When is the best time to relax in Greece?


Итак, после долгих споров и раздумий вы решили остановить свойchoice on holiday in Greece, but one question left open: what the best time of year to travel to this country. After all, rest in Greece is so diverse that it is able to conquer the heart itself demanding tourist.

In greece in winter

In winter, Greece rests from the tourist flow. And on the islands one gets the feeling that life has stopped. Some local residents specifically move to mainland Greece in order not to feel the difficulties of low season. Many hotels and restaurants are closed before the tourist season, bus and ferry services operate on a reduced schedule.

Acropolis in winter

But if you have signed a winter vacation, then, going rest in Greece, should draw up a program of visits attractions and museums. Agree that many hours excursion to the Acropolis or to the monasteries of Meteora in the summer when temperature + 40C is not the most pleasant thing. In addition, you can safely take a walk through the old streets of Athens and drink a cup of fragrant Greek coffee in one of the taverns. By the way, Christmas in Greece they celebrate the same way as in Russia – December 24 and 7 January (old and new style, respectively).

Spring – the opening of the tourist season

In April, the “holiday of Greece” from the tourist flow. The first campers begin to appear on Greek soil. AT this time it is already possible to open the beach season – water in the sea although it is cool, it is quite suitable for swimming. Note The undeniable dignity of holidays in Greece in the spring – the number of tourists at this time of the year is not so great quietly located on the beach or visit the sights. Bus and ferry service starts working on the unabbreviated schedule.

Spring hotels in Greece may offer accommodation in their rooms at reduced prices, and choose the appropriate number or apartments can be effortlessly.

spring on Crete in Greecephoto: west-crete.com

Summer – at the peak of heat

Since the middle of June, in Greece there has been a peak tourist flow. At this time on some islands may develop the impression that in addition to tourists and staff more there is not anyone. Numerous restaurants have opened their doors, taverns, nightclubs and discos. Summer in Greece – ideal time to relax by company. In the summer on the beaches of Greece is very crowded, but in order to visit this or that landmark, you must defend in the queue.

However, daytime temperatures can rise to + 40 ° C in the shade, Therefore, you should be very careful about your health.

Beach in the summer of Iosos Greecephoto: aolcdn.com

Autumn – comfort and privacy

But from mid-September, the high season comes to an end, the daytime the heat subsides and velvet time for rest comes in Greece.

By the beginning of November, summer (in the usual Russian sense) in Greece ends and comes cool autumn. However often there are warm and sunny days during which it is very good visit numerous Greek landmarks and get acquainted with the ancient history. Tourist life in Greece preparing for the winter, one might say, sleepy period.

Greece autumnphoto: dkphotolife.com

In any case, if you give preference to Greece, regardless of the season you get great pleasure from visiting this amazing country.

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