Hikkaduwa Resort in Sri Lanka in 2019 – reviews, beaches, prices

Hikkaduwa is fraught with many places: here you can find exotic, and the like of a Turkish beach with a crowd of Russian tourists, and high quality service.

We – a young couple from Moscow – went there in February. We had only 10 days: six we dedicated to Mirissa, and the remaining four – Hikkaduwa. During this time we wanted to see and feel the flavor country. So we tell where to look for it.


  1. Our trip
  2. Prices for tours / flights
  3. How to get from Colombo?
  4. Season
  5. Beaches
  6. Cafe and food prices
  7. Entertainment
  8. A selection of good hotels
  9. Where to go from Hikkaduwa?

Why Hikkaduwa?

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, leads the way in 2018 by the number of mentions. And not surprisingly, this is the most developed tour operators resort in the country. True, we only learned about it. on arrival: signs, menus, posters – all duplicated in Russian. They are even owned by sellers, so the place is especially convenient for those who do not know English.

We chose Hikkaduwa because of:

  • wide beach nearly three kilometers long
  • ideal for surfing waves
  • lonely places without crowds of tourists

For example, as Narigama beach closer to the city of Galle. In that side only occasionally come across coconut sellers. By the way, they are coconuts – cheaper here than in the center (about 50 rupees).

Especially tasty are those that are drunk in the shade of palm trees and in company Sri Lankan Чуть дальше отеля Lavanga Resort&Spa стоит чернаяa charred shack, where, perhaps with a wave of her hand, she will invite you to come in Old man. And while you’re busy with sweet coconut, he will tell how the 2004 tsunami destroyed everything, including his house, in the rubble which now sit.

Hikkaduwa is a small town, but the infrastructure is excellent. Here ten times more restaurants and cafes, hotels and Ayurvedic salons. And most importantly – there are supermarkets where you can buy high-quality tea and souvenirs without extra charge.

Beach Sri Lanka Beach Sri Lanka

Flights and Tours

They go to Sri Lanka and tour – for a purely beach holiday with one or two excursions, and independently – to see everything and surf everywhere.


Hikkaduwa is usually the cheapest. Because there are many compatriots, and Sri Lankans are focused on Russo tourist.

✓ In 2019, a 7-day tour to Hikkaduwa for two costs from 80,000 rubles. If you catch two weeks before departure, you can find 60 thousand.

✓ All inclusive for a week will be released in the region of 130,000 rubles. Budget take full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and pay from 110 000 rubles for two.

✓ Family tour to Hikkaduwa to a nice hotel (parents and child) – from 140 000 rubles.

We indicated the cost of vouchers subject to departure from Moscow. Check prices for tours to Sri Lanka from your city and suitable dates available on online aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They analyze offers from all leading tour operators, display prices directly and suggest when and with whom more profitable.

Independent trip.

Railway station Sri Lanka Railway station Sri Lanka

Flights to Sri Lanka from Russia cost from 24,000 rubles round trip one. Direct flight from Moscow – Aeroflot, 8 hours in the sky. From regions fly with docking, as usually in Dubai or Doha. See tickets for:

  • Skyscanner
  • Aviasales

We, by the way, have an article-comparison of these two services, you can to read.

As for housing: on RoomGuru or Booking in Hikkaduwa can find a bungalow of sticks and straw for 400 rubles / night for two, and more or less a hotel of 2-3 stars for 1000-1500 rubles / night, also on two.

The main problem with the self-trip is to get from the airport to Hikkaduwa itself, because ↓

How to get from Colombo to Hikkaduwa?

Kiwi taxi transfer Kiwi taxi transfer

Here with such a sign you are greeted at the airport Kiwi Taxi

Hikkaduwa Resort is 100 km from Colombo Airport, due to The speed limit journey will take about 2 hours by car.

The easiest way to get there is transfer from the hotel. (pre-ordered). Bargain in correspondence by mail, adequate price ≈ $ 50. You will be met with all the honors and a piece of cardboard with scratched name.

The option “airport taxi” is better not to consider. Yes, and to the local bombilam do not apply at all and not hand luggage! The taxi driver will either ask for a tip or take it away. bags in your own trunk. And do it with such a sincere smile that you will not notice, as with the same smile you sit in the car.

The best option: if you are traveling in a company of 3-4 man, it is much more profitable to take a transfer from KiwiTaxi – he will cost $ 65-70 per car. We used the service in Greece, it is very convenient.

There is no direct flight to Colombo-Hikkaduwa bus ride. First you need to take a bus number 187 to Colombo Fort stops and then take a bus to Hikkaduwa (or passing to Halle, Matara, Tangalle).

If you want, the same 187 will take you to the final station, where There is a transfer to the train station Hikkaduwa. But there is a risk of falling into the likeness of the Moscow metro at rush hour, or even worse, because it is Sri Lanka and Hikkaduwa.

Weather in Hikkaduwa

Waterfall excursion Sri Lanka Waterfall excursion Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa takes tourists all year round, but you need to start from purpose of your trip.

For surfers, ideal for spring and autumn – in short, from April to October when the Indian Ocean is raging and the waves rise in height to 5 meters.

For a beach holiday, the high season begins. in winter – in December – and ends in March, but in April you can still catch days without rain and waves. In the season, the ocean is calm and warm, + 28 ° С, and the temperature during the day keeps around + 30 ° С.

Low season is summer when heavy rains go up to three or four times a day. In addition, in August rises water level, closing part of the sandy beach. However, many go to Hikkaduwa and in the off-season – forecasts are often wrong, but low prices in cafes and hotels are stable :)

In general, in summer you can find a corner where the season is in full swing, in contrast from the same Hikkaduwa. In the article about the resorts of Sri Lanka, we reviewed all places to rest – where, when and to whom to go.

Hikkaduwa beaches

It’s hard to say where Hikkaduwa Beach starts and ends – There are no exact boundaries here. If you look at the map, it consists of two large ones: Hikkaduwa Beach (north) and Narigama Beach (south).

The southern part of Hikkaduwa beach is Sri Lanka real, she is wilder. Less tourists, you can feel the scale and the power of the ocean: the waves with noise break on the stones, and the white foam floods the legs. Friendly dogs dangle in the sun, and Lankans, likewise, in the sand, enjoy life. A few dare to swim on this beach. Sunset is too sharp, the sand tightens, and the waves strive to push you deeper.

Caution! The main danger of the ocean in Hikkaduwa – the reverse flow.

The northern part is more lively and popular. Here there are coral reefs that hold up strong waves. Many prefer the beach of the hotel Chaaya Tranz (now Hikka Tranz), there convenient entry and large turtles. Tourists affectionately call it the place is “lagoon”, and we called it “Russian” – behind the back was playing “A stewardess named Zhanna”, while compatriots sluggishly lazy beer.

Lying down did not deceive us, so we swam closer to the southern beach, where the locals were not afraid to swim. They – a kind of security indicator.

Ocean Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa Ocean Sri Lanka Hikkaduwa

Kitchen and cafe Hikkaduwa

For calculations: 100 Sri Lankan rupees ≈ 37 rubles.

Prices in supermarkets and Hikkaduwa markets:

  • Bank of local beer – 150-170 rupees
  • Mango as in Tae, kg – 500-700 rupees
  • Pineapples, kg – 100 rupees
  • Passion Fruit, kg – 200 rupees
  • Bananas, kg – 100-200 rupees

To whom it is important – alcohol is freely available, sold in stores.

Lankan cuisine is similar to Indian, so remember how prayer, the phrase “no spicy”. And also – “no sugar”, “no ice” – with ordering drinks.

Lankans cook spicy dishes, although they are accustomed to adapt them for europeans. But it is worth reminding once again if you are not a fan hot pepper. Cocktails and juices are better to ask without sugar and ice – happens that freeze water from the tap, and there is a risk to catch intestinal infection.

Reviews say that in Hikkaduwa and Sri Lanka in general need to try several dishes:

– rotti (tortillas with filling)

– Rice and Curry (more than 15 varieties of rice are grown in the country)

– lassi (drink with juice, yogurt, water and spices)

– string hoppers (rice flour dish)

– tea with milk (it’s Ceylon Island)

– vodka arak

There are many cafes on the beach where you can eat both local and European cuisine. In the evening, the staff takes the tables straight to the ocean, so eat here looking at the sunsets. Recommend:

  • JLH Beach Restaurant – try a mango shake with ice cream (390 rupees) and avocado juice (350 rupees)
  • Hello Burger – just great burgers (700-900 rupees)
  • The Getfresh – inexpensive restaurant with seafood, shrimp with rice ≈ 960 rupees, fish ≈ 850-900 rupees
  • Mika Wu – a Barbie style coffee shop, delicious and unusual desserts at around 350-500 rupees
  • Main Reef Surf Cafe – order rice and curry (600 rupees), get about seven plates with different filling

Hikkadu landmarks – what to do?

Train Sri Lanka Train Sri Lanka

Don’t expect impressive or interesting architecture from Hikkaduwa museums. The main attraction here is the ocean. Which means main activities associated with surfing, snorkeling + outing tours. From what to look at the site, there is:

  • Turtle farm
  • Tsunami monument

Well, and massage, for which you have to pay 2000-2500 rupees.

Surfing and snorkeling

Surfing on Sri Lanka Surfing on Sri Lanka

In Hikkaduwa, surfing is the first thing you need to do. If you never skated, be sure to take instructor: he will pick up the board, provide clothes (so that you burned and you could see), as well as take you to a special place with optimal waves. Such a lesson with the pros is about $ 35. There are even Russian school, but the cost of classes is higher – from $ 45. Same who stands on the board confidently, you can rent a surf on the beach: 1 hour – 600 rupees, all day – 1200-1500 rupees.

Lovers of the underwater world suitable snorkeling. It is not everywhere – the most beautiful views are just at the beach of the hotel Chaaya Tranz. To go on coral reefs is better in the place where turtles come out. There will be a chance to swim with them.


The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka

Prices for popular excursions in Hikkaduwa (local agencies):

  • 2-day to Sigiriya and Kandy – $ 140-160
  • 2-day to Ella and Nuwara Eliya – $ 140-160
  • Mangrove River Safari and Turtle Farm – $ 40-45
  • Whale Watching – $ 60
  • Yala National Park – $ 70

Tourists Choice: River Safari, Farm and City Galle – for 9 hours and $ 39

✓ For those who, like me, do not know how to swim, good excursions on glass bottom boats so look Fish can be without getting into the water. Cost: Rs 2,100 for 6 people. This walk is ideal for tourists with children.

✓ On Hikkaduwa is an interesting temple Sinigama Muhudu Viharaya – he stands on a separate island where the victims robberies may ask retaliation from a higher power. Perhaps, precisely this is what attracts tourists. Admission is free, but for crossing to boat will be asked from 400 to 600 rupees. You can bargain, but you can view from the shore.

✓ Not far from the city there is a district Meetiyagoda, where moonstone is mined. They usually come there with a guided tour. (sometimes even free), which after the story of the guide offer buy jewelry in the shop at the mine. Need to bargain!

✓ By the way, about souvenirs: it is better to buy them in large supermarkets, for example, Sandagiri, and markets perceive only as a landmark. Tea in the store sells such same, but cheaper than in tea boutiques. Look for labeling on the packaging. O.P (orange pekoe) is a high-quality whole leaf tea.

✓ The 8-hour excursion to crying is also popular. Forest (Sinharaja) is a national park of Sri Lanka. There are few animals there, but birds, beautiful plants and … insects are in abundance. Wear closed clothing and take a spare one with you. set of linen to change clothes after swimming in the waterfalls.

✓ The most worthy excursion was left for last – if you If you master, then she will surely become the best in your life. it Climbing Adam’s Peak – a mountain height of 2243 meter Pilgrims believe that there is a footprint Adam Shiva Buddha, and tourists – that here the most beautiful views Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa and Sri Lanka are rich in excursions, but we advise explore everything yourself.

Hikkaduwa Accommodation – Hotels & Homes

Accommodation in Sri Lanka Accommodation in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa hotels are either guest houses or bungalows, or familiar hotels “three stars”. Housing is cheap: due Diversity has excellent options for 1000 rubles per day. You can pick up your base in Hikkaduwa on the good old ones search engines:

  • Booking
  • RoomGuru
  • Airbnb – private housing, if you have not received a $ 32 bonus, follow the link :)

A selection of good hotels

We lived in the guest house Le Reve D’Hikka – we paid around the night 1400 rubles. For this money, we got quite a good number, decorated with taste (the owner is French) and normal breakfast. A turtle lived in the area, and the ocean was 5 minutes away. walk (albeit across the road). In principle, you can advise.

Where else to stay? Here are 3 decent hotels, the last two only available for touring:

  • 4 * Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon – they say that the best hotel in Hikkaduwa. Ocean view rooms, great beach – can and surf, and dive, and with children to buy. Tour price: from 130 000 rubles (breakfast) Price per night: $ 110
  • 2 * Lanka Super Corals – probably the only hotel in its categories about which are so positive reviews. Tourists insist on raising the star to all 4? Price of the tour: from 100,000 rubles (breakfast)
  • 2 * Villa 96 – a small hotel away from Hikkaduwa from the Russian the mistress Hospitality – at a level, delicious breakfast-dinners. Price tour: from 95 000 rubles

Better choose hotels not on the first line in the center – the music from cafe just will not fall asleep. Especially the vibrant nightlife at the bar Fanki de bar. We almost rented a hotel in this building (affordable price, panoramic windows on the ocean, cool room), but in time you thought about dirty trick. It turned out that the institution is so loud music that the walls vibrate.

Where else can you go? Guest reviews

Local in Hikkaduwa Local in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is easy to get around in 3-4 days, and in the remaining vacation time better go to conquer other cities. We were only in Forte Galle, but tourist reviews say many more places.

  • By bus to Halle – 50 rupees. Carry there also taxi and tuk-tuk, but it’s better to get by train from the station Hikkaduwa. It will take about half an hour, but from a trip in a colorful car the time of the colonial rule of England (€ 1) impressions will remain more than from a walk through old Galle.
  • You can take the car (though, either immediately in Colombo Airport – to help RentalCars – either at the Citrus Hotel Hikkaduwa, only there is a car rental) and ride on the nearest resorts. In the city of Bentota – take a walk on the sand bar and swim in the lagoon, see the ancient temple of Galapata with a huge statue Buddhas In Unavatuna – swim without waves and snorkel. On the resort of Kulutara – see the beautiful castle of the XX century, waterfalls and cave temples Fa Hien Caves with traces left by people 37 thousands of years ago.
  • Another beautiful place is Mount Sigiriya. Rise there is a paid ticket ($ 30 adult ticket and $ 15 children’s), but this is worth it. Previously, it housed a magnificent palace, or rather, a whole city with gardens, fountains and pools. The steps were carved between the paws of huge stone lions, the half-destroyed parts of which stayed until now.

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