Holiday in Tunis in October 2019 – weather, sea, reviews

Gentle, warm sun, refreshing sea breeze and such water comfortable temperature that is not always possible in one’s own soul achieve a similar balance. The beach season in September-October is like on the endless immersion in the arms of velvet.

Those who need a break from the stress of everyday life, rest in Tunisia in October – what the doctor ordered. And in direct sense of the word too. Famous Tunisian thalassotherapy directed just to improve the body?


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Beach holidays on the sea in Tunisia

Analyzing the tour statistics for the last year, we can assume that Tunisia in October 2019 will be among the ten most popular for Russians directions.

  • First, a visa is NOT required to enter the country.
  • Secondly, an inexpensive exotic resort in the north of Africa is almost 1500 km of sandy beaches and clear Mediterranean Sea. Eyewitnesses claim that fish swimming underwater can be seen from the lounger on the land. Sunset in the water is shallow, without unexpected sea urchins or boulders.
  • Thirdly, the seasons here, as in Russia. Very southern Russia. In Sochi. Therefore, the beach season coincides with the traditional us summer-autumn period.

Tunisia in early October allows you to combine a full “sealing” the hotel is all inclusive and sightseeing. Disturbing once again move the heat subsides, anyone can wander around ancient Carthage or go to the Sahara, really getting from excursion positive emotions.

Pirate ship in Tunisia Pirate ship in Tunisia

Weather in October at the resorts of Tunisia

On average, there are about 28 sunny days. Coastal The zone belongs to the subtropical climate, and because the weather in Tunisia in October, remains suitable for the beach. Although those traveling to Tunisia in late October, it is worth thinking about leisure in case of rains and storms, which also happen – the coast is open to the winds.

To swim and lie on the beach in autumn, choose an island Djerba, where a couple degrees warmer. The holiday season is here lasts a little longer than on the mainland.

Tunisia air temperature in October

On the coast, the air temperature in Tunisia in October is kept at + 24 ° C. The weather may not be very pleasant due to the winds, but usually they blow steadily closer to winter. In mid-October, you can sunbathe almost the entire coast. On Djerba, again, the most southern, + 26 ° C heat.

At about five in the evening the tide begins, and with it comes the evening cool, sun baths do not really want to. With another side, the sun sets at six, and this is already technically is impossible.

Sea temperature in Tunis in October

The average water temperature in Tunisia in October is about + 24 ° C. AT Djerba is taller, + 25 ° C … + 26 ° C. By the end of the month, depending on the region, the sea temperature drops to + 22 … + 23 degrees.

Over the years, the sea in Tunisia in October may please holidaymakers calm warm water, and collapse on the shore 2-3 day storm.

Summary table of average temperatures in October on Tunisian resorts:

Outside, ° C In the sea, ° C
at the beginning of the month in the end of the month
Hammamet +24 +25 + 22 … + 23
Sousse +25 +25 + 22 … + 23
Mahdia +25 +25 + 23 … + 24
Djerba +25 +26 + 23 … + 24

Prices for tours to Tunisia in October – 2019

Tunisia is a batch country, so prices for holidays in October depend on the cost of the permit. By the way, where to look for them in order not to overpay and fully adjust to your Wishlist:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Online aggregators compare offers from all the leading tour operators and give room for choice and fantasy? and also they tell you when to fly is more profitable.

✓ Prices for tours to Tunisia in October 2019 start at 45,000. rubles for two for 7 days in a modest hotel with breakfast. Is it worth to mention this when most hunt for allinclusive Tunisia?

✓ All inclusive costs from 55,000 rubles for two per share.

✓ But for what everyone praises October – it’s for super-discounts on great hotels with great reviews. How do you like this: 120 000 in August against 60,000 in October for 5 * Royal Thalassa Monastir?

Tours to Tunis in October 2019 Tours to Tunis in October 2019

Where better to relax in Tunisia in October? Resorts Rating

Which resort to choose? Where is warmer in Tunisia in October? Will give rating of resorts for 2019.

  1. Djerba – the main difference: this is an island, and here is the warmest sea. A decent audience (families with children, retired, newlyweds) and only 4 hours on the tour bus to the Sahara. But they say boring. In general, a higher level vacation. Find a tour >>
  2. Mahdia – one of the most expensive resorts. Because the clear sea and super beaches with crisp white sand. Place for families and romance поездки.Найти тур >>
  3. Hammamet is the second, after Mahdia, beautiful beaches, the most beautiful centers of tallasotherapy and water park for all ages. Area Yasmine-Hammamet is more touristy civilized than himself город.Найти тур >>
  4. Sousse – youth location. They sell the cheapest vouchers, here is an active nightlife. The beaches are normal, can be грязноваты, но это уже зависит от отеля.Найти тур >>
  5. Monastir – uncomfortable geographical position: far from the capital, but if the trips are not planned, then Monastir is good. He is like times for an inexpensive vacation – here are the most affordable prices after Сусса.Найти тур >>

In any case, the answer to the question of where it is better to rest in Tunisia in October, depends on the motives of the tourist. Will it be a beach holiday, rich excursion or SPA.

The most popular resorts in Tunisia for diving:

  • Tabarca (the largest coral reef in Tunisia)
  • Mahdia (wrecks)
  • Djerba (diving up to 40 meters is possible)

Are there jellyfish in October?

When deciding whether to go to Tunisia in the fall, it is important to know how to The situation with jellyfish. In October, the sea cools down so much that they are not a problem. It is rare to hear that coastal zone seen jellyfish. And see for yourself – that less.

Camel Riding in Tunisia Camel Riding in Tunisia

Where is better with children?

The main criteria for evaluating the resort as a place of rest with child, are shallow sandy beach and infrastructure children’s entertainment. Both are widely represented at all. main resorts of Tunisia: Hammamet, Sousse (Port el Kantaoui), Mahdia, Djerba.

But if in doubt, but why in Tunisia, if all this is in Turkey, then you should continue our review-comparison of two countries!

The only thing I advise for a trip with children regardless from the country – additional insurance. The one that goes with the tour quite so-so, you probably know. Best Insurance the company is an ERV with a coverage of $ ten 0,000 (for Tunisia for a week will cost ≈ 1500 rubles); cheaper, but not bad either – Sberbank Insurance (≈ 800 rubles). See and compare prices on:

  • Compare
  • Cherehapa

Attractions in Tunisia – what to do in October?

Regardless of whether you can swim in October, in Tunisia worth the ride. The history of the country goes back centuries, and there really have something to see.

Top places in Tunisia:

  • Carthage. Recommended to all fans of history. At the very In fact, there was nothing left of ancient Carthage because the Romans razed it to the ground as far back as n-th year BC AND archaeological park is a Roman excavation settlement formed here 100 years after the destruction old town
  • Dougga. Another monument of Roman times. In Dugge perfectly preserved theater, which is still used today appointment during the Duggie Festival. In general, according to tourists, the ruins in Dugg produce the strongest, as compared to the Carthaginian, impression
  • El Jem. Those who were in Rome and impressed by the Colosseum, obligatory to visit the second largest of the remaining Roman amphitheater
  • Sidi-bu-Said. Snow-white houses with bright blue shutters and overlooking the Carthage Bay. Picture from postcards from Tunisia, on which can be accessed for several Tunisian dinars. Throwing still a little, there you can drink coffee and smoke hookah
  • Sahara. Have you been to Tatooine? Yes, yes, the same from the “Star Wars “. For reference: it is in the Tunisian Sahara. Excursions to the Sahara – one of the main attractions for tourists since September. If a October weather summed up with plans to sunbathe, it is worth going for 2 days in the desert

In addition, almost every major city has a medina – historic center, traditionally located on the street by the market. Real Arab shopping, bargaining and unexpectedly bought carpet, too, can solve the problem of what to do in Tunisia in October, except for beach relaxation.

Tunisia Tunisia

Tunisia in October – tourists reviews

Traditionally, tourists reviews on how Tunisia is October, what is the weather at the most popular resorts, where to rest better / cheaper / more interesting – very subjective. And yet most agree on the main points:

  • Beach holidays in Tunisia in the autumn is possible. Bathing in october depends on two factors: objective – weather, subjective – level of hardened tourist. Water does not warm above +26 degrees even in the warmest regions
  • For lovers of active holidays, Tunisia is only interesting for one person. time. The country is small, and all the top places you can go around for days 10
  • The main contingent of tourists – the French middle and senior age family with children. In the fall, with the start of schoolwork, the last becomes much less
  • Local people are liberal about alcohol and women in European clothes. It’s hard to say if they got it from the French or Tunisians themselves are not conservatives. But as a result: women without clothes on the floor and bareheaded feel here quite comfortable. On the other hand, walking in beach suits for city indecent (for men too)
  • In Tunisia, French is the second state language. (first – Arabic). But with English it does not matter. Sometimes even hotel staff speaks only french
  • With a diametrically different attitude to couscous (from the enthusiastic “food of the gods!” to “Fu, raw porridge”), reviews of Russian tourists about local wines and fruits are positive.

In addition to Tunisia, in October it is comfortable to swim:

  • in Turkey
  • and 8 more countries

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