Draw tickets from Travelata 2019 – tour for 1 ruble

Great news! Launched another draw of the tour from Travela 2019 Everyone will have the opportunity to win a tour for 1 ruble per a trip abroad to the sea for two. Where is this time? Share details below.

How to win a tour? Rules of participation

To become a participant of the action and try your luck, we perform The following simple steps:

  1. Go to the draw page
  2. We leave our contact details: e-mail and phone number
  3. We make a ridiculous amount of 1 ruble
  4. We check mail. You need to receive two letters by e-mail. One – with the number of the coupon for the drawing of the tour, the second – with the cashier’s check about payment promo code. Yuhuu, and the roulette is running!

The most interesting: already starting with this symbolic contribution, each participant receives a discount of 1000 rubles for purchase of any tour from 30,000 through Travelata online aggregator. Thats There is, in any case, without winning, it will not work. Cool?

Coupon number for a tour draw from Travelata Coupon number for a tour draw from Travelata Cash voucher about payment of promotional code for a tour lottery from Travelata Cash voucher about payment of promotional code for a tour lottery from Travelata

✓ Main prize – 1 round for two in Belek (Turkey) for 6 nights in отеле Cesars Temple De Luxe 5 звезд.

✓ The package includes: ultra all-inclusive power and accommodation in a Standard room.

✓ Possible departure dates from 08/01/19 to 08/31/19.

✓ Dates of the promotion: from 07/01/2019 to 07/21/2019 inclusive.

✓ Summarizing the results and determining the winners: 07/22/2019 (via random number generator).

Price vouchers out of stock – from 100 000 rubles, Karl! And yes, you can increase your chances and get more than one and not two promo codes, rules it is not forbidden. But one thing is the amount members limited.

Are you participating? ? Just in case, you can already start preparing for holiday – read our text about Kemer and all that is worth it see and try!

How to search for hot tours? Rest for 25 000 rubles

Is it too long to wait for the results of the drawing of the voucher 2019? And jerk on vacation (and cheap, thousands in 25) at least in Turkey I want to now? Then share our way to save. Just two words: Last minute.

Such tours are very cheap. It can be added – the most. We advise you to search for:

  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours
  • Travelata

It is only necessary to correct the data (departure date and number of nights), and everything that is available will be displayed on the screen. Important compare prices, i.e. on all three, and buy where is cheaper?

Here is our example of an 11-day burning Greece for 27,000 rubles per two in June (found on the Online Tours) ↓

Last minute deals to Greece on Onliinetours Last minute deals to Greece on Onliinetours

But there are pitfalls. If you are used to planning a trip from and to … it will be hard to do. Considering that last minute offer will appear on the site in a matter of days before flying away.

And a question about the hotel. For certain not to know for what reasons not all places in it were bought: either the high cost of a regular tour (+), then whether the hotel is not very (-). But if the main thing is the sea, the beach, walks and excursions, the quality of the hotel fades into the background. Yes important but not so that.

Promocode Travela

Even more profitable voucher may be due to promotional codes from search engines. From Travelata at the moment the following are relevant:

  • UAF300howtrip – promo code for 300 rubles for any tours from 20 000
  • UAF500howtrip – promotional code for 500 rubles for any tours from 40 000

The tour can be booked for any dates. More about them in our separate article.

Promo Code Online Tours

In addition, you can throw off about 3% of the cost of the voucher Onlinetours by simply clicking on the link.

By the way, lifehacks ↑ – not the only way to save a bill or two on vacation. 8 more can be found in our article 10 ways to save when buying a tour.

But back to the promotion. How to seize the opportunity win the trip we told you. Now about the results past draws.

Tour raffle draw results

Not relevant for a raffle tour in Turkey. We will delight you if we say that the winners will actually more than one? There are 2-8 more places. Among them are played:

  • Stroller (4moms)
  • Stroller (UPPAbaby)
  • Transformer stroller (4moms)
  • 4 mobile phones INOI (black and gold)

The results of the Travelat draw will be sent to the participants on the specified mail and publish on the site within 5 working days after it ends.

For your information: Travelata already holds a draw of this kind in 8 time. The first – for 199 rubles, the second and third – for 99 rubles, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh – also for the ruble. Last the lottery was a tour to Turkey (Kemer), in Hotel Alkoclar Exclusive Kemer 5 *. The promotion took place from 05.05.2019 till 09.06.2019. Winners reviews can be found on page. draw (immediately after the form of participation).

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