Flight time to Barcelona – how much to fly by plane?

How many hours do I have to spend on the plane to get to Spain? Depends on the carrier, type of aircraft, route and more many items. This information can be easily found using the services on finding flights, for example, Aviasales, so let’s figure out how much to fly to Barcelona.


  1. How much to fly to Barcelona?
  2. Moscow | St. Tourburg | Ekaterinburg | Rostov | Kazan
  3. Distance
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  5. Ticket price
  6. Where to find cheap tickets?

Travel time to Barcelona - how much to fly? Travel time to Barcelona - how much to fly?

How to fly to Barcelona by direct flight?

The minimum travel time required for a flight from the capital is 4 hours 30 minutes.

Approximately so much time will have to spend in the sky for those who goes on a trip by Aeroflot.

How many fly direct flights to Barcelona? How many fly direct flights to Barcelona?

Barcelona (Montjuic) – our trip in July

The flight from St. Petersburg to Barcelona will last about 4 hours and 40 minutes, however, there is a lot here, including and the cost depends on the chosen carrier and weather conditions. Below is the range of prices for flights in August-September-October round trip.

Авиабилеты СПб-Барселона —>

Flight time from Moscow

The flight to Barcelona from Moscow is very much in demand not only among residents of the capital, but also from other cities of the country in which there is no opportunity to make a flight to the capital of Catalonia.

As we wrote above, a direct flight will take tourists from Moscow to average 4.5 hours.

The most “high-speed” travel conditions are offered by Aeroflot: airline planes make their way between cities in just 4 hours 30 minutes. There are other options. Below are the different airlines and the flight time they offer. to Barcelona from Moscow:

  • Aeroflot – 4 hours and 30 minutes;
  • Ural Airlines – 4 hours 35 minutes;
  • Vueling airlines – 4 hours 40 minutes;
  • UTair – 4 hours and 40 minutes;
  • Iberia – 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Flight time by direct flight from Moscow Flight time by direct flight from Moscow

This view opens when you approach Barcelona airport.

From Moscow to Barcelona with a transfer

Now that we figured out how much to fly on a direct flight, Consider airlines offering flights Moscow-Barcelona with transfers:

  • Turkish Airlines – 12 hours (transfer to Istanbul);
  • Finnair – 13 hours 10 minutes (transfer to Helsinki);
  • Air Baltic – 12 hours and 20 minutes (transfer to Riga);
  • FlyOne – 11 hours 45 minutes (transplants in Chisinau and Birmingham);
  • Victory with Ryanair – 20 hours 25 minutes (transplants in Memmingen and Palma de Mallorca).

Not always a direct flight can be profitable. On the contrary, often air carriers compensate for long flights lower cost, and therefore when buying tickets you need to pay attention not to only on how many fly to Barcelona by direct flight from Moscow, but also for combined offers with one or even several transfers

Charter flights from Moscow to Barcelona

Another option to get to the capital of Catalonia from Moscow – take advantage of a charter flight. They are organized by tourist airlines at the height of the holiday season – in spring and summer. Charter flights may well be much cheaper and buy a ticket to Barcelona will succeed for only 6000 rubles!

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How to fly to Barcelona from St. Petersburg

Petersburg and Barcelona also connect several direct flights. The flight time will take about 5 hours.

The most profitable flight in terms of time costs offers Spanish airline Iberia, whose planes deliver their passengers in just over 4 hours. Even faster than the flight “Aeroflot” from Moscow. ?

Another advantageous flight in all respects is the offer. Red Wings, the time it takes to fly about 4 hours 40 minutes.

Flight to Barcelona from St. Petersburg is possible and Russian airlines: the road with the S7 will take about 17 hours, will have to make a transfer in Moscow. But the trip with Aeroflot will take even more time when transplanting in Moscow will have to not only change the plane, but also move to another airport. Given long distances, such a trip can be uncomfortable.

Flight time to Barcelona from Ekaterinburg

First of all tourists, especially those who travel with children, interested in the question of how much to fly direct flight Ekaterinburg – Barcelona. Unfortunately, airlines that serves the local airport, do not offer such a flight. Run flight to Barcelona from Yekaterinburg is possible only with a transfer, with the shortest flight will take 8 hours

For example, the Czech airline Czech Airlines will deliver Yekaterinburg in Spain with a transfer in Prague. And the most economical The flight will be the flight of Turkish Airlines with a stop in Istanbul. Such offers are much cheaper than similar ones with transfers in Moscow And you can also discover new cities at least several hours. ?

Rostov – Barcelona: how much to fly?

The flight will take about 9 hours in total. There are no direct flights in this direction, however, Rostovites will also be able to take advantage of the offer of Czech Airlines Czech Airlines and go to the capital of Catalonia with the docking in Prague. Transfer rather short and will not let you get tired waiting for the next one flight

How many hours to fly from Kazan to Barcelona?

Since direct flights in this direction from the capital of Tatarstan also no, the flight time Kazan-Barcelona will take from 8 to 18 hours depending on the selected flight performing one transplant.

The best and cheapest option at the moment is ticket from Aeroflot with a transfer in Moscow. Travel time will be exactly 8 hours.

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How many kilometers to Barcelona?

Distance Moscow – Barcelona in kilometers in a straight line is 3011 kilometers. On the plane this way can be done 4-5 hours on the road: in a comfortable liner during travel time you will have everything you need to not experience discomfort.

How many kilometers to Barcelona? How many kilometers to Barcelona?

First trip to Europe (Lloret de Mar, May 2014)

On the way, the distance to Spain by car is already somewhat longer: Moscow and Barcelona share 3580 kilometers. In perfect conditions (without queues at customs and expressways) their It is possible to overcome in 3-4 days. Although, after such an adventure You will probably need another rest!

Where does the difference almost 600 kilometers? The fact is that the plane flies a completely different trajectory. Like cars, liners there are own air corridors, however they pass by straight lines, allowing aircraft to overcome minimal distances. Even without considering the huge speed of the aircraft compared with the car, the distance on the plane will be less.

What is the time difference between Moscow and Barcelona?

The time difference between Barcelona and Moscow is only – 1 an hour from Moscow time. When is midnight in Russia, in Spain 23 o’clock in the evening.

So the time difference when traveling to Barcelona practically not noticeable. However, do not be mistaken about acclimatization process: despite the absence of a significant change time zones, the climate varies greatly.

How much is a ticket to Spain in 2019?

The cost of a ticket to Spain depends on the time of year: in the summer months prices reach their record highs. Minimum price for Moscow-Barcelona air ticket in August is 7,018 rubles. AT high season price for the cheapest ticket to Spain from Moscow can vary between 8000-15000 rub. In the cold season the cost of plane tickets falls: prices are already falling in October up to 4700 rubles.

Авиабилеты Москва-Барселона —>

It is much more profitable to purchase tickets in advance, for several months, then prices will be more democratic. Not always worth looking for exclusively direct flight. Compare how much a ticket to Spain costs. on flights with transfers, and think for the difference. ?

The capital of the Spanish Kingdom and one of the largest tourist centers is Madrid, most tourists begin their acquaintance with Spain from this city. Tickets to Madrid tends to be somewhat cheaper than similar ones. offers to Barcelona, even from the same companies.

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Where and how to buy cheap tickets to Barcelona?

The most convenient way is to buy tickets online: reliable and proven. air ticket scanners and search engines scan every minute offers hundreds of airlines from all over the world and offer the most Attractive options:

  • Airsales
  • Skyskanner
  • OneTwoTrip

The convenience of online ticketing is also due to the fact that tourists can independently monitor the right directions through low price calendar and buy tickets that are suitable for their budget and time.

After you, after analyzing the sentences of different airlines, determine how much a ticket costs today Barcelona from Moscow or any other city in the country, you can objectively evaluate different offers of airlines. And, remember direct flight is not always the most profitable – sometimes it costs lose on the road a few hours but purchase tickets for more favorable and low price.

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