Holiday for the New Year 2020 in the Dominican Republic. Prices tours from Moscow

New Year in the Dominican Republic is a first-class secluded holiday in surrounded by tropical nature on a paradise island. Transparent waves There are incredible turquoise colors, so tours in Dominican Republic are very popular. This oasis is easy recognizable by palm trees leaning over the secluded beaches. ? Below We will tell you about which resort is better to choose in the Dominican Republic, how much money you need for the trip and what fun you waiting there.

By the way, last-minute tours to the Dominican Republic can sometimes appear 2-3 months before the trip (with a discount of 15-30% of original cost). Search and catch such discounts better through a number of proven sites such as booking aggregators, only for tours:

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  1. Holiday features and weather
  2. Tours for the New Year: in Punta Cana | in Boca Chica
  3. How to fly to the Dominican Republic?
  4. Reviews

Beach in Dominicana Beach in Dominicana

Features holiday in the Dominican Republic. Weather in December – January

The weather for the New Year in this picturesque corner is so comfortable that lovers of the “eternal” come here from all over the world of the summer New Year at the sea is always a reason to have fun, swimming in azure waters, leisurely pastime and admiring superb sunsets. Photos of the hot Santo Domingo – the capital Republic – a clear confirmation of this. This place is beautiful to everyone. known for signature cigars and incendiary merengue.

Dominicana New Year allows you to enjoy all the attributes This paradise island – sandy beaches, clear sea and sun. However, the rest is not limited to this. There are many interesting places that everyone should see. Dominican architecture is a vibrant blend of island traditions combined with European color. Until 1795 the republic was Spanish colony, and after the French.

If you are interested in tours to the Dominican Republic, then the price for two is quite reasonable. Especially, if you think about the trip in advance (at least for 2 months). For the amount of 94 000 rubles for two you get rich and first-class rest. As for the weather, December-January is the most successful period for planning a trip to this island.

In the Dominican Republic for the New Year 2020, summer awaits you in full swing. The air temperature at this time varies within comfortable limits. +26 ° С in the daytime, and at night the thermometers are lowered maximum up to +21 ° C. There is almost no rain during these months, Therefore, the New Year in the Dominican Republic usually passes dryly, but quite comfortable and without sweltering heat.

Monthly average temperature, ° C
Jan feb mar apr May Jun Jul Aug sen oct but I Dec
in the afternoon +27 +29 +30 +30 +30 +31 +31 +32 +31 +31 +29 +26
at night +21 +20 +20 +21 +22 +23 +23 +23 +23 +22 +21 +21
water +26 +26 +26 +26 +27 +27 +28 +28 +29 +29 +27 +26

Tip number 1

To save as much as possible on the price and hotels, we recommend make an early booking at least 2 months before the trip, so as wanting to go in November-December becomes at times more.

Where is the Dominican Republic?

Washed by the waters of the Caribbean, Dominican Republic literally immersed in lush vegetation. Island sprawled on eastern Haiti, is part of the famous Great Archipelago Antilles.

Tours in the Dominican Republic for the New Year 2020 (December-January)

Early booking of tours is a good opportunity to order top all inclusive vacation with flights and hotels by the lowest possible price. If you are considering trips to Dominican Republic for the New Year, then the cost of 7 – 10 days stay in 3 star hotel on average for two starts from 95-120 thousand rubles. This is a departure from Moscow. In a separate article, we collected 10 ways how you can really save when buying a tour. Advise read after reading the article?

Board number 2

We advise you to take a tour to the Dominican Republic from Moscow, because, firstly, you will save even more money, and secondly, the risk of cancellation or departure departure is reduced to almost zero! And get to Moscow You can train for 1,5-3 thousand rubles.

Star hotel when booking a tour to the Dominican Republic not always plays a decisive role in the formation of the cost of services. On This affects many other factors: the prestige of the institution, proximity to the beach, location, etc. Tours to the Dominican Republic New Year 2020 with departure from Moscow or St. Petersburg in December or January most profitable. The cost of air tickets in this direction starts from 36 thousand rubles.

To make the trip even cheaper, you can consider purchase last minute tour to the Dominican Republic. But here it is worth warning that this is fraught with missing a vacation or buying a tour 1.5-2 times more expensive than the usual price. After all, no guarantee that you are lucky for 3-4 week before the trip, no.

Most likely, you will take a tour to the Dominican for two, so it will be even cheaper. This is not a typical excursion, as many European countries, but rather a corner for true fans tropical islands. Rest in the Dominican Republic is not only “the sea romance “and a beach holiday. Rush here in a huge number of fans of diving and surfing.

Tours to Dominicana from Moscow are offered in a wide variety. for every taste. Here you can relax quietly with both children and quite fun in a big company of friends. You can choose a hotel in full compliance with personal wishes: it can be spa treatments, opportunities for complete relaxation or active recreation.

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You can also book a tour to the Dominican Republic from St. Petersburg – prices are not very different from Moscow and start from 120 thousand rubles. But if I were you, we would book a tour with a departure from Moscow! ?

Искать туры в Доминикану —>

Tours in Punta Cana (Punta Cana) from Moscow. Tours

Dominicana with children Dominicana with children

Tours to Punta Cana attract primarily family tourists and lovers of serene getaway surrounded by wildlife. However and there is something to see, so tourists from time to time decide to diversify the beach holiday informative excursions.

Choose tours to Punta Cana is also from Moscow, and you need Be sure to write in your route local parks, waterfalls, lagoons and other natural resources. The most famous of them are Bavaro Cave, Indigenus Ice Preserve, El Limon Falls. what As far as monuments and places of interest are concerned, the Columbus Lighthouse and tobacco factory “Garcia”, a farm of coffee and butterflies.

Excursions: • Plantation of coffee, chocolate and the beach Macau – in 4 hours and $ 65 • Obzorka in Punta Cana and Bavaro – in 3.5 hours and € 110 • Snorkeling in the Caribbean – 3 hours and $ 59

From water opportunities, such places as the Marine Park are highlighted. “Marinarium”, Dolphin Island, Pelicano Diving Center Watersport “.

If you want to relax in Punta Cana, then most likely the permit will be from Anex Tour. Compare prices of trips to Punta Cana from all tour operators better on the three sites that we showed above:

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  • Travelata
  • Onlinetours

Sea in the Dominican Republic Sea in the Dominican Republic

Tours to Boca Chica (Boca Chica) with departure from Moscow

Tours in Boca Chica are even more popular with tourists. Departure from Moscow again allows the cheapest possible purchase a ticket. Tours in Boca Chica, as well as throughout Dominican Republic, can be purchased at a bargain price in most cases from Anex Tour. The resort is located 30 km from the capital of the republic – Santo Domingue. It is protected by coral reefs, so the lagoon is here relatively calm. When choosing this direction, you with You can easily order a transfer and visit the capital.

Tours in Boca Chica attract primarily by opportunity enjoy the best beaches in the whole country. The sand here is so much snow-white and small, that it is often compared with flour. Many vacationers prefer windsurfing. No less other water sports are also exciting. Fans horse Riding and classic tennis will also have something to do? In boca Chika tour price depends largely on the star hotel. Picking up the hotel is worth considering that most of them are located on some distance from the shoreline. So be careful and see the distance to the ocean.

Искать туры в Бока Чика >>

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

How many hours to fly to the Dominican Republic from Moscow?

Many who have chosen this long-range are interested in how much just fly to the Dominican Republic from Moscow. Get by direct flight by time will be the fastest – on the way you will spend only 12 hours. And how many hours to fly back? On the way back will have to spend about 11 hours – apparently helps fair wind. ? Concerning flights with transfers, for example, from European cities, then all depends on the specific route. On average, with such a scheme travel on the road will take at least 14-15 hours.

Review of the rest in the Dominican Republic in 2018

Reviews of tourists about the Dominican Republic confirm that this island It has beautiful beaches and very reasonable prices. accommodation. This is mainly compared to the Maldives, which are far behind in service, but are ahead on prices? Therefore, if you choose which is better, the Maldives or Dominicana, the choice is obvious in favor of the second! At least for us for sure

When booking a trip to the Dominican Republic, it is worth watching reviews about hotels. For example, many tourists note that here quite modest cost you can live in a fairly good hotel with all the attributes of comfort. By the same amount in the Maldives can provide low-grade house?

As for the weather, reviews also indicate that in December and January set here the most pleasant to relax air and water temperature. Among the shortcomings can be noted instability of the criminal world. Unaccompanied leave the territory of the hotel so as not to stumble upon scammers. This factor is completely inherent in island states.

You should not also use the services of dubious institutions offering inexpensive food. There is a risk to get for high cost. not colorful dishes, but ordinary fast food. Why not tell about seafood and coffee – in this regard, local restaurants win!

Food in the Dominican Republic Food in the Dominican Republic

If we consider the tour, the reviews are mostly positive. The entertainment program on the island is rich. There are not only bars where parties are held all night, but also surf clubs, flights to paraglider and more. Such excursions cost quite cheap – you can see the prices on them on the website, so tours in Dominicans are as popular among travelers of all categories (as beach lovers and viewers alike attractions). Good luck to you ?


  • Many excursions and entertainment, good infrastructure
  • Gorgeous and clean beaches, reasonable prices for tours (from 95 thousand rubles for two)


  • Increased danger for tourists due to crime. Though the country is trying to protect visitors as much as possible, but it’s not worth
  • Expensive cuisine and poor choice of quality food

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