Beach holiday abroad in November 2019 – where go to the sea?

Beach vacation abroad in November 2019 - where to go to the sea? Beach vacation abroad in November 2019 - where to go to the sea?

Probably, the weather in November is a bit depressing for everyone – underexposure, half slush and half overcast dullness.


  1. Where to go to the sea?
  2. Rest without a visa
  3. Israel | UAE | Vietnam | Hainan | Maldives
  4. Goa | Cuba | Thailand | Egypt | Sri Lanka

Where are we looking for cheap tours?

We offer to expand the search for heat abroad! All profitable Vacation options for the sea in November 2019 are collected on services for selection and booking of tours online:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

The latter is our favorite for last minute trips, especially if vacation came unexpectedly. ? But often on others stock

Where to go to the sea in November?

Well, where we plan to swim, sunbathe, drag on a cocktail, and then posferfit or dive with a mask? Countries for Beach holiday – abound. In early November, of course, there is a chance to bask somewhere in close Turkey but very ghostly

Therefore, the sun will have to fly for a long time. But glad that in in some directions it is quite budget.

  • In the autumn, the sea has the opportunity to inexpensively rest on the coast India, Sri Lanka, Egypt.

Beach vacation in November with school children, of course, relevant for the holidays, and long-haul flights are unlikely to fit.

  • Israel and the United Arab Emirates are great places to week trip. Warm sea, palm trees, sand and amazing Middle Eastern cuisine will suit everyone involved.
Our trip to Israel (Jerusalem) Our trip to Israel (Jerusalem) Our trip to Dubai (UAE) Our trip to Dubai (UAE)

Our trip to Jerusalem and to Dubai

Where to go in November to swim and relax so that Instagram is full of Laksheri geotagged – also not a question.

  • Maldives – a luxury resort, threatening to hide under the ocean in half a century – at the end of the month opens the season of mass tourism.

The further, the warmer: at the end of November, Southeast Asia Traditionally heads the overall standings of hot countries for the next three of the month.

  • Prices for tours to Thailand, China, Vietnam still in season pleasant, as well as relatively empty beaches.

Where is better on the other side of the ocean?

  • Cuba – many associated exclusively with rum, cigars and communist sentiment – it will be even more interesting than Dominicana. ?

Well, those who are forced to decide where to go in November 2019 on the sea, right here and now, we advise you to go to the tab hot tours! With them and in the promoted resorts can be organized inexpensive vacation literally the next day.

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Where to go to sea without a visa?

It will be useful to find out and where to go to the sea in November without visas!

In 2019 from Russia you can go abroad without a visa at 88 countries among which are suitable for beach tourism in cold season.

Paste in the passport is not needed for a trip: to Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, to the Philippines, Bali, Cuba, Fiji, Mauritius.

Fly to the sea in November using the simplified visa system Russians can go to the Maldives, to Egypt, the UAE, India (including Goa), Sri Lanka, Jordan. Here the visa is issued on arrival at airport.

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Israel in November

Israel in November Israel in November

Tel Aviv Quay

Prices for trips to Israel in November 2019 are much lower than a few months earlier as it is time for cool winds.

  • On average, a trip from a tour operator with departure from Moscow is 7 nights in a 3-star hotel with breakfast will be from 70 000 rubles per two.

At this time, comfortable to stay in the Mediterranean the coast is in Tel Aviv, but, alas, without swimming, the weather keeps on level is + 16 ° C … + 22 ° C. But you can completely surrender cultural and educational program on the ancient streets of the district Jaffa, colorful local bazaars (the Carmel market subdued us and gastronomic, and aesthetically), the longest promenade along the sea and tall shopping centers.

In the velvet season, special popularity and pilgrimage tours to Israel – definitely worth a few days to visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Going to the Dead Sea in November is a good idea, but get ready to swim in the hot springs and mud-salt spa treatments exclusively inside the hotel. Temperature in the sea itself this time of the year is already degrees 18-19. Although we scored this fact, thinking it was stupid not to take the chance to drift on the water smooth over and make a couple of classic photos with a newspaper. ? Cool, yes. In the heated hotel pool is much better.

  • So, prices for holidays in Israel in Ein Bokek in November start from 101 000 rubles for two.

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Eilat nature Eilat nature

Weather in Israel to the beginning of winter is deteriorating, and in some areas rain is possible, but in the south of the resort of Eilat they are not threaten. The Red Sea in Israel in November is never colder than + 22 ° C, usually the water temperature is kept at + 24 ° C. Temperature air can rise to + 27 ° C, but more often it pleases comfortable + 23 ° C … + 24 ° C.

  • A trip to Israel in November for a beach holiday with children in Holidays will cost approximately 30,000 rubles per person. The option “all inclusive” adds 11,000 rubles to the base cost.

It would seem, and so inexpensive, but watch out for burning proposals, in the last month of autumn, their number repeatedly is increasing!

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UAE in 2019

Where to go to rest in November 2019? - UAE Where to go to rest in November 2019? - UAE Where to go to rest in November 2019? - UAE Where to go to rest in November 2019? - UAE

Our trip to Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Abu Dhabi)

United Arab Emirates at the end of autumn – the perfect place for the rest: there is no sweltering summer heat, and there are still two months left before the rainy season. Everyone who has been to Dubai in November (and we were >>), оставляют единогласные отзывы, что это лучший периодvisit a middle eastern country.

The weather in the UAE in November favors not only the beach pastime, but also suitable for sightseeing tours. See the capital of Abu Dhabi, visit the desert or take Participate in falconry and present safaris.

The temperature of the water in the bay is firmly fixed at + 25 ° C, and so a beach holiday in the UAE in November is possible in any emirate: in Dubai by day + 30 ° C … + 32 ° C, at night + 17 ° C … + 19 ° C; the softest climate, without a large temperature difference, in Fujairah and Рас-аль-Хайме.

  • Tours in the UAE in November can be purchased from 55,000 rubles for two. However, here “cheap” does not always mean “buy immediately.” Remember that hotels offered at such rates, in most cases are either 5-8 kilometers from the sea, or have 1-2 stars.

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Dubai in November

Next to Dubai Mall Next to Dubai Mall Dubai Marina Dubai Marina

Dubai is traditionally the most popular resort in the Emirates. Since 2017, the route has become even more accessible: go on holiday can be without a visa, put a mark in the passport at the airport, and, most nice, you don’t have to pay for it.

If you want to spend your vacation / vacation in Dubai in November, living in a hotel higher than 2 * at a reasonable cost, we recommend Book tours in advance, which will save up to 15%. For this period there is a peak tourist season in the Emirates, and hope for superchip options we would not. But painted, for what amount it is necessary to navigate.

  • Prices for tours to Dubai in November with departure from Moscow start from 63 000 rubles for two people. Close to the sea and with breakfasts – from 108 000 rubles.

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Where to go to rest in November 2018? - Phuket, Thailand Where to go to rest in November 2018? - Phuket, Thailand Where to go to rest in November 2018? - Phuket, Thailand Where to go to rest in November 2018? - Phuket, Thailand

Our photos from a trip to the province of Krabi in Thailand

Thailand in November – the favorite direction, because the season only starts to gain momentum. This means that an inexpensive beach holiday can still be arranged.

The abundance of exotic fruits and low prices for dishes national cuisine will make a particularly attractive tour to Thailand for gourmets. Extra bonus: Russians can go to vacation without a visa, the main thing is to have a free passport place for a stamp, and he had the proper look. In Thailand, you can This case is up to 30 days.

In Thailand, there is everything – secluded islands and promoted places mass recreation; respectable VIP level hotels and villas, where You can spend the winter on a budget; beaches-bounty with azure waves and Buddhist temples with cool lookouts, get to which is also an adventure.

  • Prices for trips to Thailand directly depend on the resort, on which will fall your choice. Pattaya 10-day tour will start from 63,000 rubles, on Samui – from 122,000 rubles, in Krabi – from 95,000 rubles.

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Phuket in November

Phuket rent a bike Phuket rent a bike Phuket deserted beach Phuket deserted beach

We rented bikes – 150 baht / day

The weather in Thailand has to year-round rest, in different months you can find a suitable place in which disturb the rains and the air temperature will remain stable. The best beach holiday in November in Thailand offered on the most popular island of Phuket. Water at this time warms up to + 28 ° C, and in the air – all + 30 ° C.

Having been in Phuket, we were convinced that there is a relax on the shore the sea goes well with trips not only to nearby resorts, but also to other countries!

First, visit Bangkok, plane tickets in November are from 956 rubles!

Secondly, do not miss the chance to see Singapore for just 2000 rubles. 4 days can be spent in this space country without a visa, which under normal conditions is not so easy to get. How did we – bought a ticket to Phuket for 10 days, and in the middle of rest flew to Singapore, returning to the island via Kuala Lumpur (one from the transit conditions in Singapore – departure to a third country). It was great, and impressions – the mass. ?

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Holidays in Vietnam

Holiday in Vietnam in November Holiday in Vietnam in November

Beautiful landscapes, ancient temples, tourist streams are synonymous South-East Asia. What distinguishes Vietnam specifically is the rest without a visa (for 15 days), the lowest prices for diving, hotels European level and tasty food (inexpensive?).

Vietnam meets “dry” in November: air temperature in the south reaches + 27 ° C … + 28 ° C, water – + 24 ° C … + 25 ° C. Weather in Vietnam – in its southern regions is fairly stable, but from May to October monsoons arrive on the coast. And November just opens traveling time.

An inexpensive beach holiday, if you are traveling for a short period, organize tour operators.

  • Tours to Vietnam in November for 10 days cost from 75,000 rubles per two, with accommodation in 3 * hotel with breakfast.

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Nha Trang in November

Where better to go on a beach holiday in Vietnam in November? The most attractive are Phan Thiet and Nha Trang, thanks to steady weather and almost no rain.

If you are accustomed to relax noisy and fun, you definitely waiting Nha Trang: free white sand beaches, windsurfing and diving, a chain of cafes and restaurants, in a word, hospitable Vietnamese will make the trip rich! About club and bar life This resort, many leave rave reviews :).

  • You can fly to Nha Trang in November from the package ticket from 83,000 rubles (10 days, 4 star hotel, two people).

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Holidays to Goa in November

Tours to Goa – the most affordable due to affordable prices, favorable weather conditions and regular flights from Moscow. Although this state of India is one of the sparsely populated, pilgrimage tourists from different countries makes it no longer as isolated as 10-15 years ago.

North Goa will welcome lovers in November entertainment and vivid emotions – but! – unpretentious in life and accustomed save on everyday expenses. North part of South Indian Provinces are a kind of “mecca” for hippies, which in their Legendary Beatles and other musicians loved to visit time.

  • Prices for tours to Goa in November start at 60,000 rubles per two.

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Goa Goa Morjim, Goa Morjim, Goa

South Goa

Beach holidays in November in Goa is possible along the entire coast. However, if you prefer hotels with a level of 4 * and a relaxing stay, then we recommend the southern Goa.

Southern Goa in November accepts 4 and 5 star hotels middle-aged and older europeans, families with children and all wishing to relax away from the hustle and bustle. The weather is stable, the water in The Arabian Sea is kept at + 28 ° C … + 29 ° C all year round. Expensive restaurants, their respective public, white sand dunes, azure waves, sun beds and umbrellas – a classic picture of the beach resort.

  • Therefore, in comparison with other areas, a trip to South Goa will cost more – from 67 000 rubles for 7 nights.

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Holidays in China

China in November China in November

China in November – a concept, of course, diverse. At most territory, the weather is set to truly autumn, but what closer to the south, the brighter and hotter the sun shines. And if in Beijing under the end is frosty, then in Guangzhou and Hong Kong is still worth temperature under 20 degrees heat.

Beach holidays in China in November, mainly inflamed by its main resort is Hainan Island. Here the water warms up to + 26 ° C, and air – up to + 27 ° C. So, in contrast to the continental parts of the country, Hainan in November 2019 will meet a truly summer the atmosphere.


Rest on Hainan Island Rest on Hainan Island Hainan Railway Station Hainan Railway Station

In the tourist center of the island, Sanya district, in early November the rainy season ends and comes comfortable and windless weather.

Tropical nature impresses with its pomp, underwater world charms with bright colors, and clean beaches are covered with soft white sand – all in the best traditions of an ideal place for recreation :).

  • Prices for tours to China in November – from 80,000 rubles for two to 10 nights, departure from Moscow

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Maldives in November

Maldives in November Maldives in November Maldives in November Maldives in November

One option for a luxurious trip abroad without a visa in November – Maldives.

The weather is wonderful: there is almost no precipitation, water warms up to + 23 ° C, average daytime temperature + 30 ° C, and at night reduced by 4 degrees. At this time, the flowering period begins. exotic plants – from cold autumn Russia you find yourself in fragrant paradise.

Beach holidays on the islands in November are especially comfortable because of lack of wind. This weather is not suitable for surfers, but fans diving to enjoy the magical world of the ocean: coral reefs and inhabitants of the depths. You can rent a yacht and go fishing or feed the stingrays and sharks. Absolutely serene rest on islands resorts in luxury bungalows, standing right on the water, like newlyweds, families with children, businessmen who are tired of intense rhythm of life and from communication.

  • Tours to the Maldives in November are not cheap – from 170 000 rubles for 7 nights for two. Are there any last minute trips? Yes, it happens that tour operators offer and such – from 150 000 rubles.

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Holidays in Cuba

Those who are not afraid of long flights can go and on the other side of the ocean. Cuba is a great choice for November.

In October, it still rains, and the last month of the autumn pleases relatively dry weather. Air temperature + 27 ° C … + 28 ° C, water in Ocean + 25 ° C … + 26 ° C. Consider that in the second half of November prices vouchers start to rise and are kept at peak levels all winter!

Unlike the Dominican Republic, Cuba in November provides the opportunity enjoy and a seal stay on the beach, distracted by the slaughter All inclusive in the restaurant, and nightlife full of select rum and cigars, and an active excursion program.

  • Beach holidays in Cuba in November from the tour operator costs from 123,000 rubles from two people with accommodation for 10 days in a 3 * hotel.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Coast Sri Lanka Coast Train Sri Lanka Train Sri Lanka

If you are tired of the hustle and do not know where it is better to relax in this case, tours to Sri Lanka provide an opportunity to abstract from tense urban rhythm and enjoy nature. Rest more just like those who avoid a large influx of tourists and not loves noisy parties. From entertainment – picnics in nature, diving, barbecue on the beach, fishing, and of course, surfing!

Sri Lankan resorts open high season in November: air heats up to + 30 ° C … + 32 ° C, and water in the ocean is up to + 28 ° C, hot, but not it’s wet. According to tourists, November is the best month for holidays, though and warm tropical showers occur. For beach holidays fit resorts Bentota and Unawatuna, surfing – Weligama. And for combining both the first and second – Hikkaduwa.

  • At a cost, weekly tours to Sri Lanka in November start from 75 000 rubles for two.

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Egypt in November has always been a classic in the routes for the beach recreation. However, the suspension of regular and charter flights from Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation was reflected in the offer of tour packages. For now, you can only purchase a tour to Egypt from TezTour. But this idea not very convenient – arrival at Cairo airport and then 8-hour shuttle bus.

So if you still want to take a picture with sphinxes and amid the pyramids and explore the colorful underwater world of the Red sea, it’s easier to buy tickets and book a hotel yourself. The visa still does not require advance clearance: stamp in your passport will be delivered at the airport for $ 20.

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Sharm el-Sheikh in November

The weather in Egypt in November sufficiently warms the air to + 30 ° C, and water up to + 26 ° C. Most popular late fall resorts Sinai Peninsula.

In Sharm el-Sheikh in November there is a probability of falling out precipitation, but at night it is never cooler + 18 ° C, the present reigns the Velvet season.

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