The best historical hotels in Greece – applicants for a prestigious award


Организаторы престижной премии Лучший исторический отельEuropean 2017 announced finalists. Among them – 4 Greek hotel And the winner will be called at the ceremony, which will take place on Santorini on October 23rd. This time in the honorary the list includes Marpessa Smart Luxury Hotel (Arginion), Allegory Boutique Hotel (Rhodes), Esperas Hotel (Santorini) and Kryimai Hotel (Gerolimenas).

The choice was made by a vote. Hotels Selected the best will become members of the association uniting 18 countries. By According to the organizers, “travelers expect not only high quality services, but also experience that will allow you to better learn the world around them. “Historic hotels share a common goal: providing excellent service and preservation of European culture and heritage. Rewarding those hotels that have demonstrated exceptional dedication, really touched the hearts of the guests and have proven their identity.

Historic hotels in Europe is a member. an organization representing unique options for living in different points of Europe. It covers not only classic hotels, but even castles and palaces offering to stay overnight in historical setting.

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