Beach vacation abroad in February 20 nineteen – where go to the sea?

Beach vacation abroad in February 2019 - where to go to the sea? Beach vacation abroad in February 2019 - where to go to the sea?

If the vacation came at the end of winter, rejoice! Beach holiday in February has a lot of advantages. Besides the fact that most warm countries still reign in high season, and tours abroad can be found within any budget, because New Year and Christmas the hype was already asleep.


  1. Where to go in February to the sea?
  2. TOP 5 best directions
  3. Thailand | Vietnam | Goa | Bali | UAE
  4. Where else can you relax?
  5. Dominican Republic | Zanzibar | Maldives | Brazil | Sri Lanka | China
  6. Vacation with children
  7. February Weather
  8. Rest without a visa

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Where to go in February to the sea?

Where to rest in February abroad? We have prepared for you top countries for beach holidays on the shores of the seas and oceans. In the list – all resorts where it is nice to enjoy solitude or spend honeymoon, and where you can get a real drive from surfing, diving or from nightly entertainment.

To take off like that and go for a dose of the sun, it is advisable to know where to go in February without a visa, and where will be able to “get rid” of its simplified receipt.

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Where to go cheap? TOP 5 best directions

Beach vacation abroad in February - Bali Beach vacation abroad in February - Bali Beach vacation abroad in February - Bali Beach vacation abroad in February - Bali

Come to rice plantations in Bali

Where to fly to the sea in February cheap – a matter of relevance to many travelers. You can save on the voucher either waiting for a burning offer, or choosing to leave for The border was originally a budget place.

We analyzed the prices of tours and the cost of the stay in different countries, noted the reviews and advice of tourists and made the top 5 best resorts.

  • Thailand is a typically “Russian” winter destination. First of all, most mastered and adapted to Russian citizens. Secondly, without a visa. And thirdly, offering the best beach holiday in February in terms of price / price ratio. Even in high season, a check for food and excursions are much lower than in other countries.
  • North Goa – the most inexpensive resort. Youth at sea in February is flown here – for parties and informal surroundings, nature, full of palm trees and sand, and very cheap housing. You can get acquainted with the rating of tour operators in Goa.
  • Bali is pleasantly economical in living. After our wintering in In 2018, we made a price review earlier. In addition, the period of our Winter on the island is considered a low season, and air tickets, traditionally “Eating” a decent part of the money, go into a smaller amount.
  • Emirates – different democratic package holiday. Although the resort is on the list of countries where it is warm in February, the sea will have to admire exclusively from the shore, and arrange swims in heated pool at the hotel. This causes a low price tag. on vouchers.
  • Vietnam is perfect for a 10 day vacation. For example, note February 23 can be cheaply in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet and Fukuoka – budget will cost and tour, and food, and transport.

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Where to go to relax in February 2019? - Phuket, Thailand Where to go to relax in February 2019? - Phuket, Thailand Where to go to relax in February 2019? - Phuket, Thailand Where to go to relax in February 2019? - Phuket, Thailand

Photo from our trip to Phuket Island, Thailand (southern side)

Thailand is white sand beaches, sprawling palms, flowering exotics and a rich excursion program. Honeymoon turn out to be unsurpassed if you take a tour for two to Phuket in February, closer to the middle. 14 numbers – on the European Day of the Holy Valentine – Thais arrange unusual wedding ceremonies.

A serene beach kingdom can be arranged on the islands – Koh Samui, Phangan, Phi Phi, which is met with lush greenery. In season to you can not only try exotic fruits ripening to the end of winter, but also fully enjoy the calm turquoise waters Andaman Sea and the hot sun.

In addition to Pattaya and Phuket in February, guests are ready to take in Thailand Krabi province. Holidays at this resort will not be overshadowed. even a short rain, and it is very popular with families with children.

The weather is comfortable, the sea is hot (water temperature throughout coast + 28 ° C). The only negative is the influx of tourists. But gorgeous weather conditions worth the journey plan for exactly this time.

  • Prices for tours to Thailand in February 2019 start from 75,000 rubles for two for 7 days

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Vietnam in February Vietnam in February

Where to go in early February? Vietnam, for example, offers spend frosty days on its sandy coast. If you are looking for where best to tan and swim, definitely go to South of the country: tours to Nha Trang, Phan Thiet and Phu Quoc for these purposes fit perfect. Reviews that leave the tourists who visited Vietnam in February are distinguished by unanimity: this time is excellent suitable for travel.

The month belongs to the dry season, so the weather is good. Rain is unlikely, and if it does, it is not for long. Sea in winter more often just calm, warming up to + 26 ° C … + 28 ° C.

Prices for vouchers at the end of the month are among the highest, but There is always the opportunity to find a hot tour. If you are planning a trip book flights yourself in advance. We usually buy them for six months, but in the case of Vietnam, we remind you that it is better to give preference tour, because its value may be equal flight. Buy better online, before that you can read list of tour operators in the country.

Holiday in Vietnam in recent years is gaining more and more Popularity among Russians – now and before the island of Phu Quoc get by direct flight.

  • A trip to Vietnam in February will be released from 85 000 rubles with accommodation in a 3 * hotel with two for 7 nights

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Beach in Gokarna Beach in Gokarna

India, Gokarna

Rest on the warm sea in February can be organized in Goa. Moreover, it is very budget – India is one of the cheapest countries in Asia, although and not the most developed.

Inexpensive vacation is more typical for the northern part of the state. North Goa attracts mostly young and playful, because live here you can for mere pennies, especially in terms of hotels, and have fun – to the fullest.

Southern Goa is a kind of “pensioner”. Hotels here are class higher, respectively, and service too, but life behind their walls completely absent. At the disposal of visitors – the beautiful sea, cozy beaches and silence. Prices for trips to the southern resort is always a bit higher than the north.

  • Tours from Moscow to Goa in February 2019 for two people cost from 55 000 rubles

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Without a visa, you can relax in winter in Bali inexpensively. In February prices are down: the high season is over, and the flow йогов-веганов-хипстеров туристов спадает.

On the island, of course, for the most part fly independently. By The ticket is rare, but they are still sold in sufficient quantities. Instructions how to save on the flight as much as possible: 1) choose non-seasonal dates (where February is ideal) and indirect flights (for example, with docking in Thailand or Kuala Lumpur).

Last month of winter is suitable for those who do not like strong heat The element is changeable: there are rains, and quite often. Day like usually begins with a bright sun, and continues after lunch the rain. But the sunsets are excellent every time, regardless of the weather. conditions There, really, nowhere else to see!

  • At the end of February, you can visit Bali from a tour of 100,000. rubles for two for 7 days

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Ras Al Khaimah Beach Ras Al Khaimah Beach

The beach at Ras Al Khaimah (we swam there even at the beginning February)

Where else to fly in February at sea without a visa? Cancel document to enter the Emirates in 2017 greatly simplified trips for Russians But in 2014, buying a tour, we personally did there visa

The weather in the UAE in February will appeal to those who avoid the scorching rays and stuffiness – + 24 ° C are comfortable for excursions and walks on city, and the country is rich in sights. However, conditions are not like those who want to plunge. Sea temperature inadequate for swimming, but in rescue pools heating.

Tours in the UAE in February 2019 recommend shopping lovers: this month is the season of sales, and the closer to its end, the more become discounts. So, if you want to not only sunbathe, but also skimp well, postpone the search tour for the last days of winter.

  • Tours in February will be inexpensive to Dubai, Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah – just from 50,000 rubles for two with a stop at 3 * the hotel

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Where else can you relax in February abroad?

Beach vacation abroad in February Beach vacation abroad in February

View of Barcelona from the “Bunker” – of course there is not bought in is this time just very pretty?

For those who have not decided where to go in February sea, we offer the following interesting countries for a beach holiday in 2019

For travelers, open destinations to any part of the world: mysterious Africa, exotic Asia, festive South America. Despite the remoteness and traditionally expensive trips, there is always the probability to buy a cheap tour and come off even on the system all inclusive budget!

Dominican Republic in February

This is a holiday country with white beaches, warm sea and Ocean and plenty of entertainment!

Holidays at the seaside in February in the resorts of the Dominican Republic has a number of pluses:

  • clear sunny days prevail because season in the very the height
  • heat, however, is easily tolerated due to winds
  • almost all hotels accept tourists on the system “all included ”
  • On the 27 th, Independence Day is celebrated carnival

Of the minuses:

  • this time has a season of high prices
  • large influx of tourists

The weather in the Dominican Republic in the last winter month is quite pleasant:

  • in the afternoon: + 27 ° C… + 30 ° C
  • at night: + 22 ° C… + 24 ° C
  • water: + 26 ° C

Dominicana in February 2019 on the voucher will be released from 135 000 rubles for two for 10 nights.

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Zanzibar in February

Zanzibar Beach Nungwi Zanzibar Beach Nungwi

Zanzibar, Nungwi Beach (our trip to 2014)

At the end of 2017, a new, not “hackneyed”, has opened for us winter destination: tours to Zanzibar. Reviews of those who visited mysterious island, known primarily for the fairy tale about Aibolit, boil down to the fact that:

  • you can relax relatively inexpensively, but with landscapes and the atmosphere is partly reminiscent of the Maldives
  • beaches are desolate and infinitely beautiful
  • the island has a rich historical heritage that survived the streets of the capital, and wander through them – fascinating occupation

Of the minuses:

  • local cuisine is no surprise – rice, beans, chicken. Except that banana floating in fish soup (by the way, really tasty!)
  • poor infrastructure
  • strong ocean ebb

Zanzibar in February welcomes everyone who wants to sunbathe and swim in solitude, and the weather is conducive to this:

  • in the afternoon: + 31 ° C… + 33 ° C
  • at night: + 24 ° C… + 25 ° C
  • water: + 28 ° C

Prices for a beach holiday in February 2019 in Zanzibar from tour operators begin with a mark of 105 000 rubles for two for 7 nights

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Maldives Maldives

The pearls of the Indian Ocean – the picturesque atolls of the Maldives – alone from luxury options where you can go abroad.

Advantages of the February holidays on the islands:

  • dry, sunny and windless (but conditions can deteriorate to the end of the month)
  • decent all inclusive
  • tasty national cuisine
  • the possibility of complete isolation from the outside world in a bungalow with personal access to the ocean


  • a lot of tourists (on February 14, couples fly together for the conclusion marriages)
  • in Male – flocks of Chinese: loud-voiced and counting in order things come for dinner in swimming trunks
  • high prices for self-catering, and alcohol under prohibition

Weather in the sea in February:

  • in the afternoon: + 29 ° C… + 33 ° C
  • at night: + 25 ° C… + 27 ° C
  • water: + 28 ° C

Rounds to Maldives in February, 2019 cost from 180 000 rubles for 7 nights with two people.

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Brazilian fans Brazilian fans Brazilian fans Brazilian fans

Brazilian fans

Where else to go to the sea in February? If you are not afraid of flights and not constrained in the means, take the tickets to Brazil!

Advantages of the Brazilian holidays:

  • in February in Rio (from 9 to 14 numbers) the famous carnival
  • the world’s cleanest beaches
  • if you do not like noisy children, then in hotels there are practically no will meet
  • great local cuisine

Cons beach holiday:

  • there are waves (although for surfers this is a plus)
  • there may be some rain
  • it is very hot during the day
  • crime

Rest on the warm sea in February will not cloud the weather:

  • in the afternoon: + 29 ° C… + 33 ° C
  • at night: + 21 ° C .. + 25 ° C
  • water: + 25 ° C… + 28 ° C

Забронировать отель >>Авиабилеты >>

Sri Lanka

Where better to rest in the last month of winter? Why not consider sri lanka. In February, the resort pleases stable dry by the weather. Read our article about rest in Hikkaduwa.

Tours to Sri Lanka in February have their advantages:

  • there is no rain at all or they are short-lived
  • warm evenings – no long-sleeved clothing
  • affordable cost of vouchers
  • gorgeous landscapes, waterfalls and jungle

And cons:

  • Get ready to meet mosquitoes: don’t forget to take protective equipment
  • fairly high prices for hotels
  • ocean storm, big waves

Resorts of Sri Lanka: Where is better surfing, and where – perfect beaches? >>

Weather in late winter in Sri Lanka:

  • in the afternoon: + 29 ° C… + 33 ° C
  • at night: + 23 ° C… + 25 ° C
  • water: + 28 ° C

Rest in the winter on Sri Lanka in February starts from 75,000 rubles for 7 days for two.

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Where to go in February to the sea in 2019, if you do not really like heat? Hainan Island and its resort Sanya, as always, are one of the most popular.

China in February is:

  • fine weather for excursions
  • Russian speaking staff
  • at the end of the month – Lantern Festival and a grand celebration The dragon
  • cheap accommodation

Of the minuses:

  • need to be prepared for a cold snap and grab something warmer
  • in the first half of the month there are strong cyclones, and swim in the ocean is almost impossible


  • in the afternoon: + 25 ° C… + 28 ° C
  • at night: + 20 ° C… + 23 ° C
  • water: + 21 ° C… + 22 ° C

Rounds to Hainan at cost – from 60 000 wheels for 7 nights with two.

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Sea to Dubai Sea to Dubai

Where can I go in February with a child

February tours for family holidays with children most budget will be in Vietnam and Thailand. If there is an intolerance problem long flight, we advise you to think about a trip to the UAE (however, minus that the weather is not the hottest) or Goa (but perhaps not like the conditions). We made a separate compilation article with the best holiday destinations for children depending on the season.

Weather in February at popular resorts

A country The average temperature in February, + ° C Water temperature, + ° С
daytime night
South and Southeast Asia
Thailand 32 23 28
Vietnam 29 23 26
China (Hainan) 27 22 22
India (Goa) 32 27 26
Sri Lanka 31 24 28
Indonesia (Bali) 31 25 28
Maldives 31 26 28
Africa and the Middle East
Zanzibar (Tanzania) 32 24 28
UAE 25 20 22
South and Central America
Cuba 26 19 25
Brazil 31 25 27
Mexico 28 22 25
Dominicana 29 22 26

Where to rest in February abroad without a visa?

The visa-free regime in 2019 for Russians, in general, operates in 128 countries and territories. But you can swim and sunbathe only in some, namely:

  • Part of Southeast Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, Hainan (but there are exceptions), Bali, Philippines
  • Caribbean Coast – Cuba and Dominican Republic
  • Indian Ocean Islands – Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius
  • part of South America – Brazil

With the visa will not have problems in the UAE and Zanzibar – issued upon arrival; to Mexico, India, incl. and goa and sri lanka You will need a preliminary electronic entry permit.

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