Beach holiday abroad in May 2019 – where go to the sea?

So, rest in May: we are looking for where to go and find out how much it costs. Where to rest for a short weekend from 1st to 5th? We tell – you are planning!

Beach vacation abroad in May 2019 - where to go to the sea? Beach vacation abroad in May 2019 - where to go to the sea?

May means May holidays and, accordingly, suitable period for another trip to the summer. Of course, sea holidays in May in the open spaces of Russia it is difficult to call the beach, and therefore resorts, where you can go relax and swim, are located only in plane availability.


  1. Where cheap tours in May?
  2. Turkey | UAE | Spain | Cyprus | Greece
  3. Italy | Tunisia | Bali | Vietnam | Israel
  4. Russian resorts
  5. How do we rest in May?
  6. Where to go with children?

It is not necessary to explain that a beach holiday in May is a popular idea, and therefore buy a tour or airline tickets should be in advance. To study all possible offers from tour operators and compare prices for tickets, look at:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

These are our faithful assistants in the organization of budget travel? As well as 10 rules of bargain shopping. We, by the way, already picked up a tour in May in Spain!

For tickets to SkyScanner and Aviasales.

Where to rest in May at sea?

Thinking about where to go to the sea in May, you can still stay in Southeast Asia, in the warmth of the sea / ocean which You can be sure one hundred percent:

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam (Nha Trang)
  • Indonesia

Another thing is that the holidays are short, and get a long time. Option, rather, for a full vacation.

Therefore, we look where it is closer. May not be excluded overseas and in European countries. Beach season at the beginning of the month opens at:

  • Of spain
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • and in Cyprus.

The column on the thermometer can crawl up to + 25ºС… + 28ºС, enough to sunbathe and cool with a couple of cocktails. But also there is a snag in these directions – the water does not have time to warm up the same pace and invigorate brave men who have decided to plunge, + 17 ° C … + 18 ° C (except Turkey and Cyprus, it is hotter there).

Where to spend a beach holiday in May 2019, to a) not long to fly, b) swim, and c) change the skin tone to golden? On choice:

  • Israel
  • UAE


Kemer - Queens Park Resort 5 * Kemer - Queens Park Resort 5 * Side Town Hotel Side Town Hotel

Kemer (5 * Queen’s Park Resort) / Side (4 * Side Town). what it is better?

For many of our compatriots, the answer to the question of where to go in May, does not require long thoughts. Of course, Turkey, one of leaders of the tourism industry in Europe and Asia.

Tours to Turkey in May – an opportunity to catch the opening of the season, when everything is ready to receive guests at the sea, but there is still no heat and crowds of people. This has a disadvantage: bathing, except in pool, will have to be postponed.

May Turkey: What else do you need to know? >>

  • Pros:

    + no visa regime

    + all inclusive

    + Off-season good prices for shopping and excursions.


    – the desire of individuals to cash in on tourists

    – low water temperature, only in the last numbers is it heats up to + 24ºС

  • The cost of tours for the week – from 50 000 rubles for two

Найти тур >>


Safari Tour Safari Tour Dubai Marina District Dubai Marina District

We were in Dubai in December 2018 and wrote about the trip. full review (by reference)

Of the options where to rest in May at sea, the UAE stands out. First, because abroad, but not for long (5 hours), secondly, the temperature there – August Turkey will envy.

In the Emirates is better to fly in the first half of May. More precisely, how can before the infernal season of hell that begins in June. Imagine how the country is fried, if already in early May in the air + 33 ° C, and in water + 28 ° C.

Where to go? The choice – Dubai skyscraper, border with him Sharjah, the capital of Abu Dhabi, budget Ras Al Khaimah or a little less hot, but “on the outskirts” – Fujairah.

  • pros

    + relatively inexpensive trips

    + sea – favorite fresh milk

    + royal dates, kebabs, jeep safaris and other Arabic coloring


    – the weather is on the verge of “not to lean out of the hotel until 6 pm”

    – big expenses on the spot

    – alcohol will have to carry with you or purchased in advance in deduce

  • Prices for vacations in May in 2019 in the UAE – from 60,000 rubles per weekly tour for two

Найти тур >>


Embankment in Barcelona Embankment in Barcelona

In Barcelona, we were already 3 times, this is one of our favorites cities. We have an article about the route in Barcelona and how to get from the airport for 1 euro? One of the best countries for holiday in the Mediterranean. May Holidays in Spain – Stay in a forever fun and relaxed atmosphere during the daytime and stormy entertainment in the evenings. And the sights of Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia is particularly impressive in the spring, when there is still no stuffiness and unbearable heat.

Beach vacation in May 2019 in its full force can organize only on the Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria), where the water temperature (+ 20) more or less allows take a dip.

  • Pros:

    + Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world (in our opinion :))

    + affordable tour price

    + great weather to walk a lot


    – active thieves on the beaches

    – cold sea

    – visa

  • The cost of tours for the week – from 50 000 rubles for two

Найти тур >>

Useful and detailed:

  • В Барселону самостоятельно >>
  • Лучшие курорты Of spain >>


The view from the hill, on which the church, on Protaras The view from the hill, on which the church, on Protaras

Cyprus – the island of the birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite. Not surprising that tourists fall under the romantic influence of privacy. Already in may on the sea in Cyprus is quite warm and comfortable, at the end of the water warms up to + 23ºС. There are both youth (Ayia Napa) and family-oriented (Paphos) resorts.

Cyprus, like Turkey – the leader in the number of Russian holidaymakers, sprawled on local beaches. And all because almost no visa and adequate price tag on tours.

Not enough information? Read our separate article about Cyprus in May. >>. The best hotels, the analysis of resorts and options for what to do – everything is there.

  • Pros:

    + high level of service, security

    + favorable climate, many sunny days

    + free online visa


    – excessive prices for food and alcohol

    – to see the island, you need to rent a car

  • The cost of tours for the week – from 45 000 rubles for two

Найти тур >>


Rhodes Beach Rhodes Beach Athens, Mount Lycabet Athens, Mount Lycabet

Our trip in June to Rhodes / In October – to Athens

The famous phrase “In Greece, there is everything!” absolutely fair relation to its resorts. There are many great places in the country that offer visitors every opportunity for a beach holiday.

In the southern part of the country (Crete, Rhodes, Kos) the weather is favorable sun lovers and sunbathing on the beach – in the air + 21 … + 25. Especially comfortable to travel the second half of the month, when the water warms up to + 21.5.

  • Pros:

    + cheap tours and departures from many cities of Russia

    + clear sea (but swimming will turn out at the end of May)

    + delicious local food (gyros, meze, salads) and products (cheeses, olives, fruit oil)


    – visa direction

    – the need to rent a car to get acquainted with resort (or excursions)

    – often pebble beaches

  • The cost of tours for the week – from 35 000 rubles for two

Найти тур >>


Milan Cathedral Milan Cathedral Milan - Gallery Milan - Gallery

Our trip to Milan (Milan Cathedral + Gallery)

If you have not yet decided where to go to rest in May, but do not want to fly away, the best choice – Italian resorts. Italy – this is a country that was created to spend here unforgettable vacation. Millions of tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful nature and wealth attractions!

In May, it will definitely be warm, and the situation with sea heats will be not completely clear. Only one thing is known – the sea is gaining the fastest the right temperature in Sicily, and absolutely suitable for water spa treatments – Ischia and others like it, with thermal by sources.

Italy in May: Where is warm and what to do? >>

  • Pros:

    + so many interesting places and regions that not 10 times to travel, one Rome is worth something!

    + pizzerias and gelaterias, wines and cheeses

    + great shopping


    – carefully, you can fall in love with the country

    – difficulties in obtaining a visa – Italians are harmful and not always approve the desired

  • The cost of tours for the week – from 55 000 rubles for two

Найти тур >>


Tunisia Sousse Tunisia Sousse

Tunisian ceramics

Tours to Tunisia in May delight tourists with its low cost. In the second half of the month there is already a real summer. In the south of the country the water in the sea warms up to + 21 ° C … + 22 ° C, and a beach holiday starts. Hardened extreme go swimming, and all the rest enjoy the warm sun and Moorish exotic ↓

Подробно: О Tunisia е в мае >>

  • Pros:

    + visa free!

    + the system is all inclusive

    + eastern exotic

    + short flight


    – not all hotels offer quality service

    – small selection of sightseeing tours

  • The cost of tours for the week – from 55 000 rubles for two

Найти тур >>


Bali Bali Bali - Nusa Penida Bali - Nusa Penida

We went to the island of Nusa Penida (Indonesia)

For Bali firmly established the reputation of “paradise island”. it one of the most acceptable vacation options abroad in may 2019 for those who love tropical nature with “wild” landscapes, element and juicy fruit. Well, of course, for those who wish get on the board (surfing)! And here it is cheap (we exclude the flight), we lived in Bali for $ 20 a day for two!

  • Pros:

    + good-natured local people (Balinese)

    + awesome sunsets by the ocean

    + cheap accommodation and meals

    + rice fields, dozens of waterfalls and several volcanoes, on which is worth climbing!


    – chaotic traffic on the roads

    – A lot of small (sometimes large) animals

    – seismic region

    – Visitors Javanese – that still “Mafia”, with them it is better not to confront

Авиабилеты >>Жилье >>

What we liked on the island and what not? Look into our telegram channel @howtrip and look for posts on the hashtag #howtrip_bali ?


Waterfalls Vietnam Waterfalls Vietnam Buildings in Vietnam - Excursion Buildings in Vietnam - Excursion

Where to go in May to the sea, so it was like in Thailand? In contrast from the latter, the tourist season in Vietnam starts closer to fly. We specify that only in its central part – in the very mastered by the Russians Nha Trang.

The weather is typical for Southeast Asia: air temperature stable over + 30 ° C, the sea is heated to + 29 ° C. Rain rarely happens (and want very much).

In Nha Trang not to get bored – in addition to the beaches, the must-visit program includes islands, excursions to Hanoi and Dalat, and – the best of the best – amusement park Vinpearl with a try-sa-s-cable car (Sochi not standing next to).

  • pros

    + Non-standard dry season for Southeast Asia in May

    + Every self-respecting (and money) seller-seller knows Russian

    + Cool amusement park nearby


    – Sometimes the sea is dirty

    – Perhaps, too focused on Russian infrastructure. There are many compatriots here, yes (we know that some loves)

  • In 2019, Vietnam costs from 80,000 rubles for 10 nights on two. Holidays in May for “all inclusive” – already from 130 thousand

Найти тур >>


Beach in Israel Beach in Israel

All beaches in Tel Aviv are free, but very well maintained – there is toilets, changing rooms, awnings

Israel in May is already real summer. Even in the mediterranean sea the water temperature rises to the mark of + 25ºС, and the water in the Dead the sea and at all + 30ºС.

Beach holidays can be arranged in modern Tel Aviv – on Mediterranean coast, in the tourist Eilat – on Red Sea coast, and in a little pensioner Ein Bokek – the very popular resort of the Dead Sea.

  • Pros:

    + perfect weather conditions

    + bloom of national parks and nature reserves

    + no need for a visa

    + many local know Russian language


    – shops / cafes / restaurants and public transport do not work from late friday to saturday evening

    – high prices for everything

  • The cost of tours for the week – from 80 000 rubles for two

Найти тур >>

Where to go in Russia?

Rosa Khutor Rosa Khutor Rosa Khutor Rosa Khutor

Rose Rose Farm

Do you always need to go abroad, as they say, for far away land on the sea if it is available near by?

Some people think where to rest in Russia in May, and they absolutely right. Among the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are Anapa, Tuapse, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Lazarevskoe beaches are already waiting for the first having a rest. It is a pity that only the beaches, not water! She still cold for a relaxed splashing, but you can replace the marine swimming swimming in the pool, stay in the jacuzzi and saunas. Relaxation May Sea attracts tourists who pursue wellness goals. Numerous motels provide various strengthening and massage procedures.

Найти тур >>

Holidays in Russia: Where is the best on the Black Sea? >>

May Sea Vacation – Weather

Excursion to Symi, Greece Excursion to Symi, Greece

Photos from our trip to Rhodes

Vacations abroad in May 2019 are carried out in different ways. If in plans will certainly include swimming, then you direct flight to Cuba, Thailand, Bali, Israel. Last little It’s also convenient to visit without a visa, also as Turkey. Although the water near the Turkish coast is not enough warm

Going on vacation to Cyprus, Greece, Tenerife (Canary islands), you can count on a high level of service, well-groomed beaches, excursion programs and tons of local flavor. But even with warm, sunny weather on the beaches, you will be way, sunbathe, because the water is still cold.

Beach vacation in May in the resorts of Spain and Italy attracts tourists from different countries with the level of comfort and European quality in all areas, whether it is felting in the sand or organizing excursions. The weather usually pleases with sunny, sometimes summer-like hot, in days.

Comparative table of water and air temperatures in May

t air, ° С t of water (mid-May), ° С
Near East
Turkey (Mediterranean) +27 +23
Tunisia +23 +19
UAE +35 +29
Israel (Mediterranean) +28 +23
Cyprus +27 +22
Spain, Barcelona) +20 +17
Italy (Sicily) +24 +19
Greece (Crete and Rhodes) +24 +21
Montenegro +23 +20
Bulgaria +20 +19
Thailand +30 +30
Vietnam (Nha Trang) +30 +30
Indonesia (Bali) +30 +30
Anapa +21 +18
Sochi +23 +19

May: where to go without a visa?

A visa is not only dreary / time-consuming / nervous (necessary underline), but at least 4000 rubles per person. Not really fun, especially if traveling family with children age 6+.

Therefore, here is 8 May-style warm, but visa-free directions:

  • Turkey
  • Тунис
  • Cyprus (online and free)
  • UAE
  • Israel
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia

And about all visa-free countries and territories (128, for a moment!) can be read in our article-cheat sheet. You never know :)

Where inexpensive to relax in May at sea?

Of course, each of us would prefer an inexpensive vacation in May for by the border. It should be noted that in each country there are promoted pathos, and more affordable, but not less comfortable places. And for those who want to save well, there will always be last minute tours

Among countries with a budget, as far as possible, rest on the sea select:

  • Турцию – тур на 7 дней от 38 000 рублей >> на двоих
  • Кипр – тур от 42 000 рублей >>
  • UAE – тур от 60 000 рублей >>

In all three you can already swim, and therefore do not have to look, What to do with yourself, at least two hours a day?

Where to go with the child in May

Holidays with children in Greece Holidays with children in Greece

Holidays with children in Greece

Pondering where to go to the sea in May with a child, parents must take into account many factors: duration flight, climate, the availability of conditions for a beach holiday with kids. All these requirements are met by resorts:

  • Israel
  • Испании
  • Turkey
  • ОАЭ

But if you want your little one to splash in the sea and not afraid of tedious flights, choose Thailand or Vietnam. Although the level of service resorts in these countries can somewhat inferior to Europe, it is more than offset by affectionate water and tropical landscapes.

Seasons: Where is rest with a child better? >>

How to rest in May 2019

It is already known how we rest on the May holidays in 2019. From 1 to 5 numbers – the official weekend in honor of the Spring Festival and Labor. And, of course, Victory Day – non-working days last from 9 to 12 May

Taking a short vacation / a few days off can increase weekend in may for almost two weeks and enjoy the beach doing nothing to the max. ?

Map of popular resorts in May

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