Airbnb: how to rent an apartment? Personal experience host – 2019

My name is Igor, and the delivery of housing through Airbnb – for a year now as mine way to earn extra money. Yes, it can be stressful, but true and interesting. I’ll tell you how to start using the service – and how to get you started; what It is worth knowing and observing, and how chak-chak can protect from bad feedback.

From the editor. Igor is my friend and author of this. cool stuff about Airbnb for the hosts. But a few sections I I added my own comments, because I often book anything on eirbnb as a guest.


  1. What is it – Airbnb?
  2. My history
  3. Registration and main advantages
  4. How much to rent an apartment?
  5. Host requirements
  6. Guest reviews and how to live with them
  7. Creating an announcement
  8. Nuances on booking and payment
  9. Is it safe?
  10. My tips
  11. What kind of a master should NOT be

What is Airbnb?

I will explain in my own words. Airbnb is an online service. bringing tourists looking for accommodation:

  • cheaper than a hotel for fabulous money,
  • more comfortable and equipped than a hotel with mini fridge
  • More authentic and atmospheric than a faceless Hilton room

and ordinary people anywhere in the world who are own housing and do not mind to earn it.

That is, I, Igor, with an apartment in Kazan, create an ad for Airbnb, and in a few clicks my two-room book traveler from Brazil. Or Muscovite, who drove into the city at the weekend. And I, Igor from Kazan, flying to the USA and using Airbnb I find a room in a townhouse at the local new yorker.

Three steps to receive guests Airbnb Three steps to receive guests Airbnb

Well, to understand the scale, here are some facts: on the service registered nearly 3,000,000 hosts! And every month 14 thousand more join. Plus, airbnbshnye armor take both confirmation of accommodation for a visa (Schengen, for example).

In short, Airbnb is a global “give-and-take” that does not impede the borders of countries. 10 times safer than renting an apartment for daily rent on some Avito. But several times more responsible.

I сно, пошлand регистрироваться >>

How did I decide to receive guests?

How did it occur to me to become a host on Airbnb? * master is one who rents the apartment; the guest is the one who, hmm, is staying :)

In 2018, Kazan hosted the World Cup and, of course, A large number of tourists from different countries. A couple of months before This event friend told me that his acquaintances are airbnbshniki put a price tag for June-July at 20,000 rubles per day, and free There are no dates already.

And then my eyes lit up with dollars like Scrooge McDuck – it’s time to make money! My one bedroom apartment is located at 20 minutes walk from the stadium. Best place to stop in front match and can not be. That evening I figured out where to go for time, registered on the site, made pictures and sent a request for moderation. The next day my ad was posted.

The cost per night set at 15,000 rubles, a maximum of 4 guests. Russian people would not pay so much, but foreigners – completely. So that the first few armor came from Emirates, French and mexicans I earned them 85,000 rubles less than a week

After the championship, I put an ad on stop. But periodically I renew for big holidays – New Year or May, when I can free housing. Price lowered to 4,000 rubles per night, now populated and compatriots?

From the editor. For many, renting an apartment is like business. Of the 20+ hosts with Airbnb, where I stopped, only Once I met Grandma from San Francisco, yielding her bedroom for tourists, simply because she is bored of living alone.

How to rent an apartment through Airbnb?

Airbnb in San Francisco Airbnb in San Francisco Walking around San Francisco Walking around San Francisco

In the spring, did we visit Airbnb in San Francisco? AND of course stayed at home

The delivery of housing for rent through the service passes through the elementary and super clear instructions. Your passport is required from the documents. photos of the apartment.

Для этого переходим по пригласительной ссылке на Airbnb >>and start working with the mouse and keyboard. Further two options:

  • You have already created a profile on Airbnb as a guest and therefore click red button “Enter”,
  • You are the perfect newcomer and click “Register”. There is already a choice through Facebook, Google Mail or any other email. First name, last name, password – ready, account created.

Here I must mention the advantages of Airbnb that bribed me (and they will clarify something).

+ Registration and placement of ads (ads) are free.

+ Moderation passes quickly. It took me a day.

+ We noticed above the phrase “Grandma, inferior to her bedroom”, “I rent when do you want “?

Airbnb is, first of all, ABOUT YOU and YOUR RULES. Can rent an apartment entirely; you can bedroom and share a living room / kitchen / bathroom with guest; can and couch next to your bed.

Boat, reworked in the dwelling, air mattress – if the conditions human and clearly perform the function of living space, the application will approve. And there will be guests.

You choose the dates open for booking. Any days on month-three-six in advance or exclusively on Saturdays-Sundays. And maybe once a year for 2 weeks, when the vacation falls?

You are free to set the rules: for example, do not make noise after 21:00, do not walk in shoes. Enter a security deposit in case of damage to property.

From the editor. The strangest host rule In my experience there was a ban on opening one door in the hallway, without explanations. For this, a fine of $ 50 was provided. O_o

+ Who needs your studio not in the center? Believe me, if it is Moscow or Peter – tenants will appear. A little harder in the regions, Kazan or Nizhny Novgorod, but high demand for holidays and summer weekends secured.

From the editor. By the way, on Airbnb per day about 800 thousand bookings are made. And the hosts are only 3 million. In Russia, the service is also popular, and even in Irkutsk more 300 hosts building a business on the daily rent of apartments on Airbnb ?

How much does it cost to rent an apartment?

Apartment in Moscow Apartment in Moscow Moscow City Moscow City

What does Airbnb earn? The company takes 3% off your cost per night.

“And how much should I donate?” It’s all pretty simple, but there is your subtleties.

Airbnb allows you to set what you want price. At least 5000 rubles per night in odnushke in Lyubertsy. But it depends on whether your sentence. Therefore, there is a function “smart prices “when Airbnb advises cost based certain criteria.

My experience. I myself using airbnbshnoy maps, where prices of other apartments are indicated, estimated the average cost by its location and exposed. Got it well?

But I have a house in a new house with interior and details. It’s clear that here lives a man, not a “hut for making dough.” Accordingly, the price can be a little higher. It also eliminates not quite adequate people. Well, those who expect chic glitter beauty for 500 rubles per day.

Personal account of the owner Airbnb Personal account of the owner Airbnb

Other nuances. I like that on Airbnb flexible price calendar. That is, you can specify with Monday through Friday 1500 rubles, and on Saturday-Sunday – or holidays – 2000 rubles.

Plus, for more attractiveness, you can enter booking discount longer than a week (7-10%) or a month (up to 30% here).

And additional fees, in addition to the main cost. For example, a common cleaning fee is whether you call cleaning or clean up yourself. Seen Expose from 500 to 1000 rubles, or do not charge at all, like me. Or a fee for additional guest: base amount is calculated for 2 guests (many travel in such a composition), but if the apartment accommodates four, then for each “above the norm” you can throw on the n-th a hundred rubles – usually 200-300.

From the editor. It is possible both to inflate, and understate the price. In San Diego, we stayed for $ 45 / night, with an average price tag on the city at $ 85. I do not know why the hostess was engaged in such charity. She may be a former couchsurfer who decided to rent an apartment on Airbnb?

Airbnb Hosts Airbnb Hosts

Landlord Requirements

Strict requirements for the owner – “you pass, but you do not” – Airbnb does not impose. With the exception of proof of identity and document photo and normal conditions in the advertised housing.

There is rather an unspoken list. No items will fall under each, if only because:

  • The owner must be adequate. And also know what is Hospitality and how it smells and looks clean. And no installations in the spirit of “I do not hand over to students / single men / young couples”.
  • Airbnb came from the west. So, there is no discrimination and oppression is his main motto. Seriously, the host can NOT refuse in armor because guest foreigner / black / chinese / gay.
  • More precisely, it can. But if applications are rejected often and without fundamental reasons for that, look at the account “from the top”. AND, may block.
  • Another big sin – the cancellation of the reservation by the owner. That is, when everything is confirmed, and tourists are anxiously waiting for the trip, and you give them for week – “oh, sorry, something I reluctant to pass.” You ok so fine, details in the section below.
  • Filter on guests “of the same sex with me” is allowed to deliver, only if you rent a room or place. The apartment is not give a ride.
  • Airbnb does not work in Crimea, Syria, North Korea and Iran.

Well, and a few “you should” in the opinion of beginners, who There is no business:

1) You do not have to equip your home as comfortable as guests. Repaint the wall in beige, buy a dishwasher, clean the winter coat out of sight. After all, this is your territory, and you share it with strangers (but all within reason!).

2) You are not required to meet the guests in person. There are a bunch of options from combination lock to “the keys of the neighbors.” But is it always nice?

From the editor. With mistress in paris we are not see each other According to the instructions, I took the keys in the coffee shop opposite – at specific barista by code word.

I’m ready)! >>

How to communicate with guests?

Friendly and timely. The main rule – keep in touch is always. It is very important.

After confirming your reservation, your room will be available to the tenant. phone. You can continue to communicate through messages Airbnb, you can go to vatsap / telegram.

Tips for hosts from my practice:

  • Immediately make it clear whether you will meet upon arrival.
  • If there are three guests, and you provide a large bed and clamshell, ask if it is comfortable for either of them to sleep together (ohhh, you would know how carelessly they read ads…).
  • Get ready for the question “where can I go?”. ЯI explain in words, someone writes a welcome instruction.
  • Leave some sweets. I have this chak-chak. The guests such love, and if any shortcomings appear, they will be to him more indulgent.
  • Repeat to yourself that there is something good in every person. Careless and rude guests blaming you for their mistakes, happen, but most – polite and adequate. Some leave behind a perfect order and cleanliness.

From the editor. I confirm my personal rule with Airbnb – when evicting, wash the dishes, throw towels and bed linen laundry in the laundry machine (or put in a pile), take out the garbage.

Travel Reviews on Airbnb

Why renting an apartment on Airbnb is stressful? Is always need to maintain the stated level. Otherwise – hello, negative reviews and the drop in “popularity.”

Each guest has the right to leave a rating after the stay and feedback in your ad. And they are one of the determining factors. for the following tenants.

Review cannot be deleted or edited, even if he is contrived and deceitful. But service is for objectivity, therefore the owner can answer and explain what is wrong, or apologize to smooth out a negative impression. And really fix the cant in the future. Also on Airbnb there are reviews of the owners. guest You can pour out the indignation in his / her profile.

I honestly flew a negative comment. Not enough purely. In working with others – once forgot to leave toilet paper – the aforementioned chak-chak helped :)

What if there are no reviews? How to search for first customers on rent? Wait. Airbnb has its own algorithm for impressions, and if your apartment Well, not booked in any way, he will advise what to fix.

From the editor. As a guest say, reviews and asterisks are very important. If I see 4 marks out of 5 for cleanliness and such comments myself, pass by. But at the same time, I will give a chance and novice no reviews, if the pictures are all happy.

Create a rental ad on Airbnb

Creating an Airbnb Ad Creating an Airbnb Ad Airbnb Announcement Airbnb Announcement

How to rent an apartment for rent? Getting to action. Go to Airbnb. And … we do exactly what the site indicates. Special There are no nuances, but Airbnb offers a lot of points for fillings, among which are:

  • Choosing the type of housing – apartment or house, in whole or in place in the room.
  • Capacity and all moments of housing – on the number beds and bathrooms to address and listing of amenities such as Wi-Fi, shampoo, iron.
  • Your story about your space – in detail Describe what is available. CAPITAL LETTERS REQUEST if you are renting a room or place, and not the apartment as a whole. Mention how much to the center, what area, etc.
  • Photos – pay close attention to beautiful and informative interior photo.
  • The name of your ad – originality is welcome.
  • Your photo and phone number verification – if not done before.

Next, select the requirements for guests – for example, confirmation identity or hiding ads from newcomers to the site; determine rules – do not smoke / make no noise; set up a calendar – when, on how long, if you need a break between reservations, to prepare; иYou set the price per night.

In general, everything is consistent and clear. I will list that in The process took care of me:

✓Registration and accommodation are free at Airbnb – entrance for owners do not cost a penny.

✓At the exact address – calm, it will be visible only to those who booked the accommodation. The rest is shown a circle on the map, roughly designating area.

Lodging Location Lodging Location

✓By photos – you can upload your own, or you can order paid option prof. photographer from Airbnb. I did everything myself.

✓After creating an ad goes out in the general tape through ≈6 hours

✓Announcement can be in any language. Most likely you write in Russian. That, however, will not save from applications from foreigners (for them there is a magic button “translate”). If you scare overseas people, read the section “Requirements for the landlord. ”

✓And conversely, if you consider your main “audience” and tourists from other countries, and their own, duplicate the ad and English, and in Russian.

✓ You are not required to register foreign citizens.

How do I book and pay?

Payments on the service Payments on the service

Answers to imaginable and unimaginable host questions can be obtained. at the Help Center (helpdesk) on the Airbnb website. There are and thematic Forum for the hosts – it is still in English, but there are plenty useful and instructive (about how guests are). Here i am run through the main points.

Reservations. How is it going booking? Provided that you have set:

1) Upon request. Ivan liked your apartment → Ivan sends you a reservation request → a notification arrives to you → Send 24 hours to answer → You are watching Ivan’s profile, info about self-photo reviews, you like everything → you once again make sure that the requested dates are free → you approve of Ivan and send him “hello” → Money is frozen on Ivan’s map, and both of you are with impatiently waiting for settlement (it is for new emotions, and you are for payments :).

Alternative outcome. → … info about yourself – photo reviews, you DO NOT like something (bad rating, for example) / OR you understand that dates are unavailable (forgot to fix the calendar) → you reject Ivana, explaining why. I advise you not to get involved in the rejection of applications Once or twice it will not affect ad impressions, but more often – Yes.

2) Instant confirmation. Ivan liked your apartment → Ivan sends a booking request → He is right there automatically confirmed. Everything.

In fact, this is a cool option if you plan on making business apartments, and the dates are open for any month without restrictions. To me This option is not suitable, but I give it only on holidays. Plus to everything, I still need to first see the profile history guest.

From the editor. When rejected – is it sad? Although for 23 applications this happened only once. Host honestly answered – someone asked for more nights, which turned out to be for him more profitable.

Payment Or Airbnb Payment.

  • How much does Airbnb charge from owners? 3% of the total.
  • Guest can pay by credit card and paypal. Money freeze on them when the booking is confirmed.
  • The host has a bank account and paypal. More convenient for Russia payment to a regular bank card (it is tied to account).
  • It is more profitable to receive payments in rubles and in a ruble account. Payment currency corresponds to the currency in your ad.
  • Payments to owners are transferred 24 hours after settlement. And the term of transfer depends on the method of payment. If a this weekend, the money will come when the holidays run out.

From the editor. In an apartment in Tel Aviv with us fell off a hefty piece of plaster from the ceiling. The host decided compensate for money damage. But not personally, but through Airbnb, This return option is also available to owners.


The host canceled this reservation The host canceled this reservation

Cancellation after confirmation is possible. With a fine. Under Faultless exclusions are suitable death / disease / and so on.

  • $ 50 if canceled 7 or more days prior to arrival.
  • $ 100 if less than 7 days.

But Airbnb can take pity if you are 10 times in a row successfully sheltered guests. The penalty is deducted from the payment for the following tenants.

Cancellation of reservation entails automatic review in your ad: “This owner has canceled … for so many days.” Regardless of the reasons, the dates will remain closed to others. guests. Three or more cancellations? Remove this scoundrel!

Other rules for instant armors. They don’t study the guest before, hence the conditions are weaker. No cancellation allowed three cancellations per year.

What else can you earn?

Airbnb Impressions Airbnb Impressions

We did not organize the impressions ourselves, but several times tried them in travels

  • On the organization Impressions on Airbnb – to arrange something like excursions and activities for tourists. In short, entertain them.
  • By placing your property on Booking. Incidentally, I tried, but The moderation process lasted several months! Yes, and he commission charges as much as 15%. On Airbnb conditions for the owners more profitable. But if you you need to fill the calendar to the maximum, speak to both Eirbnb and Buckinge (on the last link 5 bookings are available without 15% commission).

Apartment security

Apartment in Moscow Apartment in Moscow Apartment for rent Airbnb Apartment for rent Airbnb

Pah-pah-pah, I have no incidents. Although I was afraid that something is stolen. For the first time, I took everything from home. But then it became easier to relate and hide only the most valuable. Television no one handed down? He was worried about damage. I may be lucky, but people were very adequate and friendly.

How does Airbnb protect the owner?

1) Review system – you can examine the guest account from and before.

2) You can put a filter on the tenants “only with a certificate personality “or” with good reviews.

3) Guests are required to accept your rules before submitting a request. AND in case of their violation, you cancel the reservation without penalty.

4) No invalid or empty bank cards – starting from the date of booking the guest’s money is held in hold by Airbnb himself and lists them to the owner after settling.

5) You can set a deposit if you do not need risks. He is not freezes on the guest card and is not given in cash. But, if you go to the Center for Problem Solving claim. I know people who enter into an agreement with tenants.

6) And even if you did not enter the pledge, but something turned out broken / broken, you have 2 weeks left to write in Centre. The debriefing will begin, the court of all Airbnb – and will make ruling to fine a careless guest service to compensate for the damage.

7) By the way, in nature there is insurance for an apartment against Airbnb. But someone told me that in Russia it does not work. Therefore, I did not go into details.

My advice to future owners – the pros and cons

AirBNB AirBNB AirBNB House AirBNB House

So, I summarize. Based on my own airbnbshnoy practice in 8 accepted bookings and shoveled forums:

  • Cute first photo – the main thing in the ad – important. It sets the visual tone and whispers the guest in the ear, “click!” or “move on.”
  • Instructions on Chekin do extremely simple if you do not meet in person. Here’s how for children – with explanation and photos of the door, the entrance, etc.
  • Observe the frequency and speed of responses. Answer everyone and accept / reject requests within 24 hours. Download the Airbnb app to your phone.
  • Do not score for the period between confirmation and guest check-in. – keep in touch. And in the process of living also.
  • Cleanliness – the key to success. Brief and informative.

From the editor. I don’t mind housing or a room with basic “filling” – a window, a bed and a mini-wardrobe. But the order must be immaculate! Fresh linen without hair, towels, no dust. For one clean I am ready to give a great review.

  • If you provide use of the kitchen, leave salt, pepper and sunflower oil. It will seem to someone a huge plus.

From the editor. How do I. Love when there are similar household trivia. You can stir up dinner.

  • Try to have the stated services be quality. Do you have breakfast included? In the apartment for 5000+ rubles cheap flakes look weird (but bagels and cottage cheese – fine). TV set with Netflix? Well, then the Internet should not blunt-hang.
  • Be sure to indicate whether you need to climb stairs is there an elevator.
  • In the apartment there have been changes? Let me know in Announcement to future guests and inform just about entering.

From the editor. I booked a room in Barcelona with a panoramic view of the Sagrada Familia. Admired upon arrival thick curtains – workers updated the facade of the house.

  • All people are different. Do not give up on Airbnb community, if 10 good tenants have 1 of a kind “oh, sorry, I lost the keys, but here’s a negative review for you that you didn’t help me find them in 3 nights. ”

Taxes for renting an apartment

This paragraph Airbnb offers to find out independently, I quote, “in local administration”. Politely hints that you can take shape how self-employed or ip?

Most Russian airbnb-Schnick do not pay taxes. Bank not transmits information to the tax, until the official request comes. But may be interested, especially if a lot, in currency and constantly. In short, at your own risk and risk – a universal answer not.

Can I take on Airbnb, if the apartment in the mortgage? Take away part “on Airbnb” and read again. Of course, yes. Service not even the owner asks you or not – sublease is flourishing the only way ?

Supermaster and Airbnb Plus – how to get it?

Receive guests Receive guests

Superhost. Or in Russian – super master

For a specific period, Airbnb gives you marks. They are not shown to users, but based on them you can get Super status. The criteria are as follows:

  • 10 or more accepted residents
  • Reviews,
  • Response rate at least 90%
  • No cancellation,
  • And the total score is not less than 4.8.

From the editor. What does this give? For me like guest, instantly increases confidence. And this dude is his business knows! If the price-area suit, book right there.

Airbnb Plus.

Airbnb plus Airbnb plus

This is the section where everything is going to beautiful-designer-hipster-quality housing. For him, Of course, tourists pay more and choose it. better off.

To get into the caste AirbnbPlas you need to bring the surrender space to ideal: maintain a single style, add coffee maker, always with a supply of capsules / grain, and other “little things”. Oh, and pay 149 dollars?

What kind of owner does NOT have to be?

Section from the editor.

Do you do a daily business on Airbnb or rent a room from philanthropy – this is a good example, how it is not necessary to be (and what happens to bad owners).

The situation that happened to me in Moscow.

There was a need to rent an apartment in the capital. Wanted not normal, and from the category of “luxury”. Found an option on Mayakovskaya, 8000 rubles per day. Reviews are good, the hostess to communicate sweetheart.

Settled, throwing things in the hallway, and drove away on business. In the evening familiar with the apartment closer:

  • On the stove – a thick layer of fat,
  • Bath – in the plaque and mold,
  • Floors – in hair and lumps of dust,
  • For breakfast – cookies “Marina” for 20 rubles, milk and tea leaves “Red price” from Pyaterochka,
  • Bed linen is not washed, but sprinkled with perfume, such as come for the smell of powder … I slept in clothes.

Surprisingly, this is not the tin! She came when at 9 in the evening the hostess wrote, “Throw me 300 rubles for each” (we booked for three). And then, “Gathering for the guests, I have everything get paid Just throw off the money without talking. ”

We are well aware that the surcharges in the hands and on the card at Airbnb it can not be. At 12 o’clock she called and wrote messages, “I know that you are home, the concierge has seen you. “In the morning I phoned to the Service support where I was assured that the guest should not. Asked throw off the correspondence to deal with the other “everything I have so pay. “In the end, the account hostess blocked.

Conclusion Airbnb is popularized purely due to the recommendations – this is truly global (and globalizing) service.

But there is a feature on Airbnb – to invite the host. If you have read up to this point, it means that you thought hard? So, here мое приглашение вам >> – давайте строить комьюнитиtogether!

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