Features travel by bus in Thailand

Along with tuk-tuk and other exotic means travel, buses in Thailand are one of The most common and popular modes of transport. Network bus routes covers the whole country, from the border with Malaysia in the south, to Laos in the north. And they continue after crossing the border giving the traveler the opportunity ride around Indochina for a relatively low price. The only inconvenience – local transport is not always provides a luxury level of comfort. But the more interesting and extreme road adventure. Is not it? With prices for travel to buses can not always compete even rail tickets, and the rail tracks are far from each Thai villages. What kinds of buses are in Thailand you can meet, and what you should pay attention, will be discussed in this article.

Tourist buses

Even when buying a tour to Thailand, you can be offered a transfer from airport to the selected hotel and back. And it will always be bus owned by a private company. Ticket for such transport You can buy in the travel agency on arrival at airports Phuket, Pattaya or Bangkok. The fare is a bit more expensive than on municipal route routes. But you do not have to look for bus station and go, next to chickens and even pigs. Not it is worth forgetting about the language barrier. Using the internet, You can pick up and book a transfer in Thailand, neglecting travel agency services. This option is more suitable for independent travelers.

Tourist buses in Thailand Tourist buses in Thailand
Tourist buses in Thailand Tourist buses in Thailand Tourist buses in Thailand

Tourist buses in Thailand can be as the usual “car” format, and minivans, capacity 5 or 7 passengers. If you got a transfer like this transport, keep in mind – they have no luggage compartments. Suitcase “dream of the occupier” may be the reason that you stay on the road alone.

Tourist minivans in Thailand

Another feature of traveling on minivans in Thailand – absolute lack of punctuality in the schedule. If you If you plan several connecting flights, then you can get big. And in two versions: or having reached the place of transplant for half day before the next flight, or late for it. Deviation by the hour as then two (and both in the direction of plus and minus), force majeure in Ways, including the driver’s solution to their own problems, are fairly ordinary phenomena, for which, for example, late for the ferry or longtail.

Shuttle Buses

On them you can get to any shack under a palm tree, and even more make a voyage between fairly large cities that are centers of districts and other municipal units of Thailand. Usually Thais sit on them, using the platforms of bus stations. But there are intermediate stopping places at which the Thai bus can “catch” by simply voting on the road. In this they are few differ from intercity flights running across the expanses Russia. But most of them belong to the state to companies. Therefore, regular buses in Thailand reliable, safe and punctual.

Regular buses in Thailand

If you are not too pretentious, you are not afraid of the language barrier and I want to see the country exactly as it is, and not on advertising brochures, the regular bus route is excellent opportunity not only to save money, but also to get unforgettable road impressions.

Classes of buses

The degree of extreme can be varied by choosing one of Four classes of Thai buses, differing not only in the level of comfort, but also in the number of stops in transit. By the way, did you know that the ticket for the most comfortable a bus in Thailand will be cheaper, not just the Thai train 1st class, but with a typical intercity flight Russia? ..

VIP class. VIP class flights stop exclusively at bus stations, passengers are allowed into the cabin with pre-sold at the box office tickets. In their cabin there air conditioning and toilet (read more features of the Thai toilets). They are almost not differ from tourist in comfort, but a head taller in punctuality and security. This class is divided into VIP32 (32 seats, 8 rows with 4 seats) and VIP24 (24 beds with 8 rows of 3 places). Differ from each other in the distance between the seats, converge – the presence of folding tables, tasty and dense dinners.

VIP regular bus in Thailand VIP regular bus in Thailand

1st grade. More leisurely first class buses. The level of comfort in them is almost the same, but they make stops more, and sometimes do not call at the bus station, so when you buy ticket costs to clarify the location of stops and timetables. The number of seats varies between 40-44 and 4 seats in a row. On long routes The price of the ticket includes lunch.

1st class regular bus in Thailand 1st class regular bus in Thailand

2nd class. By making the trip in this class, you can coexist with the Thais who carry poultry and small domestic animals Air conditioning in the cabin part it happens. Stops makes every palm and more or less noticeable places on the road. Including, for trips of passengers to the toilet. You can buy a ticket from the driver. Seats on average makes 49 (11 rows on 4 places and 5 back).

Regular bus 2 class in Thailand Regular bus 2 class in Thailand

3rd class. The most democratic (and at the same time cheap) flights belong to the third class. Luggage is usually put on area at the rear doors, and one row has 5 seats with a small legroom, so have to make some room. This class makes routes, most often for short distances – from large settlements in small villages. So old shabby harsh conditions, buses recently can see mostly poor provinces (Isan or Central Thailand).

Class 3 regular bus in Thailand Class 3 regular bus in Thailand

Subtleties of buying tickets

How to buy a bus ticket in Thailand to guarantee and comfort to get to your destination? There is no special tricks. We must act as you would at home. The best option is to purchase tickets in advance (either through Internet, or an additional visit to the box office).

Buying tickets via the Internet

Online purchase of bus tickets, for the convenience of nothing inferior to classic cash registers gives you the opportunity to pick and book tickets without leaving home, as on sites Thai carriers and on the general search engine website 12go.asia, who collaborates with them. In the first case, you will have to go to the website of each carrier and deal with the Thai language (not all English is present), in the second – all bus companies will be arranged on one page. This will give you the opportunity to compare prices and choose the most acceptable option. You can pay both by credit card and through 7-Eleven stores.

To find bus tickets in Thailand use the form above. To do this, enter points of departure, destination, date of travel and click on “Find” button. A new window will open with the suggested ones. options.

Buying tickets at checkout

To make room for a selection of free places in bus, it is enough to come to the bus station a day before the intended trip. This ensures that you buy. VIP-class. It is not always possible to understand which class of bus makes one or another flight. A good criterion for screening. second-class “reserved seat” is the number of seats in the cabin. If a 24 or 32, then you have a VIP with comfortable seats, air conditioning, lunch and toilet facilities. Sometimes there are incidents that the transport company is positioning as a VIP something, resembling our keyhole.

Nakornchai Air Bus Station in Bangkok

Bus station Nakornchai Air in Bangkok

The spontaneous trip is likely to take place on the bus. first class After all, Thais also love to ride with comfort. In a day departures buy any ticket that is positioned company as a VIP. Another distinguishing feature of what you offer a trip with a truncated comfort is the lack of on ticket number of the place. Thai tellers see farang and do not bother with verbal communication, they just turn computer screen to you and ask to poke a finger. If this is not happens, it means that you are driving first class and you can occupy any vacant free space in the Thai salon the bus.

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