Beach holiday abroad in April 2019 – where go to the sea?

Beach vacation abroad in April 2019 - where to go to the sea? Beach vacation abroad in April 2019 - where to go to the sea?

April is no longer winter, but also not summer. Therefore, if the desire go where it is warm, especially large, still choose will come from the good old Asia and the Caribbean islands. In Europe and Turkey, of course, may be hot days, but the sea is unlikely warm to seasonal temperatures.

Feedback from tourists who give advice where to go in April to the sea abroad, and own beach experiences holidays in the spring.


  1. Where to relax in April at the sea?
  2. Top 3 low-cost countries
  3. Turkey | UAE | Thailand
  4. Where else?
  5. Vietnam | India | Cyprus | Tunisia | Israel
  6. Bali | Cuba | Dominican Republic | Hainan
  7. Vacation with children

By the way, our trip cost us only 67,000 rubles for two – it was Phuket for 11 days. Having tried once defined scheme to find cheap tours, we use it all the time. ? Namely: looking for a ticket online using three major services comparing Direct offers from all tour operators:

  • Travelata
  • App Store App Store Google Google

  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

We look at each and seeing the “tasty” price at the right direction, we plan immediately, because they are very – prices – unstable and not expected until tomorrow.

Where to relax in April at the sea? Weather

Rent a yacht in Barcelona Rent a yacht in Barcelona Nudist beach in Barcelona Nudist beach in Barcelona

In the 2018th at the end of April we were in Barcelona. Of course, swimming is still early, but the weather for walking was great!

Thailand You can say that the beach season April continues in tropical countries. In Thailand, for example, as hot as in the winter “high” months, but more humid, stuffy and sometimes it rains. Which, by the way, is just rains, not tsunami and not a flood, as some think.

Dominicana Still dry and less crowded, than at the peak of tourist activity in the Dominican Republic, because approaching the beginning of the wet season.

India (Goa) In India, the period demand is also coming to an end – the temperatures are heating up, stuffiness increases, and therefore in April it is most comfortable to rest on coast, in Goa.

Vietnam Guaranteed clear and “on the beach” in the middle of spring in Vietnam. Small villages, provinces full of our compatriots, islands – there are some выбрать свое местечко ?

Boat ride in Dubai Boat ride in Dubai Burj Al Arab Burj Al Arab

UAE In the UAE, perhaps the best sea for holiday with family and children in April. This is the perfect weather. the period following the “cold” winter (as far as possible in Emirates), but preceding the hellish hot summer.

Countries where it is pleasant to walk The advantage of vacation abroad in April is the lack of crowds on popular resorts. So, traveling to usually buzzing from the hubbub Chinese / Europeans / Russians Israel, Italy, Cyprus at the beginning of the month let you breathe deeply. The air is already warm enough, but swimming in the sea (more precisely, its dubious possibility) scare away typical “bags”. Just starting to warm up Black and The Mediterranean Sea in early spring off the coast of Turkey. Should remember that at this time there can still be prolonged rains.

Price is per person when you purchase a tour on two

Where is cheap beach vacation in April? TOP 3 countries

✓ Oddly enough, partially warmed up Turkey attracts good half the tourists. First, it’s a resort where you can relax on the sea in April is possible at an affordable price – from 40,000 rubles per week to two! Secondly, at the beginning of the month in the air during the daytime it is stable from + 20 ° C, trees are blooming, and excursions and shopping are still quite budget. The cool sea can be effectively replaced with a heated pool, rainy days – an all-inclusive at a courtyard restaurant.

✓ For a real and, most importantly, cheap beach vacation in April We recommend to go to the UAE (from 60 000 rubles for 7 nights for two with breakfast). The flight from the capital will take the minimum possible time, and the sun gives the maximum heat and tan without torturing a scorching heat that will begin a month later.

✓ Where to fly to the sea in a more exotic atmosphere in April? In Southeast Asia, cheaper than Thailand There is no country to find – 10-day vouchers cost from 80,000 rubles per two.

Our 10 rules: How to buy a cheap tour? >>


Turkey, Kemer (Hotel Queens Park Resort 5) Turkey, Kemer (Hotel Queens Park Resort 5)

Turkey Kemer. Even if you are not lucky with Fortune, cool views guaranteed

The weather is actively preparing for the tourist season, while the tourists themselves – to intermediary all-inclusive. It is worth, however, to warn them that sunny days only gradually become more and not simultaneously with the departure of winter. The same with water – it warms up every day, but only by the end of the month the sea temperature in April at Turkey reaches + 20ºС… + 21ºС.

April vacation in Turkey is ideal for those who suffer badly. heat, tends exclusively porlaksirovat by the pool and a little roasting in the sun or planning to spend a lot of time exploring attractions.

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Near the hotel Parus Near the hotel Parus La Mer Beach in Dubai La Mer Beach in Dubai

The best beach in Dubai is La Mer. He, moreover, free!

The middle of spring – the most comfortable period for tourists, beachers. The average air temperature reaches + 32 ° С, and the sea temperature + 25 ° С … + 27 ° С, which provoke an influx of holidaymakers in the UAE.

Where to go and what resort to choose? Of course, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah – known locations, where enjoy the excess of the sun.

In addition, the Emirates are very comfortable to rest in April to the sea with a child. Luxury hotels, excellent infrastructure and all conditions are guaranteed for travelers with small children. But! Such a trip will cost more – from 100 000 rubles for three (2 adults + child), because low prices fall on hotels located far from the beach and without food.

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How we traveled to Dubai, how much we spent and on what we can save – read our telegram channel @howtrip on the hashtag @howtrip_dubai :)


Rent a bike in Thailand Rent a bike in Thailand Northern cape of Phuket Northern cape of Phuket

They rented bikes and rode all over Phuket in search of the best views – Promtep Cape, and the best beach – Karon

In early April, the number of farang (foreigners) in Thailand decreases as the hot period comes. If you are not very tolerate the heat well, it is better to fly to Thailand in April in the first half a month. The thermometer is growing inexorably every day up, and the air becomes dry.

There are advantages: prices for vouchers and hotel accommodation reduced, there is a large selection of last minute deals that allows save a lot. And if you go to Thailand in the middle months, you can have fun at the celebration of national Holiday Songkran, so Thais call their New Year.

  • Relax in April in Thailand goes from 80 000 rubles for 10 nights for two

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Flight to Vietnam Flight to Vietnam Win Pearl Ride Vietnam Win Pearl Ride Vietnam

Vietnam is a worthy competitor to its neighbor, Thailand, and on holiday in April wins here on almost all fronts. In short, the weather in high season decides! Together with turquoise-clear water, clean sandy beaches and juicy fruits. ?

Fans of tropical idyll – spreading palms, semi-jungle and waterfalls – the sea should go to the island of Phu Quoc. But get ready, that the weather can give surprises, although quite not frequent. For a budget holiday – in the hyper-popular Nha Trang.

  • On average, prices for holidays in April at the sea in Vietnam start from 95,000 rubles for two for 10 nights

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Beach in Gokarna, India Beach in Gokarna, India

Beach in Gokarna, India

Where to spend a beach holiday in April 2019 in India? More Goa is preferred because the middle of spring refers to arid and excessively hot season. Daytime temperature reaches + 35ºС, but saves a refreshing breeze. Numerous holidays and carnivals, among them Rama Nawami dedicated to God Frame.

Is it possible to go to India on vacation in April at the seaside with a kid? Ambiguous question. For one thing, the internet is teeming with horror stories about unsanitary conditions and infections. On the other hand, in the very Goa is still full of tourists with children.

  • A week-long vacation in India will cost approximately 70,000 rubles per two

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Cyprus Cyprus

You can relax in April abroad in the European direction. It’s a bit early to open the full sun-sea season water temperature is + 18 ° C … + 20 ° C, and you have to limit yourself to patient waiting for sunburn. The weather in April in Cyprus is comfortable and for walks, and for excursions – in the air + 21 ° С … + 25 ° С.

More information: About Cyprus in April >>

Hotels offer excellent conditions for spending time near heated swimming pools, various entertainment programs for children and adults, discount coupons to water parks and other water rides. But we advise you to go to the locations where the local – Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca. In the low season there is at least supported no activity whatsoever.

  • Weekly trips to the island cost from 45 000 rubles for two person

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Marhaba Beach Hotel in Sousse Marhaba Beach Hotel in Sousse

Hotel Marhaba Beach in Sousse

The weather in April allows you to sunbathe on the beaches and dive into various excursion. Note that for swimming, though cool enough. The water temperature is kept at the mark. + 16 ° C … + 17ºС. In the north of the country and on the island of Djerba is hotter, and the sea a little warmer.

Detailed review: About Tunisia in April >>

In April, a unique flower picking festival takes place in the country. citrus fruit The venue is the town of Nabel. Those interested can see how fragrant essence is extracted, taste it, purchase souvenirs and famous pottery local masters.

  • How much is the rest in April in Tunisia? On average, from 50,000 rubles for 7 days

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Israel Israel The Dead Sea The Dead Sea

We got to the Dead Sea

Fly to Israel to the sea and to Christian shrines – An interesting scenario, and spring – the right time for that. Sea temperature in April in Israel is not so high, but quite has bathing (+ 21ºС… + 23ºС on Red and + 24ºС… + 26ºС on Dead). In addition, millions of people come to Easter holidays.

If you have not yet decided where to go in April with a child, pay attention to tours to Israel. Short flight, no unbearable summer heat and decent living conditions will make rest for your children as comfortable as possible.

  • Weekly trips to Israel in April for the price – from 80 000 rubles for two people

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Nusa-Penida Nusa-Penida Nusa Penida, Bali Nusa Penida, Bali

Nusa Penida

The offseason ends, and the island of the Gods begins to attack everything – from Australians to Americans. It does not do without Russian citizens, many dream of Bali! Moreover, the prices on the island are very enjoyable. In the midst of the spring period here is really comfortable: air temperature + 30ºС… + 32ºС, ocean – + 25ºС… + 26ºС.

Lovers of exotic walks will be able to go on excursions. through the jungle, rice fields, waterfalls and volcanoes. There is a cool opportunity to learn diving and surfing.

  • Beach vacation in April 2019 in Bali on a package from 135,000 rubles for 11 nights

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And it is better to go to the island by yourself. See airline tickets Aviasales, and housing – on Booking (hotels) and Airbnb (houses / apartments). Need more information? Read ↓

Our experience: How much is a holiday in Bali? >>


Where to rest abroad in April for all-inclusive, except turkish coast? In the Caribbean, of course!

This is one of the best months for a beach holiday in Cuba. Bye until May far away – you can not deny yourself the pleasure to swim in the sea, the temperature of which is + 26ºС… + 27ºС, and drink strong rum, whose degrees are very changeable. To the most Visited resorts include Varadero, Guillermo, Playa Esmeralda

If you drop by in Havana in April, be sure to take a look at famous dance festival.

  • A trip to Cuba in the spring for two costs from 125,000 rubles to 10 days

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Beach in Dominicana Beach in Dominicana

Despite the fact that the most popular months for holidays are March and February is over, beach holidays in April in the Dominican Republic remains in demand among tourists. Rainy season yet just started, so heavy showers rarely disturb. Usually they happen in the evening, and in the morning you can bliss for a long time, plunging into warm calm water. There are no storms on the sea, that convenient for diving.

As a rule, Easter is celebrated in April. Dominicans With great trepidation, they treat this holiday by arranging colorful carnival processions.

  • To go to the Dominican Republic for 10 days on a ticket for two is from 145 000 rubles

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Holidays in Hainan – the choice of those who love sunny weather. In that month good weather, although the humidity is still persists. There is almost no rain, although there is little risk of a tropical hurricane coming.

And, of course, what a holiday without visiting the grand celebration Chinese culture in the city of Wenchang and the coconut festival. Parades, boat races and traditional Chinese lantern shows will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • The initial cost of a trip to Hainan for 10 days – from 95,000 rubles for two

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Where better to go in April to the sea? 12 countries

Where to fly with the child in April? This question worries everyone caring parents. Holidays at sea with children are best spent in those regions where it is already warm enough, but where it is not required long flight.

Rest with a child Rest with a child

Therefore, a family vacation at sea is ideal in the United Arab Emirates. In April, there is beautiful weather and beautiful sea. Most Popular resorts for travel with kids – Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Stable and spring-friendly and Tenerife. The resort is famous excellent infrastructure, equipped hotels, picturesque by nature. Holidays in April will not require prolonged acclimatization and will be good for health.


  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Cyprus
  • Tunisia
  • Israel
  • Bali
  • Cuba
  • Dominicana
  • Hainan

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