Holiday in Tunis in July 2019 – the weather, the sea, reviews

Rest in Tunisia in July may seem exotic to someone. After all usually in the diary at this time, tourists are massively record “Turkey and Egypt”. And Africa is often associated with the third world. – but, we assure, this is not about Tunisia.


    Resorts – Weather – Entertainment – Where is the Best? — Отзывы

Ниже мы расскажем тебе о небезынтересной альтернативе летнегоvisa-free holiday (yes, no visa is required). And right now – oh where it is advantageous to look for tours, including last minute:

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Beach Holidays in Tunisia – Top Resorts

Tunisia in July will not differ much from June. Only the sun will add light and, accordingly, the vouchers will rise in price. we already painted all the delights of the popular resorts of this country, and no less for hunters to drown on the shore the “dossier”:

  • Hammamet – the most popular abode of tourists. For some, it’s mostly a hotel, clean sea and fruits (especially Yasmine-Hammamet district, more suitable for families with children). For other life here begins with the onset of darkness, decorated with lights of parties and bars. Prices for tours: from 55 000 rubles for 7 nights for two
  • Sousse is resting horizontally in combinations with active evening entertainment in the form of discos and even carnivals. Then you and the water park, and water scooter, and diving with scuba diving. And a modest check for relax in Sousse. Prices for tours: from 50 000 rubles for 7 nights on two
  • In the area of Monastir small, walk to the depths meters 20-25, and then the boat chase. But minus, even two: blooms water and attack jellyfish. Plus: here for thalasso therapy, and hotels usually cost 25-40% lower than in Hammamet. Tour prices: from 55 000 rubles for 7 nights for two
  • Mahdia has some of the best beaches and the sea. (no algae in swimming trunks). There are still not many Russians here, but Tunisians prefer to sunbathe at this resort – agree, this can be a kind of quality mark. Prices for tours: from 65 000 rubles for 7 nights for two
  • Mediterranean Island Djerba Popular among tourists. White sandy beach and olive groves, definitely, will brighten up a romantic trip. Prices for tours: from 70 000 rubles for 7 nights for two

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What to choose – Turkey or Tunisia?

Let’s just say if you have already bypassed (la) and laid (a) Turkey along and across, it’s time to change the scenery and fly to the country of coffee and spicy the kitchen.

Despite the fact that the tour to Tunisia in July 2019 will rise much more expensive than Turkey, the climate is drier and there is no exhausting humidity, especially in early July.

Rest in Tunis in July 2019 Rest in Tunis in July 2019 Rest in Tunis in July 2019 Rest in Tunis in July 2019

Tunisian city Tatavin, inspired George Lucas at the shooting some scenes of Star Wars

Weather in July at the resorts of Tunisia

Weather in Tunisia in July, August, or even in spring depends on of what piece of country you stop at. Climate here on any taste and color: the north and the coast are subtropical of the Mediterranean, south and heart – desert tropics. And the temperature of the sea, perhaps will please you, but more on that below.

By the way, the precipitation of July weather does not portend. Sunny days prevail over the overcast gloom, which gives another plus in karma this mysterious country.

Tunisia Sea Temperature in July

The sea in Tunisia in July is already comfortably warm and it is pleasant to swim. The average water temperature is + 26 ° C. By the way, at the end of July the degrees will be much higher, the element warms up and, out of habit, can seem to be swimming in boiling water.

Average water temperature:

  • Djerba + 27.4 ° C
  • Mahdia + 26.0 ° C
  • Monastir + 25.9 ° C
  • Sousse + 25.9 ° C
  • Hammamet + 25.6 ° C

The air temperature in Tunisia in July

The air temperature in Tunisia in July, especially near the sea, promises comfortable rest. Your beach all day.

During the day, the average values of the mercury column stop at + 32 ° C, although from time to time (in the middle of July) all the + 40 ° C. At night, do not have to suffer from the suffocating heat – you can sleep like a baby. But the evening walks, nothing prevents air temperature around + 25 ° C.

But Tunis in late July is not the same. The sun burns mercilessly so that we don’t recommend putting yourself in the city (especially at noon), until 14 hours – the most heating peak.

It seems too hot? Find out when is the best time to relax in Tunisia. – spring or velvet season?

Average air temperature:

  • Djerba + 31.2 ° C
  • Mahdia + 30.5 ° C
  • Monastir + 32.0 ° C
  • Sousse + 32.7 ° C
  • Hammamet + 32.3 ° C

In general, and in general, Tunisia in July according to the criteria “weather / sea / feedback tourists “is a good choice if we talk about beach holidays in Europe and Near Africa. Where is warmer? Definitely Sousse.

To the combination of Tunisia and July did not spoil the vacation (which unlikely), catch a hint: the temperature of water and air together

Average t, ° C in Tunisia (in July)
Resorts in Tunisia Air Water
in the afternoon at night
Djerba 31.2 26.7 27.4
Mahdia 30.5 25.1 26.0
Monastir 32.0 25.3 25.9
Sousse 32.7 25.2 25.9
Hammamet 32.3 24.4 25.6
Rest in Tunisia in July - sights Rest in Tunisia in July - sights Rest in Tunisia in July - sights Rest in Tunisia in July - sights

Excursion “Sahara” – covers different regions of the country and gives wide view of tunisia

Attractions in Tunisia – what to do in July?

So (drum roll), what to see and do in Tunisia in July? After a week or two lying in the summer under the sun, not even so scorching as in many other countries, how to drink to burn. Yes, and you get bored.

Virtually every more or less large city is saturated here. historical monuments, museums, temples and other memory points. In Hammamet, these are the ruins of Pupput and Cartagland Park, on Djerba – a lagoon with flamingos and a crocodile farm. And to “intermarry” with the locals, be sure to look at Medina capital (hectic Arab quarter with the market). By the way, here and for souvenirs.

And Tunisia is full of sightseeing tours. We have allocated our top list:

  • The “must-visit” title belongs to two days Safaris or excursions “Sahara” in the southern part of the country. Here is the nose to you will run into the Roman Amphitheater in El Jem, the city Berber Matmata and, in fact, with the desert itself. Price tag for adults start from $ 120, children – $ 80. But think in advance about comfortable shoes, headgear and water supplies, otherwise you will burn or torture thirst! As payment for excursions take two валюты: доллар и тунисский динар (1 TND = 22 RUB), какconveniently.
  • Ruins Term Antonina Pius and Capitol (formerly the amphitheater) Guide “Carthage – Sidi Bou Said – Museum of Bardo” will cost you $ 45, babies –25 $ (prices are from).
  • A trip to the city of Dougga will captivate those who are not indifferent to the history of the country since the Roman era. Check: $ 60 / $ 30 respectively.
  • In El Jem you should go for a meeting with the Coliseum. With parents – $ 28, with the kids – $ 14.
  • Excursions to Safari Park Phrygia ($ 55 / $ 27) and “Sea Walk” ($ 25 / $ 15) will revive the summer vacation.

Interested in entertainment? Please take it – I do not want. Diving better to look in the locations of Tabarka and Djerba. Free immersion in the high seas will cut $ 18 as standard. Tourists can ride on yacht and carry fishing (for someone it’s still the excitement).

But the star of the program in Tunisia will be thalassotherapy (Charcot’s douche, wraps, massage). A complex of 4 procedures costing a pretty penny ($ 100), but you can stop at any one. So, oths you only 3-4 $.

Rest in Tunisia in July - sights Rest in Tunisia in July - sights Rest in Tunisia in July - sights Rest in Tunisia in July - sights

Ishköl National Park – protected natural area on north of tunisia

Where better to relax in Tunisia in July?

But if you’re still wondering, “where is the best place to relax in Tunisia in July “, choose Hammamet with a developed infrastructure. Love Russian – all inclusive – is widely available in the Yasmin zone (by the way, here is a pebble). Sandy beaches catch in Medina.

If it is more important, where it is warmer in Tunisia in July, then run into a sunny Sousse. It caresses, warms and the weather forecast in 2019 is not will disappoint.

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And best of all – in the fall: Tunisia in September >> и Тунис в октябре >>

Reviews on a trip to Tunis in July

We will not be cunning, Tunisia left diametrically in July opposite reviews after themselves. Someone for the third time comes back here for the “quality, uninterrupted” sun, and someone is afraid of Tunisian jellyfish like a fire (this is the question of whether swim in July).

Judging by the impressions, we conclude that an African country is a kind of “mixture” of Turkey and Egypt. The sea is “Turkish”, and hotels and the situation (cities, houses, a small mess on the streets) is almost Egyptian.

Have you already been to Tunisia? If yes, we would be interested read your comment below. If not, and when are you going? ?

Where else to rest in July? You can roll:

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