Holidays in Kemer (Turkey) 2019 – our review. Prices, hotels all inclusive

Rest in Kemer (Turkey) 2019 - our review. Prices, hotels, all inclusive Rest in Kemer (Turkey) 2019 - our review. Prices, hotels, all inclusive

What could be easier trips to Turkey – we heard at each the corner. But still worried, because for us this is the first time. Abroad!

Upon my return, I decided to sit down at the text about Kemer to show and prove – really nothing to worry about, provided small preparation. I will try to close all major issues and I will add personal impressions, as it were.

From the editor. The material about the resort is written demanding and responsible tourist – my sister, but seasoned with both her and our photos (we went to Kemer in May 2019 on the day when rested in Side).


  1. Why Kemer?
  2. Season
  3. Kemer and its villages
  4. Prices for tours
  5. Food and alcohol prices
  6. Guided Tours and Activities
  7. A selection of good hotels
  8. Rest with a child

Why choose Kemer?

To begin to clarify why the question “where better to go to Turkey? “, For ourselves, we decided – not Alania, not Side, and not Belek.

+ Banal argument about the rest in Kemer: the price of all inclusive here slightly lower than other resorts. Basically, he’s all determined? We did not choose the cheapest hotel, but for our “Wishlist” turned out to be more profitable Kemer.

+ Convenient location from the airport – 60 km (about an hour drive).

+ Nature: mountains, pines, greens – subtracted in the vast network. So it is.

+ Pebble beaches – to whom as, and to us in plus, nothing sticks and not carried to the room. And what a clear sea!

+ Excursions in relative availability. And here it is not missed.

How to get to Kemer?

Bus from Antalya to Kemer Bus from Antalya to Kemer Trip to Kemer Trip to Kemer

These buses go from Antalya to Kemer, if you get Himself / Walking along the embankment of Kemer City with a view of the mountains

Package holidays? Then everything is simple: two steps from the airport look for the stand of your tour operator and drag the voucher to the guys. They will take care of the transfer. Along the way, also will instruct when meeting with the guide will share the basic information and be sure to be delivered to the store for 15 minutes “rest from the road “(deciphering – to spend money).

By yourself? Also easy: from the bus station Antalya bus Kemer to go every half hour. Cost 8 lire (in dollars more expensive 2-3 bucks will be asked), go an hour and 10 minutes. With children and big with suitcases it is more convenient to order a KiwiTaxi transfer – it is just for such cases ($ 43- $ 55 per car).

Weather at the resort – when is it better to rest in Kemer?

Sea in Kemer Sea in Kemer

As we expected, the beaches and the entrance to the sea are pebbly here. But appreciate the transparency of the water! ?

When is it better to go overseas and solar procedures in Kemer? I compared climate, temperature indicators with precipitation and sketched a sign for months

Jan Fevre March Apr May June July Aug St Oct Nov Dec


Green – “go” Yellow – “not go” Lilac – “go, but it is cold to bathe. ”

The time for a powerful spf (sun protection) in Kemer begins in May and Lasts until October. The sea is warming from mid-May, but for those to whom it is forever cold – from June, and it cools down by November. Summer weather it does not skimp on degrees (up to + 35 ° C), the water temperature reaches marks in + 29 ° С.

When is the velvet season in Turkey? September-October – and This is the perfect time to travel with a child. Plus Span May is the first half of June.

In the middle of September we were lucky for a couple of days right up to + 40 ° С, precipitation did not smell.

Districts and Towns of Kemer

The resort Kemer in a general sense is the city of Kemer itself and the neighboring settlements (“podkurorty”).

✓We were in Kemer Center. Green tourist corner surrounded by mountains, but with a touch of civilization and well-established infrastructure. In the summer, all inexpensive treshki – and their a bunch! – filled with youth. As well as numerous places where hang out: bars, nightclubs.

The beaches are pebbled, narrow, they need to “dive” into the passage with the waterfront. Therefore, hotels on the first line – in the classic understanding – no. But there is also a sandy beach – public Moonlight (only sand is not gold, but gray). I will say this: in the city of Kemer – so who is resting on a budget (applies to both young people and 40+ people) or fun with the company.

Beach in Kemer Beach in Kemer Finely pebbled beach Finely pebbled beach

In the central Kemer, oh-oh-very narrow beach strip and almost immediately deep / Beach Moonlight – the only one with sand

✓ Beldybi. A small settlement 15 km from Kemer. There is everything for tourists: cheap and not very hotels with beaches, cafe-restaurants-benches. Log into the sea leaves much to be desired due to cobblestones – will have to buy corals (10-15 lire in the store) or swim from the pier. But at the beginning of Beldibi behind the tunnel is hidden beautiful wild beach with sand and pebble sunset. Large shopping centers and no supermarkets, for this in Kemer City. Minibus Beldibi-Kemer: 4.5 lira (or $ 1).

✓Geynyuk. The village, divided by the highway 2 parts: closer to the sea – hotels like aki majestic castles, closer to the mountains – the nature and life of the locals. Check out this beauty on the reverse. transfer. By the way, to Beldibi and Goynuk bus from the airport will get the fastest. Near the village – one of sights for sports-active, eponymous canyon. Beaches somewhere with imported sand, somewhere with stones, but the entrance to the water everywhere pebbled. Route Goynuk-Kemer: 3.5 lira (or $ 1).

✓Tekirova. Secluded relaxation place with Spa and dive centers. This will not fall burning tour, because village considered expensive, with the corresponding hotels. It’s nice here with small children or for a quiet holiday together. Nature is cool but fat minus – to Tekirov long transfer, more than 2 Hours. Tekirova-Kemer route: 4.5 lira (or $ 1).

✓K Kemer resort locations also include smaller villages of Camyuva (but more lively than the same Beldibi) and Kirish. Route Camyuva-Kemer: 3.5 lira (or $ 1).

The cost of tours to Kemer – 2019

5 star hotel in Turkey 5 star hotel in Turkey

Our trip for two in September was relatively cheap – 66 000 rubles for 10 days with departure from Moscow. Hotel – 4 * Havana.

I searched the tour and booked it with the help of online aggregators, and I liked. First, all offers of leading tour operators are visible. – from burning to the beyond, you just need to sort by filters. Secondly, calmly choose a hotel for your finances. Myself not I am ashamed to admit that your ceiling for the tour is 60-70 thousand rubles :)

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

I advise you to compare prices on all three, there are small differences. For me, Travelata won, because was (and is) a promo code on discount.

How much is a holiday in Kemer in 2019:

✓ Prices for all-inclusive in city hotels are 3 stars, i.e. the most budget tours – from 42,000 rubles for 7 nights for two. 10 nights – already from 55 000 rubles.

✓ Decent hotels at 4-5 stars are more expensive: a week – from 70,000 rubles, 10 nights – from 90 thousand for two.

✓ Family vacation with children – for four – minimum from 70 000 rubles for 7 days. Need a high rating? Price tag immediately jumps to 120 thousand.

Prices in Kemer in 2019

Street in the city of Kemer Street in the city of Kemer

Central street in Kemer, if you go a little further and then turn right, you can buy very tasty baklava in Kemer Pastanesi (as mentioned in the section “Food Prices”)

How much to bring pocket money? Frequent question and the answer to it depends on the vacation format. So, open prices for holiday in Kemer in 2019.

We initially knew that the hotel and the beach will not do – serve activity. In total for 10 days, we lowered $ 350:

  • 2 excursions from the street agency
  • 1 independent trip to Phaselis
  • 3 dinners outside the hotel
  • food from the supermarket
  • souvenirs and shopping (zaaaarilis!)
  • 2 trips to Antalya and moving along it
  • still thinking about Simka, but never took it (operator Turkcell offers 12 GB for 111 lire)

Kemer accepts dollars, liras, rubles and even an account on the card suitable for payment. It is more profitable to pay in Turkish currency, of course. A little more than 8 lines – on the number and form money with you – is told in a separate article (written by me same).

Food and alcohol prices

Pita Pita Cafe Pita Pita Cafe Prices in the cafe Prices in the cafe

All sauces and cakes peeking around the corner are free treats in Turkish cafes. In the center – pide, higher – Lahmadzhun, on the left — Wana kebab

Breakfast at the hotel, we consistently did not miss, lunch periodically skipped, coffee breaks scored. Outside the hotel a full dinner repeatedly.

Below the cost of meals in the cafe is presented. in lire

For information, 1 Turkish lira ≈ 11 rubles.

  • Soup – 7-12 lire
  • Kebab (vegetables, meat, sauce) – 25-30 lire
  • Lahmadzhun (tortilla with filling) – 7-10 lire
  • Paste – 25-45 lire
  • Pizza – 25-30 lire
  • Vegetable salad – 15-18 lire
  • Dessert (souffle or baklava) – 7-10 lire
  • Coca-Cola – 4-5 liras
  • Turkish coffee – 5 lire
  • Efes beer – 18-20 lire

Recommendations for cafes in Kemer.

Lavash Pide Kemer Lavash Pide Kemer

It is clear that all-inclusive and food and so in bulk, but I insist that at least once you went to a local institution. This is delicious. AND inexpensive!

– Cafe Tavuk Dunyasi popular among themselves Turks. Accordingly, the menu is only in Turkish and the staff, alas, does not know the languages of others (or pretends to be). Portions here big ones.

– Cafe Lavash Kebab House – it seemed to me too publicized, but you can jump in if nearby. Prices higher than the average for the resort.

– Confectionery Kemer Pastanesi – just Bo-gesture-ven-naya baklava! Everything else – and the choice there hoo what – I think that’s great too. There is no price tag, and, honestly, I do not remember how much Exactly worth the baklava, but 4 kinds of 2 things each came out in 26 liras.

In any cafe, in addition to the ordered, you will bring a cake, sauces, light salad – free, hospitality, everything? But before Pay carefully check your receipt. The Turks, though friendly, however, to dissolve a poor tourist is a sacred cause. Somehow we count found an extra dish and a bottle of water that was not ordered.

Products in store Products in store Fruits in Turkey Fruits in Turkey

The first thing in the store Migros we bought fruit ?

Products in Kemer (if you really wanted diversify food) bought in chain stores, like Carrefour or Migros is cheaper there.

Turkish Liras Rubles
Ice cream 1-3 lira 11-33 rubles
Airan’s glass 1.1-1.3 lira 12-15 rubles
Bananas, kg 5-7 lire 55-80 rubles
Grenades, kg 5-7 lire 55-80 rubles
Strawberries, kg (May-June) 15-18 liras 170-200 rubles
Loaf of bread 3 lira 34 rubles
Turkish delight as a gift (box 175 gr) 5-7 lire 55-80 rubles
Turkish delight by weight, kg 25 liras 280 rubles
1.5 l water bottle 1-2 lira 11-22 rubles
Local beer Efes in glass, 0.5 l 9 liras 100 rubles
Red wine bottle 45-70 lire 505-785 rubles

The most delicious thing you can bring from Turkey is super Turkish delight. (super lokum, if you look at the price tag). Thick Turkish Delight Stick With stuffed with roasted nuts, nougat and sprinkled with nuts. For sale on weight – an average of 85-115 lire per kg, depending on the type.

And try freshly squeezed pomegranate juice on the street / market! A glass of 0.5 will cost 6 lire. We just hooked on this one. nectar.

Prices for excursions and entertainment in Kemer

Water Activities Water Activities

What to see if seal rest is not about you? Catch our reviews about Kemer and its historical suburbs.

First I will give a list of excursions and activities on which we were not, but they are willing to disassemble tourists (prices – from local agencies, the tour operator is more expensive):

  • Cruise on the “pirate” boat (food and animation included) – $ 10-15 per person
  • Rafting – $ 25-30
  • Tahtalı Mountain – $ 45-50
  • Goynuk Canyon – if on your own, entrance 5 lire
  • Hammam – $ 10-15
  • Pamukkale – $ 45
  • Cappadocia – $ 45-80, as agreed, but flying on a ball is NOT included (+ $ 100-250)
  • Istanbul – $ 145-160
  • Israel by plane – $ 275
  • Nightclubs Aura Club, Inferno – girls admission is free, but prices inside space!
  • Hookah – 6-8 euros
  • Bike for a day – $ 5, or $ 1 per hour
  • Waterpark DoluSu – $ 25

Where can I go from the city?

Before the trip, we wrote out the main attractions in Kemer. Then almost everyone went around agencies, comparing the prices of excursions. AT one of them was treated to free wi-fi, a kind smile and tea – which bribed.

Excursion to Chimera Excursion to Chimera Trip to Demre Trip to Demre

And here is my photo! On the first – Cirali beach after an excursion to Chimera (where turtles run), on the second – Demre (more described below)

Here we took:

  1. Safari trip to the fire-breathing Mount Chimera with arrival on the coast Cirali – $ 20 per person.

The program: a walk along the beach of Olympos, then a 900-meter climbing the mountain of fire and dinner at the fish restaurant. Trout / Chicken on choice, but drinks at their own expense. Pss, take it with you. Of the minuses – The functions of the guide were limited only to transfer.

  1. Demre-Mira and yacht tour near the sunken city Kekova – $ 20 + check-in at the Temple of St. Nicholas.

For the entrance to the temple guide requested all 50 lire. From such luxury we refused, bought tickets at the box office (20 lire per person). For the rest we liked. Bonus: lunch included.

On our own, we rushed:

  • to Phaselis – tourists are waiting 16 km from Kemer the ruins of the ancient city. 7 century BC, for a moment. Wild near beach and clear Mediterranean. Note: for the entrance to the city will ask 20 Turkish.
  • in Moonlight Park – this is when in Kemer City it gets too hot and you need to take shelter in the park. A huge park. With a sandy beach and sun beds ($ 3).
  • to Liman street – for souvenir gifts in The last day is the main shopping street in Kemer.
  • and to Antalya – they rode here twice (8 lire per one side). If shopping is yours, we recommend. Besides, if you pay in lira, it turns out pretty budget. Women’s Kinetics crosses for 50 lire, what is it? ☺

Transportation in Kemer

Pebbled beach Pebbled beach Dolmushi Dolmushi

Log into the sea in Kemer, it was necessary to grab coral / Small buses (dolmushi) run around the city and between villages, cost 2.5-4 lira

Move around Kemer and between villages on Turkish shuttles (dolmushi) or buses. The fare depends from the distance (the price tag to the villages I indicated in the “Districts Kemer “), and within the city – about 2-3 lire. Except In addition, you can take a taxi. Of course, “biting”.

Also common is renting a car ($ 28-30 per day) and scooters. ($ 14-15). Gasoline costs 6.5-7 lire per liter (72-78 rubles!).

There is a bus to Antalya (8 lire per ticket), and two from the port of Marina times a day sailing ship (15 lire). By the way, here is incredible Old town with tiled roofs. Almost like “see and have …”, en no, just see.

Top hotels to stay in Kemer

Made a list if you do not want to bother with the choice. I note that there are no super expensive hotels, like Maxx Royal. there is good, with excellent reviews – but for this they ask and the corresponding amounts. And there are normal – such “strong middling.”

The best hotels of Kemer in 2019 for the rest on the ultra-all system Included (5 stars):

  • Asteria Hotel Fantasia, Camyuva
  • The price of the tour in the season – from 110 000 rubles

  • L’Oceanica Beach Resort, Camyuva
  • The price of the tour in the season – from 90 000 rubles

  • Armas Labada, Camyuva
  • Tour price in a season – from 85 000 rubles

  • Gural Premier Tekirova, Tekirova
  • The price of the tour in the season – from 200 000 rubles

  • Amara Dolce Vita Luxury, Tekirova
  • Tour price in a season – from 165 000 rubles

  • Akka Hotels Alinda, Kirish
  • The price of the tour in the season – from 110 000 rubles

Prosherstyla reviews of tourists among inexpensive and popular The following Kemer all-inclusive hotels are mentioned:

  • 4 * Armas Gul Beach, Kemer
  • Tour price per season – from 75 000 rubles

  • 5 * Meder Resort, Kemer
  • Tour price in a season – from 85 000 rubles

  • 5 * Daima Resort, Kiris – a hotel with a water park
  • Price of the tour in the season – from 87 000 rubles

  • 3 * Golden Sun, Beldibi
  • Price of the tour in the season – from 68 000 rubles

  • 4 * Astoria, Kemer
  • Price of the tour in the season – from 60 000 rubles

  • 3 * Sastle Park, Beldibi
  • The price of the tour in the season – from 55 000 rubles

As for our hotel Havana 4 stars – a shaky four on the verge of three: drinks in the machine a la yuppi, chlorinated odor drinking water scared, and wi-fi paid ($ 2 per day). Far from 1 line. Of the benefits: 4 meals a day, including a coffee break; pleasant service and location in the center.

For approval: New hotels in Turkey, opened in 2018-2019 годах >>

Where better to relax with children in Kemer?

Pebbles in Kemer Pebbles in Kemer Sun beds on the beach Sun beds on the beach

Pebble beach vs sandy. What will you choose?

Where better to relax in Kemer with the kids? Family relaxation with children – it is in the villages: Goynuk, Tekirova, Camyuva and Kirish.

Firstly, there are more bulk beaches (with sand, that is) and cleared entrances to the water. Secondly, the hotel base is more decent, as per quality and quantity. Third, the main children entertaining is here too.

For example:

✓ in Goynuk settlement – dinopark ($ 25, up to 6 years free),

✓ in Kirishi – DoluSu water park ($ 30, up to 7 years free).

What about hotels? Best for “child” vacation:

  • 5 * Alva Donna World Palace, Kiris
  • The price of the tour in the season – from 130 000 rubles

  • 5 * PGS Kiris Resort, Kiris
  • The price of the tour in the season – from 115 000 rubles

  • 5 * Akka Antedon, Beldibi
  • The price of the tour in the season – from 130 000 rubles

  • 5* Queen’s Park Tekirova Resort&Spa, Текирова
  • The price of the tour in the season – from 110 000 rubles

Tour with a child – or even two! – expensive pleasure. Therefore, with Travelata service, we agreed on a promotional code for 2000 rubles for trips worth more than 100 000 rubles

  • AFT2000howtrip – works until the end of June, have time.

Искать тур >>

The best beaches in Kemer

The best beach in Kemer The best beach in Kemer

Mountains surround the whole of Kemer. And in May, on the tops of some snow is still visible!

I have to say, the beaches of Kemer are mostly pebbled. For us such beaches are suitable – the sea is not muddy, nothing sticks to your feet. So if you are interested in categorically sandy, I advise you to choose other resorts of Turkey. And the “what?” Dilemma help to solve this one article – Where is the best beach holiday in Turkey?

If all the same Kemer? Then the top of the best coasts below:

  • Moonlight Beach (Moonlight) – sandy with pebbles at sunset in the sea. Sun beds with umbrellas, sun beds ($ 3 or 15 lire) or a place for towels – choose what is best for you. This and suitable option for families with children in Kemer. Also close Moonlight Park with a dolphinarium, attractions, cafes and restaurants.
  • City beach – here the water is clear because pebbles, sun beds are free. The main thing – to have time to take. Meet and hotel beaches (separate areas).
  • Tekirov beach – for fans of diving.

From myself: we liked the northern bay of Phaselis with sand pearl gray. The beach is wild, there are not so many people, except visiting groups of tourists. We also hanker for luxury hotels Kemer beaches on the first coastline. But if you are not a guest … Alas.

The sea in Kemer is calm, and if the waves appear, then closer to in the evening. The depth begins immediately after a few meters.

Confused pebbles? You can choose Side – there is sand and flat long run Read what else the resort wins from Kemer!

Reviews of tourists about the rest in Kemer in 2019 – our experience

Beach in Kemer Beach in Kemer On Kemer Street On Kemer Street

See where the depth begins? / We are just in Kemer ?

Now let’s talk about the rest in Kemer, based on the feedback from tourists and summarize the pros and cons of the resort.


+ Airport proximity

+ Beautiful mountain view

+ Abundance of pines and pine aroma

+ Clear transparent sea

+ Developed infrastructure

+ Amusement car and small trolley

+ Orientation to any budget

+ In Kemer, only a very lazy Turk does not know at least a couple of words. in Russian


– Sun beds chock even in September

– Terrible humidity at the height of summer

– Lack of sandy beaches (one-two and miscalculated)

– Local people are more annoying than anywhere else

– And yes, Russians at every turn (letter). A note for those who decided to take a break from compatriots.

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