Charter flights and flights: myths and truth. Where buy?

For beginner and elementary travelers, this is the most vivid example when you seem to understand what this is about, but you can’t give a precise definition (you don’t know it) – such is the concept of “charter flight”.

Of all the variety of associations, only “cheap” arise – which justified, and the “delay / cancellation of the flight” – but it smacks prejudice. Anyway, it’s a good way to save Therefore, we understand: where, when and for what we take cheap charter flights and can I rely on them?


  1. What is a charter?
  2. Where and how to buy?
  3. Charters from Russia
  4. Differences from regular flight
  5. Myths

Charter flight – what is it?

Initially, a charter flight was a bit of a private booking, based on the requirements of the client, not the airline. Now charter flights are associated with tour operators or organized in large groups, which are bought out from airlines and use its services for a certain period (for example, during the tourist season).

It’s almost like a taxi: the route is chosen in advance and it is assumed how many people will go, followed by reserved seats. The task of the “taxi driver” is to perform only the technical part – transportation (i.e. flight). After clients (I mean tourists) delivered, the taxi driver takes other people nearby (loads already rested) and takes them back.

Such a flight, by the way, is called “shuttle charter”, but there are and “split-charter”: part of the journey takes place on the regular (normal) liner, then transfer, and flies already charter. It happens with small cities where it’s impossible to go directly to another end of the world; for this, a large transfer hub is needed.

“Specialize” mass and seasonal charters resorts / departures. For example, there is no direct flight from Rhodes from Kazan. But there is a summer charter tied to tour operators, which is two times a week forwards tourists to the island without transfers? With luck, catch only flight – you can.

Prices for charter flights depend on the occupancy of the aircraft: the more available seats, the cheaper the ticket. For example, from Moscow to Barcelona can fly for 6 700 rubles (departure is expected through 2 days). Kazan-Rhodes-Kazan – 10 200 rubles!

Airplane Royal Flight Airplane Royal Flight

Where are we looking for cheap tours and flights?

It’s no secret how to buy a plane ticket. Aggregators, Of course, such as Skyscanner and OneTwoTrip. However, the directions “charter flight” is not found there, alas, they are sharpened by traditional departures.

Since the charters buy tour operators, it makes sense to look and tours. Sometimes, they go cheaper prices for air tickets (regular). Moreover, individual tickets without a ticket appear just for a few days before departure and right there they are dealt with by “hunters”, which is not forget to observe day and night?

Tours we book on 3 well-known online search engines (compare, where is more profitable):

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They monitor offers from 120+ tour operators and are able to detect promotional and last minute trips or prompt when to fly cheaper. We also have a separate article with a rating. tour operators.

It’s one thing to grab charter tickets, and quite another to find affordable housing for these dates. Therefore, touring is often easier and budget (especially for popular “package” directions – Turkey, Greece, Spain, etc.).

Airplane Royal Flight Airplane Royal Flight

How to buy a ticket for a charter flight without a voucher? Instruction

And yet, how to buy a ticket for charters without a tour?

Six months ago, we would have had to send you to the wisest and clear to travel agents only (and reliable?) sites like “”. Today, the service Aviasales has overtaken the above functional aggregators and now catches not only regulars, but also charters!

Before you go on a search, note that appear tickets no earlier than a week before departure. All because the tour operator sells them if necessary to fill the seats.

  • Come on Aviasales
  • You drive in the right city (or to be guaranteed – Moscow), Directions, dates and presses “find tickets”
  • Hope for fortune …
  • Charter flights, if available, are displayed as the cheapest and with notice

Chartered flight Chartered flight

✓ Tour duration is usually 7, 10 and 14 days, and charter tickets will correspond approximately to such a schedule ✓ A tape with dates and prices on the top edge helps to navigate in low cost departures ✓ To recheck you can put on Aviasales filter in the “AGENCY” tab on Clickavia, Chuck and Sindbad (they work with charters)

Charter airlines flying from Russia

Azur Air Charter Azur Air Charter Azur Air charter flight to Dubai Azur Air charter flight to Dubai

Azur Air charter flight (our tour to Dubai)

Not all airlines welcome the charter system. But those who “in action” takes travelers to places where regular flights are not are announced? It may be hard to reach or too. exotic places to fly a little, but occupancy rate should be maximized. And it can only charters.

Companies flying from Russia (from Moscow and the regions) to 2019 year:

  • Azur Air – from Anex Tour
  • Royal Flight – from Coral Travel and Sunmar
  • Atlasglobal
  • Onur air
  • Ellinair
  • Nordwind (North wind) – from Pegas Touristik
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Russia and Red Wings – from Biblio Globus
  • Ural Airlines
  • Yamal
  • I fly and Iraero – from Tez Tour and TUI
  • Pegas Fly (Icarus) – by Pegas Touristik
  • NordStar

Which countries fly charter flights?

  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Czech
  • Turkey
  • Cyprus
  • Tanzania
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Mexico
  • Vietnam
  • UAE
  • Sri Lanka

If you have seen charter flights to Turkey (someone from above carriers), immediately watch the tours on these numbers (on Level.Travel, for example). 99% that the voucher will come out more profitable than booking tickets and hotels yourself.

Tez Tour Bus Tez Tour Bus

Differences between charter and scheduled flights

1) Important: be prepared that the charter “twirl as they want”! Can the departure airport would be changed (was Domodedovo, became Vnukovo) and arrival (there was Phuket, became Krabi) – which, however, happens much less often than the transfer of time. Half an hour a day ahead or back … This, of course, is treacherously eating or adding days generously recreation.

Note that our relationship with the charters has not yet been ruined. long delays, much more often we “hit” with regular by flights.

2) You can buy tickets for charters no earlier than a week. If a ticket for a regular flight is cheaper to take in a few months, then the charter ticket will drop to a minimum closer to the departure (if “burn” places).

3) The ticket itself arrives in the mail on the eve of departure, but not later than a day. Yes, it is strange, paid and wait for 5 days, but these are the rules.

4) Charter tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. AND online booking (i.e. ask for “hold” and redeem via a couple of days) does not work here.

5) Airspace benefits from regular airplanes: in the case of delays on the runway release first their.

Continuing the topic: Where to look for regular flights? >>

Rhodes Airport Rhodes Airport

Pros and cons of charters

Charters are good because:

  • lack of transplants
  • flight from remote regions to areas where regular do not fly (without docking)
  • low cost
  • no graduation classes in the cabin… equality-friendship-chewing gum ?
  • guaranteed 20 kg of luggage?

Charters are not very good because:

  • although tied to the schedule, but can be carried 1+ hour later / earlier
  • understand the speed of light (packet tourists), and the term life of non-purchased charter ticket – maximum 7 days
  • allow regular flights to take off
  • there is no business class in charter airplanes

Popular myths about charter flights

Everyone who is going to fly a charter for the first time, loads himself the most unpleasant expectations: poor service, old aircraft, mandatory delay … But, nevertheless, we and many travelers choose such flights, so they are worth it?

First, the security and range of services offered reduced in case of charter. The luggage system is the same, fed in depending on the company and flight duration (as well as on regulars), and the personnel of the same level are responsible for the lives of passengers professionalism. About old planes: yes, for the most part, they “traveled”, but not this determines the quality of the flight.

Secondly, do not confuse charters with low-cost airlines, whose price is profitable by cutting back on services. Charters are bulk purchases tour operator, due to which the cost goes astray.

Third, the delay. They do not arise because it is a charter, but due to reasons beyond our control: adjustment of the flight program tour operator, weather, late arrival of the vessel, etc.

And by the way, the Montreal Convention obliges charter companies provide the same compensation in the event of prolonged downtime as regular (food, drinks, hotel …)! And since 2018, the airline, delayed 10% of flights per month may not be allowed to fly to next.

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