Holidays in Cyprus in April 2019 – the weather, prices and reviews

Holiday in Cyprus in April 2019 - the weather, prices and reviews Holiday in Cyprus in April 2019 - the weather, prices and reviews

We were in Cyprus in the hottest month – in July. Sizzling the sun and stuffiness killed in the literal sense: to exist without air conditioner longer than 15 minutes is impossible. After a similar experience, I I promised to rest in Cyprus at the height of the season, but I’m thinking of flying to April Why?

April in Cyprus is the very spring that we all love so much and which in Russia is usually called summer. Trees bloom, grass green, the sun pleasantly warms, the sea is clear and azure, like is always. A tour to our hotel is 30 thousand cheaper … Feel benefit? ?


  1. Cyprus Visa
  2. About the weather
  3. Prices for tours and where to look for them
  4. Resorts
  5. A selection of good hotels
  6. What to see?
  7. Reviews – tourists and mine

Do I need a visa to Cyprus?

Yes, Russians need to enter Cyprus in 2019 visa. It is lightly called pro-visa and also easy to issue online and free. One thing condition: you must fly from Russia and take a direct flight.

On the website of the Embassy of Cyprus download the questionnaire, fill it in English and send to the specified email. During 1-2 days (and usually on the same day) in return you receive a visa for 90 days, which you print and show at the airport.

Cyprus can be accessed by the current Schengen multivisa >> (многократный въезд).

Sea in Cyprus Sea in Cyprus

Beach holidays in Cyprus – the weather in April

If the goal is a purely beach holiday, then the middle of spring is still loses the fly. Cyprus weather in April is great for healthy tanning, hiking and trekking even at noon. Not exhausting stuffiness, a little people. And for bathing – subjectively, in April +19 can and freeze.

Water and air temperature in Cyprus

All of Cyprus is warming to a maximum of + 25 ° C at the beginning of April, but seldom. On average, on the street + 21 ° C … + 22 ° C and very ho-ro-sho. From the second half of the air temperature has been steadily already around + 25 ° С. Precipitation (rain), stormy winds and sandstorms occur on one to two days.

At night, cool, + 15 ° C … + 17 ° C, so do not forget to throw in suitcase warm sweater and jeans.

The water temperature in Cyprus in April ranges from + 17 ° C to + 20 ° C – with such a forecast, it would seem, only to help the feet, and not bathe. But according to reviews, at the end of April the sea is full of adults. together with children, and someone is dipped in the first numbers (br-rr).

Where is warmer in Cyprus in April? (sea temperature)

Beginning of the month, ° С End of month, ° С
Ayia Napa +18 ,5 +20
Protaras +18,5 +20
Limassol +18 +19
Pathos +18 +19
Larnaca +18,5 +19.5

Prices for tours to Cyprus in April 2019

The main advantage of Cyprus in the spring is cheap tours. What else to entice tourists in low season? I always look for and buy vouchers for online aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Because, first, they are convenient: services collect offers from all major tour operators, compare and display in order from profitable to expensive. Secondly, the prices of tours can be “knocked down” promo codes.

✓ The most budget holiday in Cyprus in April will cost 37,000 rubles – from this amount the price starts for a tour for two for 7 days (and with breakfast and dinner!)

✓ Recognize all inclusive only? AI practitioners hotels on Cyprus cost from 65,000 rubles for the same week together.

✓ The cost of tours for a family – mom, dad, child – from 60,000 rubles; for 14 days (tourists with children love this :)) – from 75 thousand.

Cyprus resorts – where better to relax in April?

In April, the island wakes up, and as a nice bonus, not yet full of tourists to failure – about the queues in cafes and water parks you can forget. In all coastal towns, the climate is about the same, so the answer is, where it is better to rest in Cyprus in April You can, on the basis of your plans for the “active” part of the vacation (you have Is there such?).

Consider the most famous resorts in Cyprus:

  • Protaras is a village in the east. Usually tourists choose it because of the beaches of fine white sand that whisk in maldivian. In the unprofitable April, Protaras will appeal to those who wants to rest well, very quietly and calmly. Sit on the beach and look at the sea – what could be more comfortable, right?
  • Ayia Napa – so noisy in the season, at the beginning month she stuns her silence. But not for long. In the middle April, the flow of tourists increases, and nightclubs and beaches are familiar take the crowd of young people. Reviews say that Ayia Napa is the best water park in the country, Waterworld Waterpark (€ 38 per adult, 2019th works from April 17). What is tempting, considering that The sea in Cyprus in April is more about tempering than about bathing.
  • Paphos is about excursions. Beaches mostly pebbly, but you can also find sandy ones (for example, Coral Beach). April’s weather is suitable for exploring historic attractions in the area of Paphos, which is not counted. Us very impressed with the trip to the Akamas National Park – there you can take a walk on wild beaches with turtle buried in gray sand grapefruit-sized eggs!
  • Larnaca is convenient for its location next to by the airport. The port city, where prices in shops and cafes are lower than for the rest of Cyprus. There are long promenade and sandy beaches with gentle entry into the sea. 3 km from Larnaca – the famous Salty the lake drying out by summer, but in early April still filled water If you’re lucky, on the pond you can see flocks of migratory flamingos that winter here.
  • Limassol – the most Russian speaking year-round (many migrant compatriots). It is good with children – by the city has a lot of playgrounds, but the sand on the beaches is quite good ones – gray. Sunny days of April perfectly coincide with walking along the boardwalk with a view of the port and with tastings cheap Cypriot wines in nearby wine-producing villages (for example, in Pareklissia).

And for independent tourists we have a separate article about лучших поисковиках авиабилетов >> Из Москвы в апреле можноfly for 10 000 rubles per person (round-trip)!

Nature Nature

A selection of Cyprus hotels – top 8

In April, not every hotel works (but from our selection all are open). We mention about the features – in Cyprus, even in 5-star hotels can ask for a surcharge for using a refrigerator or for wi-fi in the room. Plus, the beaches are public, and the maximum that in the power to offer a hotel (not everyone, of course) is a zone with free sun beds.


  • 5 * Tsokkos Constantinos The Great Beach – one of the most most popular hotels in Protaras. Nice beach with free sun beds, the location in the center of the town and normal food (there is and all included). Of the minuses – clearly not up to The “fives”, and the general “rubbing”, the hotel has for many years (although was repaired last year). Tour price: from 65,000 rubles (breakfast and dinner)
  • 3 * Evalena Beach Hotel – clean and comfortable “treshka” on the first lines, sandy beach with paid sunbeds; tourists celebrate great breakfasts and dinners Price of the tour: from 50 000 rubles (breakfast and dinner)


  • 3 * Kapetanios Limassol Hotel – a strong troika with a beach across the road. The food is average, the rooms are a bit “tired”, but people like it. Price tour: from 53 000 rubles (breakfast)
  • 3 * Naria Hotel – a simple hotel, something like a boarding house, but small, five minutes to the sea. Tour price: from 45 000 rubles (breakfast)


  • 4 * Tsokkos Paradise Village – a family hotel with children; close to the beach, but across the road (and near and best in Ayia Napa Makronisos beach), delicious food and a huge pool. Price tour: from 55 000 rubles (breakfast and dinner)
  • 4 * Tasia Maris Seasons Hotel – if the previous hotel is located far from the whole Ayia Napa crowd, then this is the opposite, in her very epicenter. New hotel, 10 minutes walk to the sea, beach, 2 km – famous Nissi Beach (beautiful beach). Tour price: from 55 000 rubles (breakfast and dinner)


  • 3 * Sunny Hill Hotel Apartments – a small apartment hotel in Paphos 30 rooms, unsightly beach 10 minutes walk; generally, great option for holidays like “rent a car, look at the island, cook at home “. Tour price: from 42,000 rubles (without meals)
  • Palm Sea Holiday Beach is a typical city aparthotel (with kitchen), in the center of Larnaca, the sea across the road, the beach is good; fast Wi-Fi, which is rare even for Cypriot “threes”. Tour price: from 50 000 rubles (without power)

Walking in the city - Cyprus Walking in the city - Cyprus

Cyprus sights – what to do in April?

Entertainment and excursions will not make you think long over what do in Cyprus in April besides the beach.

✓ Drive around the whole country. In the summer heat to climb ancient ruins and national parks – doubtful pleasure. The air temperature in Cyprus in April is suitable for These goals are much more. And you can not even be afraid to grab the heat blow or burn in the sun.

How to do it? To rent car (from € 10 per day). Favorable options are on RentalCars, just remember that there is a left-hand traffic in Cyprus. Or book a tour – by the way, online will cheaper than on site, look for a Tripster.

What to see necessarily?

  • Paphos Archaeological Park with mosaics from ancient Rome, amphitheater and hippodrome
  • Villages in the Troodos Mountains. Clean air, coniferous forests, ancient monasteries, cold rivers with trout, which is cheap for you fired in a tavern – they say that people fall in love with Cyprus after mountain visits. Dress warmer, air temperature here lower than the coast
  • Ancient Orthodox monasteries: Kykkos, Neofytos, Stavruni (only men are allowed inside)

Excursion: Monastery, Troodos and Salt Lake – for 8 hours and € 220 for four

  • Petra-to-Romiou (or rock of Aphrodite) – according to legend, place of birth Aphrodite. At sunset, stunning panoramic shots are obtained. sites near the rocks
  • Cape Cavo Greco – a picturesque natural location

Excursion: Cape Cavo Greco with a guide – in 3 hours and € 100 for four

  • Avakas gorge. Wear comfortable shoes and follow the trail through tangerine trees surrounded by rocks with wild goats (harmless) Advice for those who will drive independently by car: Drive along the track until you reach the barrier, behind it is the entrance to the gorge. We parked the car much earlier – we had to stomp three times farther
  • Famagusta, Salamis – ghost towns and ruins

✓ Visit the tulip festival. In the early days Months in the village of Polemi in the Paphos region is a big celebration. What is there to do? Of course take a picture, watch folk dances and overeat cypriot culinary masterpieces!

✓ Mark Easter. Cyprus Easter (in 2019 with April 21-28) – the event is beautiful and tasty. Cypriots celebrate her whole week: cities are decorated with eggs, hens and rabbits; bake traditional Easter buns with flaunes cheese; arrange sports competitions in parks; firecrackers explode and make fires.

By the way, during the celebration part of the cafes and shops are closed, be careful.

Beach in Cyprus Beach in Cyprus

Review of Cyprus in April 2018 – is it worth it to go?

In 2018, spring was hot, the water warmed up early, so reviews about Cyprus in April are only positive. But the weather is a thing. unpredictable, and even if Cyprus in April 2019 does not give the same “almost summer”, definitely fly to the island.

If you are dreaming of a sea holiday in its usual sense (with swimming), then choose a house with a pool, and ideally heated The temperature of the sea may seem cool

But to lie in the sun would be a good idea. In April, it is not so harsh, so sunbathing, sitting down with your favorite book on half-empty beaches – for-me-cha-tel-no.

Кипр или Турция >>

Relax in Cyprus in April will be cheaper than in May and in the summer. However, it’s not possible to save on food – the prices in Cyprus in cafes and The taverns are the same throughout the year. In the spring, by the way, local collect fruits: oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and lemons that sold at every step for a penny (€ 0.5 per kg). Also advise taste Cyprus strawberries, just ripen.

We remember Cyprus with gigantic portions of delicious food and really cool natural and historical sites. The main thing is not to miss the opportunity to get out of the hotel – then leave on the island will remain a pleasant memory, warming in the cold winter evening at home.

Where else to wave in April?

  • Тунис >>
  • и другие 11 теплых стран >>

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