A trip to Spain is as cheap as possible. What do you need know?

The Kingdom of Spain with sunny Barcelona is one of the most temperamental and bright countries. Corrida and Flamenco – Visiting card of this amazing edge. And which mountains in Montserrat, which sea! Having been here once, you return to these beautiful places. again and again. We were here in May 2014, in the summer of 2016, in the spring of 2018 and will be more than once. We like Barcelona the most! To Spain we a little biased (I really love her), but we will try to be in the article objective?


  1. Where is cheaper?
  2. Where to look for cheap tours
  3. Spain alone
  4. Spain Tours
  5. Flights
  6. Housing
  7. Visa

How to go to Spain cheap? Let’s figure it out!

In Spain, a lot of different resorts and each can be excellent spend your vacation:

  • in Catalonia: the Costa Brava, the Costa del Maresme, Costa del Garraf, Costa Dorada;
  • in Valencia: the Costa Blanca;
  • in Andalusia: Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz;
  • in the West Bank: Galicia, Costa Verde, Cantabria;
  • in the Balearic Islands: Formentera, Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca;
  • on the Canary Islands: Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria.

But where to rest in Spain is cheap? Which resort is better? Most The fashionable youth resort in Spain is undoubtedly Ibiza. As such, it is recognized in 2017. Famous and famous young people spend hot days and nights here, inviting the most popular DJs from all over the world to their fabulous parties. If you love nightlife, parties are the place for you! What’s best Book a tour online can be found in our article.

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For family holidays, quiet resorts are best suited: Costa Brava, Mallorca, Costa Dorada. Colorful Barcelona surprises variegated colors and lively streets, and on the Costa Blanca life never sleeps, especially at night! We ourselves went as in Costa Brava (Lloret de Mar) tour (taken at Travelata ) and alone to Barcelona.

The list of proven resources, where we have repeatedly found and Bought tours to Spain, Thailand, Czech Republic, UAE:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Where is cheaper in Spain?

Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia Spain Spain

Sagrada Familia and Fountain in Plaça Catalunya

Where to relax in Spain as cheaply as possible? Popularity and infrastructure of the territory is of great importance. Most cheap cities are old and incredibly cozy Lloret de Mar, Calella, Cambrils, Blanes, Pineda del Mar, Majorca. But to stay in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao or San Sebastiane is a bit more expensive.

The first youth resort in Spain, of course, Ibiza, followed by Benidorm – a little Spanish Las Vegas, Magaluf in Mallorca, Salou and Lloret de Mar. Us most like a cozy and sunny Barcelona, which combines the beach and calm rest along with a vibrant nightlife, shopping and beautiful Gaudi architecture.

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Go on vacation by yourself or buy a tour?

Using the services of a tour operator is very easy and often cheaper than independent rest. For example in already far 2014 we flew a tour to Spain for only 16 thousand rubles for one person (32 thousand for two). But an independent journey cheaper if you plan to visit several countries (as we did in 2016 – France, Italy, Spain).

To buy a cheap tour to Spain will have to make an effort, and Don’t just pay for the ticket and pack your bags. ? At the time of buying tour must take into account all the facts: from the tour operator, where book the cheapest tickets to where exactly to look for and buy tour Also, you need to understand in advance what to buy cheap in Spain as a souvenir to relatives and friends (usually magnets, olive oil, football attributes, and jamon).

How to find cheap tours to Spain?

Numerous travel agencies offer a wide range of most a variety of tour packages. Last-minute tours to Spain cost much cheaper than scheduled departures. In this case, you need to wait until last, but as a result of the last tour you may not be enough (to risk or not you decide). But almost half the price you can purchase vouchers by buying tours in the winter or spring periods with early booking (we personally do this).

How to find cheap tours to Spain? How to find cheap tours to Spain?

Photo from our trip to Barcelona – view from the park Guell

At this time, tour operators promise a big discount. The cheapest Vouchers can be purchased even up to 70% cheaper than their regular price. We ourselves flew a tour in early May when the weather in Spain has to walking. The Internet is literally replete with many thousands of bright and colorful electronic tourist offices companies.

You can buy or book cheap tours to Spain from Moscow, without leaving home. Above, we have shown three verified sites for search cheap tours to Spain – Travelata, LevelTravel, Onlinetours. If you see discounts on your chosen tour – we advise Book immediately! Prices change every 20-30 minutes.

The cheapest tours to Barcelona from Moscow. How to buy?

The cost of the tour is made up of many factors: season, number of days, places of departure, places of arrival, categories of hotel and type of food. The cheapest trips to Spain will cost a little more than 300 dollars for 7 nights without meals in a two star hotel on one person in the Costa del Maresme.

Of course, to rent a bungalow when deciding to go on vacation savages You can at a lower price, but you have to pay for comfort. Besides, cheap tours to Spain from Moscow will deprive you of problems with the choice carrier and arrival at the place of the airport. Yes, and air tickets can often cost you more than the cost of the tour. ? therefore more profitable (if you plan to fly only to Spain) to consider just a ticket!

Planning a cheap holiday in Spain alone

Airplane to Barcelona Airplane to Barcelona

From Barcelona you can fly to countries for 3-4 thousand rubles near for example to portugal

Get yourself alone in the summer to the sea in Spain with the whole family – business is not simple. Organize and carry out the trip, anticipate and Not everyone can calculate all possible expenses. But at independent travel you can visit several countries, save on accommodation and spend 10-14 days much more exciting than a vacation tour. It is worth planning everything: from time, place and duration of rest, through excursions and beach rest, before buying souvenirs and returning home.

In this article, you can familiarize yourself with planning a trip to Barcelona for 1-3 days. А в этой – как добраться изairport for 1 euro.

Independent travel planning resources:

  1. Flights better to search on Skyscanner
  2. Hotels on RoomGuru
  3. Flats and apartments on Airbnb

When is the best and cheaper thing to go to Spain?

When is it better to go to Spain? From June to September inclusive. On throughout the kingdom the weather is very conducive to swimming in sea and sunbathing. Tourist flow during this period the most intense, and the program of local guides the most are extensive.

When is it cheaper to go to Spain?

The cheapest of all, as we wrote above, is to go on a tour to Spain in April-May and September-October, when the tourist flow is small and many hotels offer discounts on accommodation, tour operators discounts on vouchers (respectively, tours are much cheaper). If spring in Spain to swim in the sea most likely does not work, That autumn – the most that!

Buy a tour to Spain in September-October 2019

Park Maze Orta Park Maze Orta

Labyrinth Park Orta

There is very little time left, so we recommend buying a tour to beach vacation now. To independently buy a tour to Spain in September or October, you should already have a Schengen visa, either in the next couple of weeks you need to do it. After all Now begins the weakening of the tourist flow and the appearance more last minute tours to Barcelona, Tenerife and others resorts in Spain.

You can choose and book a tour for September – October at sites below. Starting from the second half of September to the Costa resort Dorada can fly for 48 000 rubles for two. And in October to buy tour can be for 44 thousand rubles! ?

Think about the trip better in advance (at least 2-3 months) and apply early booking! Or look for last minute tours on sites LevelTravel and Onlinetours in various directions. Have a nice day recreation! ?

Cheap flights to Spain from Moscow (trip independently)

Buy tickets to Spain cheap you can independently and fly straight from Moscow. A great option is to fly low-cost (inexpensive airlines), but already from Vilnius, Warsaw or Tallinn. Should know that the smaller the airport you want to go to, the fewer flights go there, therefore, due to transfers the price of the ticket and the travel time increases.

Trip to Barcelona,   Spain Trip to Barcelona,   Spain

Photos from our trip to Barcelona

Cheapest flights to Barcelona and other resorts come at Early booking (as is the case with tours to Spain). Sale Tickets start six months before departure. Lack of baggage – plus in piggy bank But with its availability, payment should be made upon purchase. ticket, otherwise at the airport the cost of its transportation increase twice. It is also worth registering in advance (at the airport usually paid).

If you decide to drive on your own, and when to decide when to go in Spain already taken, care should be taken about the air carrier and tickets – the right choice will save a very impressive amount of. We advise you to look for tickets on sites:

  • Skyskanner
  • Airsales
  • Onetwotrip


If you choose low cost airlines (for example, Ryanair), then look from what and in what the airport will fly the plane! The airline often uses not major airports from which the city can fly into a penny – especially if you arrive at night. ?

Most recently on our trip, we did not take this into account in Paris instead of the airport Charles de Gaulle flew at night to the Beauvais airport! I had to book a hotel for the night, and then another for 30 Euro get to the capital.

Promotions on flights from Moscow to Barcelona and other cities are often enough. For example, tickets for a direct flight to Alicante and back you can buy just 99 euros, when their usual price – 500 Euro. Cheap flights to Barcelona and other resorts in Spain can be found on the pages: www.easyjet.com, www.jetfly.co.uk, www.norwegian.no, www.ryanair.com. It’s best to search all at once. to airlines through the search engine Skyscanner.

Cheap accommodation in Spain. How to find?

Apartment in Barcelona Apartment in Barcelona Street of Barcelona Street of Barcelona

The streets of Barcelona and the house near Sagrada where we are lived

Rent cheap housing in Barcelona in several ways. The easiest way to use the services of Internet services:

  • RoomGuru,
  • Hostels,
  • Tripadvisor

and cheap apartment in Spain will be waiting for you. On The web pages of these companies are numerous photographs. hotels, reviews of former guests (which are necessary read), there is a description of the infrastructure and route from airport. Upon arrival, you can ask the locals where book cheap accommodation in Barcelona or another city, but with This needs to know Spanish – very few people use English. ?

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Make a visa to Spain yourself

Schengen visa to Spain is independently issued through the MFC All-Russian Visa Center, located in Moscow or other regions. In more detail, we painted everything here.


To spend unforgettable days in Spain is best:

  • go to Ibiza or Barcelona – the center of the clock entertainment; We personally advise Barcelona more from us!
  • Excellent family vacation awaits you in Lloret de Mar and Calella;
  • the most favorable time: from June to September;
  • store a pocket phrasebook, good mood and everything the wonders of Spain will unfold before you.

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