Beach holiday abroad in July 2019 – where go to the sea?

Beach vacation abroad in July - where to go to the sea? Beach vacation abroad in July - where to go to the sea?What to do if the vacation falls on the hottest and most expensive month of the summer? We look through all possible options and find out: where is the season in July is less hot, beach holidays are cheaper and there are no traffic jams from people.


  1. Where to look for cheap tours?
  2. Where to go without a visa?
  3. Top 5 low-cost destinations
    1. Turkey – Bulgaria – Greece – Montenegro – Cyprus
  4. Where else can you relax?
    1. Italy – Spain – Portugal – Sochi – Maldives – Croatia
  5. Vacation with children

Where to look for cheap tours?

It’s cheap to go to the sea in July not only early booking or last minute. The main condition of hunting for profit – This is a search for all tour operators. Suppose one hotel presented at a discount, and the second one has standard rooms, and economy.

Therefore, we recommend looking for tours on large aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

They monitor databases of proven tour operators, compare prices and show the cheapest options on the user selected dates / month.

Where to go in July without a visa?

The desire to jump into the plane and be at the sea is often interrupted. the need for a visa. However, there is enough the number of areas where paperwork is not required. BUT exactly:

  • Turkey
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Montenegro
  • Abkhazia
  • Cyprus

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Where to go in July cheap? TOP 5 best directions

When choosing a place to fly to rest, one of the decisive Factors is and travel budget. Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes, to spend holidays on the sea in July cheap – quite feasible task. It is worth to focus on the traditional budget. directions that we describe in detail below: Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and Cyprus.

Separately, we note that last-minute tours in July, if there will be, Most likely, in terms of visa application, too popular for a month. BUT But at the end of the season the chances are increasing – read where you can go in August!


Turkey Turkey

Transplant 27 hours in Istanbul – a walk next to the Blue the mosque

The most popular holiday option on the warm sea in July was, there will be Turkey, even in spite of the extreme temperatures. Bezviz, all inclusive and short flight – the key to mass demand.

The whole line of the Antalya coast under the aggressive sun heats up to + 33 ° С … + 35 ° С (it feels to be much higher), Mediterranean – up to + 28 ° С. The weather is clear, no rain, but they are like times and not enough. Very wet, stuffy and sticky.

A somewhat different alignment on the Aegean coast: thanks to the low humidity and wind degrees are felt as they are – typical + 32 ° С … + 34 ° С, and the water refreshes with its + 24 ° С.

Where to go on the sea in Turkey? Hot-tempered tourists recommend only the Aegean coast (Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi) – at least there you can really relax on the beach and not hide in the hotel. Although when the exorbitant hell stopped from vacation in the good old Side, Kemer or Alanya, especially in high season?

  • For two Turkey in July 2019 – from 45 000 rubles for 7 days by all inclusive. Aegean coast – from 50 000

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Promo code from Travelata for 2000 rubles! AFT2000howtrip – coupon for tours to Turkey from 100,000


Holidays in Bulgaria - the private sector Holidays in Bulgaria - the private sector

Where to go to the sea in July and not to melt from the roasting? AT Bulgaria is definitely the most comfortable weather. In the middle of summer, of course, it is very warm here: air temperature is + 28 ° С … + 30 ° С, and the sea is gaining + 24 ° С. Bulgaria in July is the most juice, a month later or earlier – already cooler.

Judging by the reviews, the country can not remain indifferent. Or she listed as “inexpensive and decent vacation – repeat”, or in “I do not advise anyone.” Opponents of Bulgaria does not suit itself Black Sea, crowds and outbreaks of infections in the season. Supporters parry that the whole problem is hygiene, and the combination such a mild climate and sandy beaches are nowhere else to find.

Where is the best beach holiday in July? Albena – one solid children’s-oriented tourist reservation, Golden Sands – youth resort, Sunny Beach is distinguished by the number of hotels and All inclusive, Burgas – in size and infrastructure, and in Pomorie go recovering healing mud.

  • You can fly to the sea in Bulgaria in July from 42,000 rubles per week for two

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Greece in July Greece in July

Symi Island, Greece (excursion from Rhodes)

Where the season in July is in full swing is in Greece. And, The season is hot, hot, but not to the same extent as in Turkey – all due to a more benign climate.

However, if at the beginning of July the temperatures still somehow differ in different regions, in the end throughout the country maximum heat In air up to + 35 ° С, in water + 25 ° С … + 26 ° С. By low humidity hell is still tolerated easier.

Beach holidays in Greece in July are advised to spend on the islands – Crete, Rhodes, Kos. They are blown by the winds, diluting hot sun You can go from the opposite: on more green The Ionian Islands, Corfu and in Halkidiki saves the shade of trees. But remember that a lot of vegetation = high humidity.

Comparison: What to choose in Greece – Rhodes or Crete? >>

On day trips in open spaces will have to forget even the most beautiful Santorini will not “go” in such weather. But not in an example of the rest of Europe, in Greece you can arrange an inexpensive vacation.

  • The minimum prices for tours to Greece in July 2019 – from 50,000 rubles for 7 nights for two without power; from 60 000 rubles – breakfast + dinner

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Kotor, Montenegro in July Kotor, Montenegro in July

Kotor, Montenegro

In addition to Turkey, you can relax in July abroad without a visa in Montenegro. And, moreover, relatively inexpensive.

However, this is by no means an alternative to Turkish. the coast. Yes, there is a sea – the Adriatic – and the water temperature in it allows you to swim – + 25 ° С. But to countries for a beach holiday Montenegro is not included, it is more for the soul – with nature, delicious food and gentle sunshine. Therefore, more or less decent beaches have been occupied since June and hit by sunbathing tel.

Search tour, by the way, is not always relevant: it happens that is more profitable go by yourself. Where? Tivat – the capital with developed infrastructure and low-cost housing; Budva – noisy, lively and populous resort, and next to it more calm Rafailovich and Becici, where you can find decent beaches. Ulcinj is known as the farthest, but the only city with a sandy coast.

  • Tours to Montenegro in July 2019 cost from 55,000 rubles for 7 days for two

О ценах в Черногории >>


Cyprus Cyprus

Where to go abroad for the azure color of the sea and gold sand? Cyprus has both that and that, in addition to the absence hassle with a visa (done in 1-2 days).

However, what the Cyprus resorts DO NOT have in July is favorable climate. Hot (+ 31 ° С … + 34 ° С), too humid (it means, we throw in some degrees on sensations) and nowhere hide from the evil sun, except in the room. But indisputable plus – from the + 27-degree sea you can not get out.

The best beaches, according to tourists, in Protaras and Ayia Napa, but these places are inconvenient for excursions. In Paphos and Larnaca, on the contrary, there is something to do and where to walk, and the coastline is not the most impressive.

  • Beach vacation in July 2019 in Cyprus will cost from 50 000 rubles for 7 days for 2 people

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Where else can you rest in July abroad?

The list of possible places to stay is by no means limited. above directions. From the reviews it follows that many tourists liking the less well-known resorts. There are many reasons: not I like the number of tourists, they are not satisfied with the prices there. Where else go to the sea in July?


Italy Italy

Duomo Cathedral in Milan (decided not to go up)

Italy in July is so hot that a beach holiday looks more attractive than walking and informative.

The weather is similar in temperature in all regions: + 29 ° С… + 31 ° С at street and + 24 ° С … + 26 ° С in water. Note that Rome in July seemed to us tolerable, you can live, but Milan, located much to the north, remembered as a place where it’s better not to lean out at all noon.

The best beach holiday in Italy – according to reviews of tourists – in Sicily and Sardinia. Holidays for two can be spent on the Amalfitans, the island Ischia or in Liguria – picturesque and romantic. District of Tuscany and Apulia is suitable for a trip with a child, and inexpensive rest will turn out on the most “Russian” resorts of the Adriatic Sea – Rimini and Riccione.

  • In July, the price of holidays in Italy tour – from 65 000 rubles for 7 nights for 2 persons. Islands – from 80 000

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Spain Spain

Lookout on Montjuic in Barcelona (in the evening you can see the fountain show – check the days of work)

Where to rest in July abroad is the most interesting and “beach”? We are all for Spain – so many places to have fun, and admire, and swim!

At the very beginning of July, the sea is not hot: the water temperature equals unsure + 23 ° С (exception is the Costa Blanca region). But after On the 10th the weather is completely stable, + 24 ° C … + 25 ° C for swimming and + 28 ° C … + 30 ° C for walking. Honestly in Barcelona in the middle month we were a little uncomfortable under the sun, felt stuffiness

The main headache with Spain is to decide where to go. and choose a resort. In short: rest with children and the unbearable heat companions – on the islands (Mallorca, Tenerife); beautiful beaches, sea and a cool amusement park on the Costa Dorada (Cambrils, Salou); Barcelona – the ultimate concentration of aesthetics and summer sales, Costa Brava is generally a low-cost and cooler region; well and The cheapest resorts in July are Lloret de Mar (for party goers-beachers) and Calella (very close to Barcelona).

  • Prices for tours to Spain in July 2019 start from 65,000 rubles per week for two

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A trip to the edge of Europe in Porto A trip to the edge of Europe in Porto

Our trip to the edge of Europe in Porto

Places abroad, where in July it’s warm, but not hot, you can fingers count. One of them is Portugal, which has no peace gives an ocean breeze.

Summer in the country begins on the 20th of June, and therefore July is not yet peak of active sun. On average, the air temperature is about + 25 ° С… + 29 ° С, and the Atlantic Ocean indefinitely jumps from + 17 ° С to + 22 ° C. It is cool in the morning and in the evening, and even noon makes you hide in the shadows.

Where to go? Beach holidays in Portugal in July except perhaps on Madeira, here is the warmest water (+ 22 ° С but). In the reviews of tourists mentioned and the region of Algarve, where they go enjoy views of the grotto-grottoes and long beaches. Near Lisbon sunbathe at the resorts of Cascais and Estoril. Ideal the scenario of exploring Portugal – a guided tour of the capital and Porto, and then relax on Madeira.

Авиабилеты >> Отели >>

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Speaking of beach holidays in July in Russia, first of all, mean sochi. In 2018, the resort became even more popular – World Cup gathered crowds of fans. And after him the end of many lingered sunbathe for a week. ?

The Black Sea will warm up to normal by mid-summer. temperatures of + 24 ° С… + 26 ° С, and the air temperature will be adjusted to + 30 ° С. A minus of the Sochi weather is that it’s very humid and stuffy outside. I remember that we arrived at the end of July and hit the storm first (and it happens), and then in a real “bath”.

Where can you relax? Behind the clear sea – only in Adler, to the area Nizhneimeretinskaya Bay. Here is the stadium Fisht, where there are occasional matches, so besides the traditional beachgoers, drive up and fans. Vacation is better to plan after 15th day.

  • South of Russia on the permit costs from 35 000 rubles for 2 people to 7 nights

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Where to go in July? - Maldives Where to go in July? - Maldives Where to go in July? - Maldives Where to go in July? - Maldives

Surprisingly, tours in July can be cheaply priced at Maldives. Winter holidays on the paradise islands are amazingly laid out amounts, but in the summer they are much cheaper.

It is understandable – the low season is coming. Weather plan temperatures do not change, all the same + 31 ° С in air and + 29 ° С in the ocean. The probability of rains and, accordingly, humidity increases. With clear skies, no guessing – either you are lucky or not (but “no” is usually Lasts for an hour or two or at night).

The irony is that during the high season of the island’s tourist season may burst into rain. So do I have to overpay for a little more clear forecast, if the warm sea and bounty-beauty year-round? ?

  • The cost of trips to the Maldives in July 2019 – from 155 000 rubles for a week for two (with breakfast)

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Croatia in July Croatia in July Croatia in July Croatia in July

Nature in Croatia

Among the possible directions for a beach holiday in July 2019 note and Croatia. The weather is quite calm and windless. Air temperature – from + 28 ° С to + 30 ° С, the warmest in the south resorts. Water is kept in the range of + 24 ° C … + 25 ° C. Croatia in July enjoy a good climate, turquoise sea and pine thickets right on the shore.

What confuses the tourist? Beaten by vacationers beaches, which, in most, either pebble or concrete, and inconsistency quality hotels declared value. Country, unfortunately, long ago out of the cheap category.

Middle Dolmatia – townships of Brela and Makarska – very popular in season because here the pebbles are shallow. On the Istrian peninsula in Porec You can find cheap accommodation (and concrete instead of beach), and in Rovinj and Umag – rest is more expensive, but also one level higher.

  • Prices for 7-day tours to Croatia in July start at 70,000 rubles for 2 people

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July vacation destinations with baby

What does a child need from rest in July? Warm sea, familiar food and, of course, all kinds of entertaining. And parents, so as not worry – short flight, gentle sun and the availability of everything (from products to medical care).

Rest with a child Rest with a child

All seasons: Where to relax with a child in 2019 year? >>

So where to go in July with the baby?

  • Albena, Bulgaria: a town where on the beach everything is enthusiastically molded kulichiki or, in other words, a resort for families №1 in the whole country. Varied children’s table in hotels, shallow sea, lots of greenery on территории и спокойствие по ночам.Найти тур ->
  • Kusadasi, Turkey: in contrast to the Antalya coast, on The Aegean mid-summer rest, not survive. For children and adults in Kusadasi nedushno and fresh. Nice sand clean water, though not the warmest, is + 24 ° C. Of course, there are all the delights of the Turkish service – all inclusive and children’s clubs. тур ->
  • Mallorca, Spain: in July a beach holiday with a kid is easy here perfect. The sea is excellent – a smooth approach, soft sand; on the beaches natural shade from pines. There are things to do – animation, playgrounds, zoos. Plus, you can choose as a hotel with all inclusive, так и апартаменты – всего предостаточно.Найти тур ->
  • Crete and Rhodes, Greece: Islands “save” from the heat with the help of the wind – the area is well blown. In Greece, simple and clear food, developed infrastructure in every village and clean warm sea. Find тур ->

Weather in resorts in July

Average air t in the afternoon t water
Turkey +35 +28
Tunisia +31 +26
Bulgaria +30 +24
Montenegro +30 +25
Croatia +30 +24
Italy +31 +25
Greece +33 +26
Cyprus +33 +27
Spain +30 +24
Portugal +29 +20
Sochi +30 +25
Maldives +31 +29

Map of the best resorts in July

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