Biblio Globus: reviews of the tour operator in 2018-2019 years

Biblio Globus: reviews of the tour operator in 2018 Biblio Globus: reviews of the tour operator in 2018

Perhaps the tour operator Biblio Globus will open a series of our articles on that they say on the Internet about companies organizing outings for milestone and in Russia. What are the impressions of tourists before and after that noted in a positive way, and what is negative?

We have tried to abstract from the complaints in the spirit of “in the bus uncomfortable chair and blew air conditioning “and really highlighted significant reviews of Biblio Globus for the years 2018-2019.


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What services search for all tour operators at once?

Have you watched how the cost of vouchers for several operators? One has an agreement with the hotel, another has bought a block seats at the budget airline, and the third discount did not get – hence the differences.

Track the best prices possible and very simple. Finding a tour is necessary lead on all tour operators at once – in the way the largest aggregators:

  • Travelata
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  • Onlinetours

Each site monitors the available offers from travel agencies, compares the price tag and shows the most profitable options for this moment. We advise you to familiarize yourself with our 10 ways to save money. choosing a tour.

Tours from Biblio Globus

Holidays in Greece with Biblio-Globus Holidays in Greece with Biblio-GlobusOur trip to the island of Rhodes, Greece

Official site of the tour operator –

Biblio Globus in 2019 celebrates 25 years of experience in the market travel services. The term is decent, but the achievements are impressive: first a dozen in the rating of tour operators, 54 directions, more than a million clients per year, the title of one of the largest private companies in Russia according to Forbes and the name “everyone knows”.

Tours from Biblio Globus are quite democratic in cost. (especially if we consider early booking). Interesting that the tour operator asked a glorious tradition to sell everything without a trace – not only last minute tours are caught, but last minute charters (ticket round trip for a penny) and hotels.

Поиск тура от Библио Глобуса —>

The main directions of Biblio Globus

Demre Turkey Demre Turkey Capri Capri

Holidays in Turkey (Demre) and a trip to Italy (Capri)

Buy a ticket can be in 50+ countries, but the main places of rest, about which tourists most often leave reviews about Bibo Globus – this:

  • Cyprus is what started the tour operator in the distant 94th. On today Biblik (as the forum users dubbed it) – the leader Cyprus direction, having a share of about 80%.
  • Thailand – the second resort, “open” company, now a significant proportion of the total number of tours
  • Tunisia – the development of the country is so active that Biblio Globe in 2017 received an award from Tunisians for success diligence
  • Turkey – you might think, and who does not have it? but the operator takes 4th place among all in terms of sales of Turkish all-inclusive.

Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000

Fuel surcharge: What is it and why should I to pay? >>

Positive reviews of tourists about Biblio Globus in 2018-2019 years

Positive reviews of tourists about Biblio Globus Positive reviews of tourists about Biblio Globus

Is it time to bathe not only in the bathroom?

  1. Regular customers trust Biblio Globus, first of all, thanks to his collaboration with reliable by airlines. Besides the fact that most popular directions of the tour operator is served by a / k Russia (the daughter Aeroflot), you can book a flight by Aeroflot, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, etc. The widest choice – for departures from Moscow
  2. Tourists note that dynamic company pricing is sometimes very surprising – and more often in the positive side. The tour may not cheap for a couple of thousand rubles, and for all 10-15. True, such a “drawdown” lasts from strength a few hours, but whoever has time – he will cut off. Same story with charters: travelers kindly recall the multiple the generosity of the tour operator in 2017, when last minute flights to Barcelona sold for 7,000 rubles round-trip.
  3. Allocate travel company and for the fact that it is possible to purchase the so-called. “land” – accommodation without a flight. Especially developed It was Cyprus, but reviews of Biblio Globus for 2018 claim that the “shop” is almost covered and acts only on some hotels

On ш сборник отзывов: • об Анекс Тур >> •о Санмар >>

  1. Clients express an opinion on the fines system: in principle, she is quite loyal – 2000 rubles for foreign countries and 500 rubles for Russia, if canceled for more than 22 days. But the operator is not spend – if the paid tour is canceled (even with a fine) for override it at a lower price (remember, those “drawdowns”?), Alas, the new order will not confirm.
  2. Reviews of tour operators can not do without different nice buns. In the case of Biblio Globus, these are bags with logo, sim cards, dozens of booklets and cards. Notice good the work of transfer guides (maximum useful information and local tales), Many of these guys like more than a hotel.

We advise you to issue a universal sim card DrimSim, according to it, For example, in Thailand, 1 MB costs 0.015 euros, which is quite profitable. По ссылке можно получить 7 евро на счет >>

  1. In 2014, when Transaero ceased to function. – the main carrier Biblio Globus, the tour operator has not blundered and promptly transplanted its tourists to other flights. Compare The situation with the current cases of bankruptcy tour operators! Not every can handle the cancellation of almost the entire flight program on season.

A good tour operator, took a tour online on Travelate, visa make out yourself! Before that, the experience of the trip was already different travel companies. Prices for tours to Thailand, India and Greece BG is usually the cheapest. I paid the tour immediately on the site online, confirmation from the hotel came the next day.

Then we flew great airline Russia, the flight was regular, without any delay. We were met by staff at form Biblioglobus) successfully resettled all of the hotels. Guided Tours tour operator expensive (actually as usual) cheaper to buy on the street. We will have a biblio globe in good standing, and consider this tour operator and in subsequent trips)


Our experience: Feedback on Travelata + инструкции >>

View from the hotel Side Town Hotel - our trip Fortuna View from the hotel Side Town Hotel - our trip Fortuna

View from our hotel in Side, Turkey (traveled by Fortune 4 stars)

Negative reviews of tourists about Biblio Globus

  1. Complaints are found on the days of vacation taken. The company does not suffer from total flight transfer syndrome, but it happens that when buying a tour (in advance) flight The program has not yet been approved, and only the day of departure / arrival is known. Subsequently it turns out – from 8 days of rest (for example, from 13 to 20) two can be deleted, because the plane arrives late (on the evening of the 13th) and flies early (morning of the 20th).
  2. Negative reviews Biblio Globus gets for the organization settling – hard for those people who do not own English, and the hotel guide is not found on the spot. Of course, the problem is easily solved with the help of a translator on the phone, but as some tourists say, before the representatives of the tour operator “not to reach out “and on ordinary days.” The most important thing for them is to sail excursions! “- frequent claim.
  3. The biggest mistake of the tour operator is, of course, the situation from 2017 in the Dominican Republic, when the terrible Irma was advancing on the islands (Hurricane). The flight was moved a day later, but for an extra night in Hotel Biblio Globus refused to pay. Vacationers had to spend your money and come to court on arrival.

For the trip

to Cyprus

“On the advice of a friend who travels 5 times a year, chose Biblio Globus. A friend advised several sites in online And you know the prices were pleasantly surprised :))

There are no complaints to the tour operator, preparation of documents, meeting in airport – everything is super, disappoint the hotel itself unfortunately. But it is not ruined the rest. ”


Our review of the tour operator Biblio Globus

Share your own “aftertaste” from a trip with Biblio Globus – Thailand (Phuket) in April for 9 days.

Our review of the tour operator Biblio Globus Our review of the tour operator Biblio GlobusA photo from our trip to thailand

Of the 5 points above with a “+” we experienced 3. First, they hit the amazing price of 62,000 rubles for two people with stay in a 3-star hotel with breakfast. Second, flew Boeing from a / k Russia, and it was the quietest 9 hours of ours life spent on the plane. Thirdly, the local Simka was with chic internet (optional), and a blue backpack calculated “their” one-two. Excursions we did not buy, but all key stages – flight, transfer, accommodation – went smoothly.

But there was also a minus. And this is amazing! – hotel guide. НаHe was also not present at the settlement (although he is not obliged, and we don’t importantly, we know English), but he managed to pick up the reverse tickets and not return them safely. In short, an unpleasant type. we quickly forgot about him, and on the overall impression of the company not affected.

Outcome: tour operator Biblio Globus is uniquely Like it. At the same time, the wish is to cope with force majeure (as in the fall of 2017) is more customer-oriented.

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