Beach holiday abroad in September 2019 – where go to the sea?

Beach vacation abroad in September 2019 - where to go to the sea? Beach vacation abroad in September 2019 - where to go to the sea?

All the most tasty places in the schedule of holidays clogged? Stayed only September? Without panic and nerves (they are not restored). Rest on the sea in September is possible – the velvet season after all.


  1. Where to go to the sea? Weather
  2. Top 5 low-cost countries
  3. Turkey | Greece | Tunisia | Cyprus | Spain
  4. Where else can you relax?
  5. Israel | Montenegro | Italy | Russia
  6. Vacation with children
  7. Resort map

Where to go to the sea in September?

Rest in September abroad at sea … It sounds tempting. On the sea, especially. But the world is huge, countries are diverse, and the weather is in autumn so unpredictable, that in the question – where to fly? – perforce get lost

And more than ever last minute tours! Imagine the scale of the drawdown in September, when the “retreat” parents with students? Search should be conducted on all tour operators – many times more lucrative offers. This will help online aggregators, such as:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They monitor the base 120+ tour operators, compare the price tag on tours and suggest the minimum on the dates you need.

Rhodes Island Greece Rhodes Island Greece Pebbled beach in Rhodes Pebbled beach in Rhodes

Rhodes: rocky entrance to the water and pebble beaches. At the very Indeed, it is very good there – especially in September!

Good news: you, the reader, do not stray into the sea of information have to. Here it is – painstakingly consolidated into a single list popular countries for a beach holiday in September.

Resorts where it’s warm all month:

  • Spain (Costa Blanca and Islands)
  • Greece (Rhodes)
  • Italy (Sicily)
  • Cyprus
  • Turkey
  • Tunisia
  • Israel
  • Russia (Sochi, Adler)

Resorts where you can swim in September only in the first half: Greece (Crete) – Spain (Costa Brava, Costa Dorada) – Montenegro.

In late September, you can begin to consider UAE and Thailand. And in October …

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Where to go to sea without a visa?

You don’t always want to wrestle with getting a visa, and there is often no time. Good news again: in a number of states and not required.

From Russia? Take note of – visa-free countries where you can go to the sea in September 2019:

  • Turkey
  • Israel
  • Tunisia
  • Cyprus. Formally, the Russians need a visa. But you can get it in Online mode – fast, easy and for 90 days. Oh yeah, her secret give out to everyone (and for free)
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Montenegro
  • Egypt
  • UAE

Where to go cheap?

Any holiday abroad requires no small expenses. But where is better to rest, so that then a whole year did not have to tighten the belt tighter The list of these Robin Hoods is: Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Spain, Cyprus.

And those who are not particularly attracted by the prospect of crossing the border home country, the beach resorts of Sochi and the Crimea in September will cook welcome gift in the form of reasonable prices.


Beldibi, Kemer Beldibi, Kemer

September Turkey’s early booking opens at February-March and lasts until the end of May

✓ Where to go to the sea in September without a visa? To Turkey. ✓ Where cheap beach vacation? In Turkey. ✓ And all inclusive / conditions for children / warm sea (underline)? .. In Turkey.

Do you understand why it is wildly in demand until November? WITH the onset of autumn the weather becomes softer (goodbye, sticky heat!). Air temperature, on average, + 28 ° C … + 30 ° C; Mediterranean sea + 28 ° C, Aegean + 25 ° C. The heat gradually leaves the country, and in The long-awaited coolness breathes on her back.

Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000

Where better to jerk? The best resorts to relax in the beginning of September, when the summer heat is still strong – Marmaris, Kusadasi, Bodrum – in a word, the Aegean coast. However, the most popular – good old Alanya, Kemer, Side, Belek and Fethiye.

  • Prices for holidays in Turkey in September 2019 all inclusive – from 40 000 rubles per week for two.

On йти тур >>


Holidays in Greece with children Holidays in Greece with children Holidays in Greece with children Holidays in Greece with children Nature of Greece Nature of Greece

Crete: Rethymno / Myrtia village / Samaria gorge

Have you ever dreamed of devoting your legitimate 2 weeks to Greece? September – perfect for that time. Feet (+ Schengen) in hand and forward!

A beach holiday in September in Greece is no longer a solarium, as in the summer months, but the tan will sit down. And if the north of the country can not justify hopes for the weather, it is warm in the southern islands (air temperature + 28 ° C) and in water can splash (t + 25 ° C). Storm and rain are rare in this time, and if they descend, then for a day or two, not more. But you can make secure and plan a trip for the period up to the 20’s numbers

Tourists insist that you should rest in Greece or Rhodes (moreover, on the east coast and the whole month), or in Crete (pleases in early September). With regards to the latter, look for bays to shelter from the waves and wind. For example, Bali resorts and Agios Nikolaos.

What to choose: Turkey or Greece? >>

  • Prices for holidays in Greece in September – from 45 000 rubles for 7 days together (departure from Moscow).

Найти тур >>


Tunisia in September Tunisia in September

Resort Sousse, Tunisia

Beach holidays in September are relevant in Tunisia: surely, because part of Africa = a mixture of all-inclusive, clean sea and refreshing breeze. Families with children and most tourists travel around houses, the beaches are empty, and the weather just comes to taste.

The air temperature is suitable for comfortable vacation (about + 30 ° C). The water has warmed up over the summer and is not going to cool down – all month from + 26 ° C to + 28 ° C. Only now it gets dark early, the sun tends to sunset, and the beach is shrouded in coolness, so that you can walk throw something.

Did you know? Many are torn between Turkey and Tunisia – in each of countries have sandy beaches, hotels ready to serve at all inclusive and easy oriental “patina”. Therefore, we wrote a separate text: compared and concluded that someone choose.

Main tourist destinations in Tunisia:

✓ Sousse – a rave and cheap city, there may be jellyfish ✓ Monastir – inexpensive and distant from civilization ✓ Hammamet – good beaches, fun for children ✓ Mahdia – the best sand ✓ Djerba – an island for a true vegetable holiday

  • It is possible to rest on the sea in Tunisia in the fall and for 50,000 rubles from 2 man for 7 days. But for a positive experience, we recommend taking hotels 4-5 stars for all-inclusive – from 60 000 rubles.

Найти тур >>


Cyprus ruins Cyprus ruins

Where to go in September 2019 to go swimming in the sea, sunbathing, and what would be without a trick with the weather? Choose Cyprus and may you vacation without a visa (formally, remember?), a bitch and a hitch.

Compared to Crete, Cyprus is better in weather and the sea is a la fresh milk and no wind. The temperature indicator is no longer rushes high and peacefully frozen at + 30 ° C. Water regains property “cool” (+ 27 ° C).

Famous resorts: Ayia Napa (for party-goers), Protaras (for families) – typically beach, with turquoise sea and golden sand. Limassol is also a beach location, but the sand is volcanic. (Gray). The town itself, as hinted reviews and search in Google, will embellish a holiday in Cyprus in September 2019 with a wine festival (up to 8th number)!

  • Starting prices for holidays in Cyprus – from 50 000 rubles for 7 days for two. All inclusive – from 80,000 (departure from Moscow).

Найти тур >>


Spain SpainLook for shrimp on the beach of barcelona – we found?

Spain is the country where you can relax in the autumn at a low cost. lots of burning trips and charters. True, it is possible zakovyrki with swimming, but because it is “burning”.

Generally, in Spain, bathe in September. But at different times – in different places. On the popular coasts are the Costa Brava, the Dorada and -Maresme – the month is divided into two parts: in the first half + 25 ° C … + 28 ° C; by the end of the air cools to + 21 ° C … + 23 ° C. Water temperature in Mediterranean – from + 24 ° C to + 21 ° C.

Therefore, reviews of the rest in September unanimously proclaim Costa Blanca (Alicante, Benidorm) and Majorca – where + 25 ° C in water – the most acceptable options for all 30 calendar days. By the way, beach holidays on the islands in Spain in 2019 well, very expensive, and only this – a semi-seasonal period – somehow affects the decline price tags.

  • Prices for tours in September to the sea in Spain – from 50 000 rubles for two for a week.

Найти тур >>

Дешевые авиабилеты >>

Lloret de mar

Until mid-September, you can look at the rest and on the Costa Brava, and, in particular, in cheap Lloret de Mar. There is everything for fans vacation buildings: fierce discos, cozy cafes and bars, water entertainment.

Ask how cheap? On ≈20 000 rubles for 2 people for a week, wait for “flaming” sentences? Where does this cost come from? read the second paragraph from the section above, but what is not a cool opportunity book available excursions (Girona, Montserrat, Andorra) or see close Barcelona?

Where else to go relax in September?

Where to go to rest in September? Where to go to rest in September?

On the edge of Europe in Porto (our trip is May 2018)

Of course, the above is far from an exhaustive list of destinations which can be devoted to September. There are a number of countries with “autumn” resorts.

At the most beach and comfortable temperatures, we will stop in more detail, but for now, in passing we will list those where you can go, but something will interfere:

  • UAE – hot and stuffy (+ 39 ° C outside and + 32 ° C in water), but the heat subsides in the second half of the month – and this is the last “car”, in which you can jump cheap before the high season in October

Наш гайд по Дубаю >>

  • Portugal – everything is super (+ 25 ° C in the air and sunny), but brings the ocean, just some + 20 ° C. Therefore rest rather walking and sightseeing (if you decide, we advise the city Porto is our little ♥).

Авиабилеты >> и отели >>

  • Morocco – a country that is necessary watch to watch Lying in the sand does not understand and remember. AT September is good here (+ 28 ° C at noon and + 21 ° C in the ocean), Only beach resorts are far from interesting.

Авиабилеты >> и отели >>

In addition, you can wave to Cuba, Bali and Egypt.

For the undecided: Travel horoscope for 2019


Where to meet the New Year in Israel 2019? Where to meet the New Year in Israel 2019?we at the Dead Sea swam even in December?

Without a visa abroad you can fly to Israel – hot, palms, sand – but this is never an inexpensive vacation. In Israel, the cost of food / travel / entertainment will fly into a normal shekel, although the permits themselves are quite acceptable.

Resorts occupied three coasts at once: the Mediterranean (Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Netanya) – a combination of medium beaches and excellent excursions, Red (Eilat) – a classic beach holiday, and Dead (Ein Bokek) Seas.

About the weather: at this time in Israel, the temperature bar can Jump from + 30 ° C to + 35 ° C. Heat in order to fall apart on lounger, and tolerable for attacks in Jerusalem or Bethlehem. Temperature waters: Mediterranean +28 , Red + 27 ° C, Dead + 28 ° C – not get cold!

  • In the “cultural and educational” Israel – Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – we drive by ourselves. Prices for air tickets – from 12 000 rubles to one for housing – from 4,000 for two (we recommend Airbnb). But all rests on the September holidays: Jewish New Year (29 September – October 1).


In order not to fall under the endless stream of locals, leave in Eilat in 2019 plan for the first half of September. In rosh Hashanah hotels on the Red Sea coast – in sold out mode and high-price.

  • Beach holidays in Israel in September – from 85,000 rubles for a tour on two for 7 nights.

Найти тур >>


Mountains and the river in Montenegro Mountains and the river in Montenegro Yachts in Montenegro Yachts in Montenegro

Boko-Kotor Bay – a great place to ride on yacht

Cheap in September in Montenegro, however, it is waiting for more cold-resistant tourists.

The beginning of autumn is characterized by the absence of summer heat: temperature air + 26 ° C. Until the middle of the month the sea temperature is not falls below + 24 ° C, but from the 15th the beach season goes to closure. Most tourists in Montenegro are families with young children and older generation. For them, September is the most comfortable

Where better to relax? Hunters for beautiful and equipped beaches – Becici and Rafailovici. But there are a lot of people out there popularity Nearby – Budva, a noisy and active city.

  • Rest in Montenegro in September can be organized for 50 000 rubles for two for a week.

But an independent trip is much more interesting and, sometimes, cheaper. Here is a list of articles that will help you prepare (from sales for Air tickets to places to eat):

  • Rest in Montenegro – our review
  • The best resorts in the country are pebble and sandy beaches?
  • Prices in Montenegro for everything + our budget


Rome, Italy Rome, Italy

Italy in September like a cherry on a cake. Minimum local beaches, children are returning to school, the unbearable heat has subsided. Entry – with a visa, you will need a Schengen.

What about the weather in September? Air temperature is not lower than + 27 ° C. Considering that the hottest month in Italy is August, the water is not yet the sea is warm and warm (+ 24 ° C). But! Almost everywhere rain and wind arrive on the Italian coast, disturbing the beach tranquility.

Therefore, especially from the resorts is not necessary to choose. Most suitable is Sicily, where the season lasts until October.

  • Prices for vouchers – from 50 000 rubles for two for 7 days. НаSicily – from 75,000.

Найти тур >>

But if you suddenly bring to Rome, bookmark our Article, what to see in the Eternal City for 1-3 days!

Crimea, Sochi, Anapa

Russian Disneyland - Sochi Park Russian Disneyland - Sochi Park

Our trip to Adler (walk through Sochi Park)

Do not bypass the side and rest in Russia. He is closer and costs require smaller – without any headaches, without problems with a visa.

Average September air temperature + 25 ° C, water temperature in the sea + 22 ° C … + 24 ° C. Undoubtedly, September on the main Russian The resorts are a real velvet season.

I must say that the rest in Anapa is unlikely to go with a bang – Still, it is located to the north, so it is cooler and + seaweed. With Crimea and Sochi, the situation is better, but are you ready? are you to the extreme number of tourists? ? Last year we waved this minus hand (and foot) and not lost – in the fall in Adler wonderful!

  • Cheap beach vacation in September in Sochi – from 30 000 rubles for week at sea. Crimea – from 35,000. Or:

Авиабилеты >>

Частное жилье >>

Holidays with children in September – where can I go?

Beaches in Spain - holidays with children Beaches in Spain - holidays with children

Children – the most fastidious tourists. To organize a holiday with a child the sea is more difficult: you need to take into account the presence of a good sandy beach and relatively equipped infrastructure.

Based on these criteria, we recommend for holidays with children in September 2019 go to:

  • Cyprus , Айя-Напа и Протарас найти тур >>
  • Турцию, Сиде и Алания найти тур >>
  • Tunisia , Хаммамет и Махдия найти тур >>
  • Грецию, Крит найти тур >>
  • Испанию, Майорка найти тур >>

These resorts hospitably shelter young travelers, and also their parents.

Детский отдых в сентябре >>

Weather in popular resorts in September

Average air temperature during the day, ° С Average water temperature, ° С
Turkey + 28 … + 30 +28
Тунис + 28 … + 30 +26
Israel (Mediterranean) + 29 … + 30 +28
Jordan + 32 … + 35 +27
Greece + 28 … + 29 +27
Кипр + 28 … + 30 +28
Krasnodar region + 23 … + 26 +25
Spain (Mallorca) + 26 … + 28 +26
Italy (Sicily) + 25 … + 28 +25
Montenegro + 25 … + 28 +24
UAE + 36 … + 38 +32
Egypt + 33 … + 36 +28
Indonesia (Bali) + 28 … + 30 +28

Map of resorts in September

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