Yanina will do anything to become Cultural the capital of Europe


Греческий город Янина, похоже, пойдёт на всё, чтобы выигратьthe title of European Capital of Culture 2021. Get there regional authorities are planning through numerous cultural events. Some of the latter took place in the territory of the ancient caves.

The recent 5th rock festival has painted the city life bright art exhibitions, music and sporting events. AT Janina was specially invited by Joe Lynn Turner, the legend of Deep Purple. Together with the Greek group Troublemakers he performed in a cave Perama The show was accompanied by audiovisual effects. Concerning Perama, she attracted the organizers with huge stalactites, which were formed over 1.5 million years. During a rock concert the already unusual atmosphere of the cave has become even brighter.

In May, concerts of the String Ensemble of Janina and the Female vocal ensemble Cantus. Municipal authority will continue promote the development of cultural life. Here we are sure that Ioannina in able to challenge other European cities. In case of victory the benefits will be very tangible – both for Ioannina herself and for all region of Epirus. The final choice of the Capital of Culture is scheduled for 2016 year.

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