Rest with benefits: why the Greek sea and the air so beneficial to the body

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Greece knowingly became the birthplace of Hippocrates: only on such the fertile land could have born the father of medicine. Today vacation in Greece is not just a vacation, but an opportunity to improve health. Why the Greek sea and the air favorably affect an organism?

Geographical position

The geographical position of Greece is the sea

Greece is lucky with its geographical position – this is the most obvious fact. It is located at the junction of the continents and absorbed all the advantages. each one. Here, exotic vegetation is adjacent to coniferous forests, because the air in Greece is filled with useful elements.

Mediterranean Sea is saturated with salts

The Mediterranean is saturated with salts

It takes the 3rd place in the world in terms of salinity, second only Dead and Red. This means that to take advantage of this factor can be for the benefit of the body: the sea air is useful people with respiratory diseases, and water with high salinity – for skin diseases. By the way, the Ionian and Aegean the seas are also in the top 10 of the saltiest seas of the world.

Favorable environmental conditions

Favorable environmental conditions

Greece, unlike many countries in the world, boasts clean air. There are almost no large enterprises that would have a negative environmental impact. That’s why feel the difference between the useful Greek air from the air big cities can literally be on the plane’s ramp.

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