Blue tea from Thailand – why is it so is popular?

Blue tea from Thailand is called the most popular and original tea in this kingdom. Thai blue tea, also called blue, is made exclusively in Thailand. Although there is another blue tea, nothing at all similar to the Thai version – Chinese – you should remember that it is a completely different drink and not as popular as it is made from the leaves of Oulun. Read more about tea in Тайланде, читайте в отдельном материале.Thai Blue Tea

Не удивительно, что в основе необычного названия лежит цветdrink, the shade of which is easily noticed when brewing. AT as a basis, the main leaves for tea are taken petals orchids-clitoria, which grows there. Her still called moth pot. In Southeast Asia, this drink long ago fell in love because of its properties to strengthen hair and even purify the blood.

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Cooking this strange and unusual blue tea real art. The process of making leaves suitable for brewing, completely manual, a few tea masters to prevent the occurrence of poor quality product. Even before the process of processing, special attention is paid to collection of raw materials. It is carried out only in the early morning, tearing it off the plant. only buds with three leaves, any other number is no longer fits

After collecting, the buds are partially dried, so that the liquid is all remained, and then subjected to their oxidation in a special way. Already this stage is followed by the final drying, and the leaves twisted into long spirals.

Blue tea from Thailand

During production, all stages of the process are controlled especially carefully, the only way you can get all-useful properties of Thai blue tea, among which still figured improving vision and memory, reducing pressure and relieving stress, improvement of memory, general blood circulation and nail conditions. Such a huge number of benefits associated with high content in plants of various vitamins, for example, such as E, D and B (if you are interested in healthy drinks, you can look in to Noni juice from Thailand) This tea has a different flavor and very special color. Taste is considered specific and not for all. a pleasant but bright sweet smell usually brightens it impression.

Buy Thai blue tea can be almost anywhere in Thailand, where there is at least the smallest shop. A small portion of about 100 grams of tea will cost about 100 baht We recommend him brought from Thailand for yourself and as a gift to people close to you.

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