Normal market on the island, where we bought fruit, homemade olive oil as a gift

Special mention deserve local markets (like agora, if you ask Greeks)! The most famous, and moreover not tourist, takes place on Saturdays just for 4 hours – from 8 to 12. On Google Mapp it is designated as the Rhodes Vegetable Market. Pre having tried :), we bought vegetables, fruit, homemade Olive oil, black olives – everything is fresh and tasty.

Prices in the markets:

  • Olive oil, 1.5 l – 6-8 euros
  • Strawberry, 500 gr – 2 Euro
  • Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, kg – 1 euro
  • Avocados, kg – 5 Euro
  • All varieties of olives, kg – 7-9 euros
  • Potatoes, kg – 0.5 Euro

All inclusive – is it worth taking?

Our hotel with all inclusive Our hotel with all inclusive

Lunch at our hotel Loutanis – 3 stars

Complex issue. And in no case should you respond to it, equating to a Turkish oll is not a coat at all (starting with paid lounges and ending with the embryo animation). what for sure – a chic hotel, that would be a roller coaster, and a kids club, and the territory is green, and the beach is private, and the food is varied – Rhodes is not found.

By the way, among the Greeks, all inclusive is actively functioning in 1-2 the stars. He may even exist contrary to your confidence in his absence of So, we flew to our hotel without meals, someone – only for breakfast, but it turned out that for 10 euros a day from person can access the buffet.

For myself, I came to the conclusion that it’s still not worth taking.

1) All-inclusive in Greece is not a 24/7 uninterrupted delivery. and in the hotel and in the beach bar, and three meals on schedule and toast during the break. No burgers and cocktails by the sea, maximum the pool.

2) I was sad every time we extended all inclusive, because it meant that the day would pass without a piece of divine pizza and pits from the very tavern …

✓ Prices for holidays in Rhodes on an “all inclusive” in 2019 – from 65 000 rubles per week for two.

Compare and prove: Where is the best rest on all inclusive? >>

What to see in Rhodes? sights

Symi Island Greece Symi Island Greece Excursion from Rhodes Greece Excursion from Rhodes Greece

Day trip to the island of Symi (more)

  • Symi Island is another Instagramme place only already a whole island. On the one hand – Panormitis Monastery, with the other – the turquoise sea, colorful houses in the same style, streets, leading uphill, lookout on top. And restaurants, restaurants, restaurants where everyone tastes huge local shrimp. How get there? It is possible with a tour, and you can get to the port yourself. in Rhodes and buy ferry tickets – 23 euros per person.
  • The bay Anthony Quinn is a sooo beautiful bay, where they swim and snorkel. As with pictures from Google about wild beaches Amalfi Coast! How to get there? By car.
  • Old Town of Rhodes – you can compare with the Old the city of Jerusalem: a lot of stone, narrow streets, dilapidated, fortresses, houses and cafes. Out to the port and the former fort, and from there You can go to the windmills and another fort. Wander around definitely worth it! By the way, around here, in the harbor, and stood Colossus Rodossky. How to get? By bus / car to the capital. Next – peshochkom.
Rise to Lindos Rise to Lindos Observation Tsambika Observation Tsambika

Lindos Rhodes Lindos Rhodes

Views from the viewpoint of Tsambika / the city of Lindos, which stands go

  • Lindos – I painted about the city in the section “Where better to stay. “Looks like Santorini. Honestly, in the heat of everything impressions are blurred, and the rise to the acropolis (the second largest in country) and do remember with horror. Here is a photo with a sad donkey in describes the mood accurately :) According to Lindos, it is interesting to take a walk, pofotkat courtyards and doors, and then – run to the local beach, cool. How to get there? By bus or car (Schedule is in the “Transport”).
  • Observation point on the Mount Tsambika – view of the eponymous beach and the blue expanse of the sea, beautiful! Here is a small chapel. At the Googlemaps point you can find Kyra Tsambika. How get there? By car, then overcome about 300 steps.

Prasonisi Beach Rhodes Prasonisi Beach Rhodes

Beach in the south of Rhodes, which connects the two seas / there are many kite surfers

  • Kiss 2 seas (Prasonisi) – if you presented as the blue-dark Aegean Sea meets the blue Mediterranean, and they do not mix, then … it is not. Between them lies wide sandy strip. From afar (from parking) the views are good, and you can see that heaps of rubbish are gathering in the sand. They say that The Aegean Sea is restless, and the Mediterranean – peace and quiet. None less, and there, and there are trained kite and wind surfers. Lesson: € 50 and € 30 rental equipment per hour for kiting; € 40 for 2 hours with an instructor for windsurfing. How to get there? Bus or auto.
  • Filerimos – stands out for a tall cross near the monastery. We didn’t climb, but the tourists are the place. love. How to get there? Auto or sightseeing tour.
  • 7 sources – this is something like a spring, making the way from seven places. The source itself is in season, as they say tourists, weak. Much more fun – go through the tunnel through the mountain. Free.How to get? Auto or excursion.
  • Butterfly Valley – a place famous for being there whole flocks of butterflies inhabit the gorge. But the main plus – in the shady forest, river and waterfalls. It’s cool and just nice to take a walk. Entrance to the park – € 5. How to get there? Auto or tour.

The port of Rhodes has a network of ferries, on which You can swim to the neighboring islands, and to another country. For example:

  • Kos Islands and Kalymnos Islands – for 49 euros per person
  • Halki and Tylos Islands – 29 Euro
  • Turkish Marmaris – 75 euros. Swim an hour or two, no more. Marmaris seen directly from the coast of Rhodes :)

And in Faliraki there is an aqua park, which is called – Waterpark. Declares that he is the largest in Europe. For adult You can have fun for 24 euros from the nose for a day, a child under 12 years old – for 16 euros. From shops in Rhodes – Zara, Sephora etc., everything is standard and everything is in Rhodes (city). Curious shop “All for 1 euro” – it is next to the RODA Bus Station.

Rhodes beaches

Prasonisi Beach Rhodes Prasonisi Beach Rhodes Pebbled beach in Rhodes Pebbled beach in Rhodes
Sandy beaches: Pebble beaches:
✓ Faliraki ✓ Lindos ✓ Tsambika ✓ Prasonisi ✓ Rhodes ✓ Kolymbia ✓ Stegna ✓ Afandou

Rhodes definitely has more pebble beaches. Someone thinks that Afandou and Stegna are sandy, but for me a large gray-brown mound is not sand. Liked on the beaches of Lindos and Tsambika: the entrance to the water without stones, gently sloping. But in Kolymbia and Rhodes sunset stony, studded with medium pebbles. And the very bottom – in large slippery cobblestones, as anyone, but I “do not go” – I’m afraid sea reptiles that can hide under them (if anything, it’s me I think).

Holidays in Rhodes with children

Holidays with children in Greece Holidays with children in Greece

The beach near our hotel in Rhodes is resting enough tourists with children. There are horror stories on the Internet, in the spirit of “what are you, yes there is wind and waves! “, but something does not affect the flow family. Probably because the Mediterranean Sea is calm, like a boa constrictor, and only occasionally dabbles in “lambs”.

The biggest injustice, as for me – about the best Children’s beaches (Lindos and Tsambika) there is not a single hotel! Therefore, all go to Faliraki, despite the fact that there is noisy and youth, and settled on the outskirts. Here is a list of reliable children’s hotels in Rhodes (and all of them are not cheap):

  • 4 * Esperides Beach
  • 4 * Sun Palace
  • 4 * Apollo Beach

Note that Rhodes – salvation for allergies. The island is not like that blooming and green like the rest of Greece. Plus, local cuisine familiar and similar to ours, there will be no problems with nutrition.

Transport on the island

Bus Bus Bus Schedule on Rhodes Bus Schedule on Rhodes

Transportation on the island is fine, but if you are a company (2-4 people), it is easier to rent a car (in season in advance online)

The length of the island is 70 km, so for the holidays you can drive around entirely. Especially if you rent a car. When we preparing for the trip, then read a lot, that rest in Rhodes is impossible without car rental. Depressed – we do not drive, and found fellow travelers, with who divided the cost.

But in the end, I disagree with the statement about life need a car. See:

  • From the airport to Rhodes can be reached by bus RODA (€ 2.5); or by taxi for € 25. From there – also by bus to the resorts (See the schedule and cost on the photo):

✓ Rhodes-Lindos – 5.5 Euro

✓ Rhodes Faliraki – 2.4 Euro

Carry with suitcases? Somehow difficult … We think so too We recommend a transfer from KiwiTaxi. You will be met with a sign, taken to the hotel is also interesting to tell something! We enjoyed Transfer to Athens is convenient. The car to Faliraki goes from 30 euro, cheaper than a taxi.

  • On the same buses you can see the island itself – Faliraki, Lindos, Prasonisi. There is a route to Filerimos and Tsambiki.
  • Alternatively, you can take a tour – choose what is closer to you – history or nature – on Tripster (spend local Russian-speaking residents).
  • Rent a bike for the day – 8-10 euros.
  • Scooter for a day – 13-15 euros.

Rent a Car

Car for rent Car for rent The cost of gasoline in Rhodes The cost of gasoline in Rhodes

Our car Volkswagen up – took the first week recreation

On Rhodes in each village for several rolling offices. how already mentioned, we do not drive, and the car went to rent our acquaintances. Got Volkswagen Up! on a pen for 125 euros for 5 days (gasoline spent ≈ 50 euros). True, it is not clear whether insurance, in English friends are not strong :)

On RentalCars – international car rental service – you can it was the same to book, but on the euro per day is cheaper and exactly with insurance. In addition, in the season there is a chance to run into the lack of cars in local rentals – so dismantled.

General figures-facts:

  • Rent a car – 20-25 euros per day, if you take a few days AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON. In July and August the price tag jumps to 35-40 Euro!
  • The price of gasoline – an average of 1.7 euros per liter.
  • Local drive adequate, cameras on the roads did not notice There is a lot of free parking (including in Rhodes).

What to bring from Greece?

Souvenirs from Greece Souvenirs from Greece

Our souvenirs from Greece to Russia

What we brought: prohibitance (3 packs of grana padano cheese), homemade olive oil from the market and dried tomatoes.

What else is being brought: olives in a vacuum and everything connected by them – oil, cosmetics. The Greeks have no equal in this since antiquity. From souvenirs – towels and napkins with Greek ornament, wooden sets cutlery, figurines and key chains in the form of a phallus (this shops in bulk). In Rhodes, many jewelry shops with unusual decorations. And of course, the vineyards, mostly around Mount Attaviros. You can buy a bottle of wine.

Well, about Rhodes talked. But you can continue about others countries – travel we adore! Here are some reports already written by:

  • Dubai is our cool guide | Ras al-Khaimah (UAE)
  • Barcelona | Montenegro
  • Sri Lanka | Mexico
  • Turkey | Adler?

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