Holiday in Montenegro 2019 – our review. Prices, all inclusive accommodation

We decided to refute the statement that it is good where we are not. Chose a vacation in Montenegro in 2018. And they did it: we are here, and we are good. Beaches, pines, marinas with yachts. Inland – lakes and mountains, better than which, everyone knows, there is nothing.

I give all the passwords and appearances: where, how and how much, based on personal experience – even write this text, lying on the beach. Just kidding There is no the internet. From the hotel room?


  1. How to get yourself?
  2. How much does a tour cost?
  3. Resorts | Season | Holiday rates
  4. Best hotels and apartments
  5. Attractions | Beaches
  6. Vacation with children
  7. Transportation / car rental
  8. Guest reviews

Flights & Charters to Montenegro

There are 2 international airports in the country: Tivat (main) and Podgorica There are direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Mostly fly to Tivat, in Podgorica less often.

Prices depend on the season. Cheaper late in the fall, in October / November, and in the spring, in March / April – from 7,000 rubles round-trip per person. In the summer of flight for 15 thousand – good luck. Charter flights, not part of the tour, cost the same as regular flights, sales are rare.

Our experience: they took standard S7 tickets with luggage from Moscow to Tivat at the end of August, not much in advance (for 1.5 months). There was a similar pleasure at 20,000 rubles each. Searched and compared, as always, through:

  • Aviasales
  • Skyscanner

The victory was cheaper (about 16 thousand), but we were not satisfied Availability of hand luggage of incomprehensible size only. In this limit One first-aid kit was placed, and approximately the same with extra payments money.

Prices for tours to Montenegro in 2019. Where to buy cheap tour?

In Becici, as in many other places in Montenegro, the first the coastline is built up with hotels. Looking for anguish in his eyes a child stuck to the fence of one of them, I began to doubt, that independent travel was the right choice. Behind the fence – A huge green area, playgrounds, animators. Beside chaise lounges for adults, waiters deliver drinks, and in 50 meters splashing sea: beauty!

In fact, the rest in Montenegro “all inclusive” is not the most budget (and if it is a quality?). In 2019, last minute tours to a week in 2 * apartments – from 75,000 rubles for two (with a flight from Moscow). 4-star hotel costs 10 thousand more. But the cost of vouchers without food below: 10 days from 52 000 rubles.

Good prices for all-inclusive tours (or not included) can be catch on one of our favorite sites:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Loved ones, because they show the best prices, after comparing them for all leading tour operators and finding minimum possible.

Where better to relax in Montenegro? Resorts

Kotor, Montenegro Kotor, Montenegro

Panorama of Kotor

Resorts of Montenegro can be divided into coastal and mountain clusters.

The most popular places to relax on the sea (from north to south):

  • Herceg Novi (Herceg Novi): pebble beaches or concrete, without flat slope. Lots of greenery. Includes Igalo – balneo-mud resort
  • Kotor: a city with panoramas on Boko-Kotor bay and old tangled streets. No equipped beaches
  • Budva: active nightlife, resort for lovers driving On the beaches in the season can be noisy
  • Becici: good beaches with small pebbles. Quiet town for families with children. Lot related entertainment – rides, water park
  • Rafailovichi: sandy beaches, greenery. Prices lower than in Budva
  • Sveti Stefan: an island near the coast. Historic houses outside ↗
  • converted into luxury hotels inside. Clean and relatively uncrowded sandy beaches. The most expensive of Montenegrin resorts
  • Petrovac: the city is surrounded by olive and pine the groves. The beach is small, but suitable for children – sandy, with a gentle by the entrance. After 12, the nightlife stops until the morning.
  • Sutomore: budget resort. In the season very crowded. Pebble beaches.
  • Bar: a variety of beaches (there is even a red sand). Old city-record for architectural monuments
  • Ulcinj: Black sand of the Small Ulcinj beach is healing. District ecology is the best in the country

Подробнее о курортах >>

concrete beach concrete beach

Concrete beach in Herceg Novi

In the depths there are ski resorts, where to rest in Montenegro possible in winter:

  • Kolasin: prices for Europe are very affordable; daily skipass – about € 20 against at least € 40 in the Alps. But suitable for beginners, rather, the longest track – 5 km
  • Zabljak: strictly speaking, a year-round resort, because located in the national park Durmitor

We had planned a family trip for three (two adults and child). Request: see country, buy / sunbathe shallow and resemble a yacht. The route is the following: we arrive in Tivat → rent a car → go to Herceg Novi, rest for a couple of days → then to Durmitor (Zhablyak) for 3 days. We rent a car and share: husband – yacht near Kotor, we – the beach in Becici.

Expectations / Reality: the Internet is inexorable He insisted that Becici is a great option for children’s activities. My impressions – Herceg Novi liked more. Atmospheric, quieter, heartfelt. Beaches are smaller, but mileage is not important for children. Although entertainment infrastructure is worse.

Season in Montenegro: when is it better to rest?

Nature of Montenegro, mountain river Nature of Montenegro, mountain river The nature of Montenegro, the bridge The nature of Montenegro, the bridge

View of the river Tara and the bridge Dzhurdzhevicha

The high season on the Adriatic Sea lasts all summer, from May to September. It is hotter in July: it warms up to + 35 ° C during the day, water temperature + 25 ° C. But the climate on the coast of the Balkan The peninsula is soft, subtropical. It does not compare with sticky stuffy Turkey, therefore, Montenegro (and neighboring Croatia) is an ideal July and August directions.

People most of all at the same time. It becomes a little freer in the autumn, with the end of school holidays. As a big fan of velvet season (the best time to rest), for the trip I chose the end August – the beginning of September. I wanted a desert as far as it is perhaps beaches, autumn discounts, but still warm sea.

September discounts are really good. Rent a car is getting cheaper percent to 30. Housing becomes significantly more, there is something choose. The weather also did not let us down: even after night rains you can bathe.

And what about the visa? For Russians, the country is visa free the period is up to 30 days, but from May to October the period is extended to 90!

Seafood in Montenegro Seafood in Montenegro in the vicinity of Herceg Novi in the vicinity of Herceg Novi

Prices in Montenegro in 2019

Less lyrics, more numbers. Prices for holidays in Montenegro in 2019 year:

  • Transport

    • • Transfer Airport Tivat-Budva (Becici) (22 km) – 20
    • • Bus (public) Becici-Budva (3 km) – 1
    • • Taxi Becici-Budva (3 km) – 7


    • • Rafting on the river Tara – 50
    • • Equipped place on the beach (2 loungers and an umbrella) – 6-10
    • • ZipLine next to the Dzhurdzhevich bridge (crossing on one side canyon on the other on the steel cable) – 10-20
    • • Bus excursions – 12-35
    • • Children’s attractions (trampolines, carousels) – 2
    • • Boats, canoes, catamarans – 9-12


    • • The average restaurant bill for two is 20-25
    • • Check at the store when buying food for 2 adults for 1 full day – ten
    • • Tea / coffee with milk – 1.5-2
    • • Local beer, 0.5 L – 2.5
    • • Wine, 0.5 l – 4-6

* In the country, the official currency is Euro, prices are indicated in it.

In order not to bore the sums of those who are only just thinking about rest, we wrote a separate article about prices in Montenegro. Click if interested?

Food prices – where to buy?

If the plans are cooking at home, then you can buy products in supermarket. Most popular: Voli, Idea.

The choice of products is quite familiar to the Russian person: there is buckwheat, jelly, eggs. Meat can fry right in the store by request. Vegetables-fruits in the markets of the best quality. Bread taken buy in “bakers”, although in stores it is not worse.

  • Eggs, 10 pcs – € 1,2
  • Bread – € 0.6
  • Meat, pork, 1 kg – € 6
  • Milk, 1 L – € 0.7
  • Bananas, 1 kg – € 1.3
  • Water, 5 liters – € 2
  • Potatoes, 1 kg – € 0.5

✓ There are a lot of good pizzerias in Montenegro (big meat pizza – about € 10). And a € 7 pasta is a real pasta pan!

✓ Fast food (hamburger, sandwich) – € 2.

✓ Gigantic portions in restaurants. We usually took one main thing. a dish (on average, € 10) and one vegetable salad (up to € 5) for two. Of this enough to overeat.

All inclusive – is it worth taking?

Montenegro is a “non-bundled” country. At any resort set delicious cafes for every budget. Rent housing with access to the sea is also not makes problems. Another argument against all inclusive in Montenegro – no language barrier: Russian with Montenegrin similar, even without English can be explained. Menu and service almost all Russian speakers.

On the other hand, a beach holiday is in a mode when everything (food, entertainment) already taken care of others – a special pleasure. A week in 4-star, popular with tourists Iberostar Bellevue in Budva will cost 105 000 rubles for two. More budget option: 4 * Hotel Slovenska Plaza Lux (also in Budva) – a little over 90,000 for 7 nights

Найти тур все включено >>

Best hotels in Montenegro: where to stay?

The best hotels in Montenegro, according to reviews of tourists:

  • 5 stars:

    • • Splendid Conference & Spa Resort (Becici) – luxury option breakfast or full board. The hotel has high quality spa services, which are used even by local (and this is an indicator!) Tour – from 155 000 rubles Room for the night – from € 210

    In general, the country is tight with decent five-star hotels. And those 20, that is, unreasonably expensive.

    4 stars:

    • • Apartments Los Olivos (Kotor) – apartments in a peculiar estate with the coolest views of the bay. Room for the night – from € 70 (tours not)
    • • Perla (Herceg Novi) – the first line and its own beach, view rooms, entertainment for small tours – from 90 000 rubles for the night – from € 100

    3 stars:

    • • Apartment Radjenovic (Budva) – apartments with kitchen, Tourists are rated as the best option in terms of price-comfort-location! Tour – from 70 000 rubles (sold only tour
    • • Vila Stanivukovic (Budva) – cheap, but not angry. Main plus – clean and close: to the center, to the sea, and to the bus station Tour – from 55,000 rubles (sold only by tour)

Each of these hotels can be booked independently – on Booking or RoomGuru. Here is a placer of inexpensive guesthouses and apartments.

The private sector in Montenegro – how to search?

House in the private sector in Montenegro House in the private sector in Montenegro The private sector in Montenegro The private sector in Montenegro

Herzen Novi and Becici

Montenegro – a country where in the private sector you can rent a house in the old manner, asking: “How much does living cost?” in the house with “SOBE Apartmani” (I cannot vouch for exact translation, but the general sense: surrender rooms). Many regular Montenegrin fans the seas solve the housing problem in this way.

However, progress has reached these shores of the Adriatic Sea. For those who like to plan everything in advance (like me) on popular Internet resources have hundreds of apartments.

Our experience: we booked 3 options in 3 different places: two using Airbnb (which is what you want! Do not forget about our discount of 2100 rubles) and one through Booking. All objects accommodation – private ownership of Montenegrins. All our hosts are very Helpful, and generally great people with ordinary life: they have children, grandchildren, dogs, husbands, wives and neighbors running to the cup coffee.

Prices in the private sector start from 1000 rubles per day. Apartment, apartment or villa with all amenities and kitchen, on average, it costs 3000-7000 rubles.

What to see in Montenegro? sights

Boats off the coast in Montenegro Boats off the coast in Montenegro Streets in Montenegro Streets in Montenegro

Natural sights of Montenegro (prices for 2019):

  • Durmitor – National Park, with river canyon Tara, arch bridge Dzhurdzhevicha, clean lakes and other the beauties of the mountains. Entrance to the park: € 3, children up to 7 years old free of charge excursion from Budva: € 35

    It is better to go by car. Cons bus-tours: little time on the parking, all day on the bus. On mountain serpentine it can be especially heavy. We had to make a couple of stops on the way from Herceg Novi, when it is too rocked.

  • Lake Skadar – boating all sizes and stripes, white pebble beach and the possibility of solitude after the noisy coast. Rowing boat rental per hour: € 9
  • Biogradska Gora – a popular eco-tourism destination in summer, in winter there are ski slopes.

Historical sights. Almost in all major cities have an old part – tiled houses roofs, temples, monuments. Most popular with tourists:

  • Kotor
  • Sveti Stefan
  • Budva
  • Bar

Christian monasteries stand apart. Most the famous one is Ostrog. Located in the mountains, at an altitude of 900 m.; valid from the 15th century to the present. Bus tour: € 12 out Budva.

Montenegro beaches

Beaches of Montenegro Beaches of Montenegro

Kumbor (Herzen-Novi)

Beach holidays in Montenegro want to describe the adjective is pictorial. Almost 300 km of coastline there is an incredible variety of beaches: black, white, pebbly, with sea urchins, concrete (without hedgehogs). Surrounded pines, in the city center, shallow, deep. Choose – on any taste!

In the top five fall:

  • Jaz – pebble and sandy beach near Budva. Good equipped, sun beds and other benefits for a fee (within € 10)
  • Becici – wide pebble beach. On paid sites (€ 6-8 for a set of sun loungers) guests are offered cocktails from the nearest bar, which the waiter will bring to the place of rest
  • Plavi Horizonte – fine sand, gentle descent, a lot of shade from greenery surrounding the beach. Located in Tivat area
  • Ploce – Budva beach. Place of parties, parties and other things active beach holiday (and it happens, yeah!)
  • Velika Plazha – therapeutic sandy beach near Ulcin

Rest in Montenegro with children

Montenegro with children, in nature Montenegro with children, in nature

Oz Black, Durmitor

+ In summer, Montenegro is ideal for holidays with children, and first of all because of the climate. Plus, a large selection of resorts: any, except, perhaps, Budva – there is noisy and crowded. In kotor Gulf water a little warmer, no waves.

+ There are animals in the sea (I personally saw fish, crabs, sea stars and octopus), children are interested. Children aged 7-12 over water and not visible: constantly diving with masks.

+ Almost any accommodation provides free cots for babies up to 3 years.

+ Food in Montenegro is simple, understandable. Feed the baby not Problem: scrambled eggs, soup, pasta, kebab (same cutlet) and potatoes Fries (where without it!) Is in any cafe.

– Many beaches are concrete slabs, without flat descent. Although a lot of exceptions: you need to watch photos or write hosts (or stop near the above). Often at the hotel – small (5 meters) pebble beach. The baby is enough, and adults can comfortably sunbathe on a concrete platform nearby.

Infrastructure and transportation

Rent a car in Montenegro Rent a car in Montenegro Car rental prices Car rental prices

Montenegro causes mixed feelings. You look to the right – neat houses. Europe! Looking left – dump. How so?

The country is fairly safe. When booking a lounger staff asked to leave something (towels, circle) as a guarantee return if you leave during the day. The door at night can not lock. Restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies are everywhere they live tourists.

Public transport is represented mainly by auto. How in Russia, most buses – bus. There are a lot of people in summer cars filled to capacity. Prices depend on the distance. Bus from Budva to Kotor costs € 4. Luggage must be paid separately – € 1.

Taxi is expensive. The price lists for the parking lots are clearly overpriced (€ 7 3 km!). They did not try to bargain, they probably dropped it.

Rent a Car

Road in Montenegro Road in Montenegro

If you are planning an active holiday, without a car in Montenegro it will be hard. You can get to the mountains only by car. track. Some beauty (saddle pass, for example) can not be seen during the group tour – narrow roads, pass only cars auto.

For renting cars around the world there are several convenient aggregators:

  • Rentalcars – International
  • Myrentacar – works with local distributors

Our experience: this time booked a car through Rentalcarse. The best offer was € 25 / day. But, Montenegro is not a little Europe, and private traders are cheaper. Upon arrival at Becici neighbor offered us a car for rent for € 10 per day. Gasoline – € 1.3 per liter.

Reviews about holidays in Montenegro

beach beach

Beach in Herceg Novi

Like any resort, Montenegro has its passion and opponents. Someone does not like relaxed service, someone does not see the point of going abroad when the beaches are similar to the Black Sea. Someone needs shopping, with which in Montenegro it does not matter.

As always, when it comes to people’s opinions, it’s for everyone his For many, Montenegro causes warm feelings. Evidence a large number of Russians actively buying real estate (€ 1,300 per sq / m). And more often not for business, but to come to the sun-sea from the cold northern regions.

Pros and cons of Montenegro

Total, what we have. Pros:

  • A large number of interesting places that are easy to reach. (as part of excursions or by car)
  • Without a visa
  • Low prices
  • Close (with a flight from Moscow – about 3 hours, which is especially important when traveling with children)
  • Yummy
  • Clear (no language barrier)
  • Good ecology

Disadvantages: in a season crowded; non-turkish beaches (few sandy).

Separately about the service: unobtrusive, pleasant, but relaxed. It is unlikely that someone from the staff will try to anticipate guest wishes. Will do if you ask.

By the way, that can not be booked via the Internet, and to negotiate on the spot, I have already forgotten at all. I had to remember ?

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