Accommodation in Spain: how to rent an apartment and apartments? Barcelona Hotels

An exciting journey to Barcelona awaits you soon. Even a little bit envy you, because the first impressions are so cool. ?Medieval palaces and cathedrals, the old streets of Gothic quarter, the fantastic arches of the Sagrada Familia – only a small fraction of what beauty is rich in Barcelona. And imagine the evenings in a cozy house by the sea and meet sunsets on the terrace! Each time we go back there with these thoughts.


  1. Apartment or hotel?
  2. Rent apartment
  3. Where better to rent an apartment?
  4. Cheap hostels and hotels: TOP-5
  5. Best budget hotels: Top 5
  6. Tips for tourists. How to get a discount?

Where to stop to:

  1. rest comfortably
  2. see everything
  3. save a budget?

After several trips to Spain, we decided to describe everything for you. possible accommodation options: accommodation in hotels and apartment hotels, as well as the nuances of renting property in Barcelona, prices for housing. And of course, we will try to answer the important question: “How to find cheap accommodation in Spain? ”

What to choose: to rent an apartment or book a hotel in Barcelona?

The magic city of Antonio Gaudi is very hospitable for Vacationers are available numerous hotels, hostels and resorts; great opportunities opens up the local rental market.

What to choose: rent an apartment or book a hotel in Barcelona? What to choose: rent an apartment or book a hotel in Barcelona?

The answer to the question of where to stay in Barcelona is better – in the apartment or in a hotel – depends on several factors, among which length of stay, number of guests, goals and priorities in trip.

You can rent an apartment if:

  • You are flying a company of three or more people or a big happy family – in this situation living in rented housing is cheaper.
  • Planning to stay in the city for a long time. term – stay at the hotel for a month “will cost you a pretty penny”, taking housing for hire can save a lot.
  • Your holiday falls on “peak season” and Most of the rooms in the hotels by the sea are already booked.
  • You value autonomy, calm and privacy.

Cool options for apartments, apartments and villas without intermediaries can be found on international rental services. In May 2018, a room in an apartment in the center of Barcelona, one block from We shot Sagrads for 1800 rubles / night for two.

Промокод 2100 рублей по ссылке —>

Or resorting to the services of the guest network Couchsurfing. These service help you find an apartment in general in any corner of the world.

However, there is also a minus, which, at least, is essential for us – this is a prepayment. Often it is charged when booking in same day

Tip: if you want to save, choose hotels without cancellation. reservation. Such offers are cheaper.

For tourists who prefer round-the-clock service and comfort without troublesome, the best choice would be to stop at the hotel. Book a room conveniently on RoomGuru, filtering interesting offers by location, reviews and number of stars.

There are many options for booking hotels without prepayment and this, as you know, is a big plus. ?

Accommodation in Spain – prices

Our mini-review of house prices in Spain in 2019 will help decide where to stay in Barcelona for a week or month, and what will be cheaper – rented apartments, rooms in hotel or budget guest house.

The average price of a double room in a hotel is 110-200 Euro per day (depending on the “star” and location of the hotel). Accommodation in a hostel is much cheaper, but in times inferior in the matter of convenience. Rent an apartment by the sea will cost, naturally, more expensive.

The cost of renting private property will rise tourist approximately 3500 thousand rubles / daily for all the room (rates are indicated for the velvet season, in July-August, the price tag is higher). Thus, a rented apartment in Barcelona for a week for a group of 3-4 people will be optimal solution in terms of comfort and price.

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Rent apartments in Barcelona

In Spain, renting is a great alternative to the traditional to hotels Rent a cozy apartment in the historic center of the old city or rent a villa near the sea can be cheap and without intermediaries, Having studied the proposals of private owners on the site Airbnb. Ho: before than start surfing the rental portals, you need to decide on area of residence in Barcelona.

Which areas of Barcelona is better to choose?

So which of the districts of Barcelona to choose for accommodation? AT Basically, it only depends on your budget and preferences. For understanding of the benefits of an area, here is a small characteristic of the most popular urban neighborhoods and suburban small towns

  • Where better to live in Barcelona lovers of noisy parties and youth? Of course in the Barceloneta area! Just a few hundred meters concentrated popular nightclubs, discos and cafes, another plus – proximity to the sea (to the beach area maximum 10 minutes walk). However, if you come to rest with a child or count on a serene night’s sleep – this area not for you.

Which areas of Barcelona is better to choose? Which areas of Barcelona is better to choose?

  • The Gothic Quarter is the heart of old Barcelona, on the narrow streets of Barri Gotic concentrated a large number medieval architectural sites and ancient temples. Rental of property here is not cheap, from the minuses – a lot of hustle and bustle.
  • Cozy El Born – a picturesque area nearby from the coast. Quarter is located in the city center, in walking availability for Barri Gotic, Barceloneta Sea and fashion boutiques Passeig de Gracia. Accommodation in El Born will have to like the lovers of a relaxing holiday, shopping and cultural tourism.
  • Solid and safe area Eixample – perfect solution for tourists who are not limited to a wallet. Living in modern mansions of the quarter will allow you to fully feel the atmosphere of the city of Antonio Gaudi.
  • Well, for those who want to rent cheap housing in Barcelona Horta-Guinardo and colorful Gracia.
  • Renting a house in Spain by the sea is good and in Barcelona Suburbs – Small Coastal Towns Sitges, Tarragona, Castelldefels, Badalona enjoy beautiful beaches, affordable housing prices and good transport links to the provincial capital.

By the way, you can read about the sights of Barcelona in our separate article.

Where to rent an apartment in Barcelona?

So, we wrote above that apartments in Barcelona are relatively inexpensive and comfortable accommodation for tourists, traveling in three or as part of a larger company.

It is worth noting that the apartments in Spain are not the same ones Russian people residential apartments, and special rooms for vacationers, decorated in modern style and furnished to all necessary for the comfort of tourists. Generally include more than one bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Many of them have breakfasts and even pools.

Choose a suitable place to taste and wallet will help special sites and services for search. On such resources is available rental property both from private owners and booking comfortable rooms in apartment hotels (for example, in a complex apartments in the old city of Barcelona (Gouamp Raval).

The most popular sites for finding accommodation in Spain

The best service to search for apartments and rooms without intermediaries –

Промокод 2100 рублей по ссылке —>

On the portal you can find very interesting offers directly from owner – rent apartments by the sea – traditional apartment, villa on the beach and even a residential boat! – and you can just rent a house for a long time. We booked accommodation on it Repeatedly and have written a review about Airbnb.

Using the filter settings, it is easy to find housing in preferred area (in the city center, in the suburbs, in the resort Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, etc.), to choose as hosts Russian-speaking citizens, ask the necessary set of amenities. Conditions service work protect tourists from unfair transactions, guarantee reliable and instant booking.

Important! The money debited from your bank card goes to the owner of the apartment only a day after arrival.

Another, in our opinion, the best resource for the selection of hotels – RoomGuru – a detailed guide to the hotel industry of any cities, including Barcelona. On RoomGuru it is possible to rent a villa, apartments, hotel, hostel or guest house booking. Make the right choice will help visual photos and reviews of real tourists, provided filtering by districts.

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Cheap hostels and hotels in Barcelona. TOP 5 rating

In order to save on housing in Barcelona, you can stay in small family hotels, by guest-house type or boarding house. In Spain, these guest houses are called “hostal”. There are also traditional hostels, the so-called albergues juveniles in which bedding is provided in common the room.

Find and book cheap hostels in Barcelona or cheap It is convenient to rent a hotel through the above services. You can choose the options for your taste and color: near the beach and the sea, close to the sights of Gaudi or the Old Town, the suburbs.

We have collected for you the TOP 5 best options for budget accommodation in Barcelona, based on guest reviews (quality-price).

  1. Yeah Barcelona Hostel – comfortable hostel in Eixample, just 10 minutes walk from Sagrada Familia and Doma Nice The advantages of the hostel are low prices for accommodation, private bathroom in rooms, within walking distance attractions and metro station. Believe rating 9.4 get not just like that. The price starts from 2.5 thousand rubles.

Cheap hostels and hotels in Barcelona. TOP 5 rating Cheap hostels and hotels in Barcelona. TOP 5 rating

  1. Rodamón Barcelona Hostel is a cozy hostel, located in the Eixample area in a historic 19th century building (just 100 meters to the metro and Gracia Avenue). Guests are offered bright and comfortable rooms, shared kitchen, beautiful terrace for recreation. Price per person from 1,8 thousand rubles.
  2. Kabul Party Barcelona – cheap hostel on the outskirts of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, near the Rambla and the station underground. Walking distance to popular restaurants and bars, the building of the hostel operates a nightclub.
  3. Hostel Primavera – a good and budget option accommodation. The hostel is located near the metro station Verdague, for 8 minutes you can walk to the Temple of the Holy Family, within walking distance and other attractions of the Eixample quarter.
  4. Hostal Marenostrum – guest house, located on the famous Rambla, opposite the building Opera Theater Liceo. The advantages of living – delicious breakfast on the system “buffet”, beautiful view from the window, in the walking the accessibility of the Boqueria market, the Canaletes fountain and Plaza Catalunya, underground.

And here you have one more, not less steep option from just 1 thousand rubles per night!

Equity Point Sea – one of the cheapest options for hostel in Barcelona. Location is just great on by the sea, a minute walk from the beach. If you are comfortable to sleep in a room of 4-8 beds, the option is wonderful. If not, below we picked up the top hotels. In general, scroll through?

We advise you to book hotels / hostels / apartments for 3 months, since prices, especially during the season, grow strongly and in case of cancellation bookings will not be the same (often increase by 2-3 times).

Best cheap hotels in Barcelona. TOP 5 reviews of tourists

For those who prefer to travel in style and comfort, Numerous hotels in Barcelona are available, from economy options to the prestigious “luxury”.

The best cheap hotels in Barcelona. TOP 5 reviews of tourists The best cheap hotels in Barcelona. TOP 5 reviews of tourists

To facilitate the search we offer the best hotels in Barcelona – in center, on the coast, in the suburban coastal towns of Catalonia. The rating is based on real reviews of travelers Spain tourists.

  1. Hotel Front Maritim 4 – hotel in Barcelona, located almost on the seafront, with breakfasts, gym hall and parking. Cost – from 7.5 thousand rubles. Judging by the rating and reviews (and our impressions), the hotel Front Maritim choose many tourists.
  2. Residencia Universitaria Campus del Mar – also a “seaside” hotel, but with a slightly lower price tag, starting from 5,5 thousand rubles.
  3. W Barcelona hotel – one of the coolest and luxury hotels in the center of Barcelona. Discounted room for the night take for 29-30 thousand rubles. If you suddenly see such prices – Book immediately! Why? Just look at the photos of the hotel and description of numbers here. ?
  4. Hotel H10 Marina Barcelona – is also on the Mediterranean coast. It is one of the H10 hotel chain, so do not confuse with another city. Good and recommended Our price for a hotel with a discount is 7.5 thousand rubles. For that kind of money 4 * hotel with a rating of 8.2 will not disappoint you. Go to the beach about 8-10 minutes, on site – an outdoor pool with a fitness center and spa. In general, everything you need for a good holiday!
  5. Hotel Palace GL 5 * – hotel with excellent rating and quality. If you plan on stopping at 5-star hotel in Barcelona – we recommend this one. Awesome breakfast and Is the location of the center of the capital of Catalonia included?

Remember – prices for Barcelona hotels by the sea are rising to a high Season, high demand and the flow of tourists require prior and advance booking of rooms. Therefore it is better to book at least 1.5-2 months in advance.

Do not want to bother with the search for housing and organizational questions? Service search and booking tours online will find the best option trips to Barcelona and other resorts!

Tips for tourists. How to get a discount when booking a hotel or apartments?

With any budget trip nice to save! For you a few tips – how to relax with the benefits of mood and wallet?

  • World online service Airbnb (promo code 2100 rubles for link) allows you to use coupons of various par value with a significant discount on rental housing. So, By registering for Airbnb at our invitation, you are now get minus 2100 rubles for your first trip! (valid from 4000 rubles). There are event coupons (for the New Year and a number of seasonal holidays), small discounts for specific countries, promotional codes for corporate clients. You can subscribe to our Vkontakte group and always be up to date!
  • Pay with your Tinkoff Black debit card (read more about card) with the OneTwoTrip bonus program Tinkoff Debit and return up to 30% of the amount of purchases (main cashback is 1% + plus promotional offers for various projects).
  • Subscribe to HowTrip news on social networks – we regularly posting interesting promotions on flights and tours! Our social networks: VKontakte, Facebook.

Bright impressions and a great trip!

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