Bla Bla Car – how to find a fellow traveler by car? My review of the service

How on bla bla car to find a trip that is suitable in all respects – cost, good car, adequate companion? Is it safe at all? Maybe, well, it’s better in the old way, by bus? When in In 2016, I first encountered a blah bla kar site with fellow travelers – such thoughts were spinning in my head.

Then, on the May holidays, my friend and I decided to whatever not to see Brest. Tickets for the train from Minsk already lay on table, and the question of how to get to the capital of Belarus, remained open. All transport cost prohibitively expensive, and we honestly wanted to save.

Where can I find a trip – determined, the options went over, and here the driver was found: the very next day the little red car marked “for women only” drove us to Minsk. Ever since i I regularly book cars on blablacar, and is ready to share with you the secrets of how best to find a companion in the trip and how to save a decent amount even across Russia between cities, even for recreation on the sea (you can after all, and in the Crimea :)).

From the editor. The text is written by Victoria, but supplemented by my comments. Therefore, there will be many more inserts from personal account. I am an active user of blah blah car with 2015 During this time, the profile has accumulated more than 50 trips. traveling companion: to Kazan, Moscow, Cheboksary, etc .; as well as in Munich, Prague and Moscow from Vilnius.


  1. Bla Bla Car – what is it?
  2. How to save on a trip?
  3. How to find a companion? Instruction
  4. For the driver – search for fellow travelers
  5. Tips and Frequently Asked Questions
  6. My review of the service

What is bla bla car? Advantages and disadvantages

Profile of Blah Blah Kar Profile of Blah Blah Kar

Bla bla car is a website where you can find a car ride from points A (say, Chelyabinsk) to point B (for example, Yekaterinburg). Or find fellow travelers if you are driving that same car. And almost without registration – difficult and tedious.

Just enter the desired date on the site, the city of departure and arrival. The system issues a list of drivers – it remains to choose best option by reading reviews. Every day is committed more than 100 thousand trips on 30,000 routes.

Obvious advantages for the driver: gasoline bounces, and some also earn.

Pros for travelers no less weighty:

+ the cost of travel to Blablakar is cheaper than by bus, and conditions are much more comfortable (unless, of course, choosing the right car – and about it below);

+ the road takes less time; I’ll take flexibility here too – You can always negotiate with the driver so that he will pick you up or drove to a certain place;

+ This is a decent option for a trip abroad, if you have to pass through customs: there are only 4-5 passengers in the car, do not compare with the stuffed bus;

+ sometimes Blablacar is the only way to leave. It concerns either small towns or holiday periods when all moving sold out.

Moscow – Kazan Moscow, Saint Petersburg Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod
BlaBlakar 1400 1100 500
Bus 1600 1300 700
A train 2600 1800 1700
Aircraft 2400 2700 3100

The disadvantages of the system are:

– drivers do not pass strict checks, and therefore all trips Passengers are at your own risk – IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO READ reviews on bla bla car;

– booking can be canceled at the last moment, so it is not necessary count on the service of fellow travelers before important events; it is better take air tickets or train in advance;

– the passenger can do likewise, which means that the driver will be left without profit;

– no phone support service. If there are difficulties or questions, you can write in support of the site by reference

– the cost on the site may not correspond to reality – depends on the adequacy of the driver. Somehow I needed to get there from Ukraine to Moscow. I found the car, then they called me back and announced that this is a bus, and the price is only twice as high specified (and at the same time the cost of the usual Busfor).

From the editor. I also had a similar experience: booked a passenger car, and on the spot was waiting for a Mercedes Sprinter (minibus). I had to go, drove normally. My mistake is not read reviews.

BlaBlaCar has both legal and illegal buses. The first officially registered on the service and are shown as SP, the latter hide the information and present themselves as one-time trips, It happens that the machines are replaced.

Trips to BlaBlaKar Trips to BlaBlaKar

Officially Bla Bla Car is represented on the territory of 22 states. With a dozen European, Russia and Ukraine, from the “exotic” – India, Brazil, Mexico. But, as you know, blah blah cars plow and roads of other countries. Just looking for a trip to fit. directions.

We also recommend to compare the prices of other “must get” services:

  • KiwiTaxi – online transfer order. If you are traveling with a company from 2-3 people, and even from / to the airport, KiwiTaxi can be more profitable and safer. We used it in Athens and Montenegro.
  • FlixBus – buses to ride between cities of Europe and the CIS for inexpensive. For example, for 1 euro, if you get to share?

How to use Blah Blah Karom? Travel savings

BlaBlaCar Travel Cost BlaBlaCar Travel Cost

Bla bla car really helps to save money. The reason for this is high competition, because of which drivers set prices lower average, no one wants to go “empty.”

In August 2018, I again went to Minsk: a trip to a comfortable sedan with ice cream and a rug cost me 1000 rubles. Compared to the bus, the train and the same Belavia, this was cheap. Similarly, with trips to the south – you can budget ride a car.

Prices in Europe are no less pleasant: the road from Vilnius to Moscow can cost 1800 rubles. Just a minute: the bus usually costs from 3500 and higher. When choosing a trip, it is important to compare all the options – and on bla bla car there are very high price tags. What are guided by drivers in such cases – a mystery, because the model of the car, that check out time is standard.

When I signed up, instructions on how to use There was no blah blah carom on the Internet and it was necessary to study everything on own experience. Further I will tell the moments on which I look at choosing a trip.

How to find travel companions by car correctly? What to pay Attention

Levels in Blah Blah Car Levels in Blah Blah Car

Here are a number of rules for the passenger, which I constantly follow. Before going on a trip by car, pay attention to The following features of the service:

  1. Reviews are paramount. After each trip, both the driver and the passenger can express an opinion about each other, more precisely – write him. It is here that it becomes clear how much the car fits Actually, the driver is friendly and punctual. Via reviews can be calculated and gazelles-buses – anyone and yes will write that driving was not the mythical Tatiana, but quite to herself real Vasily. It happens that the driver has no reviews at all – as in If this is the case, find out if you are new to you or a representative of some kind carrier? Check if he has trips on the same route. coming dates. If so, then this is clearly not a private trader.
  2. When registering, drivers are asked to upload a photo of them. cars or specify a model. If all data is entered, you roughly understand the conditions in which to go. If do not know anything, specify the information in personal correspondence – cancellation is always possible.
  3. Must indicate how many people are placed in the back the seat. My advice to you: choose where this number equals two. You You will also see how many fellow travelers have already booked places in the car, and Who are they.
  4. To reduce the likelihood of cancellation, take places where already someone booked. In such cases, the driver will dial 99% passengers, and the trip will take place.

How else to find a companion? After booking you the driver’s phone number will be displayed. Send him a message to to let know that passengers are already recruited, or ask your questions. Do not forget to clarify the following data:

  • The exact place and time of the meeting. If the driver drives out suburb, option may not suit you.
  • Place of arrival. Drivers usually indicate a point convenient for them. route. But sometimes they can throw it right at home. If you drive in transit, report it to be sure: you will not be dropped off in the middle of the road and will not offer to go kilometer on foot.
  • Luggage. A small suitcase can be taken with you, but if you are going to carry something large, be sure to discuss it with driver in advance.
  • Payment. Most often, the payment is made in cash already the end of the trip. If you do not have a cache, discuss the possibility transfer to the card (in advance!).

How to register on Bla Bla Car? Instructions for newbies

  1. Using the service is very simple. Install the application or open the page of the official website bla bla car. You will immediately invited to become a full member of the service, confirming your e-mail But on bla bla car you can find a companion without registration – just log in via Vkontakte or Facebook. Fill in questionnaire and tell about yourself.

From February 2019 you can confirm your account using your passport RF and get an extra icon of reliability.

App Store App Store Google Google

  1. To find a trip among the offers on bla bla car the most convenient and suitable, in the search bar, enter all Required data: date, point of departure and arrival. In front of you A list of trips will appear.
  2. Choose your option. Do not forget to read the reviews and clarify all the information you need from the driver.
  3. Book your trip. Confirmation of the reservation is of two types – automatic and manual. In case of automatic confirmation see the driver’s comment on how to contact him. If a No information, wait until he gets in touch. If a the driver manually negotiates fellow travelers, the waiting time may take up to 6 hours. During this period, he must either approve your nominee or booking fly off.
  4. Contact the driver. Refine all details, including place and time of landing, car model, cost.
  5. On day X, arrive at the meeting point, get in the car and go on a trip. Payment is better to make after the fact. AND Don’t forget to write a review to share your impression. help other tourists.

Blablacar Phone Number Blablacar Phone Number

What other services – my faithful assistants to travel?

  • Airbnb – search for private housing around the world (link 2100 rubles for the first booking)
  • Ticket aggregators

Car registration. How to find fellow travelers if you driver?

  1. The driver also needs to register on the site / in the app, or log in using social. networks. Fill in the information about yourself and your car – the more data, the more trust. Think about what you would like to know on the passenger seat, write the truth!
  2. Create a trip. Specify the city of departure and arrival, place Embarkation and disembarkation, number of available seats, date and time departures
  3. Specify the cost of the trip – the service itself will offer an average price, but you can change it.
  4. Add comments (for example, about baggage) and specify the method communication. The more you write, the better. Make it so that your The ad has stood out.
  5. Choose how reservations will be confirmed – automatically or manually. If you want to select fellow travelers, you will have 6 hours for each candidate, otherwise the application is canceled. After confirmation, you will receive passenger data – contact and discuss all the details. Install the application on the phone, so will be more convenient.
  6. You can always cancel the trip, but be kind enough to notify about this their failed passengers directly – at least in sms!

Download to phone: Top apps for путешествий >>

Reviews about blah blah kar Reviews about blah blah kar

Passenger Tips – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bla Bla Car charge a commission? Some time ago the service really kept a commission of 20% of the cost of the trip, but for the summer of 2019 there is no such practice. Thats there is, use is free.

Is it safe to ride bla bla car? As i have She said Bla Bla Car drivers are not checked. But if in Your potential driver’s profile has a lot of good reviews, You can be calm (although I still send someone from close car number – you never know?). If there are no reviews, you are the only one. the passenger who booked the place, you go on a trip to your fear and risk. In any case, before driving by car to another city, weigh all the pros and cons.

If you are a girl and booked a trip with a few more. fellow travelers (as can be seen on the website / in the application), and sole passenger, it is better to politely refuse to see another auto. Why risk once again?

The driver did not come. What to do? Swear about yourself and look for a new car. Once again I want to note that use bla bla car on the eve of important events, flights or the same going to work after a vacation is a dubious idea.

But if the direction is popular, there are usually a lot of cars and wait a long time. not necessary – there were such cases, cars were found within 1-2 hours

The car broke down. What to do? First of all find out how serious the breakdown is. If you are not in a hurry, the car can be repaired in a few hours, it is better to stay waiting – not the fact that you can find a companion and go to the road is already on another car. If the car has no chance rise in the coming hours, ask to drop you off refueling / hotel / shop and look for a new ride. In this case the trip is usually not paid.

Is it possible to rent a car only for women? Service implemented this option for a long time, I will not describe much, in In short – you can find a trip for women only. More details can be прочитать по этой ссылке >>

My review and advice

Ambassador Bla Bla Car Ambassador Bla Bla Car

  • I usually try to choose foreign cars for long trips with two people behind, on small – no difference.
  • I am looking for those trips where someone has already booked – such reservations are rare break down.
  • I trust drivers who often drive and earn money on it. They know the road well.
  • You can search for departures and destinations from neighboring cities – Frequently drivers call in to pick you up (again, cancel you can always – the main thing to agree).
  • There are delays of ≈30 minutes, the main thing is to keep connection And wait.
  • Do not save on the car and comfort, otherwise due to 50-100 rubles You will drive five of us in the Zhiguli.
  • “Bla Bla car has become paid” – this news went through the Internet in the fall of 2018, but to this day the service remains free!
  • If the trip for your time was not found, you can create notification, and all new cars will come to you in the mail, be able to book first.
  • If you have just registered on the service, you can write about this driver, say that you are driving for the first time, because reviews about you are not yet.

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