What to feed children in Thailand to 2 years and older

Properly formulated diet with a balance of all nutrients is the basis for the development of a healthy child. Than to feed children in Thailand? What catering points you can trust? Where to buy food? These questions are relevant to parents, taking on the rest of children with age up to 2 years and You may be interested in similar topics in which associated children with Thailand:

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How to feed children in Thailand up to 2 years

At this age, parents organize meals, taking into account child’s preferences. If the baby is still on the chest feeding a small stock of baby food will not hurt. Long journey, possible flight delay, road to the hotel take time and the child will not wait (for travel from airport to the hotel with your child, we recommend ordering transfer, as you provide child seats). Probably for this period he will want to eat repeatedly.

The possibility of buying food for children in Thailand exists, but in search of a store with a suitable products also take time. Ideal – take dairy mixes and instant cereals from home. Their low weight will not create excess in baggage. Jars with fruit and vegetable puree more heavy, and the shelf life after opening them is very limited.

Upon arrival in Thailand, baby food can be searched in hypermarkets are Fine Foods, Tesco Lotus or Big S. Not it is possible that you will find the right option in the 7-Eleven stores and pharmacies (for example, Pattaya pharmacies). Offer on child nutrition in Thailand is more scarce than in Russia. Some brands and varieties of products to find at all impossible because of their absence. Shelves with food for children in The stores are mainly engaged in the production of Nan and Nutrilon. “Russian-speaking” cans, you also will not find – information on the composition written in English and Thai.

It’s easy to organize food for children in Thailand. products whose basic components are cow’s milk and soy. Rarely, but goat milk mixtures are available. Japanese manufacturers. When exploring the shelves with porridge you you find that almost all of them have a wheat base with the inclusion of exotic fruits. The choice of additives is small – or banana, or fruit mix (multifruit). On most packages emblazoned Nestle company logo. Habitual for small babies are brown, oatmeal, dairy-free, cereal-rich cereal in stores in Thailand are very rare. So that diversify the menu does not work.

What to feed children in Thailand

How to feed a child in Thailand from 2 years

Two years old – small age, but the baby is already easily saturated food served in the plane and the restaurant. Visiting quick spots food should not be carried away, they can be considered as temporary decision. To avoid digestive problems upon arrival Relax your baby should develop a complete diet.

How to feed a child in Thailand from 2 years? AT rented accommodation (more about renting a house in Thailand), conditions which allow themselves to cook, no difficulty will not occur. Having studied the location of supermarkets and markets, mom will buy products at any time. In the case of checking into the hotel It is recommended to pre-record the addresses of the points where there is food for children in Thailand, but not exotic, but habitual for the stomach of a little alien.

No matter how much the baby is pointing at new fruits for him and dishes, do not fall for persuasion and do not feed all at once new in one day. Children’s digestive system to Thai delights need to be prepared gradually. Otherwise, diarrhea will start or allergic reactions will develop.


Thinking over how to feed children in Thailand farther, always observe the response of the organism after administration new food. Unhurried acquaintance with Thai cuisine will make it easier for kids addictive to unfamiliar dishes and tastes.

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