Holidays in Greece with children 2019 – the best hotels, resorts reviews

Holidays in Greece with children 2019 - the best hotels, resorts, reviews Holidays in Greece with children 2019 - the best hotels, resorts, reviews

My memories of Greece: endless generosity and hospitality local, crystal clear sea, 150 shades of blue and greek the kitchen (the gods did know where to take the headquarters). Seasonal fruits and vegetables, not fatty meat, but a separate story – dairy products: cottage cheese, cheeses, natural ice cream, I would include them in the list UNESCO heritage!

By the way, UNESCO was noted here almost every kilometer – Greece is like a historical comic book in reality. Well, and resorts involuntarily I want to mark the sign “eco” or “organic” … Perhaps with such an introduction a good story should begin under called “vacation in Greece with children”?


  1. Season
  2. Resorts
  3. Crete | Chalkidiki | Rhodes | Kos | Corfu
  4. Cost of tours
  5. Top 5 Hotels
  6. Beaches
  7. Tips

Season for a holiday in Greece

The climate is very mild, in a year – 330 sunny days. the main snag – the sea, of which there are three species, and warms each differently.

  • Swimming season for those under 7: July-September. Sea temperature is + 26 ° С (July-August) and + 24 ° С (September). But in the second half of summer, the air temperature reaches + 40 ° С, follow for restless in this heat is not a rest at all, so – September
  • In June and early October, the sea warms to + 22 ° С, in October can storm

This is interesting: where is the warm sea in June? >>

The warmest weather, theoretically, in Crete (Mediterranean Sea). But beware! Crete is located in the open sea: there are strong waves. Salvation – the cove, where better to go with children. “Naselnoy group” I advise you to settle on the Aegean islands Sea or Halkidiki, where many are protected from the wind and strong waves beach es.

If, in addition to a beach holiday, an excursion is planned, consider September – the water is still warm, and the sweltering heat sleeping.

Holidays on the sea in Greece Holidays on the sea in Greece Holidays in Greece with children Holidays in Greece with children

Cape (Crete, settlement Bali) – View from the hotel room, Sofia Mythos beach

Why Greece? Holiday features

Just because Greece is made for holidays with children? +short flight and lack of acclimatization. Holiday with children in Greece’s all inclusive is not at all mandatory. This is the country where you can rent an apartment or take breakfast / dinner at the hotel – there will be a huge selection of delicious and inexpensive taverns and cafes (food is simple and straightforward).

Almost all hotels offer free accommodation for children under 2. years, less often – up to 6 years, units – less than 12. On condition that the additional bed you do not take (except cots for babies).

The dilemma “Greece or Turkey” is decided by the Greek resorts with a gentle (nowhere smaller) entrance and transparent sea. Almost every beach marked with a blue flag, recognizing their environmentally friendly. To that Greece is one of the longest sandy beaches in Europe, and one and all – free (not counting the sun beds).

Unlike Turkey, which has a fairly clear division. resorts and hotels by age, Greece combines a measured family vacation and youth. From personal observations: kids always present at the festivities in the taverns, sincere and fun to everyone! AND Resorts are not a working tour for local people, but a real one. greek life

The best resorts of Greece for family holidays

The best resorts of Greece for family holidays The best resorts of Greece for family holidays

Children play on the beach near our hotel in Rhodes

Holidays in Greece with children on its mainland attractive wooded areas, coniferous air and will be especially interesting little researchers. In order not to discourage the love of history, stay with your child not in noisy Athens, but in more secluded regions – Thessaly or on the “tridents” of Chalkidiki and the Peloponnese.

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The most popular destinations in Greece (on the advice of tourists and my own experience):


Perhaps the most sunny and affordable island – charters fly here without fail. Apartments and hotels – for every taste, and Family modest hotels deserve their 5 stars.

On ≈100 beaches, the Blue Flag flutters, and some become sight. For example, Balos is a bay at the junction of the Aegean, Ionian and Libyan seas, where the water is pink and blue shades, and depth is not more than half a meter. Warmer places will not find!

Where better to relax with your family? Choose the north coast:

  • secluded fabulous bali shaped coves
  • Agios Nikolaos, located on the lake (the sea here too, and it is beautiful during the peak season: cooler because of the inflowing river)
  • Chania – the most beautiful city in Crete, built by the Venetians

Locomotives ply in the villages – not only entertainment, but also help get to the stops. Worth a trip to Rethymno; along the way in Georgioupolis, you can ride horses along the coast or spend the day in the Limnoupolis water park.

Prices for tours: from 68 000 rubles for 7 days from departure from Moscow (2 adults and a child)

Найти тур на Crete —>


If you are surrounded by olive plantations, pine groves, fruit gardens and vineyards, white sand and shallow water, most likely you in one of the resorts of Chalkidiki – the most popular place for rest with small children.

Drive past famous Thessaloniki (there are no clean beaches there):

  • on the southern prong of the “trident” – the Kassandra peninsula – in the colorful and secluded town Afytos (located on a hill, to the beach need to go down) or blooming Hanioti
  • on the central prong – Sithonia – in the village of Metamorfosi, with convenient entry into the sea and powder sand

More fun on Kassandra (water parks and other katavasiya), and more exotic – in Sithonia (for more independent tourists), there and beaches are whiter and smaller. Choose what your child is already attend, and independently visit the “neighbor” (except the third the teeth of Athos: children under 12 years old and women are not allowed).

In the river town of Toroni, turtles are found, and in the city itself – unadvertised ancient ruins. In Thessaloniki, families admire amusement park Magic Park. On Halkidiki, by the way, due to lush plant diversity get the most fragrant and wholesome honey.

Minus Halkidiki – the distances between the locations are rather big, but without children are quite surmountable (by public transport). In another case, parents may get bored. Well, or plan a car.

The cost of vouchers: from 50 000 rubles per week for two (adult and child)

Найти тур в Халкидики —>


Holidays in Greece with children - Rhodes Holidays in Greece with children - Rhodes

Italians play volleyball on the beach all day long Rhodes

Where better to go on holiday to Greece with children, so that was interesting to everyone? Rhodes – the case when you can and beaches enjoy and ancient Greece to study, time for children and adults has kept a beautiful medieval city.

This island is ideal for children from 3 years. With children up to 1 year most families seen on a wide golden sandy beach Tsampika, near the village of Kolimbia.

To the south is the picturesque village of Lachanya, which has preserved the atmosphere of Greece and the clean sandy beaches. Near resort Kiotari – more civilized and honed under the “hotel” rest: all included, animation, water slides for children. Sandy beach, entrance to the sea is shallow. Before the excursion in the city of Rhodes is far away, but there is a decent An alternative is closer – Lindos.

Comparison: Where to go – to Rhodes or Crete? >>

In the vicinity of the city of Rhodes there are also good resorts, where you can go with the child – the distances are quite surmountable even local transport; for example, Kalithea (sandy-pebble beach). I recommend to take the child to the valley of butterflies in Petaloudes and water park Water Park in Faliraki.

Prices for tours: from 65 000 rubles for 7 days three

Найти тур на Родос —>

Kos Island

The concentration of tourists on the next two islands is not so great – Parents will be able to relax. Forums note that prices in Kos nicer than other resorts.

Tigkaki and Kefalos resorts are among the best for those who planning a vacation in Greece with children. The beaches are pebbly and sandy. Kos – quite green island, small in size, and therefore comfortable to explore the surroundings by car.

On the Spit, you can take a boat trip to Nissyros with amazing black volcanic sand or Patmos – children are bored will not be. The highlight of the island is a forest with peacocks and turtles, which crawling out on the coast (Marmari).

Prices for tours: Kos = cheap rest; from 60 000 rubles for parents and child for a week

Найти тур на Кос —>


Corfu is a juicy island: orange and lemon trees, oaks and cypresses, orchids – the sun does not dry up the vegetation even in summer! Yes, nature is impressive, but here are not the best resorts in Greece for recreation with children – few wide beaches with fine sand, and those that eat – inconspicuous, but beautiful. By the way, Corfu is not bad underwater world.

The island is more like the Italian Riviera. The price tag is higher than in the above resorts. In the north of Corfu, beaches are mostly with gray volcanic sand. The West is distinguished by clear water and coarse yellow sand, but still this is not the right place to You can go with the child – cold currents prevail here.

But the southeastern part is just for babies; I advise you to visit its in September – the Ionian Sea, also in the Gulf, very warm. Kids will be interested in Mouse Island (something like a cute contact zoo) and, of course, the local water park.

Tour price: from 77,000 rubles for three for 7 days

Найти тур на Корфу —>

Holidays in Greece with children Holidays in Greece with children Holidays in Greece with children Holidays in Greece with children Nature of Greece Nature of Greece

Rethymno – Myrtia village – Samaria gorge

Prices for tours to Greece

The trip from the tour operator is cheaper than in the neighboring Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, Cyprus. Above shows the prices of tours to Greece in the resorts at the height of the season. Accordingly, in less demanded (and slightly less “weather”) dates reduced and the amount required for the holidays.

So, in early June you can fly to Rhodes for 42,000. rubles for two adults and a child, and in September – for 55,000. How much is all inclusive? Trips to Greece for three – from 75 000 rubles for 7 days or 90,000 rubles for 10 days.

How about knocking down the price tag by a thousand or even more? ? Will help Our promotional codes:

  • On Onlinetours, when you click on the link, the bonus in 1-3% of the total cost of the tour

This is useful:

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Top 5 hotels in Greece for families with children

Going to Greece with children, the first thing you can advise when hotel selection – location. Most importantly – hotels should be at sea, so always see the map in zoom. Before what seems close at first glance, you can get a few hours, due to mountainous and serpentine.

Many hotels have a vertical structure, the “first line” is not always familiarly located: the beach can descend, and in the rooms will have to rise – not all parents are satisfied. In hotels food is very homemade, even in small hotels you will be full. You can take breakfasts and dinners, and for lunch go to the taverns – with this no problem.

Find a budget hotel with babysitting services, animation, children clubs and venues can be, but many do not even have “frogs” – Be sure to filter the search. Check how free child placement. Often this means positioning on existing beds, i.e. for extra space will still have pay extra.

In general, hotels in Greece for families with children are divided into 2 types: with large territory – “state in the state”, and small cozy hotels – “at the grandmother’s away”, where there is no activities, but it is interesting in the district.

So, the top 5:

5 * SANI CLUB, Halkidiki

This is the best thing that can happen in Greece with you and the children. Location in the reserve, 7 kilometers of white beach, children’s educational clubs and children’s spa! It is likely that you will intersect only at breakfast and dinner?

Узнать цены на тур —>


This is not a hotel with a water park, and vice versa: “all inclusive” – and about food, and about the cool water slides. This is the best hotel in Greece for active recreation, but taking into account the wishes of little tourists, there are so-called greco baby services.

Узнать цены на тур —>


The hotel is not just on the first line, but has its own artificial lagoons, ideal for toddlers. Convenient to get to neighboring cities. Anyway, representatives of the network Iberostar – favorites in any country.

Узнать цены на тур —>

For those who crave more comfortable and relatively cheap hotels in Greece:

3 * SOFIA MYTHOS BEACH, Crete – quiet, with excellent food and clean beaches located in coves.

Узнать цены на тур —>

5 * KONTOKALI BAY RESORT & SPA, Corfu – large, but green area, no tourist feeling collapse.

Узнать цены на тур —>

4 * ATLANTICA CLUB MARMARI BEACH, Kos – beautiful beach and rare Russians.

Узнать цены на тур —>

Greek beaches for families with children

The beaches of Greece for families with children The beaches of Greece for families with children

Even such small children build entire castles from sand

Before the start of the quest “where to go to Greece with a child” Remember: wide sandy beaches choose on the Aegean Sea – than closer to the mainland, so it is calmer; or shallow and warm Ionian. Bays and lagoons are good everywhere.

Where to go on the sea with the child? Where to go on the sea with the child?

Where to go to the sea with a child?

Ranking of the best beaches for 2019 (all shallow and sand):

  • Halkidiki: Busulas (white flour instead of sand), Karidi (quiet lagoon), Vourvourou, Diaporos (luxury beaches, reminiscent of tropical resorts), Toroni, Paralia (finding a budget hotel is not a problem here, but a lot of people)
  • Zakynthos: Navajo (on the shore – an abandoned ship), Daphne, Gerakas (look for turtles here!)
  • Corfu: Agios Stefanos, Kerasia, Ipsos, Dassia, Saint Beach Spiridon (overlooking Albania)
  • Crete: Wai (surrounded by the only palm forest in Europe) Elafonisi (white sand and pink-blue water temperature fresh milk), Sfakaki
  • Kos: Marmari, Mastichari, Kardamena, Lambi
  • Peloponnese: Tolo resort beaches

Tips and feedback from tourists with children

All tips on choosing a holiday destination in Greece with children and much better to go clearly agree only on one thing – not to choose “high” dates, It is desirable to go after the 10th of September, when it is not so hot.

In general, the features of the rest are as follows:

  1. Velvet season for children lasts until October. Traveling parents say: if your child is used to floundering in the “warm” Russian river, then and in June and October You can safely go.
  2. Many recommend to abandon the “Turkish” vacation – relax in apartments or small hotels, take a car and explore the best resorts of Greece – this country could not be better Suitable for independent travel with children. Parking almost everywhere free.
  3. The wind in the swimming season does not really affect the temperature – he brings only waves to open beaches.
  4. There are no problems with wheelchairs at resorts, but in the historical part cities are better not to jostle.
  5. Find food for young children in pharmacies – there are sold different mixes; in supermarkets full of milk, tasty and fresh, all from 0.15 euros.
  6. When asked when it is better to go to Greece without striking hard budget – the answers converge on the fact that during the season it is more profitable to tour and hassle less. “Democratic” periods are June and September / October.

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