Cyprus or Turkey: which is better to choose for a holiday in 2019?

Cyprus or Turkey: what is the best choice for a holiday in 2019? Cyprus or Turkey: what is the best choice for a holiday in 2019?

I’ll tell you what inspired this text. My aunt, already 10 times rested in Antalya, thought about the alternative. To be sure Mediterranean Sea, beaches with sand, fly close, visa-free and more civilized than in Turkey.

The idea with Cyprus was planted on her, but Turkey was to be explained in more detail. or Cyprus – where better to go? – got me. Because this came out article, and the answer, by the way, my aunt found for herself. Will you find? ?Write in the comments!

And according to the tradition of our column “country comparison” – a couple facts:

  • ?? Turkey in 2018 was visited by 5.9 million Russians,
  • ?? and Cyprus – a little more than 850 thousand tourists compatriots.


  1. Decisive factor
  2. What about a visa?
  3. Flight and distances
  4. Weather
  5. Where are cheaper tours?
  6. Food prices
  7. Excursions and attractions
  8. Vacation with children
  9. Beaches
  10. Transport and car rental
  11. All-inclusive and selection of hotels
  12. Who where? Results

Where to look for a tour yourself?

Not everyone is happy with the prospect of paying for the tour flight from the province to Moscow. And if you can go to Turkey almost everywhere, then Cyprus is more “problematic.”

Find out if there are tours with departures from your city, or have to to get to the nearest major, you can on the online aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Here are the actual prices for tours directly from tour operators, convenient calendar (to catch last minute trips) and real reviews tourists about hotels. In general, all three are real helpers in recreation organization. Already I do not count how many times we have them enjoyed.

Visa differences

Almost absent. Why almost?

Turkey is a visa-free country. The border intersects only with a passport valid, at least 4 more months from the moment of entry.

Cyprus will have to issue a free pro-visa. It is done within 1-2 days (on the website of the consulate), comes to mail, printed and presented at the airport. But with one condition: you fly from Russia and without transfers. In all the others Cases will help open and acting Schengen (multi).

So, Cyprus or Turkey in 2019 – so far in terms of availability for Russians are equivalent.

Cyprus City Cyprus City Beach and promenade in Side, Turkey Beach and promenade in Side, Turkey

To the right is a convenient promenade in Side and sand beach

Flight and distance to the resorts

?? Flight from Moscow to Turkey – to the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea – takes 3.5-4 hours

?? Flight to Cyprus lasts 4 hours.

As for the further transfer to the resorts, the number time spent on the bus is also similar. Only thing in Turkey has two coasts, and charters fly as much as 3 airports – Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum.

You can avoid long hours with the service “individual transfer”. This option (car only for your company) is loved by holiday-makers with children, and to be honest: in both Turkey and Cyprus, transfer from KiwiTaxi more profitable than from any tour operator.

Turkey Cyprus
Villages at Antalya 30 minutes Protaras 1.5 hours
Kemer 1 hour Ayia Napa 1 hour
Belek 1 hour Larnaca 30 minutes
Side 1.5 hours Limassol 1.5 hours
Alanya 2.5-3 hours Pathos 2.5 hours
Bodrum 1 hour
Marmaris 2 hours

Quay of Cyprus Quay of Cyprus

Beautiful promenade along the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus (Limassol Molos)

Where better to relax in the summer and spring? Seasons in the countries

Cyprus or Turkey – which is better for the weather? And again … the same. It is difficult to find more similar countries in temperature.

Two points:

1) Cyprus is an island, which means it is blown by the winds.

2) The climate in the Aegean part of Turkey is different – there is lower moisture and less heat. Ideal for holidays in July and August.

So, the season in Cyprus and in Turkey begins in the spring, with mid-May, and continues until November. But our tourists have been arriving since April (when it’s very good for excursions) and dive into the sea on the May holidays (when, objectively, “frosty”, + 19 ° C).

It is possible to bathe without goosebumps, since June – the water warms up from + 22 ° C to + 26 ° C. Well, from July to August high prices are waiting for tours, health resort clouds, unrepresented sea and hot days. I I promised to rest in Turkey in the summer just after such a hell of a hot trips.

From the middle of September velvet starts in both countries Season, which lasts until the end of October: pleasant warm and in the water, and on the street, students with their parents parted. In winter, the weather in Turkey and Cyprus is cold. Not like in Russia, of course, but still: the air temperature does not rise above + 15 ° C and it’s raining.

Weather by Month

Where is warmer – in Turkey or Cyprus? Average air temperature and water, ° C

In Turkey In Cyprus
In April +20 / +18 +20 / +17.5
In May +26 / +21 +26 / +20.5
In June +30 / +26.5 +30 / +25.5
In July +33 / +28 +31 / +27.5
In August +33 / +29 +31 / +28.5
In September +31 / +28.5 +30 / +28
In October +26.5 / +26 +26.5 / +26
In November +21.5 / +22.5 +21.5 / +23

I took into account the Antalya coast of Turkey (from Kemer to Alanya). The Aegean is cooler, and the season lasts from June to mid october.

Cost of tours – where is it cheaper to relax?

Resort Alanya Resort Alanya

Our excursion to Alanya (walking along the famous red tower)

What is cheaper – Turkey or Cyprus? Since most readers of this articles only consider package leave, this is an important aspect for comparison.

The cheapest tour in the high season of 2019 at 7 nights:

  • Turkey – from 43,000 rubles for two (or a terrible “four” on all, or “treshka” at breakfast),
  • Cyprus – from 47,000 rubles for two (average 2-3 stars without power).

Further, the price of vouchers is distributed like this (July, for a week, two people, departure from Moscow):

Turkey Cyprus
3 stars from 45 000 rubles from 48 000 rubles
4 stars from 50 000 rubles from 65 000 rubles
5 stars from 65 000 rubles from 95 000 rubles
“Five” for all inclusive with good reviews from 80 000 rubles from 130,000 rubles

On йти тур >>

Yes, a beach holiday in Cyprus by tour, more precisely, its low cost, not justify nothing. But it is worth mentioning the following:

1) There are fewer hotels. For example, 5 * on all inclusive, from The last line in the table is only 16. And in Turkey there are more than 250! Low competition. Including the concept of “all inclusive” – she just developing.

2) There are no under-star hotels. Well, you know, these Turkish economy and Premium Quartet. Cyprus hotels are firmly matched to their rated. Moreover, in local 1-2 stars it’s not even scary. spend the night?

3) Often go to the island by yourself. Because tickets Inexpensive, and the choice of apartments / guesthouses wider.

Resorts where cheaper:

  • ?? Kemer, Alanya, Marmaris
  • ?? Larnaca and Paphos

What about burning tours? Turkey is full of offers like – 6 nights for 27 thousand for two, departure the day after tomorrow. We ourselves flew for 43 thousands from Kazan for 10 days (found at Travelata). To Cyprus like there is a mountain a-a-much less. So as not to waste time searching, you can subscribe to our telegram channel @lowcost_expert, where we throw off tours and tickets that are not to be missed?

Independent holidays in Cyprus

Sea and Beach Cyprus Sea and Beach Cyprus

What to choose – a ticket or personal reservation of everything and everyone? For myself, I understood: the decision rests on 1) the cost (it is necessary compare), 2) time savings (wins the tour), 3) rest type (active or lying).

We will analyze the “independent” Cyprus apart (7 days in July, for two, in Larnaca):

  • Airfare – 33 000 rubles (Victory with luggage) from Moscow OR 40 000 rubles charter Azur Air.

Where to find tickets? >>

  • Transfer from the airport and back – 6 euro (bus # 425) ≈ 450 rubles.
  • Insurance (I take on Cherehapa) – 700 rubles for two person.
  • Accommodation – here I recommend Airbnb – private rental service housing. Over 20 000 rubles per season you can find a nice apartment, especially in Larnaca. And with a discount of 2100 rubles for the first booking is even cheaper. But if you are for hotels, look for RoomGuru.
  • Rent a car (Myrentacar) – 80 euros (20 euros per day) ≈ 5850 rubles, and 40 euros for gasoline ≈ 2,950 rubles.

Total: 54 thousand for filling both in the tour and 63 thousand with rent auto. The cheapest ticket for these dates – 53 000 rubles.

Food prices

All inclusive in Turkey All inclusive in Turkey All Inclusive in Side - 5 star hotel All Inclusive in Side - 5 star hotel

Breakfast (all inclusive) in a hotel in Turkey

?? If a tourist travels to Turkey on all inclusive, and spending in favor the stomach will make a maximum of two trips to a local cafe and tray strawberries in the market, then in Cyprus the gastronomic situation otherwise.

?? The tour will most likely be at breakfast (bb) or half board (hb), or no food at all. Usually the hotel can purchase any meal:

  • Breakfast – 10 euros per person
  • Lunch or dinner ≈ 20 euros
  • Drinks for dinner (on hb and fb they are paid): a bottle of water ≈ 2.5 euro, a glass of tea ≈ 2 euro.

Food and food prices in Turkey and Cyprus – 2019: 1 lira = 11 rubles, 1 euro = 73 rubles

Turkey Cyprus
In the cafe
A trip for two without drinks (2 courses and a starter) 60 lire (9 euro) 15-20 euros
Meat dish 25-30 lire (3.8-4.5 euro) 7-10 euro
Salad 18-35 lire (2.7-5.3 euro) 3.5-7 euros
Local beer, 0.3 1.5-2 euros
Coffee (Turkish and Cypriot, respectively) 5-7 lire (0.8-1 euro) 1 euro
Products in the store
1.5 l water bottle 0.8-2 lira (0.1-0.3 euro) 0.5-1 euro
Eggs 8-12 lire (1.2-1.8 euros) 2 euro
Lay’s Chips 6 lire (0.9 euro) 1.1 euro
Coke, 2.5 L 5.5-7 lire (0.8-1 euro) 2 euro
Avocados, pcs 5 lire (0.8 euro) 1-1.5 euros
Watermelon, kg 5.5 lire (0.8 euro) 0.9 euro
Red wine 40-60 lire (6-9 euro) 5-8 euros
Local beer, 0.5 8.5-9 liras (1.3 euros) 1 euro

Where is the best food? And there, and there it is familiar and understandable, the basis make up meat, vegetables, dough / bread. But if in the first – all “his” Eastern, then Cypriot cuisine is a mixture of Greek and Turkish. It is noteworthy that in Cyprus, cafes and restaurants often serve pork and chicken, in Turkey – beef and lamb.

Excursions and attractions

Excursion to Alanya Excursion to Alanya Water Park The Land of Legends Water Park The Land of Legends

Our trip to Alanya (view from the fortress) / drove for 1 day excursion to the water park Legend in Belek


  • Excursions from the tour operator ≈ 50-55 dollars

In Turkey – a bit of everything. And historical attractions, and natural, and entertaining in the form water parks, spa and rafting. If you choose a good hotel, then for his limits can not go out at all. Animation for both adults and children – the strength of Turkey.

I will give quotations on the most popular excursions for Antalya. coast (from street agencies):

  • Pamukkale – white cascades of salt – $ 40-45
  • Cappadocia by bus – $ 40-60
  • Hammam – $ 10-15
  • The Land of Legends Water Park – $ 53-60
  • Overview of Antalya – $ 20-25
  • The shrine in Demre, the ancient World and Kekova – $ 30
  • Rafting – $ 15-20
  • Cruise on a pirate boat (for children) – $ 15-17

In order not to get lost and clearly plan a vacation, we wrote separate material – how much and how much money to take to Turkey?

The Ruins of Cyprus The Ruins of Cyprus

Ruins in Cyprus


  • Excursions from the tour operator ≈ 60 euros

In Cyprus – either to admire the mountains, capes, cliffs, coves, waterfalls, or venerate monasteries. Not here the excursion boom is felt, because it is much more demanded independent movements of local beauty – you rent car, and go where the Wishlist is told. Especially since the island itself compact.

Imagine that now I wink and ask: did you know what is turkey = north cyprus? Yes, a little less than half of the island is Turkish territories. There is also an excursion from Turkey to Cyprus by ferry. The ship departs from Adhania, goes to Girne (port city) in for 3.5 hours and costs 240-275 lira in one direction (2650-3000 rubles).

What to see on the tour? Although as a tour to the North Cyprus is still going independently:

  • The ancient city of Girne. As soon as you leave the ferry, you feel like you find yourself in a postcard: on one side of the town – the mountains, and on the other – sea. Photos get what you need from anywhere! Visit Kyrenia the castle, where the main exhibit is an old merchant ship. Here you can see the path of development of culture in Cyprus: art objects, icons, wine amphoras.
  • Ruins of Salamis. They say that the city was crushed right after Trojan War. One of the largest antique amphitheaters, statues and columns – greatness is felt now, and what was in its heyday the era of ancient Greece?

So, for those travelers who could not decide where to go: to Turkey or Cyprus, there is opportunity to visit both countries.

Holidays with children – Cyprus or Turkey?

Vacation with children Vacation with children

Definitely for the first trip with a child – or for a holiday with a child of age from “can walk” to “fall to first grade” – Turkey is more suitable. Children’s service is very developed here: in hotels for small holiday-makers there is presented its menu, babysitting services, game rooms, water parks, children’s discos. In Cyprus, such a set services for children are far from everywhere (remember, the “fives” on an all sixteen?).

But Turkey or Cyprus with older children – the question is more complicated. WITH On the one hand, nature in Cyprus is incomparable with Turkey. A plus, clean golden beaches and fruit harvest all year round. With another side, Cyprus minus – the predominance of the type of food breakfast / dinner and prohibitively expensive all inclusive. With a child, you hardly often You can dine outside the hotel, so the system with 24-hour Swedish the table is most welcome.

The best resorts and hotels for children:

  • ?? Side, Belek, Alanya. By hotel:

✓ 5 * Ali Bey Park (Side) ✓ 5 * Sueno Hotels Beach Side (Side) ✓ 5 * Papillon Belvil Hotel (Belek) ✓ 5 * Labranda Alantur (Alanya)

  • ?? Ayia Napa, Protaras, Limassol. By hotel:

✓ 4 * Marismare Callisto Holiday Village ✓ 4 * Atlantica Miramare Beach ✓ 4 * Tsokkos Paradise Village

Or maybe not Turkey or Cyprus, and Greece will be the best option, to spend holidays with children? Read our detailed text on link!

Beach in Cyprus Beach in Cyprus

Beach in cyprus

Where is rest safer?

Fly to Turkey is quite safe. The only thing you can to run into is 1) for an inattentive tourist’s waiter or a driver in dolmus; 2) on a terrible sunburn in the absence of spf. So, by the way, our compatriots on any resort world. Do not be like Crayfish Basil, waving from annoyingly offered by the wife tubes, use sun protection. It – the sun – has been baking since May.

Well, if you are afraid of Turkey’s proximity to Syria, then, alas, nothing to console – Cyprus is also a neighbor of the latter. Between them even fewer kilometers will be. The island is calm and the Cypriots themselves are honest, good-natured, do not seek to cash in on a foreigner.

Beach holidays and the sea

The main differences of the beaches – in Cyprus, the sand is more golden colors. In Turkey, it is darkish, with a mixture of gray.

Also, if the coastline in Turkey belongs to hotels, and every self-respecting complex offers free sun beds to its the guests, then in Cyprus, public beaches, with rare exceptions. Therefore, for a chaise lounge (without an umbrella), a tourist, please kindly put 2-3 Euro. Or lie on a towel.


View of Protaras Beach View of Protaras Beach

View of Protaras Beach, Cyprus

  • Sandy beaches – in Ayia Napa, Protaras, Limassol (but here gray volcanic). Many are marked with a blue flag (assigned where it is cleaner). The most famous and beautiful: Nissi Beach (Ayia Napa), Makronissos (Ayia Napa), Landa Beach (Ayia Napa), Fig Three Bay (Protaras) and Mackenzie Beach (Larnaca), where planes are landing.
  • Pebbly beaches – in Paphos and in some places in Larnaca.


Sandy beach in Turkey (Side) Sandy beach in Turkey (Side)

And this is already a sandy beach in the city of Side, where we rested in 2019

  • For sandy beaches – in Side, Belek, Alanya, Antalya. In Kemer there is only one sandy, but it is public and without hotels – Moonlight Beach.
  • Pebble – it is in Kemer (large), Marmaris (smaller), Bodrum. Small, almost like sand, in Fethiye.

Transport and infrastructure

Tables love everything. Therefore – here is another comparative one:

Turkey Cyprus
Rent a car on the street / day 23-25 euros 20-25 euros
The price of gasoline / liter 6.5-7 liras (0.9-1 euros) 1-1.2 euros
Features Steering wheel right + serpentine, better to take the machine
Driving style Chaotic, with violations of the rules Calm
Bike for the day 5 dollars (4.5 euros) 6 euro
Bus ticket in the city 2-3 lira (0.3-0.4 euro) 1.5 euro

In Turkey, it is easier and cheaper to take the car in the street agency. They are not so many, because rent a car is not really popular, but still – choose a decent looking, not tent what could disappear the next day?

In Cyprus, without four wheels as without hands. After all The very idea of rest on the island is actively and watchful. Rent cars are standing at every corner, but in season I advise renting in advance on Myrentacar – the service just works with local distributors.

We decided to take a car at the reception desk at the hotel? Then the minimum 20 the euro will turn into 30. Do not forget about the pledge, this is practiced and online services, and agencies, and the hotel.

Hotels: where is the best all inclusive system?

Hotel all inclusive Hotel all inclusive

Breakfast all inclusive above photo from this hotel – Side Royal Luxury

Unconditionally, all inclusive is better in Turkey. НаCyprus a few years ago and know-did not know what everything is included and with what to serve it. Yes, and now interpret the concept at will.

  • A hotel on an oll in Cyprus does not mean that there will be a private beach. WITH most likely it will be public and with a fee sun beds.
  • Animation and huge green areas at the hotel – not at all seahorse island.
  • But what unites Turkey and Cyprus is that in cheap hotels, does the Wi-Fi catch only at the reception desk or in a restaurant?

Recommendations for hotels in Turkey.

More expensive not to be disappointed:

  • 5 * Alva Donna World Palace (Kemer) – from 130,000 rubles for week for two
  • 5 * Granada Luxury Resort & SPA (Alanya) – from 120,000 rubles
  • 5 * Sentido Orka Lotus Beach (Marmaris) – from 130,000 rubles
  • 5 * Adalya Elite Lara Hotel (Antalya) – from 145,000 rubles
  • 5 * Marti Myra (Kemer) – from 130,000 rubles

Average prices:

  • 5 * Utopia World (Alania) – from 115,000 rubles
  • 5 * Queens Park Goynuk (Kemer) – from 95,000 rubles
  • 5 * Sentido Numa Bay (Alanya) – from 100,000 rubles
  • 4 * Flamingo Hotel (Alanya) – from 90 000 rubles

Budget vacation (all – from our friends and trips):

  • 4 * Side Town by Zhotels (Side) – from 60,000 rubles
  • 4 * Havana (Kemer) – from 70,000 rubles
  • 4 * Numa Konaktepe Hotel (Alanya) – from 70,000 rubles
  • 4 * Artemis Princess (Alania) – from 65,000 rubles

Or maybe you are interested in new hotels in Turkey, opened in 2018-2019?

Hotels in Cyprus.

Those who have been in Cyprus from my friends, advise hotels in Larnaca – 3 * Sveltos and 3 * Boronia apartments.

Soon I will make a list for Cyprus right here, but for now предлагаю изучить популярные отели в этой >> и этой >>articles – in the sections “Selection of good hotels.”

What to choose – Turkey or Cyprus? Results

View from the hill View from the hill

Rise to the Church of Protaras Rise to the Church of Protaras Holidays in Alanya Holidays in Alanya

View from the hill to Protaras and the ascent of the stairs to the church / Cableway and view of Cleopatra beach in Alanya

If you haven’t been anywhere, start with Turkey. Look around, take a trip on an excursion (or even rent a car :)), see if you like hotel vacation. Well, then …

To Turkey if:

  • Relaxing with a child / children who always climb, jump and not able to sit still at least half an hour.
  • Hard budget framework, and need to be cheaper.
  • Have fun, hang out.
  • The main requirements – a sandy beach with lounge chairs, comfortable hotel and not a hint of the question “where are we having dinner today?”.

To Cyprus if:

  • You love to immerse yourself in local life – cafes, car rental, “wild” non-touristic corners of nature.
  • The priority is a beautiful sea and golden beaches.
  • Were and miss Greece.
  • Do not like the eastern “chaos” and the desire to please the tourist and prefer European service and regularity.

I have chosen Turkey! And now, which is better than Side or Kemer?

Pluses of Cyprus and Turkey

Turkey Cyprus
“Child” service Higher quality hotels – from 1 to 5 stars
Cheap tours and flights from almost any city of the Russian Federation Unobtrusive service
Developed hotel infrastructure Some of the cleanest beaches in Europe
All Inclusive The possibility of complete independence
Locals just chat in Russian

Cons of Cyprus and Turkey

Turkey Cyprus
A huge number of tourists in the season The high cost of tours and recreation
Obsessive and slightly “sweet” service, just to sell-sell Oh, very hot in July and August
“Hotel” recreation format that is difficult to overcome Almost no classic all inclusive
Heated since mid-summer, but you can be saved on the Aegean coast (Marmaris, Bodrum) Direct flights from all over Russia

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