Holiday in Turkey in May 2019 – prices, weather, sea

This is not a royal business in the May holidays, but on potatoes. We offer an alternative more attractive – Turkey in May! Sea for slightly frostbitten, the market and intoxicating nights (which is at the hotel).

Plus close the questions: where is the best place to relax, what hotels to take in Turkey in the spring of 2019 and how much it all costs.


  1. Weather
  2. Prices for tours
  3. Resort selection
  4. Top 5 Budget Hotels
  5. What to do in Turkey in May?
  6. Vacation with children
  7. Pros / cons of spring Turkey

Weather in Turkey in May

Turkey Tour Turkey Tour Bump in Kemer Bump in Kemer

“I was looking for large shells in the outskirts of Phaselis. In vain, of course. But the bumps are fire! “Girl Nastya, 24 years old.

Turkey in early May is replenished with the first tourists with swimsuits in luggage. Hi, beach holiday!

Where better to go? Spoiler – Mediterranean. But about that ↓.

Air temperature

The weather in Turkey in May is the same as at the height of the Russian summer. Daytime air temperature rises to + 26 ° C, by the end of the month reaches up to + 28 ° C. Heat – from the word very (do without goose bumps). At night it is chilly, + 18 ° C … + 22 ° C.

In mid-May, bars, clubs, shops, cafes, attractions work. The holiday season is coming. Summer hell still not in time, precipitation – a rarity, and the tan is already falling. About spring remind only relatively cool evenings.

Where is the sea warmer in May?

Beach holiday in Kemer Beach holiday in Kemer

To the question, where is the warmer water in Turkey in May, we answer: in Mediterranean Sea The climate is excellent, with minimum precipitation in this time. The Black and Aegean Seas are colder than the rest. territory of the country.

Turkey in May: water and air temperature

Average air temperature, ° C Average water temperature, ° C
Happy At night
Mediterranean resorts (Side, Belek, Kemer, Alania) +25 +22 +23
Resorts of the Aegean Sea (Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris) +25 +20 +22
Black Sea (Rize) +20 +14 +17

Prices for tours to Turkey in May 2019

How much money to put on the tour? In May 2019 the price of vouchers in Turkey (for 7 days for two) start from 40,000 rubles. For 10 days – from 45 thousand. Cheap. But this inconspicuous “three-star”, from which the maximum that can demand – change of towels, scrambled eggs for breakfast and less than a kilometer to the beach.

Usually we don’t have time to choose agencies, much less bypass. Such business. We save hours of negotiation and money with using three online services:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They compare from all leading tour operators and suggest most favorable days for departure. And you can win, if you take offers for early booking.

✓ It is interesting that Turkey in May 2019 on the voucher is worth the same and at the beginning and at the end of the month. Aegean coast is a bit cheaper

✓ Tour to a good 5 * hotel (such as Labranda) for all Included will cost from 60 000 rubles for two for a week

✓ Family tour to Turkey in May (2 adults and 1 child) – from 55 000 rubles for 7 days

Where to rest in Turkey in May? Resort selection

Side Resort in Turkey Side Resort in Turkey

View from our hotel in Side – Side Town Hotel 4 *

Which resort to choose in Turkey in May? If decided on holidays lie star on the beach, choose locations on the Mediterranean (1) or Aegean (2) seas. Water is already warm or almost. Swim in the second half of the month is quite possible.

(1) Successful resorts for spring holidays, where it is warm:

  • Side

    Side in May for those who are not delighted with the heat. Happy sun burn – just spit (+ 27.3 ° C), although the wind refreshes. At night chilly + 22 ° С. The average sea temperature in May is + 23 ° C.


    The highest daily temperature in May last year. rose to + 31 ° С. The minimum night fell to + 19 ° C. Average t water was + 23.0 ° C. Cool, but for dinner (judging by the reviews) the sea warms up to “comfortable.”


    Kemer is cooler than the first two resorts. But the city surrounded by mountains, so the wind can not be afraid. In May 2018 the maximum air temperature was kept at + 28 ° С. AT May rains are possible, but more likely it will cost in minutes twenty. But in clear weather will have to hide from the sun under hat or umbrella.

    The sea in May is warm, no waves, algae, jellyfish and other living creatures. The average t of water is + 23 ° C.

In May 2019, we traveled to both Side and Kemer. What of this it turned out – you can read in our article, where we compare both resort?

(2) In Bodrum, Marmaris or Fethiye it is better to come in the second half at the end of May:

  • Bodrum

    In May Bordume not find the stifling + 40 ° С. The tallest temperature – + 28 ° C. Mild climate, active daytime sunshine, evening it’s time for light sweaters. Only the sea is still ice, temperature water on average + 21.8 ° С.


    May in Marmaris – soft, thanks to the highlands and forests. Happy – + 27 ° С … 30 ° С, at night not lower than + 18 ° С. The heat is not felt due to light breeze, but open skin will burn for sure. Rain, if there will be, it is warm and not for long.

    The average temperature in May is + 22,5 ° C.

    ZY Add a windbreaker in the list must have for the evening.


    The temperature in May usually ranges from + 24 ° C to + 29 ° C, in the evenings cool. You can swim in the sea, the average t of water is + 22.7 ° C. But in the first half of the month in Fethiye is better to go for excursions (as well as on the other resorts NOT the Mediterranean coast).

On ш гайд: Отдых в Турции – 2019 >>

Sea in Kemer Sea in Kemer

Kemer. Here, here on this very spot (where the unfortunate photographer worth), we nadybali free sunbeds. Do not thank

Top 5 cheap hotels

Where to rest in Turkey in May and so that everything is really Included + not extortionate prices?

  • 5 * Arcanus Side Resort, Side

A green, cozy hotel with a club for children and Russians animators. In the room you will find a free minibar. Rich menu: meat, fish every day. “Wi-fi catches everywhere!” – read reviews tourists.

Really negative reviews (so that the horror-horror) did not find, albeit tried hard.

✓ Price list for a couple + week without worries – from 70,000 rubles

Искать тур >>

  • 5 * Vonresort Golden Coast, Side

The hotel is well located: the promenade, shops in the stepper availability. On the territory there is a lunopark, a zoo (all kinds of swans). The coast and entry into the sea is convenient, there will be enough sun beds for everyone. Наthe beach often hold a fire show, stand group. Because – dikkat (!) – noisy.

✓ The cost of a voucher for two for 7 days starts from 80,000 rubles

Искать тур >>

  • 5 * Crystal Flora Beach Resort, Beldibi

Large territory, long beach line, sandy entry into sea. A variety of animation: charging, bocce, water aerobics, zumba. Mini Zoo. There are mostly chickens, roosters and rabbits. Such provincial 5 stars.

✓ Prices for vouchers for May 1 – from 76 thousand

Искать тур >>

  • 4 * Cactus Fleur Beach Club, Bodrum

Neat “lace” hotel in the style of frances – everywhere pictures, wicker furniture, openwork tables. From the billiards room, amphitheater, evening shows, hamam, water park Pirates Of The Cactus across the road (counted 9 slides + children’s playground). For kids mini club The beach is a small pebble.

By the way: A selection of the best hotels with water parks >>

✓ The cost of the tour for two (7 days) – from 59,000 rubles. Quite cheap for holidays in Turkey in May

Искать тур >>

  • 5 * Kimeros Park Holiday Village, Kemer

Simple, family-run hotel bungalow for an adequate price. Tourists choose it because of the green territory, pebbles, fresh rooms, packaged juice and milkshakes. Fruits by season: apples, oranges, medlar. Bonus to this imported alcohol and restaurant without Conder, but with a view of the sea and mountains.

Among the cons (where without them): room cleaning – one name, and Wi-Fi in the rooms do not bite. Is that at the reception or the beach catch.

✓ Check tour with similar filters in the amount of 81 thousand

Искать тур >>

In our opinion, this is one of the best hotels in Turkey in May 2019. years (price / quality). If you can add to the list, waiting for your comments Where else to escape from post-winter hibernation? Oh yeah May open and new, freshly built hotels. Want to know what kind?

Antalya, Turkey Antalya, Turkey

Entertainment in Turkey – what to do?

Indeed, what?

✶ Take care of the antiquities. Turkey in May is the right place for excursions: the amphitheater of Demre, the sunken city of Kekkova, fire-breathing Mount Chimera, Cappadocia and other varieties. Then do not leave, water as an elephant will not be whipped.

✶ Fans of outdoor activities can try their hand at diving. To In the second half of the month, large water parks are opening, including Aqualand Antalya Dolphinland (Antalya).

✶ And long live the nightlife in bars, clubs and restaurants!

Resort Antalya Resort Antalya

Such an atmospheric Antalya.

Holiday in Turkey with children in May

Turkey in May with a child can be a good idea. Children acclimatization is fast (which is almost not felt in spring). But the sea can fail. So check hotels for availability. children’s heated pool.

The weather turned bad, where to go with the child? Dedicate time inspection of nearby parks / shrines / antiquities. It could be dino Park Kemer, the ruins of ancient Phaselis (near the village Camyuva), old part of Antalya and more. If the rain still comes (it happens once or twice a month), you can give the children to the mini club with a game room, and relax yourself even in the room.

Warm days spend by the sea. But dont foget about spf protection and hat. The absence of 40-degree heat does not cancel the activity the sun.

Dikkat! Be careful when choosing a hotel in May. AT renovated hotels can still paint / drill / make noise. It is better to clarify in advance.

Turkey in May – all inclusive

Traditionally, we summarize the reviews of tourists for the last spring of 2018. What to expect from Turkey in May: is everything on or off?

All inclusive in the hotel Turkey 4 stars All inclusive in the hotel Turkey 4 stars

Immediately evident, the Russians in Turkey + buffet. Noticed how many cups of tea for one? Germans at the next table too rated;)

Pros and cons of the rest

What are the pros and cons of atypical fresh (about the weather) east?

Pros: Minuses:
+ it’s not cold anymore, it’s not hot yet + there are no crowds of tourists + prices for vouchers below + excursions are not so tiring – unheated sea – invigorating evening promenade – be sure to grab a jacket or light jacket – April rains make themselves felt until mid-May – you can stumble upon repairs in Hotel – this is Feeyl!

Sağol for attention :)

By the way, the cool sea at the beginning of the month is a problem of many beach countries. However, tourists go and go! Where else can fly in may and why:

  • Cyprus (weather like in Turkey)
  • Italy (purely for excursion)
  • Tunisia (colder, but beaches -)
  • UAE (for those who give the sea no less than +30)

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