Holiday in Tunisia in May 20 nineteen – prices, sea, weather

May Tunisia – yes or no? What can darken the mood unprepared beaver?

Rest in Tunis in May 20nineteen  - prices, sea, weather Rest in Tunis in May 2019 - prices, sea, weather

The biggest misconception is to judge the weather in Tunisia based on its geographical location. Africa is different and if Egypt is spring “fries”, then close to him, Tunisia, and stormy. To solve, Is this a worthwhile idea – to go in May – we will analyze all the points: from temperatures to tourists reviews.

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    Why love Tunisia? – Weather in May – Tour Prices – Than заняться?Лучшие курорты — Отзывы туристов — Карта курортов

Пляжный отдых на море в Тунисе

Why love Tunisia?

  • Cool beaches – fine sand, soft and snow-white
  • Azure clear sea with a smooth sunset
  • Pleasant climate – due to the lack of humidity the heat is transferred much easier
  • Excellent spa and thalasso centers
  • The civilization of Tunisians (there is no excessive sticking) deep historical component and french-arabic coloring

The country is certainly created for a beach holiday, and besides inexpensive. But the overall picture of the reviews emerges controversial – there is a decent proportion of those who return from holidays disappointed. The reason is banal ignorance about the resort or high expectations.

First, the full season lasts from the middle. June and until October. Before and after these numbers steady weather not guaranteed, but the seemingly warm sea in a day can get cold

Secondly, despite the presence of luxury 5 * hotels and common all inclusive, the level of service in Tunisia is still lower than in Turkey, and the hotel base is not so rich. And for positive experience is better to book places of 4 stars.

Third, one should not exclude a robust share of Arab pofigizma and therefore do not succumb to despondency from garbage and offensive odors outside hotels in major cities.

Take into account these three main points, and rest in Tunisia will not go to the folder “never again.” ?

Weather in May in the resorts of Tunisia

Weather in May at the resorts of Tunisia Weather in May at the resorts of Tunisia

May is a low season. Off-season for locals, and for of tourists – beauty: in spring everything is in bloom, the most delicious are ripening strawberries and fruits, the air temperature is over + 20 ° C, and ashore you can sunbathe. But this is today, and tomorrow a storm comes after dinner, and overcast sky hangs in for a few days.

In general, Tunisia in May is good, first of all, for excursions. On Beach holidays should go either as close as possible to June and to Djerba, or in the middle of May for 10-14 days to be surely in time get a tan

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Air temperature in Tunis in May

Tunisia in early May is unstable. Sunny days “diluted” cold wind from the sea, intermittent rain. Windbreaker or jacket (mostly for the evening) will not be superfluous.

On average, the air temperature in Tunisia in May is about + 23 ° C … + 26 ° C – walking / lying on the beach is comfortable. AT clear days are even hot, so be sure to take sunscreen cream to avoid burns. The paradox is that at the end of the month – when the season is confidently open in Turkey – the weather in Tunisia is “walking”. Therefore, many stop on the island of Djerba, where warmer a couple of degrees.

Daily temperatures at popular resorts:

  • Djerba + 26 ° C
  • Hammamet + 24 ° C
  • Monastir + 24 ° C
  • Sousse + 25 ° C

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Sea in Tunisia Sea in Tunisia

Sea temperature in Tunis in May

The sea in Tunisia was not warm enough in May, but it is clean and transparent (until the storm hits). Don’t give in to the hot sun hard, but in contrast, oh, how the water stirs! Is it possible swim in may? People bathe, on clear days.

Check it out!

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Sea temperature + 18 ° C … + 21 ° C (late spring). It feels like it’s somewhere at the level of “perhaps better in the pool”, but all individually.

  • Djerba + 20 ° C
  • Hammamet + 19 ° C
  • Monastir + 19 ° C
  • Sousse + 19 ° C
Water and air temperature in Tunisia (May)
Average air temperature, + ° C Average water temperature, + ° C
Happy At night
Djerba 26 21 20
Monastir 25 20 19
Sousse 25 20 19
Hammamet 24 18 19

Prices for tours to Tunisia in May

Early booking for Tunis in May 2019 opens in January Until mid-March, prices for tours are still more or less. held, and then grow up.

Tours to Tunisia in May are in demand at least because it is not bad option to break for the holidays for a reasonable amount. No visa required can catch and burning.

The cheapest vouchers are sold in the city of Sousse ≈45 000 rubles for 2 person (7 days, breakfast). Resorts Hammamet, Mahdia, Djerba cost a few thousand more.

  • Tour for two to Tunis in May 2019 for all Included costs from 50 000 rubles for a week

The most popular tour operators offering trips to Tunisia – Biblio Globus, Pegasus Touristik and Sanmar.

Small bonus: on the promo code UAF500howtrip you Get a discount of 500 rubles when you purchase a tour of 40,000!

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The best hotels in Tunisia according to tourists

Marhaba beach Marhaba beach

Marhaba beach

We have identified several hotels with excellent reviews and high by rating. They are chosen as independent tourists (we advise you to look for on RoomGuru), and vacationers on the permit.

5 * Jaz Tour Khalef, Sousse

The “strengths” of the hotel are varied and tasty food, location on the first line (which is not always the case for Sousse) and clean beach with a gentle entry into the water. Two pools with slides, one – with sea water, but not heated. Children’s animation level, and for adults there is a spa. The hotel is actively changing the landmark on Russian tourists, the staff learns the language. Minus – slightly worn numbers.

Узнать цены на тур >>

5 * Royal Garden Palace, Djerba

Tourists say very friendly staff who speak well Russian, although the main audience is foreigners, worthy of Swedish table, a large area and a reasonable cost of tours, especially in not a season. The hotel has a thalassotherapy spa, indoor heated swimming pool, fitness room. Of the minuses – weak animation (child, you can say no), there is an influx of algae in the sea (the problem of the whole Djerba), someone unhappy with the “long” road to the beach – about 300 meters

Узнать цены на тур >>

4 * Iberostar Averroes, Hammamet

A well-known hotel chain fails in Tunisia. Fortunately located in Hammamet – Yasmin – near the shopping center and amusement parks. Himself the hotel is one of the best. A variety of activities and for children, and for adults (there is also archery), cool feed and often arrange days of national cuisines. The beach is very well maintained and cleanest sea. Little minus – speak Russian badly, more significant – “tired” furniture in the rooms (which is observed in many hotels in the country).

Узнать цены на тур >>

4 * Sentido Phenicia, Hammamet

The hotel received an excellent rating – 4.8 out of 5. Vacationers like it incendiary animation, a large and beautiful area, the choice of food and alcohol and suitable conditions for holidays with children. Staff quickly solves all problems that arise and is reasonably explained in Russian Cons – delay in cleaning and changing towels, but corrected by one call at the reception.

Узнать цены на тур >>

Airfare to Tunisia

Airline tickets to Tunisia are very expensive, almost for the price vouchers per person. In May 2019, the flight from Moscow is from 16,000 rubles round trip for one; of St. Petersburg – from 20 000.

Найти авиабилеты >>

Sights in Tunisia: what to do in May?

Since the weather in Tunisia in May is capable of disrupting plans porlaksirovat near the sea, you can think of spare species activities.

Sights in Tunisia: What to do in May? Sights in Tunisia: What to do in May?

What to see?

  • 2-day excursion to the Sahara – required first item on the list. May weather is ideal for many kilometers trip in the bus under the sun through the ancient ruins, oases and Dunes Price per person – $ 80-150, but not included in the amount camel riding, zoo
  • Sightseeing trip – the capital Tunisia Museum-Carthage-town Sidi Bou Said. About the tour reviews ambiguous, it is recommended to visit each location separately and on their own. But if that, here:

Excursion: Overview of Carthage-Sidi-bu-Said-Tunisia for € 220 and 8 hours

From Hammamet: Similar review for $ 99 and 6 o’clock

  • For children – the amusement park Carthage Land in Hammamet. Complex subscription (attractions + water park) – 32 Tunisian dinars per person per day
  • must-see on Djerba – crocodile farm. entrance – 20 dinars from an adult and 15 from a small
  • Local spas – at almost every decent hotel there is own thalassotherapy center where you can order a complex procedures.

Despite the not so large flow of tourists, groups on popular attractions are recruited. Less demanded, for example, at Cape Bon, can cancel.

Where better to relax in Tunisia in May?

Camel excursions in the Sahara Camel excursions in the Sahara

Camel tours in the Sahara

The main resorts in Tunisia are located compactly – along one coastline. Temperatures are almost identical, and therefore the choice of area is made on the basis of general characteristics. You can select the southernmost resort – the island of Djerba – where is warmer in May for 1-2 degrees

Where better to relax in Tunisia?

  • Sousse – big and rave, what prefers youth. Tourists notice that the hotels in the center – dirty sea, and all the beaches – across the road. Happens on weekends the influx of local. Port El Kantaoui is more peaceful and “status”, and the situation with the sea here is many times better. Tours in Sousse ->
  • Hammamet – an area famous for the cleanest water and nice beaches. Special note is the Yasmin-Hammamet zone, where everything is perfected. Suitable for holidays with children, there are and entertainment: the amusement park Carthage Land, the quay for walks, port with yachts. Туры в Хаммамет ->
  • Djerba – a paradise for a lazy beach recreation. Dimension, luxury hotels, the absence of any “jolly” and the romance of the island – stop here newlyweds, couples with children up to 2-3 years old (take children absolutely nothing), pensioners. Туры на Джербу ->
  • Monastir is a city near the airport. Hotels are in a special tourist zone and far enough (20 minutes to taxi to the center). Get out of the hotel on their own two places. The sea is rather small, and the beaches are mediocre. Permits – one of the cheapest. Туры в Монастир ->
  • Mahdia – an expensive area with wide beaches, and many recognize them as the best. We prefer parents with children, but here is an order of magnitude more boring than in Hammamet. Туры в Махдию ->
  • Tabarka – a little-known resort in the north, close to Algeria. You can get there yourself, tours are not are organized. In Tunisia, this is the only place where diving is possible. – Sea with corals and fish.

Tour in Tunisia Tour in Tunisia

Comments on a trip to Tunisia in May

Reviews of May Tunisia – 50/50. Hot disputes unfold around the question of the weather – those who did not get the heat, are skeptical refer to the “lucky ones” splashing at sea at the beginning of the month. It all boils down to the fact that the year is not necessary for the year, and it is necessary to go – not lucky, so on an all inclusive rest and on excursions go for a run. ?

  • “regulars” of the country claim that the water in Tunisia in May opens the season on the 25th
  • not without comparisons with Turkey and Egypt. Yes here colder, less quality service, and the sea is not entertaining Red, but simply turquoise. But Tunisians are nicer than the Egyptians and not are put in
  • What to do in Tunisia in May? Advised to try thalassotherapy, and in theory it can be ordered at any hotel, not being a lodger, but the impressions after are not the most positive, level rolled down
  • In May, be sure to try Tunisian strawberries, the size of it with three fingers, and taste – with a dream berry

Of course, the May Tunisia can not be impressed. therefore let’s give more options for rest:

  • Turkey (warmer)
  • Cyprus (as in Turkey, you can swim)
  • Italy (more beautiful, but more expensive)
  • UAE (heat, sand, east)

Map of resorts of Tunisia

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