Fortuna Alanya 5 in Turkey – is it worth taking or not? Reviews and prices in 2019

Fortuna Alanya 5 in Turkey - is it worth taking or not? Reviews and prices in 2019 Fortuna Alanya 5 in Turkey - is it worth taking or not? Reviews and prices in 2019


  1. What is fortune?
  2. Where to looking for?
  3. 5 star fortune in Alanya
  4. 4 stars
  5. 3 stars
  6. Pros / Cons

What is Fortune in Turkey?

As you may already know, rest on the fortune system involves the purchase of a tour with one variable “x”: the tourist chooses dates of travel, region, star and type of food (as a rule, always all), but the cat in the bag remains … the hotel. His name is announced guide at the airport of arrival. Neither preliminarily review the service, No exact distance to the beach is calculated.

  • What is the need for such a lottery? You can pleasantly save on it (from 5 thousand and more). Yes, and beneficial to all parties: tour operator realized the unrealized – the hotel where there are empty rooms, and tourist found rest abroad cheaper.

Sometimes fortune is super profitable – we flew for 11 days for 25,000 rubles for two, while the most budget tour in a particular hotel cost 42,000 rubles. But it was not Alania?

By the way, one more “x” is characteristic for the Turkish fortune – the resort (for example, Fortuna Alanya Side). But for those who are adventurous so does not suffer, tour operators have offers with a choice a specific location.

Excursion to Alanya Excursion to Alanya

We arrived in Turkey on the system Fortune 4 stars, with the hotel we were lucky

Where to look for Fortune and cheap tours?

Fortune, as befits a cheap tour, is not constant. Today there is tomorrow sold out. And which tour operator will appear – and not at all predicted. Therefore, the search for vouchers must be conducted immediately for all tour operators and at the same time. With this great help online aggregators!

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They analyze offers from leading tour operators, compare prices and show what is interesting on your dates.

How to search for fortune in Alanya? Booking fortune – simple and fast: go to any aggregator, enter Fortuna Alanya, select star, number, number of people and – “to find” ?

Fortune tour at a cost below normal. And if in the total tape permits you see the opposite, then 1) they come from different tour operators, or 2) the hotel has a temporary action.

Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000

How to choose a tour of the system Fortune?

When choosing a roulette tour, build on the goals of the trip or rather, a form of recreation. The preferred seals associated with the hotel everything is included? Five. Something more agile with one-two-day excursions to Pamukkale, Cappadocia or Istanbul? Then 3 * is nothing.

Cleopatra Beach in Alanya Cleopatra Beach in Alanya Coast Alanya Coast Alanya

Why choose Alanya? Regions of the resort

Despite the large number of areas in Turkey Popular among Russian tourists is the resort of Alanya. Why?

The location offers enough budget rest and quality. service from a low price tag does not suffer. So, the hotel is 5 stars by Fortune in Turkey will be cheaper than the cheapest “five” (with provided that they are from one tour operator). In addition, the resort competently combines the opposite types of recreation: from Party-youth to family, from relaxed to active. AND, of course, wide sandy beaches!

From the inconvenience: the distance from Antalya Airport (the road will take 2.5 hours, and depends on the region). But the memory of profitable savings Fortune instantly erase a long transfer from memory?

Stopping at Fortuna Alanya, you can be in one of sub-resorts: Avsallar with good beaches, rave Incekum, Konakly, Mahmutlar and the very calm – Okurcalar.

Fortuna Alanya 5 stars

Hotel 5 stars in Turkey Hotel 5 stars in Turkey

Fortuna Alanya 5 * – perhaps the most advantageous offer for those who associates Turkey with the buffet, the beach and the sea. Thats the same can be said about any other package with the same star hotel (for example, Fortuna Kemer). The meaning of the program is that That the vacationer gets a tour to any 5 * resort hotel in Alanya.

But there is one “but”: compliance of the service with the declared level. Alas, not all hotels in Turkey serve the full 5 stars. AND A similar moment is present in the fortune – after all, they settle in Unsold hotels. Perhaps the tourist refused at the last moment (and if the hotel is decent, then this is double-fortune :)), and perhaps just does not go because of the low rating.

In general, the reviews on the fortune in Alanya are neutral: yes, hotels Do not pull on 5 stars, but there is no too critical. All so let’s say mediocre. As a matter of fact, here are a few hotels where are they brought to fortune (the likelihood that you will get there too – минимальная): Hedef Resort&Spa (чаще всего), MC Beach ParkResort &Spa, Kemal Bay, Armas Prestige

  • The cost of Fortuna All Alanya 5 * (ie, all inclusive) on a week for two in the summer of 2019 starts from 55,000 rubles

Искать тур >>

Food at the hotel in Turkey Food at the hotel in Turkey

Fortuna Alanya 4 stars

But the option a little worse will be the program Fortuna Alanya 4 stars. Most likely, settled in one of the cheapest fours (the former “troika”, which has put on the icon for prestige, but has forgotten improve service). Do you save? Probably.

4-star fortune in Alanya – definitely not for relaxing on territory of the hotel. At least because most of them located across the road from the beach (which you cross through tunnel) with uncomfortable entry into the water – boulders, slabs.

Tourists, who decided to share their ambiguous experience, battered hotels such as Ares Hotel or Club Big Blue Suite.

  • The price of a fortune of 4 stars in Alanya – from 47,000 rubles for 7 days for 2 people

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Although, if the vacation format is similar to the one described below, but with a complaint on any service, feel free to take a ticket.

Fortuna Alanya 3 stars

Planning an active holiday and the requirements for the hotel are minimal (most importantly, what would be the bed and 3 meals a day)? It makes sense to give up Fortuna Alanya 3 *. Save extra dollars / lira you can will spend on tours and entertainment (such as rafting or water park).

Surprisingly, reviews of the budget roulette itself are quite positive. Among the hotels, at least once to get involved in such lottery, Milano Beach Family Hotel and Merhaba Hotel – not bad options.

But for a truly beach-hotel holiday in the company fresh juice – offer so-so. In this case, Fortune in Alanya and 3 stars do not promise bingo.

  • Tour fortune in 3 * hotel for the price starts from 42 000 rubles per two for a week for all inclusive

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Reviews of Fortune in Alanya

Studying reviews on Fortuna Alanya is by and large meaningless: as lucky as anyone. Someone grabbed a brilliant 5 * for a relatively pennies (the hotel was not redeemed because of the high cost), but someone just not lucky. But, clearly, you can highlight the pros and cons such a system.

Do you know everything? About holiday in Turkey in detail >>

City of Alanya, Turkey - excursion City of Alanya, Turkey - excursion

Pros and cons of fortune system in Turkey


  • Perhaps the most cream – low cost of tours (even for Fortuna Alanya 5 stars). Because tourists and choose a roulette.
  • Indirectly refers to the item above: saved for Diversity can be taken on excursions or shopping, good for Alanya neither one nor the other is not alien.
  • The ability to check your fortune (for lovers) and dilute habitual vacation, when everything is known inside and out.


  • For those who are used to monitor hotel reviews and count kilometers to the beach (preferably sandy), a significant drawback will become the main condition of the system – hotel-incognito. Although, if the resort known, to sort out possible accommodation options is easy – need to look at the cheapest at the tour operator, for which and fixed fortune.
  • Let’s face it, rest “for good luck” may not meet expectations, because the system fortune is better to go without overpriced. And … to be ready for any eventuality.

Fortune is also popular in Kemer. But if you read it and decide, what is it, this uncertainty, we suggest to start with the exact choice resort. For example, Side or Kemer?

Should I take Fortuna in Alanya?

View from the airplane View from the airplane View from the airplane window View from the airplane window

So, to be or not to be in Alanya, yes, by fortune? ? Drive if:

1) for the first time abroad – will not compare with anything, which means a priori less disappointment

2) it is planned to have a rest without kids (family is still better paint on the shelves). But with older children you can take a chance resort conditions allow (sandy beach, infrastructure).

3) can not afford a hotel above the three, but want Treat yourself to a fiver for all inclusive.

4) do not extinguish when force majeure

5) ready for a protracted transfer (again a hitch with kilometers to the airport).

Do not know with whom to take risks? Seasoned tourists recommend Biblio Globus and Anex Tour. At least they have a satisfied tour forum members with reviews of fortune more.

And yes, advice: it’s better to play with Fortuna off-season. At that time from-whether-chny-e hotels scored for sure, and settled in the remaining, less attractive. Therefore – May-June or September-October!

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