11 attractions in Dubai – what look first?

If Leningrad is a hero city, then Dubai is landmark city. Emerged in the desert, modern, technologically advanced. Dear. What are the sights in Dubaestoitit visit yourself first? We turn to our top 11 after 3 trips to the UAE.


  1. Dubai Attractions
  2. Burj Khalifa | Dubai Mall | Fountain show | Flower Park and butterflies | Waterpark | Jumeirah Mosque | Dubai Marina | Dubai Frame | Dubai Opera | Desert Safari | Market
  3. Where to go in Dubai with children?
  4. Beaches
  5. Prices in Dubai – tips on how to save

Dubai Attractions

When choosing a location for WAAE, many tourists prefer Dubai, because Dubai = attractions (well and because direct flights from Russia are here. Yes, and time flight only 4 hours). What are architectural and entertainment wonders make the Russians make a choice in favor of the cultural program on traditionally beach direction?

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Dubai Burj Khalifa Dubai Bin Rashid Boulevard Dubai Bin Rashid Boulevard Dubai

Great photos come from Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd / ibid. near Dubai opera you can find these sculptures the tallest building in the world, known at the construction stage as Dubai the tower eventually got the name of Burj Khalifa. Construction You need to watch! If you are completely without money, fit an external examination (we are all 3 times and they limited).

However, on the sights with the prefix “most” and you can go broke! At least in order to then speak his “fi” is reasoned.

Prices here and below are in local currency. Dirham exchange rate ruble: 1 to 18. That is, all numbers need to be multiplied by 18.

Ascent to Burj Khalifa:

124-125 floors Adults: 141 dirham. Children from 4 to 11: 106 dirham. Toddlers 3 years inclusive – free From 16:00 to 18:00 (at sunset): 221, 186 dirham, respectively
148 floor After 19:00: 380 dirham, regardless of age From 9:30 to 6:00 pm: 520 dirham

Билеты на Бурдж Халифа >>

How to get there: by subway to Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall station (yes, yes! Dubai Mall right there, next door). Minimum cost Drive 3-5 dirham with a Silver card. Depends on the distance.

Dubai Mall and Oceanarium

Dubai Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mole Aquarium in Dubai Mole

In a list of what to see with the kids, Dubai Molls takes a leading position: a bunch of entertainment zones, giant fountain and of course He –A Oceanarium Aquarium! The largest in the world.

Look at fish and other inhabitants of the underwater world can be free outside. Buying a ticket gives you the opportunity go through the tunnel inside the aquarium and visit the underwater zoo.


  • Adults: 70 dirham
  • Children from 3 to 11 years: 55 dirham
  • Kids up to 3 years old – free
  • Есть комбо-предложение >> (Бурдж Халифа, аквариум иunderwater zoo for 206 dirham)

How to get there: Take the subway to Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall station.

Fountain show

Dubai Mall Fountain Show Dubai Mall Fountain Show Dubai Mall Show Dubai Mall Show

Music, light, streams of water, flying up to the sky at 150 meters. And all for nothing! That is free. Osho show reviews Fontanovly and enthusiastically, but what we will say is: stand accounted for in the wild crowd, and the presentation lasts only 5 minutes. Plus, all the species inside the mall are warningly “captured” Cafes (you can sit on a budget on the fast food terrace Five Guys).

How to get there: Take the subway to Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall station. The fountains are located at the foot of the Burj Khalifa.

Three Sights in Dubai: Mall Burj Khalifa fountains, it makes sense to see for 1 day. Their location relative to each other makes it practically inevitable.

Or maybe on a tour? In a separate article, we collected the most popular tours in Dubai and laid out all on the shelves: how many stand where it is more profitable to buy, and whether it is necessary at all.

Flower Park and Butterfly Garden (MiracleGarden)

MiracleGarden is translated as Garden of Wonders, but The Russian public is better known as the Garden of Flowers. What is logical – all the wonders of the garden are made of flowers! Houses, birds, arched the aisles.

DANGER !!! Fans of photo shoots near flower beds can go crazy with abundance. Well, and those who still got alive and capable perceive the beautiful worth See Butterfly Garden (Dubai Butterfly Garden). It is located here, but the ticket must be bought separately. Here we are did not have time to get. But two companies of our friends stopped by and left. good reviews ☺


Miracle Garden (Garden of Wonders / Flowers) Adults: 50 dirham. Children (under 12): 40 dirham. Kids up to 2 years – free
Butterfly Garden Adults and children over 3 years: 55 dirham. Kids up to 3 – is free

Getting there: The nearest metro station is the Mall of the emirates. From there or by taxi (35 dirham), or busN105 (runs from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm on weekdays, until 10:00 pm on weekends, cost 5 dirham).

WaterparkWild Wadi

Waterparks in Dubai – mustvisit any respect tourist itself. One of the best in this part of the world considered to be the WildWadi aquapark. Well equipped, big – besides the attractions themselves there are cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops, and sooooo extreme! Season – Round year, the water temperature is maintained at + 28 ° C.


  • Adults: 270 dirham
  • Children shorter than 110 cm: 220 dirham

Билеты в Wild Wadi >>

Cabinets and towels are charged separately – 20 dirhams. Money, in the usual form, in the park are not needed: at the entrance visitors are given a special bracelet, which can “transfer” any amount of money. The balance, if it will be :), will be returned to output

Getting there: The nearest metro station is the Mall of the Emirates. Then 3 km on foot or by taxi (about 20 dirham). Bus N8 rides straight to the park (Wild Wadi stop). Minimum ticket price 2 dirhams. You can sit on the Golden Market (Golden Souq).

Jumeirah Mosque

The mosque is open to all (including the Gentiles). Grandiose the structure is depicted on a bill of 500 dirham. Is popular tourist destination. It will be more interesting as part of the tour, but the place will be able to find only an English-speaking guide. Excursions in Dubai on Russian is better to order in advance via the Internet. For example, on Tripster.

Getting there: The nearest metro station is Al Jafiliya. Further on taxi (about 10 dirham) or by bus N88 (stop the Palm Strip Center). The N8 bus will also take you to the place (Jumeira stop, Grand Masjid).

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina Dubai Marina Dubai Marina Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina (Dubai Marina) – the whole area in the city center, where You can always find something to watch. “Reference point” can be considered artificial palm-shaped island – The Palm Jumeirah, though it is formally located outside the boundaries of the district.

By the way, the island-palm tree from the earth produces not such extraordinary impression as from a height: the form is not visible, just islands in the distance. But still it will not be superfluous to look. Only walk from the subway to go hours 2.

The most attractive from the point of view of tourists is Embankment The Walk-JBR, which is located here. Lots of boutiques located on it will make the most expensive possible shopping in Dubai :) If you, like us, are not in luxury shopping, then you can just walk, take a look, drink an alcoholic drink in one of the bars (0.3 l bottle beer about 1000 rubles, be ready!). At night there is unreal because of the light design.


  • Walk for free
  • Something to eat-drink-shop here is not a good idea, as save in the UAE.

Getting there: Dubai Marina Metro Station.

Coming back in the direction of Burj Khalifa, sit in first car. It has a panoramic windshield where it fits. regular regular ticket. Some more tips for a trip to Dubai look in our telegram channel @howtrip on a hashtag #howtrip_dubai.

Picture frameDubai Frame

Dubia Frame Rise Dubia Frame Rise Dubai Street Dubai Street

In Dubai, many points from where you can look at the city with heights. The most extraordinary (and the newest: in January 2019 construction celebrated the year from the opening date) – Dubai Frame. External structure resembles a giant photo frame. The two towers are connected by a bridge with glass floor. Therefore, you can not only enjoy the views, but and get a shot of adrenaline.


  • Adults: 50 dirham
  • Children from 3 to 11 years: 30 dirham
  • Kids up to 3 years free

How to get there: to the metro station Al Jafiliya, from there on foot (about 1 km) or by taxi (10 dirham)

There is a landmark in the park Zabil, ticket which costs 5 dirham. But there is a separate entrance N4, in this You will not have to pay for visiting the park.

Dubai Opera

Dubai Dubai

Another interesting place worth going to city center – Dubai Opera. You can reclaim immediately with two points of view: architectural and musical drama. The second, however, will cost more. But decide the question of where to go in the evening, given the tension with alcohol.


  • 100-1500 dirham depending on the location and production

Getting there: The nearest metro station is Burj Khalifa. Farther on foot (1.2 km) or by taxi (10 dirham). We recommend the first option along bin Rashid Boulevard there are some cool ones scattered there installations.

Desert safari

Safari Quads Safari Quads Safari camel rides Safari camel rides

Strongly recommend desert safaris, like what look in Dubai is a must! You can book yourself tour via the Internet ($ 40-45) or buy at the hotel ($ 55-60). Desert – it is something difficult to describe. Like the ocean or the mountains. We neither never regretted! The duration of the trip is about 5-6 hours (almost as much as fly to Dubai).

Сафари в пустыне >>

How to get there: when buying, a collection point is negotiated.

Market Madinat (Souk Madinat)

Rest in the UAE without a visit to the Eastern Bazaar – money down the drain. Madinat is atmospheric and diverse: souvenirs are sold here, clothes Everything is expensive (very). Bargaining is not accepted. But you can Ride on the Arba and see the view on the Burj al arab (hotel sail).


  • Market entry: free
  • Boat ride: 75 dirham per person (20 minutes)

Getting there: The nearest metro station is the Mall of the Emirates. Next by taxi (12 dirham)

What else to see in Dubai

Dubai Night Dubai Night

What to see in Dubai except for all of the above?

➢ Dubai Zoo is often advised with children. Price for admission 2 dirham, children under 3 years old – free of charge. Nothing enchanting, but cool, a lot of animals, there are shops for tortured adults.

➢ From the category of what should be visited, especially those who arrived in Dubai alone and not connected dense excursion program: take a boat ride from the Al pier Jaddaf Marine (Creek Metro) to the Dubai Festival City. Cost – 2 dirham, an alternative to walking around the bay, which is an order of magnitude expensive.

➢ So what is enough in Dubai is thematic parks!

  • Legoland is recommended to all lovers of the brand and Not only. There are two sectors, one of which is “land”, and second water. Completely from LEGO, the park is designed for all children. ages, including those over 30 :) One-day ticket to all zones: 295 dirham for adults, 245 – for children.
  • Motiongate – an amusement park inspired by Hollywood and cartoons from 3 major film studios. Recommended parents with children who are touched by Madagascar penguins are not fear Shrek and know who the Ghostbusters are, Kung Fu Panda, Smurfs, etc. The cost per person over 3 years – 220.5 dirham.

Билеты в Motiongate >>

Do not know how to scatter all watchable by day? Drop in in our guide to Dubai, there you can learn useful!

What to see in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Those who came to the UAE directly to Dubai, sights of other emirates can also be easily inspect. A very popular day trip to Abu Dhabi. Cost: 180-550 dirham ($ 50- $ 150) per person, depending on “stuffing”. About the prices of tours in Dubai, we told in detail here.

What to see in Abu Dhabi?

➢ Sheikh Zayed Mosque – in fact almost Any program to visit the capital includes this item. Outwardly immediately inspires confidence that the screensaver to Disney the cartoon “Aladdin” painted it with her. And the video reviews are confirm.

➢ Louvre – associations with the French Louvre arise not in vain: the Museum of Culture and Arts was established in within the framework of a project to bring East and West closer together, with close collaboration with france. Ticket: 63 dirham, youth from 13 to 22 years pays 50%, children are free.

➢ Ferrari Park – if you didn’t have enough cars this brand on the streets of Dubai. The entrance to the amusement park for adults 295 dirham, children below 1.3 m – 230 dirham, up to 3 years – is free.

➢ Yas Waterworld Water Park – slightly cheaper than in Dubai: adults – 250 dirham, children from 1.1 m to 1.3 m – 210 dirham.

➢ Hotel Emirates Palace – was created to show the world the power and wealth of the Arab world. And successfully implemented this goal. Price per night from 33,000 rubles. What’s wrong too much, given that the hotel is positioning itself as palace.

➢ Quay Corniche – blue-turquoise sea left hand, skyscrapers – on the right and 8 km walking area. During the heat better not to meddle: no shadow.

Dubai beaches

La Mer Dubai Beach La Mer Dubai Beach

When is it better to go to the UAE, so that excursions and the sea? Perfect in November-December and March-April. Already / still not hot, but not cold. The weather whispers, the prices are adequate (as far as possible). Where better to sunbathe?

Dubai beaches:

➢ La Mer – BEST free beach with dressing rooms, playgrounds, toilets and other benefits civilization, new and clean

➢ Jumeirah Open Beach is the place where everything is photographed with a sail hotel (Burj Al Arab). Free

➢ Kite Beach – here is more about sports: volleyball nets, football pitch. Well and kiters. Free

➢ Marina Beach – often crowded, although good equipped and free

➢ Al Mamzar Beach – for 5 dirhams tourist already gets 3 large beaches and a large park area, close to Sharjah

Prices in Dubai – how to save?

BArilla restorant Dubai BArilla restorant Dubai entertainer Dubai entertainer Dubai

Well, who else does not know what the prices in Dubai are hoo? Well, here they are very high. What can be done to not go broke in the UAE?

  • Always check the cost of the tour. Often it is more profitable self-recreation. We are looking for tickets to Travelata.
  • Prepare for the trip. Many things will cost less if will worry about their purchase in advance. Not only housing and plane, but and entertainment

So, you can seriously save on the excursion program: desert safaris and other popular routes when booking via the Internet – on Sputnik or Tripster – cost less by 20-30%!

  • Entertainer program, to which institutions are connected, where you can eat “for two”, i.e. you pay only for one of the 2 dishes
  • When traveling alone, a city map should always be at hand. This allows you to understand how much more profitable get. You can download the free application maps.me, for example. There all maps are available offline, so as not to get lost in case of sudden problems with the internet
  • Surfing – with prices you should always be able to use on time good suggestion!

And finally, a moment of financial positive: the visa to the UAE is not needed, upon arrival at the airport in Dubai in the passport FREE stamped – and all.

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