Holiday in Tunisia in April 2019 – prices, sea, weather

Rest in Tunisia in April – an event, frankly, ambiguous. Someone who has already been there at this time, squeals with delight, but someone swears that no more foot … The main “fi” of all indignant is cold weather.


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Therefore, those who gathered in Tunisia in April 2019 are worth take into account all the nuances of vacation in the off season:

+ prices for tours – from 45 000 rubles for two + soft and not hot climate + best time for excursions – cold, not yet warmed sea – weather vagaries (wind, precipitation)
+ prices for tours – from 45 000 rubles for two + soft and not hot climate + best time for excursions
– cold, not yet warmed sea – weather vagaries (wind, precipitation)

In favor of Tunisia, I will note that, despite the low season, in mid-April, all tour operators launch charters (true only from Moscow). Well, the fact that a visa is not needed for Russians, I think, and remind not worth it.

Beach holidays on the sea in Tunisia

Marhaba beach Tunisia Marhaba beach Tunisia

Can I swim in April? Perhaps you can … But do not!

Tunisia in the spring, including in April 2019, is unlikely to be pampered tourists warm sea. Beach vacation comes down to two classes – sunbathe on a sun lounger and swim in the pool. And sometimes lie will have wrapped in a towel because of the piercing wind.

Especially “severe” Tunisia in early April. Vacation It is wiser to dedicate walks, excursions and shopping For example, buy cheap fruit that just starts mature. And although Tunisia is a country of dates, in April, watermelons are tastier than peaches and apricots.

For the most desperate there is, of course, diving. Official season Diving lasts from May to October, but at the end of April you can dive into the waves of the sea.

Weather in April at the resorts of Tunisia

The weather in Tunisia in April is rare, but “naughty”: it happens and strong winds, and rains, and sandstorms, the fault of which is close Sahara. Therefore, going to Tunisia in April, take with you a couple of warm things – the temperature of water and air may be lower expectations.

Resorts in Tunisia are located along the entire coast from the north to south. And in spring their climatic differences are especially noticeable. On the south resorts like the island of Djerba, sunny days last a whole month. AT end of April, you can try to swim.

Let us examine in more detail what will please us (and you) Tunisia in April 2019?

Tunisia Sea Temperature in April

Ship in Tunisia Ship in Tunisia

The sea in Tunisia in April, as mentioned above, does not have for bathing. The average water temperature is only + 17 ° С. By the end of the month rises, but only slightly. In the south, the sea temperature to + 18 ° С … + 19 ° С. Because the key to a successful vacation is to choose a hotel with heated pool :)

April: Where is the warm sea and the hot sun? >>

Often you can find reviews that the water in Tunisia is dirty, especially in April-May, and the same picture on the shore … It all depends on hotel: large complexes are trying to monitor the cleanliness of their beaches and in the off season. From small otelchik do not expect this even at the peak of the influx of tourists (a selection of the best hotels you can see just below). Of course, everyone already understood that swimming and so not it will work out, but, you see, the clear sea is more pleasing to the eye than landscape with drifting debris.

Tunisia air temperature in April

The air temperature in Tunisia in April – by Russian standards – almost summer.

In the first half of the month, the air warms up to + 20 ° С. Closer to By May, the air temperature rises to + 23 ° С. Although, for example, in In April 2018, the local beaches were hot at + 27 ° С. Generally, Tunisia at the end of April does not forget that this is Africa, and it’s about time sunbathe!

Air temperature (average) Water temperature (average)
in the afternoon at night
Djerba + 22 ° С + 17 ° С + 18 ° С
Hammamet + 20 ° С + 14 ° С + 17 ° С
Sousse + 20 ° С + 16 ° С + 16 ° С
Monastir + 20 ° С + 16 ° С + 16 ° С

Prices for tours to Tunisia in April

You can view current prices for tours to Tunisia in April at online aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They are convenient and beneficial in terms of selection and hotels – pull up new reviews of tourists, and tour operators – compare cost of all leading. Plus, there is an opportunity to save with using promotional codes.

✓ The best price for trips to Tunisia in April – 45,000 rubles for two for 7 days in 3 * hotel

✓ Tour for two for all included in a good hotel – from 50,000 rubles for a week

✓ Family tour to Tunisia in April 2019 (2 adults and a child) – from 65 thousand

The best hotels in Tunisia according to tourists

Marhaba beach hotel Marhaba beach hotel

All hotels are selected based on the latest reviews for 2018 and the beginning 2019 – someone goes to Tunisia and goes in January :) The price of the tour is in April for 7 days.

  • 4 * Sentido Djerba Beach, Djerba – a cozy, quiet hotel with Great service and friendly staff. Two main dignity: a huge clean beach and delicious food. There is a good animation, especially children. Among the shortcomings: general “rubbing” Tour for two: from 60 000 rubles
  • 5 * Tui Blue Palm Beach Palace, Djerba – a great five, quickly going to the feet for spring-summer, i.e. hyper sale on two: from 66 000 rubles
  • 3 * Mediterranee Thalasso Golf, Hammamet – hotel with really good quality cuisine and a great beach. Main disadvantage the same – partially old numbers, weak animationTour for two: from 67 000 rubles
  • 5 * Concorde Green Park Palace, Sousse – relative to this hotel all reviews agree on the following ratings: location, service and food – 5 points out of 5! The staff speaks Russian, waiters and bartenders carry out any whim of the guestsTour for two: from 82 000 rubles
  • 4 * ONE Resort Monastir, Monastir – a hotel with a convenient location (15 minutes walk from the airport), good food and some kind of incredibly magical animation that is mentioned in EACH recall of a tour for two: from 66 000 rubles
  • 5 * Mahdia Palace Thalasso, Mahdia – a hotel for solid foursome. Service, cleanliness and more on the level. Minus: discrepancy in the mode of operation of talasso-centerTur for two: from 75 000 rubles

Attractions in Tunisia – what to do in April?

Tunisia Camel Tour Tunisia Camel Tour

Oddly enough, the options that bored do in Tunisia tourists, in April, perhaps more than in high season.

So where to go, where to go and what to see?

  • The main April exclusive – the festival of collecting flowers from citrus fruit trees. It takes place in the city of Nabeul, near from Hammamet. There you can spy on the cooking process. flower essences, taste it and exchange your extra Tunisian dinar for original souvenirs
  • Excursions to the Sahara desert. Sin is not to take advantage the opportunity to go there, without languishing from the heat!
  • Another tour with immersion in Arabic flavor – a trip to Tunisia (the one that is the capital) and Sidi-bu-Said, a city with blue shuttered
  • The ruins of ancient Carthage – must visit each lover of antiquity
  • The inability to swim in the sea is more than compensate for the entertainment in water parks. We recommend to visit Flipper in Hammamet or AquaSplash in Sousse
  • The second spring month is a great time to visit the famous Tunisian SPA. In the absence of a large number of applicants for relax all the attention of the staff will be devoted only to you

Where better to relax in Tunisia in April?

Anyway, the choice of location, where it is better to rest in Tunisia, in April is very dependent on local weather. All resorts where warmer in Tunisia located on the southern and eastern coast of the country. In April, the temperature difference there and in the north is quite noticeable.

  • Djerba Island – a resort out of competition! Most warm, most expensive, most quiet. Sometimes, even too much: party-goers might get bored
  • Monastir – convenient location close to airport + low cost of tours. The beaches are not the best in the country, but in This period is not so relevant. But Monastir is a storehouse attractions
  • Mahdia – the best beaches and that much more interesting, the best talasso centers
  • Hammamet is a great place for holidaymakers. categories. Good hotels and great clean beaches, entertainment on any taste
  • Sousse is a youth and budget resort. In April the temperature there is the same as in Hammamet. But the main feature of Sousse – clubs, and in the off-season they may not work in full force
  • Tabarka – the very north of the country. Go there in it time is worth only diving enthusiasts (there he is “the most-most”).

Reviews about the trip to Tunisia in April 2018

Desert and mountains in Tunisia Desert and mountains in Tunisia Sights of Tunis Sights of Tunis

All tourists who visited Tunisia in April 2018 write who what much Unhappy with exactly the same as enthusiastic. Often in reviews about Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt are slipping into context. “it would be better to go there …”

  • Those who are looking for where it is warmer and dream of splashing in some water, perhaps it is better to choose Egypt. The sea is warmer there in April. But Tunisians are much nicer and more civilized than the Egyptians
  • But for those who choose which is better – Tunisia or Turkey, I will answer: parallel! Even in the hottest resorts in Turkey at this time water is the same + 18 ° С
  • One of the main advantages of a trip in the middle of spring unanimously Called the low population and tranquility resorts
  • One of the downsides is the possibility at the hotel to “run into” on … local holidaymakers

Most importantly, if you gathered in Tunis in April, carefully read reviews. Do not be scared, filter correctly information. And soberly assess what you can count on in it. season.

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