Divorce when renting bikes in Thailand

This was told to me by a friend who often happens on the island. Phuket In summer, he works in Russia, and in winter (winter rest in Thailand New Year in Thailand) spends its money on entertainment in Thailand.

On the fabulous island of Phuket, lots of super entertainment and exotics. But even more gullible tourists, and divorce in Thailand is not such a rare thing. Even my little friend did not get on kidalovo.

There is a unique one on Phuket that appears differently even Vasya. He has a few tricked motorcycles with an engine from 1000 cubes and more. But he earns renting bikes on Phuketlae for tourists, who himself rents cheaper, in short, the mediator. By the way, rent a motorcycle in Thailand costs about 1000 baht per day. So, the main Vasya receives money from a divorce of gullible tourists.

The divorce scheme is ridiculous – Russian tourists in Thailand know that taking something for rent can not leave a passport, etc. Selection one – either walk and ride a tuk-tuk, or give a pledge money.

An example of a divorce in Thailand

What can come of this, I will show you with an example of a fictional me a tourist.

Sanya wanted to Phuket island not only for the natural exotic and relaxed in the warm Andaman Sea. The main pleasure Sanya wanted to get from the sultry Thai girls and dashing local driving mountain roads on a high-speed bike.

To Sana’a on Karon Beach, and maybe Patong, stuck odnatakechka. He just melted all – cut off such beauty! He thought so – once with me such a swell, then the moses should be the most sophisticated. Our friend didn’t even have two steps to embrace with a secret to do, how unique Vasya with his with a “BIG BIKE” sign (i.e. large motorcycles) in rent.

Sanek rejoiced, the rent price is lazhe, a passport is not required, you just need to leave a deposit of 12-20 thousand baht. (TIP: if you need rent a bike in Thailand, do not leave him in a deposit of more than 5-7 thousand baht, for a big jeep – more than 10 thousand, and for moped – 3 thousand.)

Eh, Sanya left 16 thousand and drove off with a secret local exotic to admire. Thai maid was skilled and showed our the guy has all the notables from which he melted and immediately fell in love.

But the rest came to an end. Bike must be returned, take the money and Buy a beloved for memory a beautiful golden kulonchik.I drove Sanya to rent motorcycles. Vasya comes out – hello. And as soon as our hero got off the bike, the landlord jumped on the bike and suddenly drove off in an unknown direction. Sanya is a little unconscious not lost from stress and indignation – how can such a hero Russian so mean to throw? Smiling taichka instantly sad and in the hotel guide from the tour operator finished off, – tomorrow morning charges – transfer to Thailand airport …


Love for a secret and a lot of pleasure lost somewhere in the memory Sled from the shock received in the penultimate day of stay in Thailand.

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