Zakynthos Island

24.07.2013Zakynthos Island

Остров Закинф (Ζακύνθος) – один из Ионических островов Греции,located 8 nautical miles south of Kefalonia. Island area is 402 sq. km, and the total length of the coastline – no more than 125 km. According to 2010, the island’s population is 50,000 people. The capital is Zakynthos. The island is famous for its sandy beaches and nature reserves.

Zakynthos Weather

The climate on the island is typically Mediterranean: average annual temperature is 18.9 ° C. Winter in Zakynthos is mild, with an average with temperatures around 11 ° C, and the summer is quite warm: in July the average temperature reaches 26.1 ° С, and the highest mark is fixed in August at + 35 ° С.

It should be noted that the relative humidity of the air in Zakynthos is about 70%. Compared to the other islands of the Cyclades, on Zakynthos is the lowest rate, which makes rest on the island most comfortable.

By the beginning of May, the sea’s water temperature is warming to 24 ° C, and in mid-June can reach 25-27 ° C.

weather on Zakynthos

Sights of Zakynthos

Blue caves

One of the most beautiful places on the planet is on Zakynthos, namely, on Cape Schinari – the nature reserve “Blue caves “. The caves are a complex of arches and grottoes. In In 1897, the largest was opened – “Azure Cave”. Get there to the “Blue Caves” can only be by sea.

blue caves on Zakynthos 1

blue caves on Zakynthos 2

Stone Park Askos

Natural Park area of ​​500,000 square meters. m represents A unique collection of flora and fauna of Zakif Island. Over 45 different animal species live in the park; grows there about 200,000 plant species, and the age of some species has more than a few centuries. Stone Park Askos is contact nature reserve: a visitor can not only look at the representatives of the fauna, but also touch or stroke some of them.

Stone Park Askos

You can get to the park yourself, on a rented by car, or by ordering an organized excursion from your tour operator.

Church of St. Dionysius

The Church of St. Dionysius, located in the city of Zakynthos, is one of the oldest buildings on the island. She was erected in honor of the saint, born in Venice – Dionysius, patron islands. Delightful frescoes and icons leave an indelible impression on church visitors.

Church of St. Dionysius

Excursions in Zakynthos

Since Zakynthos is a nature reserve, you will find many excursions related to the natural heritage islands. For example, you may be asked to commit a six-hour a sightseeing tour of the island or go to the Bay of Navagio and dip there in the clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Also pay attention to the unique excursion “to turtles “, which is held in July-August. It was during this period Caretta-Caretta turtles, listed in the Red Book, swim to the shores of Zakynthos to breed their offspring.


Zakynthos beaches

On Zakynthos there are many clean sandy beaches, most of which can be found in the eastern part of the island. Most The popular beach is the Navagio Bay or the Shipwreck Bay. The peculiarity of this beach is that the bay is surrounded from the shore cliffs and get to the beach can only be from the sea.

It is also worth visiting the beach of Agios Nikolaos with well developed infrastructure and the beach of Gerakas, which is considered the best beach on the island. But since these beaches are in immediate proximity to turtles nesting sites; some species of aquatic entertainment is prohibited.

Uhtah Navagio or

Hotels Zakynthos

Zakynthos Island is very popular among tourists. from many countries of the world and therefore has a well-developed hotel infrastructure. Your tour operator can easily select and book hotel on Zakynthos.

Zakynthos Map

Photo:, tsharenko, Innokentia

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