Why are hotels in Turkey cheaper than Greece?

Let’s be objective and recognize the fact that Greece with In terms of hotels and hotel services, it’s still far from what Turkey offers.

22.01.2018Susesi Luxury Resort. TurkeySusesi Luxury Resort. Turkey

And Turkey offers the following: a wide range of services, luxury hotels with a high level of service, developed system entertainment, a variety of restaurants, animations for young children, adolescents and adults, etc. The number of hotels operating on “All included “in Turkey more than in Greece. And most importantly – all this at lower prices than in Greece.


In Turkey, the tourist tax is 8%, in Greece – 24% .In Turkey, the state subsidizes charter flights. Tour operators subsidize Turkish hoteliers.

In Greece, the season lasts 3-5 months, in Turkey the whole year. Most Turkish hotels are open 12 months a year. In winter, hotels pay for fuel, electricity and water at a reduced rate. price

Newly built hotels in Turkey are exempted from many local taxes for the first few years of operation. Return on investment in Turkey is 5 years old, in Europe it’s 15 years old, and in Greece it’s 20 years old and more.

When the tourist season in Greece is nearing in Turkey, local businessmen continue to earn tourists. ))

But why do tourists come back to rest in Greece again and again?

It would seem that in Greece and in Turkey there are both the sea, and bays, and stunning beaches and islands. But when it comes to tourist services, then, unfortunately, you have to admit, In Turkey hotel infrastructure is more developed and open to foreign investors, unlike Greece.

However, in Greece there is something that in Turkey, according to of our tourists, you will never feel the “soul.” In Greece, you come as an “old friend” who will always be welcome take. In Greece, in a local store you will be greeted by name, and the hotel owner can embrace and treat in a friendly way a glass of crayfish. – In spirit we are closer to Greece than to Turkey. And U.S a lot of things unite: from orthodox roots to centuries-old stories.

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