Lychee fruit in Thailand – taste, season of ripening, beneficial features

Lychee fruit in Thailand – forerunner of summer, its ripening and harvesting period lasts from April to June. This exotic fruit has tonic properties and perhaps not better way to cool off in the heat than eat them.

Lychee tree in Thailand is grown as Agriculture. It is evergreen, in natural conditions grows up to 10 meters. Crohn thick and spherical The leaves are oblong, with a sharp tip. Beautiful and in flowering period (in January – February), and during fruiting. Him can often be seen on the work of professional photographers South-East Asia.

Lychee tree in Thailand

Fruits are predominantly oval, bright pink in color. Small, from two to four centimeters in diameter. Because of this Lychee is often called the Chinese plum. The skin is rough, ribbed, inedible. The flesh is white, translucent. There is a bone. Fruit collected in clusters.

Taste of lychee

Taste of lychee is difficult to describe. This tropical fruit has something from strawberries, grapes, and apricots at the same time. there is those who feel the taste of raspberries. The sweetness is slightly astringent, but completely not sugary.

Lychee fruit in Thailand

Ripening season

Lychee season in Thailand from April to June. Collected fruits are sold exclusively with sprigs and leaves, otherwise they poorly stored. For a long time, lichi imported from China, therefore for local people this fruit was too expensive. Now this the plant is cultivated. Many people wonder how much lychee is in Thailand. During the season – from 40 baht in the northern provinces to 70 in the south, where more tourists.

Unripe lychee in Thailand

Unripe fruits are trivially green.

How to clean

Tourists often ask the question: “How do they eat litchi?” The general rule is Be sure to wash it with water, preferably drinking, from bottles. After This notch the fruit along the entire length of the “equator”, while trying not to damage the flesh. After that, the skin can be removed pieces. Just do not press on the berry much, you risk to blink sweet juice

Lychee fruit in Thailand

Beneficial features

The beneficial properties of lychee fruit are based on the presence in the fruit. dietary fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. Its calorie content low – only 66 calories per hundred grams of fruit, it is no more than in green grapes. He can without fear be even those who fears to gain extra pounds and lose the slim figure. In addition, the use of these fruits improves blood flow and in some ways promotes an increase in skin resistance to sunburn.

Oligolol – according to scientists, the presence in The fruits of this powerful antioxidant is their main worth. Thanks to him, they have a wide anti-virus action.


What are the vitamins in litchi? Like all citrus fruits, it has A lot of vitamin C. One hundred grams of its fruits contain at least 71.5 mg, which is slightly more than the daily norm recommended by doctors. In addition, the fruits are rich in vitamins B – thiamine and niacin (B1 and B3), as well as folic acid. This kit enhances absorption proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Lychee fruit in Thailand

Trace elements

Lychee has many trace elements. But most of all potassium and copper. The first improves the nutrition of the heart muscle and the general metabolism. organism. The second is a blood-forming microcell. therefore Lychee use recommended for people suffering from diseases heart, as well as hypertension.

Fruit Composition

The composition of the fruit litchi includes (per 100 grams of product):

  • Water – 79.5 grams.
  • Carbohydrates – 17 grams.
  • Cellulose (dietary fiber) – 1.6 grams.
  • Protein – 0.9 grams.
  • Fat – 0.3 grams.

The total caloric content of one hundred grams of the product does not exceed 60 calories.

Can litchi pregnant

Many are interested in whether the fruit litchi during pregnancy. Not only possible, but necessary. Thanks to folic acid, Fruit consumption is important already at the planning stage of pregnancy. And not only for women, but also for men ..

Fruit-rich minerals and vitamins will help to cope with swelling, improve overall health and will not give uncontrollably gain weight. In addition, the use of bright and tasty berries, undoubtedly improve mood. And in general, all beneficial effect on the health of not only the mother, but also the baby.

Fear an allergic reaction is not worth it, the cases of individual intolerances are extremely rare. The only rule is to follow measure Even the most useful food should not be consumed. kilograms.

Lychee fruit in Thailand

Medicinal properties of litchi

Medicinal properties of fruit lychee are used in the eastern medicine. For example, for the treatment of lung, liver, kidney. Local Doctors recommend to use this fruit for tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis. It is well reduces the level of sugar in diabetes. And cholesterol. Here are some more diseases that will help litchi:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Anemia and anemia.
  • Atherosclerosis.

How to choose

Lychee fruits are sold not only fresh, but also dried and canned form. If you do not know how to choose litchi, then it is better to stay fresh. Make sure the fruit is on the touch is dense, there are no soft and moldy sides. Underived lychee have a greenish-pink tint. Fully ripe fruit all shades of pink, the longer the time has passed since the fruit picked from the branch, the more brown shade appears in the coloring of his skin.

How to choose a lychee fruit in Thailand

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