Features of Thailand traffic rules

Many tourists, choosing to rest in Thailand, want to visit numerous corners of this amazing country. Optimal the way to realize such a desire would be to rent a bike in Thailand However, it is worth thinking about the possible consequences after getting into Accident. Rental organizations are located almost everywhere, and The advantages of renting are:

  • minimum number of required documents;
  • Reasonably affordable price;
  • complete freedom in choosing the route.

But in order to ride a bike freely, you will need Thai rights, foreign international will do, but Thai would it is better!

For most tourists, this Asian country is becoming the first training ground of the motorcycle. Observing the rules traffic in Thailand discarding unnecessary self-confidence, a vacationer will be able to get more complete view of this country and visit its various areas.

Thailand traffic regulations have certain specificity, although many of the provisions are similar to our standard ideas about driving. Getting to know the tips of the experienced Drivers who repeatedly crossed the country on a motorcycle will not superfluous for anyone.

Traffic jams in Thailand

Traffic in Bangkok

Features of the road rules Thailand, who should know:

  1. In the country, left-hand traffic, which will be unusual for domestic drivers.
  2. “Pass” means the blinking of headlights oncoming traffic.
  3. When the traffic light is red, it is allowed to turn left, passing with passing transport.
  4. Helmet when driving a motorcycle is required, although they are from local almost no one uses. However, the tourist is for the lack of Slam police will punish.
  5. Insurance, reminiscent of CTP. It is necessary for the owner vehicle, but when you rent it, pay yourself insurance is not necessary – this is the problem of the owner.
  6. When driving in the rain, headlights must be included as the climate in thailand makes visibility in such periods are the most minimal.
  7. Overtaking is permitted exclusively on the right side, although you shouldn’t relax because locals rarely keep their rule of
  8. Driving drunk will cost 300-400 dollars, paid on the spot to the policeman. Without doing this, the driver immediately goes to Thai prison before the trial with a minimum of 2 days. This is the law in Thailand.
  9. The sign “Main Road” is almost impossible to see, although The principle of its action is similar to the generally accepted rules. On the intersection in the absence of a sign is better to be safe and proceed from the rule of equivalence of roads.
  10. The driver must skip the transport according to the “left hand noise” rule. An exception to the rule is a circular motion, which considered the “main road”.

Traffic Regulations of Thailand

Farang stopped for traffic violations – riding without a helmet

Having learned the traffic rules of Thailand, the driver will It is useful to know some more “unwritten” rules:

  1. Observance of the distance when driving, because for local residents are characterized by sharp clippings of other transport. This is often leads to accidents, avoiding which help keeping safe distance.
  2. Tourist relations with the police in various regions of the country stack differently. Phuket Island tourist drivers tighter approach.
  3. The rule of three “D”, decrypted as “Give the Fool Road” and quite applicable in our conditions. But on the roads of Thailand is especially true since the locals at the genetic level unable to drive normally, ignoring existing rules and elements of common sense.
  4. Parking of vehicles is carried out wherever they want. to the driver. Therefore, it is worth to be attentive and not to tear down suddenly opened the car door. For locals, the main thing stop, and they don’t think necessary. Bringing the door of the car, you can still guilty turn up.
  5. The roads of Thailand are by and large quite good. But getting used to the fact that they are not needed everywhere, because pothole or pebble, and also a drunk tourist who jumped out onto the road can lead to unpleasant and catastrophic consequences.

I hope that the described rules will help tourists successfully. move on the roads of Thailand. Although it should be understood that This list is not at all complete.

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