Holidays in Bulgaria with children in 2019 – where is the best? Hotels, resorts and reviews

Bulgaria is a good country! .. Every year more and more go there our fellow tourists. If you decide to join them and spend your 2019 vacation on a different coast of the Black Sea, then for you – all these tips and a small rating of the best hotels on sweet


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  2. Prices for tours
  3. Resorts
  4. Sunny Beach and Elenite | Golden Sands | Burgas | Albena
  5. Things to do?
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Season for holidays in Bulgaria – when to go?

The most popular “type” of rest in Bulgaria is with children. therefore our recommendations on when to go to Bulgaria, focused on kids and their comfort:

  1. The beach season starts in May. Exactly this good time for holidays with small children. The climate is mild and sparing Even if the baby just turned 1, acclimatization is not terrible. But the swim in the late spring dare a few – the sea is still cool (+ 21 ° C), and the weather can “diversify” vacation a little rain.
  2. The swimming season begins in June. Average air temperature reaches + 26 ° C, and water warms up to + 23 ° C. At this time, the ideal holiday in Bulgaria with children from 3 years.
  3. July and August are high season: outdoors in the summer already up to + 35 ° C, in the sea + 25 ° C, and on the beaches there are more and more tourists both family and without children. One big BUT: from the end of July on Bulgaria resorts are not rare outbreaks of rotavirus infection.
  4. Well, finally, September is the velvet season: low prices, comfortable weather and a slowly cooling sea.

To save money, focus on the end of May and the beginning of June or September: the cost of rest falls on ≈15%. And do early booking tours or apartments, from about March, so will even cheaper.

By the way, there is a ski season in this country (December-March). So, Bulgaria with children is good all year round. ?

Why Bulgaria? Holiday features

Holidays in Bulgaria Holidays in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, a beach holiday with a child is chosen by several reasons:

  • a region with a Mediterranean climate excludes a period addictions
  • gentle landings in the sea and soft sand – calm and safely
  • comfortable and inexpensive rest: according to tourists, in many 3 * hotels the level of service and quality of food are comparable with 5 stars on all inclusive. A budget for one person for 7 days can be only € 135 (including restaurants, excursions and souvenirs)
  • for a trip with children Bulgaria is also suitable thanks to the medical coniferous air
  • Bulgaria or Turkey? In favor of the first speaks the relationship of cultures language and culinary preferences
  • hotels are designed for family holidays: will offer additional baby cot, high chair, bottle warmer, menu

The most important thing is not to forget that Bulgaria is not a visa-free country. AT 2019 consular fee for a tourist visa is 35 euros (and 70 euros for urgent) + about € 19 for service collection, if served through an intermediary. For children under 6 years the visa is free.

Prices for tours to Bulgaria

Holidays in Bulgaria with children Holidays in Bulgaria with children Azur Air charter to Bulgaria Azur Air charter to Bulgaria

Have you heard about online tour aggregators? These are services that monitor the bases of all leading tour operators at once, compare prices and give a summary of profitable trips. One thing is to study the offers from 1-2 tour operators, and another – choose the best among all those more when it is conveniently presented. So, we advise:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Prices for tours to Bulgaria in 2019 are among the most reasonable. (if you do not take into account the visa. Suddenly you have glued the current Schengen?). With departure from Moscow, for two + a child for 7 nights – from 55 000 rubles (breakfast). Of course, such a cost for 2 *, maximum 3 * hotels. Similar trips to Bulgaria in 4 stars and above – from 63 000 rubles.

Cheapest resorts – Golden Sands and nearby Seagull, Saint Konstantin and Elena. From “biting”, but level, with excellent hotels on all inclusive – Sunny Beach, Elenite, Nessebar.

By the way, how much is all inclusive in Bulgaria? 10 days serene rest come in the amount of 75 000 rubles for three. And in other countries?

The best resorts in Bulgaria for family holidays

Seashore in Bulgaria Seashore in Bulgaria

To properly understand where to rest in Bulgaria with children, we visited more than one forum for travelers, read reviews and advice of tourists.

  • Golden Sands and St. Constantine and Elena is the north. coast of the country, both resorts are located near Varna, which implies a convenient airport transfer
  • Albena is also a popular northern destination, considered one of the main children’s resorts in Bulgaria
  • Sunny Beach and Nessebar are located to the south and will suit those who likes to watch between swimming sessions attractions
  • Elenite – a young resort near Sunny Beach, near the very foot of the Balkan Mountains
  • Burgas and Pomorie are the places for recreation of medical orientation: natural beaches and spa resorts

Where better to go with the child?

Holidays with children on the sea Holidays with children on the sea Vacation with children Vacation with children

If your plans are holidays in Bulgaria with children, choosing where it is better to go, consider factors such as: child’s age, travel budget, preferences (relax on a sun lounger VS to go to excursion). Of course, all these questions you decide on your own, and we let’s show you where it is better to realize your plans.

  • Sunny Beach and Elenite

    Where to go to Bulgaria with a child? On Sunny Beach. Even despite the fact that it is the most expensive among all Bulgarian resorts: a tour for “mom, dad, i” for 7 days will cost from 60,000 rubles. However, holidays in Bulgaria with children, especially for all included, in Sunny Beach is especially good, because high prices due to the same high quality beaches and clean water (confirmed by the Blue Flag).

    Because resort – family and youth, there is an unspoken order Settlements: Backpackers and students buzzing at night live in the center; go to the north for cool (and expensive) hotels; well, “detailed” gather in the southern part.

    Elenite resort deserves special attention: in this place the mountains come close to the sea, which allows you to enjoy natural beauty, of which many resorts are deprived. Elenite is not is a party place like Sunny Beach, but still there will be comfortable with preschoolers (the entrance to the water, sometimes pebble, and adolescents will be frankly boring).

    Посмотреть туры >>


    Studying resorts in Bulgaria for families with children, take a look at Bourgas. This is an old port city, one of the largest in the country, and so he lives a real life independent of the tourist of the season. By the way, in Burgas more often rest on their own.

    • • Prices for hotels, even high-end, two times lower Solar coastal
    • • Many grocery stores, designed for local residents
    • • You can immerse yourself in architecture and parks without going beyond cities

    What prevents bathing is the port. But the problem is solved: settle near Bourgas, in Pomorie or Sozopol. In the first, for example, all conditions for family rest are created – a flat beach with long entry into the water, where it is not scary even for the youngest bathers, surrounded by apartment hotels and houses with apartments under change The second is a very cute town with old streets and nice beaches.

    Жилье >> Авиабилеты >> Посмотреть туры >>

    Golden Sands

    Golden Sands is some kind of, but still north. therefore a significant drawback – the cool sea is already in mid-September. But if you are with a very young child who needs more fresh air and sunbathing, you just here. Another minus is noise: there are a lot of young people, which means clubs and night discos. However, here you can find a quiet, family hotel (more details – below).

    As for the rest, everything is “sharpened” just for children: in the cafe there are children menu (even if they are not, you will be offered porridge for the baby), on the streets – a sea of entertainment, attractions and all kinds of trampolines, hotels and other establishments are equipped with wheelchair ramps.

    And Golden Sands is chosen for low prices (almost by half lower than in Sunny Beach) and good sandy beaches.

    Посмотреть туры >>


    The best resorts in Bulgaria, alas, are short in season. This applies and to the famous children’s health resort – resort Albena. She is located even north of Golden Sands, and September can pass at all without bathing. Which, of course, a shame, because local beaches awarded Blue flag.

    Albena is such a half-closed city hotel for families surrounded by a nature reserve. Oxygen does not spoil cars, travel on them through the resort is simply prohibited! Everything walk on your own two or ride bicycles. And do not make noise on nights?

    Children have something to do: rides, equipped for children playgrounds, rental carts, water park. Most hotels Albena (from 3 * and above) offer an all-inclusive system. But The Albenians are solemnly praised for their good cuisine and colorful interiors that need to be there.

    Посмотреть туры >>

What can you do? Entertainment

Mountains in Bulgaria, beautiful view Mountains in Bulgaria, beautiful view

Plans to Bulgaria with children, but do not know which resort to choose, that was not boring? Entertainment can be found anywhere, it would be a wish. But to save your time, we will write down what direction worth looking for.

Let’s start with the hotels themselves. In large complexes there are both animation and children’s rooms, and playgrounds. In places of residence easier All this is found not in full force and not always. And if There is, can approach only three-year olds.

The most interesting things in Bulgaria begin outside the territory. hotels. There and fairground rides, and horseback riding, and other joys of childhood. And, of course, water parks:

  • “Aquamania” in Albena (for adults all day – € 18, children – € 8, anyone below the meter is free)
  • “Aqua Paradise” in Nessebar (per adult – € 21.5, per child – € 10 или бесплатно, если ростом < 90 см)
  • Action Aquapark in Sunny Beach (for a parent – € 19.5, for children – € 9,5 or free with the above conditions)
  • Aquapolis in Golden Sands (adult – € 18, children – € 9 or is free)
  • Waterpark “Atlantida” in Elenite (free for hotel guests Royal Park or € 15 per person above 90 cm).

P.S. This is not we clumsily writing about the categories of tickets for growth, but water park rules?

With older children (who have outgrown the diaper and already require bread and spectacles) you can go on a trip. But on the one that will he is interested in himself, so now it’s not about old churches and monuments of architecture.

1 A trip to the Varna Dolphinarium (adult ticket for the show – € 12.5; for children from 2 to 12 years old – € 10; swimming with Dolphin – € 102).

2 On the way to Varna, you can also go to the amusement park “Happy Land “(entrance for adults or children – € 12, up to 3 years – free).

3 In Burgas, it is worth visiting the park along the sea – Seaside Park.

4 Someone will surely like the complex – the Palace and Botanical Garden in Balchik – near Albena (adults ticket will cost € 5, children – € 1, up to 7 years free; entrance to the garden – € 2.5 and € 0.5 respectively).

Beautiful nature of Bulgaria Beautiful nature of Bulgaria

Top 10 hotels in Bulgaria for families with children

Well, here we come to the most interesting: choose the best hotels Bulgaria for families with children.

  • Golden Sands

    1. • 5 * Melia Grand Hermitage is the first line all inclusive and large territory (some kind of Turkish hotel). Parents with small children will like it here – animation and game room designed for kids up to 4-5 years: prices for the tour >>
    2. • 5 * Marina Grand Beach – suitable even for rest with babies. Animation level, like food: prices for the tour >>
    3. • 3 * Gradina – the most peaceful hotel in hyper-noisy Golden Sands. It is a budget, with good nutrition – You can take breakfast and full board. To the sea ≈10 minutes, but the beach will have to be like, not everywhere the entrance is convenient: prices for the tour >>
    4. • 4 * Luna – a quiet hotel located on first line, a special children’s area in the pool. Main plus отеля – разнообразие еды в ресторане:цены на тур >>
    5. • 4 * Astera Hotel & Spa – located in the epicenter of the resort’s nightlife, but the big advantages are quality everything включено и отличный пляж:цены на тур >>

    Sunny Beach

    1. • 4 * Longosa – decent hotel, one of the disadvantages – distance to the beach, 200 meters. Clean, with active animation and food-oriented children (a lot of stewed and boiled): prices на тур >>
    2. • 4 * Kotva – hotel with water park, working on breakfast or all. About nutritional reviews ambiguous, not enough diversity. But affordable price and beautiful beach перевешивают:цены на тур >>
    3. • 4 * Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort – hotel with all-inclusive, indoor pool, club for children 4-12 years old, вкусная и качественная еда:цены на тур >>


    1. • 5 * Flamingo Grand Hotel – located at 2 line that does not interfere with quickly get to the sea, and brings animation. But the rooms, food and service – at the level of: prices for тур >>
    2. • 4 * Flamingo – budget option the above, there is a great pool and water slides: prices for the tour >>

Beaches in Bulgaria for families with children

Sea in Bulgaria Sea in Bulgaria

Absolutely all the beaches in Bulgaria are subject to the municipality, which, along with hotels ensures their cleanliness. Umbrellas, sun beds and use of the toilet on the beach is paid. But no one prohibits sunbathing on your own towel or rug (albeit on certain zone). What, in fact, many vacationers and are doing.

Sunny Beach is a continuous sandy beach stretching for 8 km along the coast. The best in Bulgaria is the local beach Irakli, located on the territory of the reserve. Sunbed and umbrella: for € 9.

Sozopol boasts several beaches at once. Sun lounger and umbrella: for € 6.

  • Central – with a gentle entry into the water, but narrow
  • Harmani – a wide beach for family holidays
  • Kavatsite (a suburb of Sozopol) – one of the most beautiful beaches Bulgaria
  • Smokin – no less picturesque, but without any civilizations

Not far from Nessebar there is the beach “Olympic hopes” with different attractions and catamarans for hire. Sunbed and umbrella: for € 6.

Golden Sands is a deeper sea for those who are older. WITH kids here should rest near the complex “Riviera”. Sun lounger and umbrella: for € 10.

Albena is good in all respects! Purity, civility, weight entertainment – all together it makes up the perfect kids beach. Sun lounger and umbrella if not included hotel: for € 5 and € 7, respectively.

Tips and feedback from tourists with children

Beach and hotels by the sea in Bulgaria Beach and hotels by the sea in Bulgaria

And finally, dear parents, a few tips.

Choosing hotels in Bulgaria for a holiday, study reviews. Will help avoid frustration from the Soviet hotel heritage, which, unfortunately, is still found in Bulgaria.

Start your search with budget options – cheap hotels Bulgaria, especially those listed in our compilation, may not yield five star.

Consider all the features of recreation with children:

  • think over the menu (all or cafes next door)
  • ask beforehand whether the store is located close to children’s goods
  • Be prepared that the baby will not be interested in animation, will refuse from nanny and will be with you 24 hours a day

If you are traveling with a very young child, better plan a trip. in June or September, when it’s not hot.

If possible, try to find hotels by the sea – long going to the beach can be tedious for children.

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