Holiday in Thailand in November 2019 – where go?

Holiday in Thailand in November 2019 - where to go? Holiday in Thailand in November 2019 - where to go?

One of the most popular autumnal directions of Southeast Asia is a picturesque Thailand. In November here nature itself creates amazing opportunities for a relaxed beach holiday active cultural and educational leisure and, of course, exciting taste buds of gastronomic tourism.

Prices for tours to Thailand in November, referred to in the article, are relevant at the time of publication. They change daily – if not hourly – therefore, seeing a great option, do not hesitate. Tomorrow maybe this will not find. Below are the top tour aggregators.


  1. Where better to relax? Differences resorts
  2. Phuket | Pattaya | Samui
  3. Prices for tours to Thailand
  4. Weather | Entertainment | Reviews

Where better to relax in Thailand in November?

Holiday in Thailand in November is a good idea, and almost every resort suitable for all types of mass tourism. The key word is almost. ?

There are some nuances. First, those that are NOT related to climate:

  • lovers of sunbathing are unlikely to enjoy the beaches of Pattaya, they dirty, noisy and unpresentable. In the same time, there are more sights here, to Bangkok – a half hour drive, and the nightlife is boiling. For party people definitely suitable for families with children is debatable
  • Phuket for the heat-loving babes, little travelers and romantically-minded couples more favorable, but trips here are more expensive, and the prices of food, transportation, etc. above. But the island rich in idyllic landscapes and located near the “paradise” Phi Phi Islands,
  • Samui is a secluded and wilder place. It does not affect infrastructure of the resort (everything is sufficiently equipped), but in the evenings you can get a little bored
  • Krabi Province and the sight pleases with natural perfections, and the soul is concerned with night walks through cafes and bars. That’s probably why The resort is dearly loved by Europeans and Australians. However the water is here not as transparent, though clean, and besides, strongly influenced ebb and flow.

Secondly, you should pay attention to seasonal features. Thailand in the fall:

  • Phuket in November may occasionally surprise by storm warning, but in general – dry and hot :),
  • Pattaya, by virtue of the monsoons being uncapable, is good for the weather. all year round, incl. and in the fall,
  • But on Samui in November is not recommended to fly. This month the island has a peak of rainy weather,
  • In Krabi, as in Phuket, the high season starts, and the weather conditions favor arriving.

Already an idea to fly to Tai for the November holidays? Look for cheap tours on sites we have checked:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They compare offers from 120 leading tour operators of Russia and give the most attractive options. Somehow we have already found April ticket to Phuket for 14 days for 67,000 rubles for two, try to find and in November!

Phuket in November

Phuket beach Phuket beach Phuket Airport Beach Phuket Airport Beach

The beach near the airport – Mai Khao. The main thing is to guess the day, To planes landed, the photo will be cooler!

An island, in principle, is always the universal answer to the question is where it is better to spend holidays in Thailand. In November, the weather Phuket is more supportive of holidaymakers: cool starts. season. Despite the controversial name, he is considered perfect for visiting the resort.

Sea temperature, as usual, excellent for swimming and more calm, compared with September and October; clouds are gathering much less often, giving free rein to the hot sun. Probability intermittent rainstorms, and even storms, still exist. But who scare you warm tropical rain lasting on the strength of 10-15 minutes? ?

In general, Phuket in November, after a break in the low season, boldly gives the green light to all who wish to visit Andaman coast!

What to do on the island besides absolutely beautiful, but quickly annoying lying on the beach? There are many recommendations on the Internet – tours and activities of the type of snorkeling, the neighboring islands … And what about specifics?

More choices: Where else to go relax in November? >>

Here is our list of what we managed to turn in Phuket:

  • Sunbathe on three main beaches – Patong, Karon and Kata,
  • Go to the statue of Big Buddha, looking on the way to visit the elephants to the farm
  • Surf on Kata Beach,
  • Rent a bike and drive to Khao Lak resort, located north of Phuket,
  • See how planes fly in meters above head on Mai beach Khao,
  • Challenge yourself in the Flying Hanuman amusement park (soar between trees are not so scary))
  • To visit the southernmost point of Phuket – Cape Promteph,
  • To lose a pair of hairpins on Monkey Hill (attempted and phones)
  • And fly for a penny to Singapore for 2 days! But about this we still tell you separately. ?

As you can see, on James Bond Island, Phi Phi Island, etc. we are not drove. There was not enough time, and even asking around those who were, made sure that the impressions of the exotic and the charm of the rock islands fly away at the sight of a myriad of tourists.

Phuket in November Phuket in November

Beach in Khao Lak area (we stayed for 1 night at the hotel Moracea)

Phuket Tours

In November 2019, tours to Phuket start at 77,000 rubles per two for 10 days in a 3 * hotel. It happens that the voucher is sold at a price flight, i.e. less than 40,000 rubles. But it is extremely rarely and wait probably not worth it. Often in the off-season (our summer) permits give 48 thousand rubles, which is very cheap. But in the winter such prices are unlikely.

You yourself can throw a few thousand rubles from the final the cost of your trip, if you think about it in advance trip. Tours to Phuket in November, with early booking, stand on 15-20% cheaper than just before the departure date.

Permits with accommodation in hotels located on Patong Beach, usually cheaper than staying in hotels near the beaches of Karon and Kata It is understandable, Patong is noisy, crowded and not so clean. If you are traveling without children, we advise you not to overpay and choose a hotel in Patong. On-site – rent a bike and you can reach Kata or Karon in 15-20 minutes. We are so every time doing?

Найти тур на Пхукет >>Найти горящий тур >>

Pattaya in November

Koh Lan Island Koh Lan Island Observatory Koh Lan Koh Lan Viewing Platform

We advise you to go from Pattaya to Koh Lan island (views from there)

This resort will be an excellent option for friendly company, going on holiday to Thailand in 2019. Reviews experienced tourists confirm that Pattaya in November in terms of weather is very nice to travel.

Of course, the desire to swim in clean water and sunbathe on equipped beach is only possible on the neighboring island of Koh Lan, or in the south of the resort, on the Military Beach (Sai Kaew). But how much is Pattaya can be viewed!

  • One of the main decorations is the garden of millions of annual stones. Here you will see petrified trees, waterfalls, a small zoo and real crocodile farm
  • If there are children in your company, be sure to include Your guided tour of the tropical garden of orchids Nong Nooch, garden Saythip Butterflies and Mini Siam Park,
  • Popular attractions include Hill Big Buddha, the Temple of Truth and the village of elephants. Also fascinating will be a walk through the zoo “Kao Keo”. Whisper your deer in your ear the most cherished wish, and believe me – it will come true :),
  • And of course, rest in Pattaya obliges to visit the famous transvestite show in the world – Tiffany show!

And if not November? About Thailand in the winter – in detail >>

Tours to Pattaya

In November, tours to Pattaya can be purchased at an acceptable price. price, as the mass flow of tourists is only gaining momentum. BUT if you book in advance, then, for example, rest for 10 days in beginning of November with accommodation in a 3 * hotel + breakfast will be released in 72 944 rubles for two (MP Residence). For comparison, at the end of the month the cost rises to 80,000 rubles.

A budget trip to Pattaya in November can provide and burning tours. A ticket can be caught in less than 30,000 rubles per person! If you have the ability to quickly collect a suitcase. ?

Найти тур в Паттайю >>

Samui in November

Alas, the most unfavorable month for traveling on Samui – November. Livni, flooding, blurring of roads – all this is characteristic of Islands at this time of the year, but not once. Sometimes koh samui in November it surprises even the serene days, however the water in the sea remains muddy due to the stormy sand.

However, in November tours on Samui are also sold and, more Moreover, very actively bought up. First, unlike seasonal prices “for 150,000 and more”, you can take a ticket for 85,000 rubles per two. Secondly, food and entertainment are cheaper, understand why. Well, and thirdly, one of the wonderful islands of Thailand It is completely at the disposal of the newcomer, because the rest Tourists overpower Phuket, Krabi and Pattaya.

Tours to Thailand from Moscow in November 2019

Summer behind, autumn spleen in full swing, slush, first frost and gloomy clouds! Escape – either in a cup of hot cocoa under the blanket, or in the organization of attacks abroad, to the sea. AT traditional close directions the sun no longer shines so hot therefore, it will take a long time, 9-10 hours.

Of course, we are talking about tours in Thailand. In November, the country solemnly gives rise to the tourist boom in Andaman coast (Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi) and continues to take travelers in the Gulf of Siam (Pattaya, Hua Hin). You can leave and on the November holidays (for example, to trap hot tours), and in the end of the month, after waiting for the full establishment of the season.

Thailand in November meets everywhere with the warmest sea, snow-white sand hanging over the beaches of palm trees. And local delights in Thai massage, fresh fruit fresh penny, delicious tom-pit with shrimp and baked mussels. Besides, the cost of these pleasures – as well as the price of trips to Thailand in November – still “seasonally” acceptable.

Those who prefer comfort to the maximum, may think about the rest “all inclusive”. But is it necessary in a country where less just want to waste time in the room? ?

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Prices for tours to Thailand in November 2019

With early booking, two or three months before November, tours in Thailand will be cheaper than buying a week or two before holidays

Play the role and dates of your trip. Obviously, the beginning of the month promises lower prices for tour packages than the end is around the corner and December and the New Year holidays, so during November they gradually increase by 5-10%.

Pay attention to the duration of the trip. It often happens so that the ticket for 7 days is more expensive, or about the same, at cost, than the permit for 10 days. The money is the same – impressions more!

Departure from Moscow significantly reduces the price of a package holiday. in Thailand. So it was, is and always will be (if you are not from the eastern parts of Russia), due to the development of the sphere of air transportation in the capital. Simply put, in Moscow airports operates more airlines flying to Tai.

In general, as for the “resort” pricing policy in Thailand in November 2019, then it still persists: in Pattaya, few budget in Phuket and Krabi is more expensive, but the last plus requires self-transfer from Samui airport cheap due to rainy weather.

Weather in Thailand in November

In general, the weather in Thailand in November will not spoil the experience of recreation. The air temperature is kept at + 28 ° С … + 30 ° С, the sea – like fresh milk at 28 degrees. ?

Rains can be intense, but short-term: 10 minutes solid wall of water (warm, moreover), and the scorching sun is all the rest of the time. Since the last month of autumn is already a stage high season, showers fall less often, and then at night. By the morning the earth has time to dry.

However, not all elements have to go to Thailand. In November the weather is rampant on Samui, flooding the local villages and forcing tourists hiding in hotels.

What to do in Thailand in November?

Food in Thailand Food in Thailand Fruit in Thailand Fruit in Thailand

View from the Hilton Hotel, Pattaya (they took a Swedish table)

The answer to the question of what to see in Thailand will be diverse. The country of the most smiling people is rich in wonderful architectural and natural monuments that are so requested in the Instagram tape. Entertainment – night, sports, educational – also in bulk. As they say, every whim for your money. ? To rest in Thailand for two in 10 days we spent about 110,000 rubles (the cost tour + money with you).

In November in Thailand are impressive holidays and festivals. No Spanish tomato fight or carnival in Brazil can compare on entertainment with the Vegetarian Festival which is held on Phuket November is one of the main holidays of the whole year. Loi Kratong, when the locals get rid of all the accumulated negatives in an interesting way – launching homemade boats in the form of a lotus with a burning candle in the center.

Beach holiday

The numerous islands of Thailand in November provide the perfect by all standards beach holiday. Leader is probably Phuket, thanks to the picturesque nature, the emerald water surface and the tiniest pure sand. The best beaches of the island – Kata, Karon, Freedom, Banana Rock Beach and Bang Tao.

Honor? 10 best places in Thailand >>

Guest reviews about November holidays

A good half of tourists choose vacation in Thailand in November. Reviews unanimously confirm that this time of year weather conditions are good for idle pastime by the sea and not at all prevent active acquaintance with exotic sights.

Hotel prices in the autumn still remember the “off-season” trends and remain average. If you are planning an independent travel, periodically review offers at RoomGuru. We have been lucky enough to supervariant: for example, in Thailand, in our two-day trip to Khao Lak, we lived in a 5-star Moracea by Khao Lak Resort for 2 500 rubles for two per night! But more in trips we have never stumbled upon this price? By the way, I decided check prices in July 2019 – and opa, there are numbers for 3,000 rubles / night! Definitely this is the top 5 hotels in our travels the world.

The cost of food also does not really hit the wallet, local cafes and restaurants still offer seafood, tom-yam and pad-tay along normal prices. By the way, fruits in Thailand ripen in November the following: from the habitual Russian man – bananas, pomelo, pineapples, from unusual – papaya, zapodilla, guava, carambola, pitahaya

Benefits of vacation in November

What are the advantages of having a vacation in Thailand in November? Let us be here concise, because we described in detail the previous sections:?

  • Acceptable price tag for vouchers, accommodation, relocation and etc.
  • Good weather conditions, moderate humidity,
  • Not so crowded beaches, especially at the beginning of the month.

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