Fortuna Kemer 5 and 4 stars in Turkey – reviews and prices in 2019

We solve the problem: rest according to plan and in a well-known hotel (expensive) or Roulette for good luck (cheap)? Studied reviews about Fortuna Kemer – o not familiar option in one of the most popular resorts in Turkey – and found out who should play it.


  1. What is Turkish Fortune?
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  3. Fortune in Kemer:
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What is Fortune in Turkey?

What does the Fortune tour mean? Hotel name will tell you only upon arrival!

☞ For tourists this is an opportunity. save on vacation. Fortune is guaranteed a typical set of services: flight, transfer, insurance and accommodation at the hotel-X.

Resort (but not under-resort), stardom and type of food – all included, ultra, etc. – vacationer chooses in advance purchases.

At the same time the hotel and the level of service may be different in Quality – as lucky. But the price tag of such a voucher is cheaper cheap hotel from the category?

☞ For a tour operator this kind booking provides the ability to control occupancy too expensive or not very popular hotels.

If you have a company with individual Fortune reservations, Be prepared that everyone who is not in the same room may end up in different hotels O_O (as happened with us and friends). But: for 5-7 days before departure, you can write an e-mail to the tour operator with hot request to settle together (what we learned already on the spot). More nuances of rest on fortune, read our general article.

Unlike other countries where the roulette is practiced – Egypt, Cyprus, Spain, Thailand – a resort may be unknown in Turkey. BUT it depends on the distance from / to the airport, the landscape outside the window, and – what is important – the beach (sandy or pebble). But such “fortune” very little.

Where better to look for cheap tours?

Sea in Kemer Sea in Kemer

Sea in Kemer

Where to monitor cheap tours and Fortuna Kemer in particular? When it comes to rest without a pair and with an adequate check, we look offers on sites of large aggregators:

  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours
  • Travelata

In the search line we drive in “Fortuna Kemer”, in the drop-down list clarify the star, click “Search”. And yes, of course, we play with filters by type of food: the hotel is all inclusive or other options.

Services ↑ work only with reliable tour operators. For greater savings, you can (= preferably) compare prices immediately on 3rd. Suddenly catch good luck by the collar? Cost of tours for each categories painted below.

Fortuna Kemer – 5 stars

Chimera Turkey - Kemer Chimera Turkey - Kemer

When booking a hotel 5 stars on Fortune in Turkey may Seriously spoil vacation moments like:

– location on the second line

– small territory

– modest infrastructure

– a room overlooking a blank wall or backyard (the so-called ROH)

The expectation / reality ratio is not always up to the mark, which can ruin the planned relaxation. Lucky can in the beginning season (May-June), when good hotels are not yet in the foot. Closer to July, August, it is not necessary to count on bingo – the most lukoy dismantled almost certainly.

In roulette Fortuna Kemer 5 * may be a new hotel. Everything in it will be mmmua, except for the absence of trees (not managed to grow) and natural shade. Judging by the reviews, they often lodge in 5 * Kemer Millennium Resort, where only five stars speak name (tourists complain about the lack of cleaning, poor menu).

  • The cost of the tour for two for 7 nights in the hotel Fortuna 5 * (Kemer, Turkey) in 2019 starts from 40,000 rubles. Cheaply So:)

The maximum way you can prepare yourself is to look at the top three. The cheapest hotels on tour-fortune dates. It is likely that inhabit any of them.

Do not forget to plan a rest plan. To, in which case, not suffer at the bar at the hotel? For this, we suggest reading our article. about the resort Kemer, everything is there – from the prices of the tours to the cafes where the food is more delicious Total.

Fortuna Kemer – 4 stars

Kekova, Turkey Kekova, Turkey Kekova, Turkey Kekova, Turkey

There are not many complaints to the category of 4-star hotels. Although as in situation with 5 *, hotels can be caught all sorts.

Let’s get clean. Lowest 4 * hotels in the line operators on the level closer to 3 *. And the chance to stay in such great – otherwise, why didn’t you buy it? Therefore: rush into Adventure with the four recommend to those who are not going to sit all vacation by the pool. And ideally pick up excursions.

On the playing cube of fortune any noisy can fall out Urban and a kilometer from the sea hotel (in 4 * Botanic Grand Lukullus). A super prize can be, say, 4 * Larissa Akman Park. The latter speak modestly, but it is green and the first line, bonus – water rides.

  • The cost of the tour for a week in a couple in 2019 starts from 27 000 rubles

Advice for the brave: choose Fortuna Kemer 4 * better as An alternative to the most chip rest (without too high expectations). The price tag is much cheaper, and if the service is not so hot, then below the hotel in 3 stars will not go down.

We ourselves resorted to fortune only once. And they were pleased with how Cheshire cats – for 11 days for two paid only 25,000 rubles. But that was Greece.

Nowhere else: Vacation in Turkey – 2019 >>

Reviews of fortune in Kemer

Review Kemer Review Kemer Kemer is our trip Kemer is our trip

Botanical Garden in Kemer and our trip to Demre

Tourists write little about their impressions of fortune. Are interesting it is not even the details, but was it worth it.

Who better not to risk? If you:

➢ for hours you stick to reviews, comparing hotels one by one

➢ rely on a large territory

➢ ready to grab a spacious (albeit standard) room

➢ worry about animation

➢ pretend for delicacies

➢ are traveling with a child

Then go past the fortune, book a ticket with the famous hotel in Travelate and enjoy your vacation. Angoy!

And who – just go?

Welcome to the unpredictable Turkey for an adventure if you:

➢ gambling

➢ budget constraints

➢ plan to collect excursions, and in the hotel only spend the night

➢ young and unassuming

➢ first time over the hill

Try it, and suddenly pick a jackpot and get into 5 * Rixos Premium Tekirova for a penny! But consider, judging by the reviews of Fortune in Kemer and uncomplicated logic, weak hotels go into the season, usually urban and away from the sea. Take the risk?

Do not like pebbles in Kemer? Sand – he is in Side. Read our an article comparing these resorts and find out which one is better!

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