What is makashnitsa and what dishes on it are cooking

Makashnitsa – is a special transported or, rarely, standing cart with food, diner, ready meals in mini-cafes on wheels. Usually makashnitsy in Thailand provided necessary devices to work with local food.

All makashnits can be divided into several types:

  1. trolley moved by man or car as trailer;
  2. trolley mounted on a bicycle frame;
  3. a small stationary table with its tables;
  4. Trolley for moto-bike, the most common.

Makeups in Thailand

Scuffles are almost everywhere: just outside, or even near larger stores, famous restaurants and bars, near markets.

What you can try in makashnitsah

In makashnitsah make and sell a fairly large number of dishes. Thai cuisine. Here are the most common ones:

  • Som Tam – a classic salad still greenish fructapapayi, peanuts with tomato, with lime. Salad this spicy, even if the tourist asks for a non-spicy dish.
  • Sate is a miniature kebab of many different kinds. meat served with spicy sauce. Therefore, it is better to say “May ped” which in translation will mean the request “neostro”.
  • Quitae Nam – traditional Thai noodles, served with broth, herbs and sometimes chicken; as a rule she not sharp: pepper yourself, at will.
  • Pad Thai is already rice noodles cooked with shrimp or chicken (recipe for Pad Thai dishes).
  • Pad Capao – meat dish (as meat can be as pork and fish or poultry) with rice, eggs, basil and other ingredients. This is one of the favorite dishes of tourists (more about a dishPad Capao.
  • Rat Naa – a dish of pork, sometimes occasional, so do not forget about “may ped.”
  • Kao Muu Daeng – pork with rice, never happens acute.
  • You can find more “sticky rice”, which replaces the bread, and roti – pancakes with filling.
  • Fruit-rich assortment of makashnits, especially tropical goodies: mango, pineapple, coconut, guava and other tropical luxury for farang.

How much is the food in macarons

Prices in mobile cars are very affordable. “Bread” of rice, sat, fried wings and almost all fruits cost about 15 baht, salads and any noodle soups are already more expensive – about 40 baht, and rice and noodles with additives are the most expensive – about 50 baht. Pancakes by the way, cheaper, any additives will not cost more than 25 baht, chicken thigh – 25.

Prices in makashnitsah very dependent on their place location. In the tourist centers, of course, will be more expensive, on outskirts – at times cheaper.

VIDEO: Thai cook prepares food in macarons

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