For 1 euro: how to get from Barcelona airport to the city center?

Detailed instructions on how to get to Barcelona Airport at any time. time of day, what to get to the city center and how not to get confused in stops (and airports?).

Which airport do you fly to?

  1. El Prat:
  2. Bus | Train for € 1 | Metro | Taxi | Rent a Car
  3. Girona Airport
  4. Reus Airport
  5. Airport hotels

Barcelona Airport El Prat – how to get there?

El Prat Airport is only 13 km from the city. Transport between the center and the airport terminals it’s excellent; you can get there by bus, train, subway and Taxi.

Important: at Barcelona Airport 2 terminals – T1 and T2 (consists of 3 buildings, designated T2A, T2B, T2C), located 4 km apart. When you leave, check in advance from which terminal your departure, because moving between them will take about half an hour. In case of an error, take the free green shuttle colors, stops – when exiting the terminals.

Barcelona airport plan with all public stops transport – here.

The official website of the airport

Airports of Barcelona Airports of Barcelona Airports of Barcelona Airports of Barcelona

We usually take the T-10 pass, and in the photo on the right are the zones for trips to Barcelona

Bus from the airport to the city center

From El Prat Airport to Barcelona and back, tourists are transported buses 3 companies.


The most regular, comfortable and fast Aerobus – shuttles, or Express buses serving both terminals. But obviously not the most cheap!

  • Schedule:

    • from the airport to the city 05:35 – 01:00, every 10 min
    • from the city to the airport 05:00 – 00:30, every 10 min

    Late at night Aerobus do NOT walk. About the transfer after midnight we tell below.


    • € 5.90 one way
    • € 10.20 round trip

    Children under 4 years old are free. Return ticket valid for 15 days. Pass T10 (read about it below) is not applicable.

    Where to sit:

    • from Barcelona airport to the city center – stops at the terminal T1 (near the exit) and T2 terminal (at the T2B and T2C buildings). To detect they are easy on crowded with tourists, payment machines and standing blue buses?
    • to get from Barcelona to El Prat Airport – stop at Plaça Catalunya before leaving the store El Corte Inglés

    In the daytime will have to stand in line. Remember that in the T1 terminal is an Airbus with the number A1, and in the T2 terminal, respectively A2. Be careful, because at the bus stop in the center 2 different queues are formed.

    Where can I buy a ticket:

    • in special machines near the airport stops, take cards
    • at the bus driver or company representative at the bus stop, only for cash. We advise you to change money in advance, often they refuse large bills, for example, if you draw 20 euro for one ticket
    • online on the official website of the company. You can use in for one year.


    • bus A1 – from the T1 terminal with stops at Plaça Espanya and Plaça Universitat to Plaça Catalunya (center) and back
    • bus A2 – the same, but from / to terminal T2

    Travel time: from start to end ≈35 min.

Aerobus Buses from Barcelona Airport Aerobus Buses from Barcelona Airport

These blue buses travel from Plaza Catalunya to the airport El Prat and back

TMB Buses

The cheapest way to get from the airport to Barcelona is buses 46 companies TMB. These are ordinary city buses, less comfortable, without luggage compartment and with a large number of stops on my way. However, in addition to the low ticket price, it is valid here. travel ticket t10.

Follow to the square of Spain, where you can take the metro and get to Plaza Catalunya.

  • Schedule:

    • airport – city from 05:30 to 23:50, every 35 minutes
    • city – airport from 04:50 to 23:50, every 35 minutes


    € 2.2 one way, children under 4 years old – free

    Where to sit:

    • at the airport, depart from the stops at terminals T1, T2B and T2S
    • in the city – from the Plaça Espanya stop

    Where can I buy a ticket:

    The driver for cash (no more than € 10 for one ticket) or in special machines at subway stations.


    Buses from Barcelona Airport go to Plaza Espanya and back; on the way back, we first reach T2, then T1.

    Travel time: about 40-50 minutes.

Nitbus Buses

After midnight, get from Barcelona Airport to the city center possible on the Nitbus buses. Ticket price for all buses is € 2.2 one way, bought from the driver for cash. Valid travel ticket t10.

Bus N16 from the airport runs from 23:00 to 04:40; from the city – from 23:30 to 05:10, runs every 20 minutes. Rides from Plaza Catalunya to terminal T2, then to Castelldefels and back. Bus NOT reaches the terminal T1.

Bus N17 starts from T1 terminal at 21:55, the last flight at 04:45. He does NOT call at the T2 terminal. It should be up to the square Catalonia; from there to T1 runs from 23:00 to 05:00, every 20 minutes

How to get to other cities?

From Barcelona Airport you can take a direct bus to following cities:

  • Castellon
  • Valencia
  • Alicante
  • Murcia
  • Almeria

ALSA buses depart from terminal B. Cost: 25-50 euros per one side.

T10 Ticket

One of lifehacks that will help save money in Barcelona on transport movements – buy a T10 ticket for € 10.20. This travel card for 10 trips on all types of public Barcelona transport (bus, metro, train, tram). Him we we buy every time we come to the city from 2 days. Sometimes do we run through the turnstile together in one pass? Only ts-ss.

T10 can be transferred to other persons, i.e. got on the bus – compiled a travel card – handed over to your satellite / satellites.

See if you buy a T10 for two, five trips each will cost € 5, while five trips with the usual one-time ticket will come out at € 11.

But how to use the T10 ticket in Barcelona is even more profitable: for 1 hour and 15 minutes after composting, you can 3 times transfer to another public transport, and travel is not will be written off (the machine reads the time of the last stamp, and if the indicated period has not expired, just skips). However this trick will not take place with repeated travel by metro or buses with the same number – you will either have to write off the trip or go to train / tram.

You can buy a ticket at the airport of Barcelona at the entrance to the railway station or on any metro station. Note that they can not take advantage of the Aerobus and the metro stations Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2.

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How to get to Barcelona by train? How to get to Barcelona by train?

But from here by train you can get to the airport ONLY for 1 euro. We were leaving Passeig de Gracia station.

How to get to Barcelona by train

The Renfe train from Barcelona Airport to the center follows one, and only from the station in the T2B terminal. If you are / you need get into T1, take the free shuttle at the exit of terminals.

The way to get for 1 euro we discovered in the last trip to Barcelona in May 2018. For the train works T10 ticket (there is a detailed story just above). Respectively, One trip is charged for € 1.02 – you reach the city center – also you can take the metro for free for 1 hour 15 minutes A bit of a chore, especially with suitcases, but only 70 rubles.

This is beneficial if you come to the city for 3 days or more. Back to the airport can be reached in the same way! But Be sure to check the train schedules and be careful. The remaining 8 rides can be used to ride. metro / bus / train around the city. You can take for two if you Do you plan to use transport as little as possible?

R2 Nord – a train from the airport to the city. The first route goes to 05:42, the last – at 23:38, with regularity every half hour. On him you can get to Sants station (Estacio Sants), to train stations Passeig de Gràcia and El Clot. Travel time – 20, 27 and 31 minutes respectively. You can buy a ticket in the machines at the entrance to the station in the airport.

R2 Aeroport – train from Barcelona to the airport. You can sit on the three stations indicated above: El Clot (05:22 – 23:01), Passeig de Gràcia (05:08 – 23:07), Barcelona Sants (05:13 – 23:14) and drive to the terminal T2V. Tickets are sold at each of the stops.

Cost and exact train schedule from / to Barcelona airport look at the Renfe website.

How to get by metro from Barcelona airport

Until 2016, the answer to the question – is there a metro at El Airport Prat? – was negative. Today is one of the options transfer between the Catalan capital and terminals T1 and T2, according to time taking about 30 minutes.

Metro stations at the airport of Barcelona are connected to the city by the L9 branch Sud It does not pass through the center, one of the largest Landmarks – Zona Universitària, where you can transfer to branch L3 and get to Plaza Catalunya. In the terminal T1 underground located inside the building on the ground floor, in T2 – outside.

Getting from El Prat International Airport to the Center Barcelona metro costs € 4.50 one way. Normal one-time T10 ticket and ticket will not work, you need to buy the Airport ticket (and there and back).

Opening hours: monday-thursday, sunday from 05:00 to 00:00, Friday – until 02:00, Saturday – around the clock.

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Taxi and airport transfer to Barcelona

Taxi. This is of course the quickest way. to leave Barcelona airport, but not the fact that also quickly get to the city center. Traffic jams in a huge metropolis nobody canceled, especially in the morning and evening.

The cheapest taxi from the airport to Barcelona to the center (to Places of Catalonia) will cost € 25-30. In the opposite direction – about the same. The fare in a taxi is made up of the minimum fare is € 20 + € 1.15-1.30 per km.

Do not worry about how to call a taxi to the airport, and not think about voting right at the exit from the terminals – in Barcelona everything is organized. T1 and T2 are fenced with special areas where the employee distributes tourists in cars. You can learn them by signs and a bunch of black and yellow cars.

Uber application does not work here. But there is a Russian service Taxi in Barcelona – Guest reviews – 50/50.

Transfer. Hurry, do not want to stand in line for the car? There is an option to order a transfer from the airport Barcelona to the center / to the hotel / in Lloret de Mar, etc. in advance. For example, on KiwiTaxi. The price on the website is fixed – from € 45, car It is selected according to your wishes, at the terminal they meet without lateness

Rent a car at the airport

At the airport of Barcelona El Prat car rental is available in the first, and in the second terminal. Upon arrival you will be happy to offer their Services such car rental companies like Avis, Europcar, Goldcar Rental, Hertz, Sixt, etc.

However, there are two minuses. First, they do not work around the clock. (07: 00-00: 00) and, secondly, for the urgency will have to pay. Conclusion – it is better to think about renting a car at the airport in Barcelona in advance.

The offers of all those rental companies are collected on:

  • Rentalcars
  • Skyscanner car hire

Unlike “on-site talks”, here you can compare options and choose a car to your taste, according to your budget and according to your car insurance preferences. We are with friends took the Mini Cooper for 370 euros for 5 days. We were 4-ro, and This option was very profitable.

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What you need to know about car rental in Spain? Reviews and comments from forums are advised, first of all, to decide on insurance – if you want to take the car without deposit / deposit and without a franchise, then make out a “supercar”, i.e. full coverage insurance most distributors when receiving the car. Insure at brokers (the above sites), then leave a deposit. Also recommend pay attention to the item on the mileage limit (for example, for rentals over 15 days there may be a limit of 100 km per day).

How many airports are in Barcelona?

Tourists vacationing in the Catalan capital by tour usually arrive. to the main airport of Barcelona El Prat.

Meanwhile, independent travelers are familiar as with at least two places of departures and arrivals, because in Barcelona also there is Reus airport and Girona airport. How to get from these locations – the question is frequent, and we will also tell about it, but for now we will clarify the situation.

If El Prat is the main airport where most arrives part of the international and domestic flights of major airlines, Reus and Girona accept mainly budget carriers – low-cost airlines (for example, everyone’s favorite Victory? or Ryanair). From cities they are located further, and this is a kind of “payment” for cheaper flight to Barcelona.

By the way, we recommend to look for tickets on Skyscanner and Aviasales. Compare the cost on both sites, it often varies. Make the search more convenient to help price comparison by month (at the first) and a calendar of low prices (at the second).

Tip: low cost posters are beneficial only if the difference in tickets with a regular airline more than 1000 rubles, because transfer from Girona airport or Reus to Barcelona costs from 700 rubles. Sometimes you can grab charter tickets for 8 000 – 9 000 rubles from Moscow back and forth.

Barcelona airports - how to get to the city and back? Barcelona airports - how to get to the city and back?

Girona Airport: how to get to Barcelona?

Place arrival loukosterov is located 103 km from the capital Catalonia The distance is not very significant, and therefore problems like get from Girona Airport to Barcelona and back not will arise.

There are three transfer options.

  1. The easiest one is the Barcelona Bus; route 602.

The first bus to Barcelona from Girona airport takes about 09:00, the last – at 00:30. In the opposite direction – from Barcelona to the airport – leaves at 03:30 and runs approximately every 2 hours until 18:00. See the exact schedule on the website:

The ticket costs 16 euros one way. If you fly back and forth, will cost 25 euros; tickets can be purchased on site. Travel time – an hour and 10 minutes, in Barcelona take to the bus station Estació del Nord. Near the metro station Arc de Triomf, to Plaça Catalunya just 15 minutes walk.

Girona Airport: how to get to Barcelona? Girona Airport: how to get to Barcelona?

Bus station from which we left for the airport Girona

  1. Renfe train.

To get to Barcelona by train, you first need to get to city center. Girona from the airport is 12 km away, which quickly overcome by bus for € 2.75.

Schedule of all trains leaving the railway station in the center Girona to Barcelona look at There are express trains, Delivering to Barcelona Sants train station in 39 minutes ordinary trains, arriving in 1 hour and 33 minutes. All routes pass through the 3 main stations of Barcelona – El Clot, Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona Sants. As for the cost, you can find promo offers for € 9.40. And on average, € 11-16.

All these conditions also apply in the opposite direction – to get to Girona by train from Barcelona.

  1. Taxi.

The most expensive option, € 120-150 per car. If you still want Book a transfer in advance, look at KiwiTaxi.

Airport Reus – Barcelona: how to get there?

Getting to Barcelona from Reus Airport – 106 km – is possible on two types of transport.

  1. Bus company Hispano Igualadina.

A day goes by one bus, and there and back. schedule agreed with arriving at the airport by air, so it changes every month. For example, in September, the flight Moscow-Reus arrives on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.45, and tourists will have to wait until 5:10 pm to take the bus to Barcelona. Keep track of time shipments to

Ride about 2 hours, at a cost of € 14 one way, bus Picked up to the Barcelona Sants bus station and pick it up from there.

Hispano Iguladina also transports to other cities Spain from Reus airport.

  1. Renfe train.

In the case of a long wait for the bus, it makes sense to go to train ride. There are no trains from Reus airport to Barcelona first get to the city of Reus. You can do it on L50 bus for € 3, stop at the terminal. He walks every hour from 08:00 until 20:00. From Niloga 1 terminus to Reus railway station – 7 minutes walk.

Trains from Reus to the Catalan capital depart from 05:30 to 21:22. The journey takes about 2 hours, tickets cost on average € 9. Stop in Barcelona at Barcelona Sants and Passeig de Gràcia. From the same stations are taken in the opposite direction.

Detailed information about the route and schedule – on the website Renfe.

Hotels near Barcelona airport

If you are in Barcelona with a night change, or flew too late due to flight delays, here is a list of great hotels near the airport of El Prat, where you can spend a cheap night (prices are indicated for two per night):

  • 4 * Tryp Barcelona Aeropuerto Hotel from 9,000 rubles
  • 3 * NH Sant Boi – from 6 000 rubles
  • Apartamentos Porta Coeli – from 6 500 rubles
  • Motel Punt 14 – from 4 500 rubles
  • Camping 3 Estrellas – from 2 000 rubles

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