Which sea is colder: Ionian or Aegean

A question that our readers often ask when choosing a place for holiday in Greece “Which sea is colder – the Ionian Sea or Aegean, “can rightly compete with the famous question” What appeared earlier – chicken or egg. ”

19.01.2018Which sea is colder: Ionian or AegeanЛефкада. a photo ioniansea.gr

If you ask this question to tourists who have already visited on the coasts of these two seas, then you get completely different Answers: “the water in the Ionian Sea was just ice”, “The Ionian Sea is not so cold,” “The Ionian Sea is Warmer Than the Aegean”, “We didn’t notice the difference.” d. –

Many factors affect the temperature of the sea: season, air temperature, the amount of sunlight, the angle of incidence the sun’s rays, the area of ​​the illuminated surface, the length of the light of the day, the depth of the water, the strength of the sea current and even the presence of sources fresh water.

The sea heats up and cools much more slowly than air. In Greece, the sea can warm up to quite high temperatures (26-27 ° C) in the second half of August and in the first days September.Rodoshi Crete are considered Greek islands with the warmest sea.

According to some studies, water on Lefkadev August and September is about 2 ° C warmer than Corfu. June and July sea ​​water on these islands is equally warm. However due to possible precipitation of the sea in Corfu may be somewhat colder than in Lefkada.

However, facts say that in the summer the Aegean Sea has more heat than Ionian. But the difference is not really so big – only 1-2 ° C.

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